Is China the Next Superpower

Is China the Next Superpower?

The Chinese have long seen themselves as superior to every other race and the center of the world. It’s because they were so confident of this, that historically they never ventured out much or as often as the Europeans did.

Well, that is with a brief exception during the 15th, Century (from 1405 to 1433) when they had a fleet of gigantic ships, vastly superior to those of Europe and they ventured as far as Africa and India and some say they even went as far as America, before Columbus. The Chinese had long been a nation of seafarers and had invented the mariner’s compass in the 11th century.Is China the Next Superpower

Then They Shut The Door

But then the Emperor reversed the policy of open exploration and by 1500, it became a capital offence to build a seagoing junk with more than two masts. It is said they burned the large sea going ships, which abruptly ended further exploration and potential global conquest or at least exporting their culture.  They shut the door to foreigners and isolated themselves from the world for the next three hundred years.

It was the Europeans that came to China looking for opportunities and as a latter consequence it was the Chinese who were on the receiving end of whatever Europe dished out.

The Chinese were happy to sell too, (but not buy from the European traders). They demanded payment in silver for their tea, silk and ceramics and eventually this imbalance of trade caused resentment from the Europeans (especially the British) who wanted reciprocal trading.

A market was initially found for narcotics (Opium) that resulted in the infamous Opium Wars, of the late 1800s’ that resulted in the humiliation of having foreign soldiers running around the Chinese countryside. But it was also the beginning of international markets being established for many port side cities in China.


The Chinese have historically valued the importance of ‘saving face‘ (it’s culturally important to them) And just as they have a deep-seated resentment of the  (“foreign devil“) for the humiliation suffered by occupying places like Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai, and numerous other enclaves. 

The Chinese today, also resent the U.S government interference in its global expansion plans and it dislikes immensely the U.S parading its aircraft carriers, in and around the South China Sea. A body of water that they claim belongs to them.

The U.S government may feel like it can call the shots, because it has a dozen aircraft carriers and a couple of thousand fighter planes. But times have changed since the early nineteenth-century, and the U.S government might actually be antagonising what could turn out to be a sleeping dragon. 

An Enemy

It could be making a serious enemy with a country that now has serious wealth and a lot more modern technology. Unlike the China of early times which was isolated and insular, modern day China is vibrant and relatively advanced, and at the end of the day, any war will go to the country with the most wealth. Not the one that has the most expensive military hardware. A modern day war with a country like China would certainly bankrupt America.

 The Future in ChinaIs China the Next Superpower

Putting thoughts of war aside, there are dozens of likely scenarios as to what might happen in China over the next few decades and although I am not going to pretend I can predict which one is the most likely to occur.

However, the trend that seems the most credible is the rapid rate of wealth increase in China.

I would never credit any official government figures with any accuracy, (because all Government lie – some more than others) but if we were to assume them to be correct, then the U.S. economy is growing at 2%, and China’s at about 7%.

Now add to that China has about four times the population, then this means that the largest economy on the planet may soon no longer be the U.S.A, but China. (For more on this you may wish to view my other post here)


While the country has remained steadfastly a one party communistic state they have whole heartily embraced capitalism (at least economically) since the Nixon era of the 1970s’ when they opened the door to doing business with the ‘west’.

There has been, and continues to be reforms to its economic model and unlike America they are quietly unapologetic about making money. The Government of course still owns and controls many of the major businesses, it restricts wholly owned foreign competition and it still owns all the land in the country. The people pay ‘for everything’ and nothing is free!Is China the Next Superpower

Even the Panda is loaned out to other nations on a ten-year contract that includes a fee of $1,000,000 per year and a provision that any cubs born during the loan period are the property of Chinese Government. This has been the arrangement ever since 1984.

So, it’s really no surprise that their GDP has shot up nearly 10,000%, since 1972 from $113 Billion, to $11.2 Trillion, today.  One thing is for certain they know how to make money.

China vs. the U.S.A

The US has been the worlds largest economy in terms of GDP since the 1920’s overtaking Britain and is currently 22.4% of Global GDP. But China is quickly closing the gap. The USA exports to China account for 7.7% of total exports and its imports account for 21.5% with Canada and Mexico both tying at second with 13.2%.

Other statistics are below;

  • Cash Reserves: China has US$3.2Trillion vs. America US$434Billion
  • Total GDP: China US$11.26Trillion vs. America US$18.42Trillion
  • GDP per Person: China US$14,600 vs. America US$49,888
  • Average Income: China US$7,593 vs. America US$54,629

Of course, the average American will still be living far more comfortably than the average Chinese in that he’ll still have a bigger house, more gadgets, cars, and consumer goods.

But if look at China vs the U.S.A, he will have considerably less investment capital and savings, and there will be far more Chinese, with substantially more wealth than many wealthy Americans.


