Best Way to Accomplish Goals – is to Ditch them

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

Best Way to Achieve Goals…

Is to ditch them? – Really!   –  Yes, let me explain…

Suppose you decide it’s time to leave your job  or learn how to get your website to rank on page one and you’re made up your mind to do just that. 

Everybody knows you’ve got to stay acutely focused on your goals if you want to achieve anything in life – Right?

But what if “everybody’swrong about the best way to accomplish goals. What if everything you thought about achieving your goals was wrong?

What Do I Mean?

Let’s say you’re a coach and your goal is to win the championship. How do you do that? By focusing on the end goal?

“Or by focusing on all the things your team needs to do in order to be good enough to win. Daydreaming about winning, isn’t going to be enough. You’ve still got to hone your skills and practice, practice and practice”.

Or say, you’re a salesperson and you have set goals for yourself to earn $200,000 in commissions this year, twice what you earned last year. How will you do that? Do you focus on the end result of $200,000?

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

“Or do you do twice as much of what you did the year before and by calling on that, ‘specific’ number of prospects every day without fail. – Otherwise if you don’t do this you’ll continue to work like you did in the past, and the new goal will likely be one you won’t achieve”.

Or say, you’re a writer and your goal is to write a 240-page book over the next 60 days. How do you do that?

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

“By breaking the goal down into smaller ‘mini’ goals, such as, sitting down and writing four pages per day (4 x 60 = 240). If you don’t create a ‘system’ and then focus on the process of writing those four pages each day, you’ll never make the goal of completing the book in sixty days”.

Or, maybe you’re into Internet Marketing. (if you are reading this, maybe you are an internet marketer). So let’s say your goal is to earn $10,000 a month. How do you do that? By focusing on the end result of that $10,000 per month goal?

“Or by focusing on your daily activities such as content writing and learning the internet marketing process?

Of course, it’s the day-to-day processes that will eventually get you to your end goal. Otherwise, it’s all just pie in the sky, wishful thinking and that, sadly for many people, that’s how it is, for them. They never achieve their end goal because they don’t realize…

Mini-Goals Make you Happy

Obviously, your big goal(s) and your day-to-day ‘mini goal’ focus should go hand in hand. But when you are only focused on the big goal you naturally reduce your current state of happiness. You’re basically telling yourself that when you reach your goal, then you will be happy and successful.

But that means that you are not going to be happy just now, not just yet, because you haven’t achieved your big goal. 

Conversely, when you focus on the ‘system’ that will get you to your goal rather than the goal itself, you become focused on what you need to do right now.

Every day that you achieve your ‘mini’ goal you will feel happy and successful because you focused on your system, your mini goals and not the end goal, whether that’s writing 4 pages for your book, writing great content or contacting 15 potential clients. The smaller (mini) goals are easier to achieve.

Daily Focus

Also, a weird thing happens if and when you achieve your big goal, if you’re not focused on the process of achieving the daily mini goals, you will tend to stop the process when you get to the big end goal.

“However if instead you are focused on the mini goals, of writing 4 pages a day, then you could actually have a new (240 page) book every 2 months, or 6 books a year. But if you only focus on the big goal of having the book written, then once you have complete it, you will stop writing, because your goal is completed”.

So how do you make the switch from, ‘goal setting’ to focusing on the systems  and ‘mini goals’ that will get you to the BIG end goal?

Well, you identify what needs to be done to reach your big goal, and then spend your time doing those things. This way your end goal will take care of itself and you’ll feel successful and happy every day, not just on the day when you reach your big end goal.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

One more thing: They say you’re supposed to make your goal Specific, Measurable, And Realistic within a Timeframe. But if all we’re focused on is the end ‘goal‘, we can end up cheating to achieve it.

Consider the salesman who was so stressed and desperate to meet his BIG sales goal that he stole a major client from a fellow salesperson at his company. Yes, he achieved his goal, but the victory was hollow and his reputation in the office got shot to pieces.

Conversely, when we pursue our daily ‘mini goals‘ and simply allow ourselves to focus on the day-to-day process and our ‘system‘ we created that gets us to our big goal, we find we’ve reached an even greater goal we hadn’t initially thought of.

Consider another salesman who didn’t stress about the big goal, but instead made sure he emailed 50 prospects, telephoned 15 clients and spoke face to face with 10 potential customers every day. Day-in-and-day-out as he had predetermined that’s what he needed to do to reach his big goal. He created a ‘system around doing the smaller, easier, ‘mini goals‘ every day.

