Earn Money Easy Online

Earn Money Easy Online – Really?

Don’t let the title mislead you, this is not about making money fast online, rather it’s about helping you to avoid falling prey to the ‘easy money type scams.

Earn Easy Money Online

Peter V Crisp

“However; You can earn money online and you can do it easily – but it takes time and dedication – on your part. I can show you how to do that and exactly how you can work at home and make money. But first I need to warn you about the many get-quick-rich scams that are so prevalent on the internet. I know because I too, have been taken in by them”.  



A get-rich-quick scheme is a plan to acquire high rates of return, on a small investment. The term “get rich quick” has been used to describe shady investments since the early 1900s. Beginning with the ‘Ponzi Scheme‘ named after Charles Ponzi, who became notorious for using this technique in 1920.

Earn Easy Money OnlinePonzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator pays returns to its investors not from profits earned but from the new capital paid in by new investors.

New investors are enticed into the scheme, by offering higher returns than other investments. The returns are usually abnormally high and extremely profitable, in the short term.

People were attracted to the promise of fast, easy money. Hence the lure to things like gambling, theft, blackmail, politics and at its extreme, war.

The Promise of Fast, Easy, Money

Earn Money Easy Online

A David Rhodes Type Chain Letter; from Perth, Australia in 2006

The original “Make Money Fast” letter is said to have been written around 1988, by a person, who used the name, Dave Rhodes.

The letter encouraged readers to forward one dollar in cash, to a list of people provided in the text and to add their own name and address to the bottom of the list after deleting the name at the top. 

By 1994 “Make Money Fast” became one of the most persistent ‘spams‘ around with many variations (such as claiming to be from, a retired lawyer or claiming to be selling “reports” in an attempt to make the scheme appear lawful) and rather than sending the money by post you could send it electronically via the likes of PayPal.

Pyramid Schemes

Using the theory behind pyramid schemes, the resulting flow of money would initially deliver a reward of thousands of dollars, to the people participating in the scheme as their chain spread and more and more people sent money to their address.

You may have seen or heard of other examples of these chain type letters /emails that became more and more sophisticated as time went by; (see examples below)

  • Bill Gates Email Beta Test;  An email chain-letter that first appeared in 1997 and was still circulating in 2007. The message claims that Microsoft is conducting a beta test and each person you forward the email to, you will receive a payment from Bill Gates of around $200. (Used to gather email addresses)
  • The Lottery scam involves fake notices of lottery wins (without you even entering the lottery in question). The winner is usually asked to send information such as name, residential address, occupation etc. The scammer then notifies you that releasing the funds requires a small fee (insurance, registration, or shipping). Once the victim sends the fee, the scammer invents another fee, another delay and so it goes on. In the meantime ‘your details‘ have been sold or worse are used to get credit using your identity.
  • Nigerian Scam/419 scam – An email scam attempt popularized by the ability to send millions of emails. The scam claimed the sender was a high-ranking official from Nigeria with a large sum of money that they cannot claim but must divest and they need your help to do so. They require a smaller sum of money up front to access the money before it can be sent to the receiver.

(See a variant of this type of scam in the example below)

Earn Easy Money Online

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How to Earn Money Working Online

How to Earn Money Working Online…

is something many people want to do and it’s a great way to make a living. However it takes dedication and commitment before it can be fully realised and unfortunately many give up before they succeed or worst they get taken it by the numerous online scams that are so prevalent on the internet. 

Three Things

There are three things you need to succeed online and that is an ATM

  1. An Education – So that you know what to do in order to make money
  2. Time – So you can implement what you learn and allow it to come to fruition
  3. Motivation – A reason why, so you will stick with it long enough to succeed

With these three things you can and will find success. The Education I will show you where to get shortly. Time is something you need to create for yourself.

The Motivation I can provide you by telling you a short story about world economics

How to Earn Money Working Online

NOT a Realistic Image of “how to earn money working online”. It takes dedication and commitment to earn money online.