Is China the Next Superpower

The Chinese people save over half their income and invest in real estate, even though they don’t own the actual land (since 1949 it’s been leased for 70 years from the government)

Nevertheless home ‘ownership‘ is high (at 90%) compared to the U.S where it is just 64%.

Also, most Chinese households have a major proportion of their assets in real estate vs. 27.9% in the U.S.

As the incomes in China have increased so has real estate values have gone up. In Shanghai, for example, it has increased 560% since 2000.

Also, the Chinese are buying up expensive real estate all around the world and as a result, have become the leading buyers in cities like Sydney, Singapore, L.A., San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, and London.

In 2014, they accounted for around $22 billion or some 24% of the total real estate purchases in the U.S.

Why China Has More Growth 

It has nothing to do with the Chinese Government, which has actually hindered the Chinese economy. (Apart from Deng’s liberalization of the economy, in the 1980s’Doing business and trading with the West and opening up its markets is the prime reason for the last three decades of incredible growth. There are also other reasons for its economic expansion.

One is that Chinese culture is ingrained with the Confucian work ethic, which is exploited by the Chinese government in its efforts to grow the economy, but nevertheless, this work ethic is similar to the ‘Protestant work ethic’ that helped the West get where it is now.Is China the Next Superpower

Another, is the sheer number of people that share a common culture and language. Upwardly mobile Chinese are now learning English, the world’s Business, Science, and technology language. So they can access everything from the West.

Also, just as other people, from a given culture tend to prefer associating and doing business with themselves, for example, the Jews, blacks, Arabs, Irish, Italians, etc., the same is true of the Chinese.

And they a much larger than any other cultural grouping so from a financial point of view this means that business opportunities are largest within this group.

They are Smarter

Also, the Chinese on average are smarter than Westerners and have a higher I.Q (105 vs.100) As an example Chinese children need to learn 3000-5000 different characters to write and read Chinese and spend much more time is school.

Whereas western children only need to know 26 letters of the alphabet to read and write and some even struggle to do that. So perhaps that explains why the Chinese tend to do better academically and prosper in business all over the world, once they get out from under the Chinese Governments control over them.

Here’s Another ThingIs China the Next Superpower

Take an American and a Chinese, each with a dollar. Say both are equally smart and hardworking, and each can double his dollar every year, 2, 4, 8, 16…

The only difference is that the American pays 35% – 50% in taxes and the Chinese pays far less by comparison because the state provides almost nothing.

In China, you pay for almost everything, education, medical care, to use the roads, to visit a park. There is no sense of entitlement, they are brought up to pay their own way through life, nothing is free, and credit is not easy to get. 

Whereas the average American has been so brainwashed that he thinks he has a moral obligation pay taxes to the government at whatever rate it asks for; he thinks it’s dishonest or it’s cheating if someone doesn’t pay or if someone puts their own family’s welfare above the demands of the State.

He also thinks the State has a moral obligation to provide for his health, education, welfare, and retirement. He actually believes that these things are ‘entitlements’ that are his by right.

Big Difference

The difference is that the West has become morally weakened by its own prosperity, corrupted by its own government’s lust for power. With the creation of a class of citizens dependent on welfare in exchange for votes for those who wish to remain in power. And that premise is well supported by current events and economic,  records.

What is Clear

What is also pretty clear that society, a government, a corporation, or an organization of any type is pretty much like a human body in at least one way: As it gets older, it gets weaker and more corrupt as it approaches its inevitable death.

In China, you have the first generation of new money, who have an expectation that things are getting better as they have steadily improved economically over the last thirty years and since the culture revolution of the 60’s each generation has been better off, than the one before. The opposite is the case in America.

The Government’s Biggest FearIs China the Next Superpower

The reason the Chinese Government maintains a tight grip on the internet, the foreign media, education and enforces strong censorship laws, is because, they, like many governments in the world, fear losing control.

Hence their immense concern about its people gaining access to information that it does not approve of.

Because, the average educated, Chinese, once they recognize the government is his adversary will feel no moral obligation towards it, only to his family. When he realizes that “the government” is just a warlord, and as a ‘government warlord’ is just another major league criminal, he will treat it accordingly.

He will consider it his duty to deny resources to the State because he knows he can’t feed the beast and his family with the same grain of rice.

One Billion Plus

They are already hard-working and self-reliant, and there is no concept or belief in the State taking care of him; that’s something his family does. When one billion plus people awaken to that realization, there is nothing its government can do to stop them. – Sadly in America, the people still believe their government is somehow still working for their best interests and will go down with the ship.

Global ChangesIs China the Next Superpower

Where will it all end up? In the short run, with America in rapid decline, China will soon become the world’s biggest and most important economy. And it could happen faster than most people think.

