Aweber vs GetResponse Review

Aweber vs Get Response – Review

Aweber vs GetResponse Review

Autoresponders are used as an e-mail marketing tool to provide information, newsletters and even digital products to prospective customers.

They can also be used to follow-up customers or subscribers with automated emails sent out immediately or at pre-set time intervals.

Most of us have been the receipent of this type of email campaigns, whether it be from a local business, a newletter service or an email marketer who is sending us offers.

In This Review

We are going to compare two major autoresponders that are very suitable for Affiliate Marketers. I have reviewed each seperately and you can access those reviews using the links shown in this post. A brief summary and the price comparsion of a selection of autorsponders are given in this review.

Let’s begin… 


This autoresponder email service provider has been around since 1998 and anyone who is doing email marketing or thinking about doing email marketing, should consider putting Aweber on their list of potential service providers.


Almost anyone can use Aweber, especially Affiliate Marketers, as it’s one of the few email service providers that’s friendly to affiliate marketers. 

They have a vested interest in helping online marketers succeed. For years, Aweber has been primarily involved in the online marketing industry as they often answer questions on forums, they have great support and they have a lot of great training videos. 

I invite you to take a look at my Aweber Review to see if Aweber is the right service for you…

See My Aweber Review Here


Aweber pricing starts at $19 per month, and it goes up from there depending on how many subscribers you have.  

Price (Monthly) Comparison of the most popular Autoresponders

Active Campaign$9.00$17.00$29.00$45.00$70.00$135.00
Constant Contact$15.00$35.00$35.00$55.00$85.00Contact
Vertical Response$8.80$17.60$26.40$44.00$66.40$128.00
Benchmark Email$11.95$18.95$28.95$46.95$73.95$120.95
See My Aweber Review Here


The autoresponder GetResponse entered the email service provider scene in 1999. (A year after Aweber) Today, it’s still a major player in the autoresponder market and is popular with the larger list owners and by professional companys’.


Almost anyone can use GetResponse  People from marketers to authors to business owners. One thing that sets them apart from many other service providers is that it’s (like Aweber) affiliate marketing friendly. If you’re an affiliate marketer, then you’ll definitely want to put GetResponse on your list of potential email autoresponder providers.


Pricing starts at $15 for basic accounts and $49 for Pro accounts. While Get Response is in the middle of the pack when it comes to overal pricing, it’s on the low end when it comes to a larger number of subscribers and the higher end of the pricing range when it comes to low volume subscribers (but still cheaper than Aweber) As shown above from the selection of autoresponders we’ve reviewed. 

This makes GetResponse the best low cost Autoresponder for larger email lists.

Check out My GetResponse Review here


Most people put off listing building, or avoid setting up an autoresponder, because they fear the complexity of dealing with all the technical aspects involved. But really there is nothing too complicated at all, if you know what you are doing.

If you want to learn how to build an email subscribers list from scratch, learn how to set up an autoresponder and get it working to your advantage, then my number ONE recommendation is for you to get my easy 20-step list building plan, which I’ve called – List Know How.

Aweber vs GetResponse Review

In this low-cost, easy to follow course I cover the following;

Module 1 – How To Create And Configure Aweber

Module 2 – How To Create And Configure GetResponse

Module 3 – How To Create A List In Aweber

Module 4 – How To Create A Campaign In GetResponse

Module 5 – How To Configure Your Signup Form In Aweber

Module 6 – How To Configure Your OptIn Webform In GetResponse

Module 7 – How To Build Your Squeeze Page

Module 8 – How To Create A ThankYou Page

Module 9 – How To Create An Exit Popup

Module 10 – How To Remove Unresponsive Leads In Aweber

Module 11 – How To Remove Unresponsive Leads In GetResponse

Module 12 – How To Create A Successful Affiliate Invitation Page

Module 13 – How To Add Bonus To Other Peoples Page

Module 14 – How To Do a Split Test With VWO

Module 15 – How To AB Split Test On VWO

Module 16 – How To Fund Your Ad Campaign In Facebook

Module 17 – How To Insert A Call To Action In Youtube Videos

Module 18 – How To Run An Ad Campaign In YouTube

Module 19 – How To Sign Up For Google AdWords

Module 20 – How To Create An Ad Campaign With AdWords

Best of all, its yours for under $10.00 (a lot less than TEN Dollars) Take a look at this super low-price video training couse.

The Easy 20 Step List Know How building Plan


An autoresponder is an essential tool used for employing a concept known as permission marketing. Permission marketing is a non-traditional marketing technique that attempts to sell goods and services with the consent of the reciever  given in advance. 

Aweber vs GetResponse Review

Aweber vs GetResponse

Opt-in email for example is permission marketing, where users request to receive information about a certain product or a service. Which means you have allowed the potential customer to choose whether or not to be subjected to future emails from you. 

Supporters of this type of marketing claim it to be an effective and more cost-efficient method of marketing because the targeting audience is easier to convert into further sales. 