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How to Work at Home and Make Money

How to Work at Home and Make Money

Many people would like to do this, thousands already do. It’s not as difficult as you think. The important thing is to learn how because once you know you will know forever and you will join the ranks of those who enjoy living the internet lifestyle.

However before I tell you how to work at home and make money and more importantly. Where you can get the education you need, in order to make sustainable, long-term income online we need to clear your mind of much misinformation about wealth creation.

We will begin with a short history lesson of economic wealth.

The Invisible Hand Wealth_of_Nations

Adam Smith was an 18th-century economist who wrote “The Wealth of Nations” in 1776. The book was to have a profound impact on the economic growth and industrial development of the world.

In this now classic works he first introduced “The invisible hand” concept of the free market and eloquently explained that it works best when it is run from the bottom up, not from the top down, as we see promoted by Governments today.

The Past

Before that, countries, economies, and communities were controlled by the very visible hand or rather the iron fist of kings, queens, emperors, nobles, and warlords. These tyrants, with their limited perspective, sat in palaces and castles and hijacked the economy for their own benefit. The average peasant worked unbelievably hard for a tiny portion of the production of their own labors.

That’s why the masses eventually revolted against the ruling elite as in the U.S. in the 1770’s and then Europe, beginning with France in the 1790’s. With that freedom from tyranny came ‘democracy’ and free market capitalism which in turn ushered in the greatest period of economic progress in world history.US-original-Declaration-1776

Present Day

Today, Business people, politicians, and everyday people (in western cultures) still tend to praise the virtues of free market capitalism due to the wealth and freedom it created for everyday people.

But yet the very same people also contradict themselves because in truth most people throughout history have actually fought against free market capitalism.

How to Work at Home and Make Money

“What has this got to do with learning how to work at home and make money?  – Keep reading the answer is coming…

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Residual Income Affiliate Program

Residual Income Affiliate ProgramResidual Affiliate Income Program

If you are looking to make money online as an affiliate marketer it makes sense to consider the type of affiliate commissions you will receive.

There are actually 4 types of affiliate commission programs, other than just a one off payment that most people are aware of.

We will discuss one of these type of residual income program here, and where and how you can to join in order to receive residual income on a regular bases.

Membership Programs

Turn on the money tap

Firstly, Residual affiliate income is where you promote a membership program from which you will get paid monthly commissions (as long as the customer retains the membership) and you don’t need to do anything to continue to get ongoing commissions as they will be paid to you automatically.

So the advantage of this type of commission program is that if you make a sale you continue to get paid until the customer cancels, which means you can usually get paid for many months, perhaps even for years into the future and that could add up to a lot of money.

Secondly, Promote programs that are first class, so the people will want to join them and more importantly, will want to stick with them, after they join.

We will now discuss two such programs.

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How to Make Money Online Scam Free

How to make money online scam free

Tell me how do I make Money Online         – without being scammed?

How to Make Money Online Scam Free

How to make money online scam free is something everyone wants, the answer to.

Unfortunately more often than not, the answer given is the promotion of the illusion that easy overnight riches is possible if we only knew the inside secret. Or worse we get suckered into another type of B.S. online scam.

This type of misinformation and activity all but destroys the credibility of the internet marketing industry.


Dishonesty and snake oil type salesmen seem to reign supreme in the online world when anyone seeks to uncover the answer to that question.

Genuine, honest, hard working people are getting scammed every day online as they earnestly  seek a better way to make a living, are searching for a better way of life or an improvement to their standard of living whilst pursuing their internet lifestyle dream.

Is it a Dream?

Do people really make money online? Yes, absolutely and it’s a lot easier than you think. But the first thing you need to do is to forget about the notion of “making easy money overnight” That is not a helpful mindset to begin your new ‘internet’ life with. We need to dismiss that idea immediately.

This is what the internet ‘Guru’s‘ and the online scammers want you to believe so they can soften you up, so you will fall for their empty promises of easy wealth using their ‘secret discovery’ or special ‘software’ or easy seven step ‘formula’ to instant internet riches.