The result was, not only did he meet his goal, but he exceeded it beyond all expectations and was actually hired away by another company to become their new national sales manager.


Two salespeople with the same goal, but each with a different focus, which would you choose?

Personally, I found that pursuing a big end goal could stress me out, sometimes to the point of almost making me feel paralyzed by the fear of failing.

But knowing that I had a system of ‘mini goals’ to focus on makes everything simple and completely manageable and lets me relax and get busy with the smaller ‘mini goals’.

And I usually achieve my goals well ahead of schedule, without the stress and I have a continuing sense of accomplishment and happiness every day, not just only when I reach my big end goal.

Does it work? Well, YOU try it, for one month, focus on the day-to-day process instead of the big hairy goal you set for yourself and see if it doesn’t make a difference for you.

Get Advice From Experts

Take a look at the following video from Grant Cardone about becoming successful.

Building Success One Step at a Time

Deciding it’s time to leave your job and building your online income so you can one day tell your boss to shove it”, works the same way. 

You just need to do it one step at a time as you go through the process of replacing your current full-time income with your future online income. You do this step by step by setting and achieving daily ‘mini goals’.

Then the “DAY” will come and you can say… 

Best Way to Accomplish GoalsAlso, you really can make $10,000 a month online fairly easily, but only when you know HOW. You’ll need an education in internet marketing and until you KNOW how it seems out of reach for most people.

Here’s another thing. As long as the goal seems out of reach, your subconscious mind will sabotage you at every step of the way and see to it that it never happens for you. If you can’t conceive it, there is no way you’re going to achieve it, no matter how hard you try.

Whereas by successfully achieving your ‘mini goals’ each day you will re-program yourself for success, after all, you cannot help but be successful if you are constantly taking positive action every day. 

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

Getting an Education

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Try Before You Buy

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Best Way to Accomplish Goals

“And remember the best way to accomplish goals – is to ditch them  Focus instead on the ‘systems‘ you put into place to achieve the goals you want and you will discover this really is; the best way to accomplish goals“.


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How to get your website ranking on page one of google 

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If you enjoyed this post on ‘The Best way to Accomplish Goals‘, then please feel free to share socially and leave a comment or ask any questions below;

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Best Way to Accomplish Goals

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  • Bryan


    This page was very helpful for me and I just wrote something almost identical with a bit of a twist myself. I needed to read this again since I’m fairly new to internet marketing. It’s ok to have far-away goals, but we shouldn’t think about them at the expense of productivity based on substance.

    The best sculptors in the world are able to visualize the finished product, but they are the best because they know exactly what they must do in order to produce a fine work of art. And so it’s the same with the business owner.

    Thank you,


    • Peter

      Hello Bryan You are so right that is a very good analogy about sculptors. Focus on the task at hand will still having a clear vision of the future. 🙂

  • Cathy

    Hi Peter,

    I can totally resonate with this article. In my pursuit to earn an online income, I was once very focused on the money. In other words, I was counting the chicks even before they hatch. After a couple of months, I became very frustrated because I wasn’t even close to achieving that goal.

    And then it struck me that I could have invested the time and effort instead to learn the system that can get me there. That is way better than to day dream about something so desirable yet so far away.

    Now, I only have daily goals to achieve and that gives me a lot of space to plan things reasonably and to organize my time. Slow and steady will eventually lead to success.

    • Peter

      Hi Cathy thank you so much for your comments. Yes I think every one starts off thinking the same thing. I’ll make money in a few weeks and become rich in no time at all. But as you have discovered it’s not really like that and I agree totally its about slow and steady. Thanks again 😉

  • Josh

    Hello Peter, Thank you for the opportunity to offer you a comment on your site. If I sound a bit harsh I mean no disrespect just my personal opinion as a first time visitor to your site and a reader of your content. I hope this helps in any way.

    I am always looking at sites that offer information about making money online just to see what’s out there. And there is a ton of them and unfortunately they all pretty much look the same and they all focus on sell, sell, sell.

    My initial thought when I come to sites like this one is… Why should I continue reading this material? Why should I even go to the next post? Who is this person?