So for anyone thinking employing an autoresponder or about doing email marketing should consider putting Aweber and GetResponse on their list of potential service providers and select the one that best fits their requirements.


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  • I’ve been on the fence between the both and decided to go with Aweber. Thanks for helping my decision with the great review

  • Amhil

    Hi Peter, thanks for this review/comparison. I’ve thought about delving into the email marketing scene and thankfully this post has given me some insight into what we be the best option.
    Considering both of these services have stood the test of time, it must surely mean that either one of these would be great option. That ultimately means, for me personally, the cheaper one wins meaning get response will likely be the one for.
    Just out of interest, I’ve noticed that both aren’t free, do you know of any free autoresponders that I could do some testing on before moving onto the best auto responders in the market?

    • Peter

      Hello, Amhil. Thanks for your comments. Both do have a thirty day free trial. so that’s a way to try them to see which one you like the best. I appreciate your feedback and I am sending you an eBook as a thank you, so watch out for it in your inbox. 🙂

  • DorcasW

    Hi Peter; I appreciate your shared information on A Webber and Get Response AutoRisponders. WordPress constantly prompted me to start email marketing but I had not started I. respect your recommendation and I do not considered the price for the service to be a barrier if the service works it will be value for my money. Do keep the information coming. DorcasW

    • Peter

      Hello, DorcasW. Pleased you have enjoyed my review and thank you for the comments. I sure you will also like the eBook that is coming your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Jamie Clay

    Hi Peter! Your Aweber and Getresponse Review is good. My question is do either have a free option for list under 500? I currently use mail chimp because I don’t have a huge list. They offer me a free account for list under 500. I’m at 250 currently. Does Aweber or Getresponse offer similar deals?

    • Peter

      Hello, Jamie.  To answer your question. No, they don’t.  They do have a 30 day free trial but not a free sub 500 program. Thanks for your comments. Enjoy the book I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Joseph

    Hello Peter, thank you for the comparison review of Aweber and Get response, have you checked out sendlane, i want to know how sendlane compares with Aweber, Am quit new to this field and i have subscribed on the 14 days trial of sendlane,
    I haven’t experienced it so much but i would love to know which one you recommend of the two.
    Thank you.

    • Peter

      Hello, Joseph. There are many auto responders I have just reviewed the two main ones because they are ‘Affiliate Marketing’ friendly. Many others are not so friendly and delete your account when you start sending too many emails.  But if Sendlane has a 14 day trial period then use that time to dig in and understand it and discovery what is about then compare it with the review I have done on  Aweber here.  Thanks for your comments. Hope you enjoy the eBook List Building Secrets that is coming your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • andrejs

    Hi, Peter and thanks for short two most popular autoresponder reviews. I’ll be honest and admit that not using any of them at the present time. I am in IM almost ten years and since mid-2015 one of thousands of members of WA. I tried to implement Aweber and a couple of other before but unfortunately unsuccessfully. Why? It is mainly because I did not see any activity and considered it as the waste of money. My website and niche today is GPS navigation and related topics, and main organic traffic is from an implementation of right keywords and SEO. I read here and there that e-mail marketing is the must-have part of success in IM. Tell me, please do you have any successful experience or any advice of using, e.g., Aweber when promoting Amazon products.
    Andrejs, Latvia

    • Peter

      Hello, Andrejs. An auto responder is also a way to stay in touch with your readers and subscribers and also for delivering digital products and additional information to those that want it. Its like building a fan club for specific interest groups. You can also segment your lists in terms of different interests so as to ensure that the right target audience gets the relevant information of interest. Once you have a following of targeted email subscribers you can then give them information about topics or services better related to them. Thanks for your comments. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Jill

    Hello, Peter I really like all the information that you shared with everybody with all the advice on getting started with internet business and getting a website. You make a very good point on how most people have a product and no email list that is so true and I am included, because of that comment I bought your book while I was looking your site over. I like the comparing of Aweber and response are very good heads up that you mention how both are better for affiliate marketing and that is true as some others do not have a proper wording in the opt-in box for affiliate marketing. Very good explaining jaxxy and how it is needed to build traffic and research becomes easy as so many people would be scared of this

    • Peter

      Hello, Jill I am pleased you have enjoyed my review and found my post to be informative.   Watch out for the eBook that is coming your way as a thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Matt's Mom

    I am just curious how aweber compares to Mail Chimp? Have you had experience with both of these, and which one do you think works best? And is more user friendly? I am just staring to get into using an autoresponder, and quite frankly there are so many out there. I am not sure which one is right for me. I hate to get involved with one, only to decide I don’t like it.

    • Peter

      Hello, Matt’s Mom.  I haven’t done a review on Mail Chimp yet, so I can’t really answer your question. However it also has a free 30 day trial so you have the opportunity to try it before you buy it. It is priced well according to my price comparison chart and if you try it you can at least compare it to Aweber  and The Get Response Review as per my review posts. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

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