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What’s the Best Internet Marketing Course

What's the Best Internet Marketing CourseWhat is the best internet marketing course, is an important question and one that should be asked before undertaking any online marketing program.

All too often we are taken in by the promise of instant wealth and easy riches by online scammers.

Many times the information is out of date and over priced and sold as the easy solution to a difficult problem.

How to Make Money Online

While there are many people wanting to know how to make money online and thousands more going online each day seeking to make fortunes as internet marketers.  

In truth around 93% of people engaged in internet marketing actually, make less than $103 a month. So making a full-time income will take some time without first having an understanding of search engine optimization and learning how to build a website that not only gets traffic but converts that traffic into customers.

TrafficWhat's the Best Internet Marketing Course

Getting traffic is important because maybe only 1 out of 100 – 200 visitors will want what you are promoting.

Today, getting traffic is not about attracting people to your site to sell them. Rather, it’s about people being attracting to your site because of the quality content you have on offer.

That is to say, the information you have is of interest to them, then building a relationship, establishing trust and then offering a value for money solution to a problem the reader may have.

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How to Get First Page on Google

How to Rank on Page One

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team from Google, the world’s number one search engine and rankings provider had this to say about how to rank on page one;

In case you didn’t watch the video (or you did – but didn’t get it) The point is that he doesn’t actually come right out and tell you. Instead the short 3 minute video gives you a humorous montage of misinformation.

Meaning that it’s an art, rather than an exact science to getting page one rankings. Although there are specific things we can do to give our page a boost in terms of rankings and some things that we need to avoid in order not to be penalized. Google won’t reveal their exact ‘secret’ to getting on page one Or ‘How to Get First Page on Google’.

How to get on first page of Google  

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Best Online Success Secret

The best online secret to success is found in The not-so-secret, SECRET to making money online.  No hype, No B.S or promises of making millions overnight. No!  Just real information, from real people, making real money.

It’s all about getting the right information and implementing successful strategies that lead to success. It’s not magic or wishful thinking or a pipe dream. Thousands are making a living online, millions of dollars are being transacted daily and real people are really living the internet lifestyle.

Get Your Copy

So how do you find out about how you can do this too? Secrets to making money online  It’s really not hard, just get a copy of this ebook and start reading the information.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that all you need to do is just get the book.

No! you need to then take action and implement the ideas and follow the steps that are required to become successful.


Inside you will find where to get the education and the tools that you need in order to begin your journey to making money online.

Understand that it is NOT a push button, mouse click, do nothing – an EASY process. You are going to work hard on learning (or perhaps even unlearning) internet marketing, website construction, content creation, traffic generation and how to really make money online, without scamming anyone, joining up friends & family, or selling products and services you don’t believe in.

To succeed you need an open mind for learning and by this we mean, being “teachable”  There are some people who want to reinvent the wheel – before they have actually built their own. People who want to find the short cuts because they think they know a better way – before they have seen any success in the way being taught.

In other words, if you want to find immediate overnight success or are not prepared to follow the proven steps – then this is not the book or indeed the place for you.

Need Proof?

How excited would you be if you could get just one page or post of your website on page one of Google? Would that make a different to your business?. After all SEO and Google rankings are important – Right?

Well, take a look at the screenshot below:  » Read more

How to Learn about Affiliate Marketing

How to Learn about Affiliate Marketing

How to learn about Affiliate Marketing

Making Money Online

There are thousands of online ‘enthusiasts‘ who are taking the plunge and joining the community of affiliate marketers.

With e-commerce booming, and the internet dominating the business world, becoming an affiliate marketer can be a very wise choice if you are want to be making money online.

Yet the truth about affiliate marketing is that about 92% of affiliates actually make less than $101 a month. Therefore, you shouldn’t count on making a full-time income unless you can get to be good at the following:

1. Building a good website that converts.
2. Understanding Search engine optimization.  

To Be Successful

To be successful with affiliate marketing, there are many things you will need to learn.

First off you will need to learn the basics of the affiliate marketing business, such how to get traffic as you’ll need a lot of traffic because maybe 1 out of 200 – 500 visitors will actually buy something.