China wants to unseat the U.S. as the dominant world power and to do this, China is spending billions of dollars to develop the “New Silk Road.” The New Silk Road is the world’s biggest infrastructure project. If all goes according to plan, it will give China a huge economic advantage over the United States.

If China succeeds, it would overtake the U.S and become the dominant global superpower. This could trigger the biggest shift in global power since the end of World War II.

Hiding the Truth

It’s one of the biggest investing stories in the world. Yet the U.S. media barely mentions it. Maybe because it’s too big and complex of an idea to fit into soundbites. Or perhaps the Government doesn’t want the American public to awaken to its incompetence and mishandling of global affairs and the destruction of the American Dream.Is China the Next Superpower

If the Chinese people awaken to their political one party con game, they may also react swiftly in eliminating all vestiges of government intervention in their lives.

Should that happen, it will propel them into superpower status at such a speed that has never before been seen in the world. 

America Should Be First

This is something that America, should be doing first, because it became rich and powerful because it had a limited government.

But sadly most Americans never recognise they have been brainwashed into thinking they are still living in the land of the free & the home of the brave.

Instead, they prefer to believe that countries like China and Russia are their enemies and their own Government is their friend and protector.

Yet in truth, not only does their own government spy on them, deceive and mislead them, they also hide the truth from the very people they pretend to serve.

I talk more about this in another post about the people who are the real benefactors in our society.

More On China vs The USA… 

The typical Chinese day labourer today makes six times as much as he did in 1999.  So the average person has more money than ever before. Whereas the typical American day labourer has gained little, in fact, after you have taken into account inflation, the American worker has not had a significant raise in the last 40 years.

Add to that the cost of medical care which is more than seven times more than it was in 1980 and total household debt has risen nearly 12 times since 1980. America is living on its past economic wealth (which is fast evaporating) and China is quickly developing economic smarts.

What’s China’s Position on North Korea. 

Why does China not put more pressure on North Korea to cooperate with the Western powers to limit the development of the DPRK’s nuclear program? The answer is simple, and here’s what most people don’t understand about China.  It’s still a communist country and it wants to keep North Korea as a buffer zone between South Korea and China. They don’t want their people having direct access to that boarder.

But they also don’t want North Korea to collapse either (nor a reunification) as that would also put South Korea directly on its border, with all their ‘US’ forces and bases they have. Nor do they want poor and desperate, North Koreans fleeing into China, if it collapses economically. So they continue to secretly fund the regime and will do all they can to prevent any ‘invasion / occupation’ of North Korea.

Communism and Military Might

Communism, in the Soviet Union failed (for many reasons) but one was because consumers were forced to buy whatever shoddy products that were available to them and the producers had no reason to want, or to learn, how to make better ones.

Toward the end, products available for purchase in the Soviet Union were worth less than the raw materials and labor that went into them and hence they exported very little. Plus of course they spent over 60% of their GDP on the Military and so consequently they went broke.

Today it’s a different story…

  • The USA spends 3.3% of its GDP on Military spending – US$ 597.5 Billion
  •  Russia spends 5.3% of its GDP on Military spending – US$ 65.6 Billion
  • China spends 1.9% of its GDP on Military spending – US$ 145.8 Billion

China Military Budget 2012.pngNote: Chinese military spending has doubled between 1997 and 2003 and it continues to grow at over 10% annually but as the country’s GDP grows larger each year, the percentages look smaller. See graphs below and right.

China published military budget by percent of GNP.tiff
By Kadsura at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The Chinese, however have learned many lesson from the collapse of the Soviet Union and as they now make many of products for the ‘west‘ they have learned how to export low cost products and generate a large surplus income from the rest of the world. They have also grown their military faster than any other country.

America Was Great – Once!

America was once great, an unprecedented economic powerhouse, the land of innovations and freedom. Before the government destroyed the entrepreneurial spirit with too much regulation and intervention into the economic affairs of its people.

As China grows its economy, by reducing its red tape and regulation of businesses.

America adds more rules and regulations to her businesses, impeding innovation, and entrepreneurship. Yet the American people don’t see it. They think a new President will save them.

Is China the Next Superpower

It’s YOUR Time!

Don’t Rely On The Government

The Government is not going to save the economy. It will be the innovators, the entrepreneurs, that will bring about the economic salvation that the world desperately needs.

It is going to be people like you and me pursuing their passions, their interests, their freedom and affections for decentralization and independence. These are the people who are the real benefactors to society.

If you are asking yourself what can you do? What skills do you have, how can you provide values and benefits to others? Then what I about to tell you next may interest you.

The Future

Seriously! There is currently 3 billion or so people searching online for information and solutions to problems, so the potential is enormous. 

Should the Chinese people ever become free from the control of their heavily information censoring Government. It would give them ‘real’ access to the internet (– Not, the heavily censored ‘intranet‘ they currently have). This will lead to an explosion of internet searches as they seek to explore a ‘new world‘ of knowledge.  Knowledge and information that is currently denied to them.