    I like the clean lines on your page nice simple design but I think it has a great potential to a better design.We are visual creatures and we are attracted to images so why not utilize this to your advantage? I see Your site as a huge library, with lots of interesting content I just think it could be a little bit more organized. Is there a way that you could break it down in sections so its easier to the eye and compliment it with some high-end pictures.

    I’m big on personal development so I am always looking for ways and places that I can learn from but I get bored looking at so much text. specially on longer posts I get side tracked. I would suggest to add more images that are relevant to what you are talking about to compliment your content.

    Your about me page, Is there a reason why is placed at the end and not after your home page? Just curious. I think this is the most important page of your site, When I come to a page, its the first page I read. why? because I want to see if I connect with the writer first. Remember one thing, people only buy from people they trust. Personally, I wouldn’t have any links at all, seeing links on a about me page it totally tells me that all you want from me is my credit card… Don’t get me wrong that’s what we are all after in this profession but I wouldn’t place them on your about me page, I would eliminate the right side bar from this page extended so it looks more elegant and just display pictures of you living the lifestyle you enjoy and let me know who you are and why I should come back to your site to read more of your content.

    Thank you again, I really like your content lots of information you have there to share.

    Good luck to you.


    Josh Calderon

    • Peter

      Hey Josh Thank you so much for your thorough review and thoughtful comments in respect to my site. I will certain take on board all you have said and thank you so much for your input. You made some great points and I will begin working on them soon.

      Thanks again and cheers 🙂

  • Lee

    Hi there Peter, a great bit of inspiration here.

    For the last few years I’ve had a goal of replacing my income with my full time job with my website and that was my ONLY goal.

    I’ve yet to achieve it although, lately I have been taking a different approach, in fact exactly what you describe here.

    I have created a Google calendar and make daily goals to work on my website.

    The result? I’ve had my first 20 visitors to my website!

    I know this may not seem like much to some people who read this, but that is twenty real visitors more than I’ve ever received before and they are all from Google’s natural search results.

    I have to agree, breaking things down into smaller, more manageable chunks is defifniely the best way to accomplish your goals.

    • Peter

      Hello Lee. That’s awesome – 20 visitors, you are on your way now! They just grow and grow from here on in. Too often we get distracted by focusing too much on the end goal and not the system we need to put into place to achieve the end goal. Thanks so much for your comments and all the best moving forward. 🙂

  • Cindy Fielding-Smith

    Hi Peter

    This is possibly the best articles I have read regards setting, doing and accomplishing your goals! I loved the way you got me in at the start….I got excited….what….I don’t have to set goals? Great stuff. I could not stop reading!

    You are so right! We can’t just make a goal come to fruition by hoping on the end result. I am going to implement your strategies and see how I go. I have also ordered your free book.

    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I am most grateful.

    Best Regards

    • Peter

      Hello Cindy Thank you so much for your comments and leaving some feedback. Pleased you liked my post and happy you got something from it. Setting mini goals and creating your system is easy. However implementation is the key to achieving your goals. But once you master the process, life gets simple. Enjoy 🙂

  • Steen

    Hi Peter!
    Thank you for your inspiration.
    I, like so many other more substantial ambitions than just being wage slave. I have never stopped a child that I have to support.
    In order to work towards my goal, I have cut all unnecessary overuse away and I moved into a smaller apartment.
    I have about 2 hours effective time online per day.
    I have put my targets into a calendar so I have a plan for what I should have done every day to reach my first goal, which is to be independent of the labor market.
    I know it takes time but I stick to achieve the things that hear every day so I am sure that we will be feasible.

    • Peter

      Hello Steen Thank you so much for your comments Yes this is a powerful concept and will help you or anyone else achieve your goals far more quickly by breaking them down into smaller more manageable bite size chunks. Enjoy 🙂

  • SC

    Breaking your big goals down into small goals is a very clever idea. It makes the big goals less intimidating and as you point out, you could actually surpass your original large goal almost without noticing. I think the examples you gave really helped illustrate your points – the author who writes 4 pages a day and because of it, ends up writing multiple books, really hit home. I’m now goi g to try and break down my big goals into smaller and more achievable goals.

    • Peter

      Hello SC Yes thats exactly how it works and it’s powerful too. The hardest part is staying consistent to the small mini goals program you create for yourself. That’s where the discipline comes in, but well worth the effort. Let me know if I can help you further 🙂

  • Charles Reynolds

    The idea of ditching the Big goal and focusing on completing the day to day goals makes a lot of sense. I think in the back of my mind I knew this was the way to achieve your big goal. I must realize that if the day to day goals get accomplished each day, the big goal will take care of itself. I also like the idea that you experience a lot less stress if you follow this method to achieve your big goal not to mention you have a good chance to exceed your big goal.