Therefore to make money consistently online knowing what you need to do and how to do it is an important aspect of getting an online education. Maybe you could start by getting a copy of this eBook Affiliate Marketing Made Easy. 

Too many people assume that affiliate marketing is actually a get-rich-quick type of scheme. Some of these  people will throw up a couple of affiliate links or banners, then wonder why they never make a single sale or make any money at all.

Or worse, they fall for the promise of easy money for little work type scams so often promoted all over the internet.

How to Make Money Online Scam Free

(To see how I made this video see tools)

Find out more about Wealthy Affiliate here

How to; Get Website Traffic » Read more

Internet Marketing for Online Business

If you intend to grow your business or indeed any business, internet marketing should play a large part in your marketing strategy . The internet has transformed the way we market our business, whether it be on or offline. No matter what you do, the internet needs to be at the heart of your marketing methodology

There has been a rapid rise in the number of eCommerce enterprises selling goods online. Some operate solely in the online sphere. Many others are bricks and mortar businesses that are now also offering products and services via their websites.

Business Wisdom 

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is one of the greatest investors of our time a self-made man, known as much for his philanthropic efforts as for his immense wealth. The Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway became a billionaire in 1990 and has been on the Forbes Rich List of The Top Ten Wealthiest people in the world for the last two decades.

Despite his incredible business success, Buffett remains remarkably down to earth, and his thoughts on money, business, investing, and life in general offer valuable wisdom for anyone in business, from powerful CEOs to struggling small business owners.

Business Quote from Warren Buffett – On the Impact of the Internet on Business

“The Internet as a phenomenon is just huge. That much I understand. I just don’t know how to make money at it… I don’t try to profit from the Internet. But I do want to understand the damage it can do to an established business. 

Our approach is very much profiting from lack of change rather than from change. With Wrigley chewing gum, it’s the lack of change that appeals to me. I don’t think it is going to be hurt by the Internet. That’s the kind of business I like.” – Warren Buffett, Business Week, 1999

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What is the Best Keyword Tool?

What is the Best Keyword Tool?

This is an often asked question and one that has a multitude of answers depending upon the motivation of the person answering the question. Sometimes the most popular tool is not always the best because ‘popularity’ of something is not always the same as being ‘the best’. In addition the question must be tempered with “best for what?


What is the Best Keyword Tool?One of the most popular keyword tools is Google’s Keyword tool now called Google Keyword Planner and as it’s free and made by Google, it makes sense that many people use it. Although it is a hassle for new users to set up since it requires having an AdWords account.

However if you do a Google search on popular keyword tools  you will get a list of other names like, MOZ, SEMRush, Wordtracker, Ubersuggest, SEO Book, Keyword Discovery, SpyFu, and others. But you get the idea, there are plenty of “popular” keyword tools. But the question remains what is the best?

Now I haven’t personally used all the keyword research tools listed above, other than Google Keyword Planner (but I have researched them all). So I can’t claim to be an expert at which is the best. However I can claim to use a particular tool (not listed above) that I think is the best because it get’s me page one rankings.

Take  a look at these recent screen shots. 

What is the Best Keyword Tool

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Best SEO Keyword Tool

Best SEO Keyword Tool


So what is the best SEO keyword tool? The answer depends upon whom you ask and also upon what do you mean by ‘the best‘ – The best for what?

(You may want to see my Keyword research tool review at the bottom of this page)

If you are building an online business from scratch and want to get good rankings for a niche market, then starting with ‘rank-able’ keywords that will generate traffic is a great beginning.

If however you are trying to get traffic to your existing site or just searching for Keywords for a local business website then that may require another approach and possibly another keyword tool.

Know your Audience

So knowing your target audience and what words they are likely to use to search online (called organic search traffic) is an extremely important aspect of any keyword research.

It is finding the most frequently used keywords in your industry or niche that is an important element to any ongoing online success. Having a SEO keyword search tool to do this analysis is important if you want to get a good ranking in Google if you are starting from scratch.