Will China Be The Next Super Power?

It’s hard to know for sure but they are trying hard and you don’t want to be left behind and uninformed, so you need to seriously consider how you can cash in on this potentially new future world order. On thing is for certain, if it’s going to happen – it’s going to happen quickly.  

The Internet

So there has never been a more important time to take control of your own financial future and to fully embrace today’s latest technology revolution (the Internet) and seriously consider building an online business to take advantage the income potential that this technology offers.

An Online Business

Having an online business could be a way to create your own economic security and provide additional income from around the world as the internet opens up business opportunities to billions of people.

It’s Not Easy!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, in fact, only a small fraction of people working online make any real money. The reason that most people are not making $100’s or $1,000’s of dollars a day online because there is work involved.  

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Peter Crisp

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  • al

    Some very interesting points. At this stage, however, I wouldn’t call China a true superpower. Not yet. It is, however, the mother of all regional powers!

    The problem is that it has grown very fast – almost too fast – and is therefore inherently unstable. In addition, its greatest strength – the size of its population – is also its greatest weakness. Feeding and housing all those people is no easy thing.

    In addition, there are many gaps in its physical capabilities.

    For instance, I read a very interesting report that considered a hypothetical war between China and Britain. The conclusion was that if the war was fought in or around China, it would win without breaking a sweat. However, if the war was fought ANYWHERE else in the world, Britain would win. The reasoning was simple. Yes, the Chinese army is far larger, but it lacks things such as a proper blue water navy – which is a prerequisite if you want to start moving armies any distance. Britain, by comparison, is a mini-USA with a well-rounded military force. In other words, if the showdown was in the Middle East, the Chinese just wouldn’t be able to mobilize their forces and would fail to show up for the fight.

    Now imagine what would happen if China was up against the US, which has a far greater military power than the Brits. The US would wipe the floor with China anywhere in the world – except mainland China, which is just too large and well-defended. For America, invading China would be like a rerun of Vietnam, except a hundred times worse… Which is exactly why the US wouldn’t be so foolish as to do that (and nor would it need to in order to win).

    Of course, the gaps in its capabilities will no doubt change over the next few decades. The Chinese will, for instance, aim to fill those gaps in their military forces… But that’s expensive and time-consuming, and who knows what events will occur between now and then.

    The other area where China is comparatively weak is ‘soft power’. They’re working hard to change this, of course, but they have a long way to go. The world has been dominated by the Anglo-sphere for a quarter of a millennium. First the British, then the Americans. That’s a lot of ground to make up and won’t happen any time soon. The fact that the Chinese business community is having to increasingly learn English is proof of this.

    Also, in general terms, China isn’t beloved around the world. Rightly or wrongly, it isn’t trusted by the international community – even though other countries want its money! For instance, when there is a major natural disaster, everyone turns to the US, followed by Britain, and even the likes of the smaller but highly developed Anglo-sphere countries such as Australia and Canada. By comparison, no one really expects anything from China.

    If China wants to take over from the US, it needs to be seen by the international community as reliable and responsible. Currently, it’s seen as more of a hindrance to global progress, barely any better than Russia. Take, for instance, the situation with North Korea. If China wanted to, it could help bring a swift and satisfactory close to that whole sorry saga. But instead, it chooses not to.

    Don’t get me wrong. China is a very powerful and wealthy country – and if it plays its cards right, it could very well become the dominant global power, possibly within the next couple of decades – and certainly long before the end of the century. But I’m not convinced this is inevitable by any means. A lot of things can happen between then and now.

    • Peter

      Hello, Al Thanks for your wonderful feedback on my post.

      I agree that a large population is a great weakness while the government is tasked with the responsibility for feeding and housing all those people. That’s why they experienced starvation and famine during the first twenty years of total communist rule. It was only by ‘reforming’ their economy and opening up to the west that they have avoided a total collapse.

      I agree with your numerous points and found them intersting. And you are right China isn’t beloved around the world nor are they trusted by the international community, because they are such good liars (the Government) and they disapprove of anyone questioning or fact checking anything they say. Hence the reason why they block the internet and tightly control the media and have heavy censorship on information that is not approved by the party.

      Their entire history has been rewritten to suit the policial purposes of the party. Educational texts are selective, in subject matter, language, and point of view. As a compulsory and politically controlled educational system there is much inducement to teach the “supremacy of the state” as the core philosophy.

      This indoctrination of state supremacy is promoted as being in the ‘best interests’ of the many and is therefore the “will of the people”.  Much of the Chinese history, taught in schools and universities is also ‘selective’ in content and context and is used to reinforce the political point of view, the “supremacy of the state” and its absolute authority.