    • Peter

      Hello Charles thank you for your feedback. Yes it really works like that and I have had a lot of success with this method over the years. Pleased you fund it helpful. 🙂

  • Angel

    Dear Peter,

    Wow! Love how eye appealing your website is! Loads of information neatly organized and professionally set up. I shall Bookmark this Blog Post Article of yours for sure since it helped bring a smile on my face as I was reading it.

    And, yes, the final video said it all, thanks for sharing that with us. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  • Marcel

    Hi Peter,
    Now, that’s what I call a ‘crisp’ approach! I simply love your statement “ditch your goals”
    You sure had my attention and made me read your article with joy.
    Your plan of action makes sense, indeed.
    Smart goals can absolutely make me feel good about myself, anything that I can attain right here, right now is a win. Thanks for showing that to me.
    Do specific strategies work better for specific people?


    • Peter

      Hello Marcel Thanks for your comments and the ‘crisp’ approach quip ha ha. Mini goals work for anyone who wants to implement them and each will find what works best for them. Appreciate your feedback, Cheers 🙂

  • Lynne

    I loved what you wrote, especially about not being happy until you reach your goal.
    I heard a story once called “I’ll be happy when” and it goes on to say how you live in a permanent state of mind that says I’ll be happy when. However you are always setting new goals and by the time you reach those you will have more goals.
    How would you rate your personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate? Has it helped you achieve your goals?

    • Peter

      Hi Lynne Yes…. because very day I have a mini goal so each day I achieve something so there fore I’m happy everyday as O don’y know how much tile it going to take to achieve the BIG goal so I only work on the little ones which are all steps towards the BIG one..ha ha Thanks for your comment 😉

  • Paul

    Hi Peter, you are so right in what you say and I have heard and executed SMART before as it really does work. Like you, I break my work down to daily activity and you have to be 100% disciplined otherwise you have no chance. Great post and warm, welcoming images, well done.

    • Peter

      Hi Paul Yes small bite sized bits are the ‘smart’ and easy way to achieve anythings but sometimes we get carried away and ‘bite off more than we can chew’ and leads to frustration. Pleased you enjoyed the post and thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Gary

    There is a lot of wisdom in your post.
    It’s hard when your just starting out to have faith that your are on the right path. Plugging away with daily mini-goals is the way to do it, but if it’s your first time you feel like your walking over a cliff, with no net down there to catch you.
    Once you’ve been there, done that, it’s not so hard to keep plugging away because then even your uber-negative faithless subconscious can’t talk you out of your goal.

    • Peter

      Hello Gary I agree having mini goals is not a common form of thinking but they are very effective and powerful for achieving goals. Thanks for your comments Cheers 🙂

  • Shawn

    When I first say your title it both made me smile and also made me a bit curious.
    Was this person being captive or just being silly!
    Great article and spot on the money, you were obviously being captive..
    You can not drive the car of your dreams if you do not come up with a plan to make that dream come true.


    • Peter

      Hello Shawn Thank you for your comments, yes I had my Ferrari’s and Bentley’s (awesome) Now its time to build a successful online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

  • Yunier Gonzalez

    wow peter ! You really have a way to cover a topic so naturally it’s like you were having a conversation. I specially like the point you made that many people tend to focus on year end results instead of trying to put double the effort you had put last year.

    • Peter

      Hi Yunier Thank you I appreciate your comments. I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for teaching me the value of quality content. 🙂

  • Linda Garner

    Yes, I know exactly what you mean about breaking things out into bite size pieces. I find that I get overwhelmed with all the jobs I need to finish in a day and consequently don’t even get them started!

    Your analogy works well in every part of our lives. Mini-goals are a great system that helps to create focus.

    • Peter

      Hello Linda Thank you for your comments I am pleased you agree because it is something I find that works for me. 🙂

  • Steph

    This post resonated with me so much. I have such a hard time breaking goals down into little pieces. I want success and I want it now, but working toward only the big picture doesn’t give results. It’s like putting together a puzzle without having all of the pieces. Thank you very much for this eye opener.