If you are wanting to improve your existing Search Engine Optimization by selecting high traffic keywords then most keyword research tools can do this reasonably well, such as Google’s own keyword planner for example.

However just having keywords that have a high number of searches is not enough if you are wanting to dominate a particular niche or get onto page One of Google.


Let me show you some evidence of beating the competition and getting a page one (position # 3) ranking the same day as posting. Look at the screen shot below;

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Secret for Making Money Online

Just let me know where to send it. Use the form here for instant access and get the eBook right away 

Whether you are building an online business from scratch or trying to get more traffic to an existing site… it all starts with getting an education and having the right tools.

If you want to know how to make money online, I am going to give you my eBook “The not-so-secret, Secret to Making Money Online” I am going to show you the steps you need to take.

Throughout this book I will show you the how and the where to get the education and tools (either for free or low cost). To find  out more get this free book.

Online or Offline

Whether you are selling online or offline the process is that same, you need to attract customers and then help them, to make a buying decision. Short and simple. Without customers you have nothing. In order to gain a customer you need to get website  traffic and by traffic we mean visitors who are real people who may become customers.

For your website or blog to have long-term success its important that it gets not just traffic, but specific targeted traffic. In other words, real people and there is no better way to get extremely targeted visitors to your site, for free than with organic search traffic.

The “how to do this” is discussed in greater detail in the education part of the processes that I will be introducing to you throughout this book.

Get it now while it’s still free.

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How to Stay at Home and Earn Money

How to Stay at Home and Earn MoneyIf your goal is to learn how to work from home and make money online then you are at the right place.

It’s not science fiction. You can actually earn money from the comfort of your own home right here on planet earth”.

What You Need

All you need is a computer and a few spare hours a week and you could eventually make enough money to leave your job, fire the boss and earn a living from home.

I will cover two main ideas about earning online and I will also tell where you can get the right education so you can easily achieve this.

There are various ways that you can earn money while you stay at home yet for many the easiest approach is to have someone else do it all for you.  But this is a BIG mistake. – Let me explain…

How to stay at Home and Earn MoneyStar Trek

One of the craziest things in American culture is the existence of the Star Trek  conventions.

Inspired by a T.V show that only ran for about three years in the mid-1960s (Way before there were the Star Trek Movies) and yet fans, most of who were not even born when the show was first broadcast, flock to these conventions by the thousands.

Fictional Language

Some of these attending speak to each other in “Klingon” which is a made-up language of some fictional planet in the fictional Star Trek universe.

I  have always wondered, as a made up language, how anyone would know what each other is saying.

Yet, all the participants who partake in these conversations all pretend they understand each other and that it all makes perfect sense to them. Yet for those of us that don’t understand what is being said, – well, we are the lesser mortals.

The Secret of the  Guru’s Secret » Read more

How to Build a Website and Earn Money

How to Build a Website and Earn Money

Turn on the Money Tap

How to Build a Website and Make Money – is Everyone’s Dream…

Learning how to build a website and earn money has become an immensely popular idea.

Discovering how to turn on the money tap and make enough money to quit your day job – is a dream for many.

A Traditional Job

In today’s world not everyone is looking forward to following the usual routine of having a traditional job, working for someone else, day after day.

Staying at home, working online and earning money is not just for the more adventurous or those willing to innovate and find ways to earn money online. In this article, how to build a website and earn money takes look at how to do all that and more. 

There are many ways to achieve this type of lifestyle, especially these days when there is over 3 billion people who are searching for information and looking for solutions to problems online…

What’s the Best Type of Business to Start

Over the years, the idea of working online has become increasing popular and more realistic. Many people dream about working at home and turning on the money tap so they can one day quit their traditional day job. Others may just want to supplement their retirement. Either way both are very achievable goals in today’s world.

There are various ways to do this and younger people seem to take to this type of lifestyle more readily. Still there are a lot of oldies too who love to write, read, review and do other things that can easily make earn money online.

This post elaborates on how to build a website and to build a business so you to can work online and earn money and hopefully answer the question; What is the best small business to start.

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