      Of course, this indoctrination begins at an early age and is therefore accepted without question. So, it becomes an almost impossible task to break the stranglehold of the political power the government exerts over the lives of the average citizen. As the ‘state’ has had the peoples’ body, property, and mind in its clutches from infancy.

      Which is why, when called upon to think about something in a different way, they cannot, because they have been trained to accept the class, the group, the state as the sole authority.

      Neither evidence nor logic, penetrates the fog in which they have been reared. It is difficult to bring anyone to any conclusion, other than that of the commonly accepted group thinking.  If they are detached from the group, they struggle to entertain any individual thoughts, without the consent of ‘the group’ for fear of being ostracized. The ability to reason or indeed question anything outside the accepted norm is a very difficult concept for the average Chinese.

      It’s not that the people aren’t smart it’s just that the information necessary to think and make smarter decisions has become less and less available while the amount of unnecessary and irrelevant information has exploded.

      And it’s no accident, It’s the result of a conscious effort by the Government (in fact all governments) to diminish the average person’s ability to think. Because independent thought and knowledge is the enemy of those who seek to dominate others.

      Thank you so much for your comments. 🙂

  • Judith

    What you describe here is like a perfect storm, where putting all the elements together may in fact lead to the Chinese take over. There is an inverse relationship between USA and China. US citizens are involuntarily becoming more and more dependent on big government. This government is becoming so problematic, as you describe, it may implode. This is all happening while the Chinese economy is growing and the culture is leaning more towards capitalism. Your insights into this are bang on! The move of the Chinese people to the internet in the future is a natural progression. Being poised for that is a forward thinking plan. Do you have any thoughts as to when this is likely to occur?

    • Peter

      Hello, Judith. Thanks for your question “Do you have any thoughts as to when this is likely to occur?  

      Not really, but probably sooner rather than later, so get started now with building that online business and be ready for whatever is going to happen.

      Hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • fernglow

    A really interesting article about Chinese superpower you’ve got here. I was actually reading about the future of China and I’ve to say you’ve really got a detailed and comprehensive article about China!
    I feel it is really well-researched and the quality is really great too! This article really got me thinking a lot about China and really found it useful!

    • Peter

      Hello, Fernglow. Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed my article. Yes, I have lived in China for five years now so I do know a little about what’s going on there.  Certainly interesting times for sure. 🙂

  • Jo

    Very interesting to read about Chinese history and why they are a super power. Very insightful. I did now know about the major increase in wages of a typical Chinese day laborers. That the average person in China has more money than ever before, shows that they are some major economical changes happening.

    • Peter

      Hello, Jo. 

      While the country has remained steadfastly a one party communistic state they have whole heartily embraced capitalism (at least economically) since the Nixon era of the 1970s’ when they opened the door to doing business with the ‘west’.

      There has been, and continues to be reforms to its economic model and unlike America they are quietly unapologetic about making money. So people are richer today than they have been for many generations so they feel like they are winning.  Yet China because of it age, and number of people should be the richest and strongest country the world but it’s NOT!   

      Why ? – In a word –  “Interference” By that I mean Governmental interference in peoples lives and livelihoods and that’s what is now killing off America today.

      Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Shawn F.


    Awesome and very informative article about China. They are definitely a secret power that is looming in the background. I think they can take over when the time is right.

    I also liked the other products you mentioned at the end. The Wealthy Affiliate platform seems tempting and I think I will take your word for it.

    Keep up the good work and I will be a returning reader!


  • Chris

    This was an interesting read. Im actually based in Taiwan so its intersting to live in a place that actually is playing a bit part in every action China takes (or doesn’t take). Its something i always keep my ear to the ground about and this really summed up the history well. Great read.

    • Peter

      Hello, Chris. Thanks for you comments and Yes Taiwan (the other China) is certainly getting a hard time with the Bigger China imposing its ‘One China’ Policy everywhere. Pleased you have enjoyed the post.  🙂

  • Learn to be Great

    China may become the next super power because of their focus on educating their children. They’re sending their children to the best universities around the world. We in the USA don’t want to employ them because we obviously have so many well-qualified STEM graduates * cough * and don’t want them to take our jobs, so we’d rather employ B- students than A++ students.

    I think we, in the USA, are very complacent. We are content to be average. We continue to have a shortage of highly skilled STEM workers. The future for the US is not looking so bright and I’d hate to see where we are if we can’t entice the world’s best STEM students to work for US companies rather than our competitors.

    • Peter

      Hello, Learn to be Great. China grants student visas but expects graduates to return to China for work to add to the knowledge pool. It is very difficult for Chinese people to immigrate to foreign counties (unless they are politically connected) They are like Pandas (they are owned by the Chinese government) They are also brainwashed by their Government but now Americans are also, but the Americans don’t realise that they are. 