    • Peter

      Hello Steph, Pleased you got something from this post and yes I agree too often we are focused upon the end result we forget to put the system in place to help us get there and beyond Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Jason

    Wow Peter, interesting perspective on goals. It is very easy to focus on the end result of a goal rather then putting more focus and energy into what it actually takes to reach the goal/goals. Good stuff, i needed to hear this. Keep up the good work we appreciate it!


  • Bruce

    Hello Peter,

    Enjoyed reading your website! I know your focus is on specifically internet marketing; however, I am a fitness instructor/coach and keep trying to convince clients to make those smaller step goals along the way to achieving the ultimate….whether that be losing 20 lbs., running a 6 minute mile, etc.

    Too many only have that last goal in mind, leading to frustration and quitting….everyone should see your site Peter! Bruce

    • Peter

      i Bruce Thank you for your comments and yes these principles apply for any type of goal setting losing weight, getting a job, saving money, everything. Focus on the system that will get you there not just the end goal because there will be failures along the way and frustrations that will lead to people giving up. Thanks agin for your comments 🙂

  • JohnCWS

    Hey Peter, stopping in again and this article caught my eye. I read the title and had to do a double take. You drew me in. Great article over all, and very well put together. I loved how you explained each topic and went into detail on what you were explaining. Setting a system is very important to an online business. Can’t wait to read more.

    • Peter

      Hi John yes most people think that to accomplish goals you must set deadlines But really to be successful you need to create a system and setting that up helps brings the deadlines about. Thanks for your comments and pleased the article got your attention 🙂

  • Nicolas

    Peter, thanks for sharing your thoughts, I like this post a lot. I have an online business myself, started out about six month ago and yes, WA is a great place to learn about the business. The thoughts shared there and on your website are very valuable and help me to stay focused, which is most important to achieve the goal.
    See you at WA 😉

    • Peter

      Hey Nicolas thanks for stopping by and welcome 🙂 Yes sometimes I write these posts for myself to help me stay focused on the small details that often can get forgotten in the rush to get ahead. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Lin

    Peter, you are a motivator! That video was a perfect tie in to what you were talking about.

    I need to hook up to your site at least once a week to digest all that energy. Thanks for creating this website. I’ll be back.

  • Mayuri

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for this reminder. This is something I really need to work on. I always fall behind in this area. Thanks

  • Stefan

    Hi Peter

    I can confirm what you’re saying. First of all, as a paradoxical intervention, it’s a catchy title. Moreover, there’s a deep truth in ditching the goal, because that way one is always in contradiction to oneself. Instead, looking intensly at the next step now is part of realizing the vision.
    Hang on,

  • Loretta

    Best Way to Accomplish Goals – is to Ditch them… the title grabbed me just to learn what you meant. I got it, I got it. Love the Mini-Goals. I have the attention span of a gnat – so setting quickly attainable goals makes me feel I am actually getting something accomplished!

    Once again, another great article. Keep them coming.

  • Della

    Excellent post Pete! Your expertise shows through you writing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Diane

    Hi Pete,
    Thanks for directing me to this post. This is probably one of the most important pieces of the IM process that most people cannot grasp and therefore fail at their efforts to achieve their goals. I initially stumbled along with that, but I have since developed my own system (very similar to yours with small goals).
    Although I did pick up a tip or two from your post…thanks!

    • Thank you Diane and I appreciate your comments, Wa is a wonderful community and we learn so much and its only fair that we share what we learn with others 🙂

  • Diane

    Hi Pete,
    excellent post! Through trial and error, I needed to find a way to get my goals accomplished as well. I finally have my own “system” in order to get the things that I need to do…done. You have given me a couple of extra good tips on improving my own system. Thanks!

  • Marith

    This make so much sense. When I read your headline – Best Way to Accomplish Goals – is to Ditch them – I started to wonder……has he gone nuts? But then I started reading, and you are absolutely right. I have never thought of it this way before. I will follow your advices and see where it takes me. With wealthy affiliate and your website on my side I only see one future, a successful one, thank you Peter for another excellent article.

    • Hello Marith, thank you the feedback and yes headlines are good attention grabbers and this is some of the things we learn at WA for free. Thank you for stopping by 😉

  • Loes

    Thanks for sharing your latest post Pete, learned again from your best way to accomplish goals blog, keep up the good work and keep me posted:) greetings Loes

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