      In regard to someone ‘taking your job’ that is not true. No-one takes it. You simply lose it because you are no longer competitive.It is an illusion that someone owes you a living. If I want a doctor to do Brain surgery on me I don’t care what country they come from. I just want the best qualified and most experienced person to do the job (man or woman) and in business it is the same. The best value (not just price) and service will get the most business.

      Thanks for your comments. Enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • stich909

    Wow! a lot of information about China and how they have evolved over the years. But I didn’t get how you go from how China is better than America and how Americans are brain washed by the government (I do get that point tho) to Wealthy Affiliate. I didn’t see what they have in common maybe shorten it up a bit its like reading a novel . But all in all I did learn some good history facts about China. Perhaps I need to re-read it

    • Peter

      Hello, Stich. Yes you are right you should re-read it The final point was don’t rely on the Government for your future security because they are not interested in you! Thanks for your comments and I hope you find the eBook that is coming your way, a little more logical . 🙂

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    Thahks for a great insightful site with information that is believable. Since you actually live in that eco0nomy you have access to knowledge not otherwise accessible. Thanks for sharing what you have learned. I look forward to reading the rest of your information on Affiliate marketing as that is my goal. I want to learn from those who have found success and hopefully follow in thier foot steps.
    I shared you post do I need to do anything else to receive a copy of your Book?
    Thanks Louis

    • Hello, Louis Thanks for your comment and your eBook is on its way to you, so check your inbox. Yes I came here to see what was ‘going on’ and expected to stay for a year or so and that was a few years ago now haha. I have a few other posts on China that you may wish to read also. Thanks again for your feedback. 🙂

  • Louis

    I knew that China was advancing in the economic world but had no idea how far they have come. There is tremendous amount of information on your site and your insights are obviously due to living and working there. Great insight into what is a little known world. 

    As a teenager I lived in japan for several years in the late 50’s and early 60’s so I understand the value of living someplace that otherwise would only be imagined or learned through tv or books not the same. It will take me some time to get through the rest of your site as it has a lot of information I am eagerly looking forward to reading. You have a knack for teaching and explaining things clearly for others. I believe you can and do make a difference.

    Looking forward to following your other posts and keeping up with what you have to say. I am also trying to succeed at affiliate marketing so am really interested in your take on how to do it.

    Thanks for the great info.

    • Peter

      Hello, Louis. Than you for your comments and I am pleased you found the information informative. Some people have commented that the post is too long. But I guess the topic really didn’t interest them. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Nico

    This article is good. We live in Hong Kong and understand China quite well. We have seen China is rising from a developing country to a developed country. There are many wealthy people in China. We have seen lots of them come to Hong Kong for shopping, dining and playing. It is good for all countries too.

    • Peter

      Hello, Nico  Yes, HongKong is really what China could or should be like (but sadly it will never be). It is a great place and business is still ok but not like the previous times when Hong Kong was the number one financial centre for Asia. Now it is number 4 with Singapore taking the Number One spot. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • John

    I really loved how you delved so deeply into the reasons why China is such a superpower. I agree that their culture and tradition plays a big role in how they carry out foreign policy. Also, I didn’t realize how developed they are today! Thank you for sharing why a war with them would be so costly.

    • Peter

      Hello, John Pleased you enjoyed the article and thanks for your comments. I sure you will also like my other articles about similar topics. 🙂

  • Rick Kaselj

    I think China can be a serious danger for our world. China have really strong and well equipped army with milions of soldiers with dangerous dictators at the head, who can drop the atmoic bomb whenever they want. What is Your opinion, will China use his strong army and attack us?

  • alifedesignbyme

    Hi Peter,

    I’m very impressed with this website. A lot of useful information and it shows you are an expert on this field. I am actually looking for ways to become an online marketer and I would love some advice! What worked for you? How did you start? I can see your blog is very powerful. Congrats!

    • Peter

      Hello, and thank you for your comments. The best advice I can give you is to follow the training at WA.  Just go through the course and implement what you learn and you will soon be on your way. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Marley Dawkins

    Yeah i hear you, and China is already a superpower, it has been for a long time in my eyes, there’s a reason why historically not many people mess with China lol. I mean Chinese investment has been buying up property and Hollywood in America for years, as well as actively engaging in currency wars with the west – i really hope that America does not go to war with North Korea, because if they do it will force China’s hand, and who’s to say what could happen then?

    You highlight all of the historical and financial data with regards to china really well in this post, thanks so much for sharing it!

  • Kayla

    WOW! Where do I begin. First off, I love this post and I couldn’t agree with you more. I loved the background information on China – that was an interesting read.

    I totally agree that the west has been morally weakened by prosperity! As a pastor’s wife, I see THIS all the time.

    I also agree that the government is not going to help our economy – it seems to be making it worst. I am also a foster parent and I witness first hand how the government’s ‘helping programs’ just give people a sense of entitlement and that the work ethic has plummeted.

    I also love your promotional video of Wealthy Affiliate. It really is a great way to jump on the band wagon and start making a change for yourself!

    On a side note: Is Hong Kong part of China again? If not, is that happening soon and if/when it does, do you think that will change things for China’s economy? How do you think the residents of Hong Kong will respond? (I just saw you lived in China, so I wanted to get your perspective!)

    Thanks for such an informative post!

  • SmileAfresh

    Hi Peter,
    First, I must say that it’s always a delight for me to read articles you’ve written.
    In this exposition of sorts between the reigning super power/s against the upcoming Chinese power, I’ve been able to learn quite a lot from what you’ve said. As I see it, it’s rather to have less GDP per capita but have more savings and investments compared to having so much in consumer goods but make no personal progress in life at all.
    If I may ask, what is likely to be the position of the world at large vs China in about 100 years with all factors held constant?

    • Peter

      Hello, SmileAfresh Pleased you enjoyed my article.  In One hundred years neither the US or China will be a superpower. It will be individuals who have power (not as a collective) because governments of any sort will have collapsed and discredited as not being any good for individuals. Only vested interest groups like the power the government can give them . We don’t need them to en salve us and the sooner we realise that the better we will be. No government means no boarders, no wars and no taxes. People will be free to work and live where ever they wish and create whatever business they can find a market for. Thank you for your comments.

  • Peter your knowledge have enlightened me. I was honored to get to know you and have so many conversations. Your ideas really inspired me to broaden my perspective and understanding of this complex and dangerous world. I’ll keep reading you, so please never stop writing. That’s your golden talent.

    • Hello, Luis. Thank you so much for your comments. I am pleased you have enjoyed my writings and have been inspired. I’m sure you will also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way and keep reading as I am always creating new content. 🙂

  • Joe Petruzzi

    China is seeming to make big arrogant moves as well. Through Obama’s administration there seemed to be a lack of respect for him and the U.S, so I really wouldn’t be blaming the U.S. about that. China knows it is the next super power, but needs to calm down, because bad things can happen at the snap of a finger.

    • Peter

      Hello, Joe you are right and they are doing a lot of things that go unreported that would shock a lot of people (even their own). Pleased you enjoyed the post and thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • dsmothers

    I was very surprised to learn that the Chinese people bought up so much real estate. But was more surprising is that there are acres of developed real estate with owners but no occupants or tenants. Real estate is a huge investment over there by the average family but they created ghost towns worth millions.

    • Peter

      Hello, dsmothers. Thanks for your comments. Yes, you are right there are billions (not millions) of dollars of ‘idle’ property just as you say and they continue to build more. The reason being is there is a disconnect between supply and demand. The Government (both local and central) orders them built to improve the country’s GDP and the banks finance them with Government Debt and the people are buying them as investments with an expectation of Capital Growth, not for income. The so called ‘market’ demand is coming from future price appreciation expectations and not from any ‘real’ demand like increase in population or necessity.  

      Most families have one child, ( as regulated by the Government) two parents and four Grandparents. As the children are finishing school and begin entering the work force. The parents and grandparents will be either retired or not far away from retirement.They also have their own accommodation and ‘real estate’ will begin to become surplus to requirements as they age. 

      This one child policy is going to create a massive economic problem of the Chinese in the future. To attempt rectify this problem they recently implemented a new law relaxing the one child policy, allowing couples to now have two children, but that is still not going to be enough to divert a major economic and social crisis for this up and coming ‘superpower’ ….

  • chuw5

    It’s an accurate history lesson on China’s political relations with foreigners that have occupied its territory. And I’m certain the wealth increase was caused by the US outsourcing manufacturing jobs and companies to China over the years. Their total GDP should be high simply because of productivity and a large population in the labor force.

    Now I wouldn’t say that America’s economy is bad because of the government alone but rather that the same people keep getting elected, the corporations with the most wealth are able to bribe them into making policies that benefit nobody else etc. Though I do agree that the public education system standards are too low.

    • Peter

      Hello, chuw5. Thanks for your feedback, regarding the Chinese history. I had researched this a lot before I wrote the article. The world is experiences rapid changes and things will look complete different in the next ten years. I hope you will find the eBook that is on it’s way to you equally interesting. 🙂 

  • Helen

    Hey Peter!

    What an interesting combination of topics! I appreciate your spectrum of knowledge.

    I just returned from visiting Hong Kong, what an incredible experience! I found it really interesting the wild difference from island to island to mainland China. You can see the influence of different governments clearly in each place. Hong Kong is a crazy cool city very proud of its unique government situation. It was amazing to see the Portuguese influence on the architecture of Macao on top of the absolutely massive Vegas-like casinos.

    I also can totally vouch for WA. It is an awesome community and platform for reaching online financial freedom. With consistent work, things I never thought I could do got done. Really cool!

    Thanks for the read,



    • Peter

      Hello, Helen Pleased you liked my article and yes I concur with you perception of Macao and HongKong. They show you what mainland China could / should be like without the CCP holding back basic freedoms. Also WA is an awesome platform to get the knowledge you need to make a living online. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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    Awesome article on China and website in general is amazing
    you provide the site visitor with a great variety of information which is well researched.
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    • Peter

      Hello, Maya. Thanks for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed the post.  I hope you also like the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

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    I read your article Is China the Next Superpower? It was interesting and thought provoking. I have to admit here, Peter, that I was taken off-guard. I was expecting an article that was aimed at teaching me how to gain wealth through working online. I confess that I felt lost and had to look up at the website thinking perhaps I’d made a wrong turn somewhere.
    Your article was well thought out, but took so long to get to the online business information. For a while there I was wondering how they connected. Thank you for patiently going through and making the connection for me. You’ve given this more thought than I ever have. Hence the reason you’re probably more successful in online business than I am. 😉

    • Peter

      Hello, Erika. Thank you for your comments. I am pleased you were able to complete the rather long post and  get the point of the content and make the connection. I’m sue you will find the eBook that is coming your way a bit more direct and also helpful. 🙂

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    wow I am impressed by your site. I especially like the way you use words to grab the readers attention. the china part was really interesting and I also liked the 60 minute reseller. I will review that more.
    your site is like reading a book which once you read then you don’t want to put it down. you provide the site visitor with a great variety of information which is well researched. thanks for the interesting site and keep up the excellent work.

    • Peter

      Hello, Vicki. Pleased you found my site interesting and engaging. Perhaps that’s why I have over twenty page one ranked posts on google. You are right I do spend time research my information. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Tim Murphy

    First of all, may I say that your site is set out in a great logical pattern and an easy flow on effect.

    To the post, fantastic research and great writing style made this a very easy post to read, learning a lot of new facts along the way.

    Yes, I agree, it is such a shame that western governments cannot learn from the Chinese in many ways.

    I also agree that at the time the Chinese Government relaxes its censorship laws, I would love to be the one with the best affiliate site in Chinese.

    Thanks again for such a great post and I eagerly await further offerings from you.

    • Peter

      Hello, Tim.  English is the language of science, technology, business and aviation and due to the censorship of the Chinese government it is not likely that people will trust the Chinese language version of any information.  So you may not have to be the best affiliate site in Chinese to profit. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • pmbaluka2016

    Peter, I like your great thoughts on China’s being the next Superpower. Indeed it’s undeniable that China is taking over the business in most places like Africa. I’ve seen China storming the infrastructure and most sectors in Africa and major in what other big and older nations like US and UK have failed to do.

    I’m far much interested in how and what I can transform my life economically in future and the solution is via online business. As an online entrepreneur, I need to venture in niches that haven’t been exploited yet. Of course, I need to emulate China way of conquering the world.

    • Peter

      Hello, pmbaluka. thanks for your comments. I am pleased you found the site interesting and happy to know you also believe the future is online. I am sure you will also like the eBook that is on it’s way to you. 🙂 

  • Justin C.

    I have often heard of Chine being the next super power. I hear what you are saying in regards to those who choose welfare over prosperity. Those who choose to be reliant on others instead of self-reliant. I do not feel sympathy for those who currently live as we all do in the Golden Age. The age that our prior generations have paid for. I am, however, sympathetic to circumstance. As an American we are in the best position possible to carve out our own piece of the pie. Heck, even heroine addicts begging for money on the street corners make more money than people working good honest jobs in a country like the Philippines. Heck, they even make more money than a lot of us here in the USA. I am very glad that I have discovered Wealthy Affiliate. It puts the power back in my hands. Thanks for the well written and solid information throughout this entire article. I for one truly appreciate it.

    • Hello, Justin. Thanks for your comments. Yes its unfortunate that the West has become morally weakened by its own prosperity, corrupted by its own government’s lust for power. With the creation of a class of citizens dependent on welfare in exchange for votes for those who wish to remain in power. And that premise is well supported by current events and past historic economic, records.

      What is also pretty clear that society, a government, a corporation, or an organization of any type is pretty much like a human body in at least one way: As it gets older, it gets weaker and more corrupt as it approaches its inevitable death. So thats the reason why we need to do something about our own future and not rely upon on them. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is on its way to you 🙂

  • Mark


    Awesome article on China and website in general is amazing. Not to slobber over myself but I love your writing style and site format and the information is great. Not too much I can disagree with as you have presented your case well.

    I’m envious – awesome site!!!


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      Hello, Mark Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed the article. Please watch out for the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

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      Hello, Andrew. Thanks for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed the article. Look out for the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

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