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Start Working Online Now

The Best Affiliate Training

There are many affiliate training courses and if you are looking to make online affiliate wealth or affiliate income online it is important that you select wisely because there are many ways to make money online, hundreds in fact.

Affiliate marketing is only one way that you could choose. However, the problem is that many would-be internet marketers often get distracted by the “latest and greatest” product or service being promoted and in the process are taken away from building a successful, long-term (revenue generating) business.


Some of those distractions are worthless junk, other are outright scams, some are parts of, but not the whole process.

There are also many affiliate marketers who have no interest in the long-term relationship with their customer and only want to make a quick buck and move on. That’s why it’s important to select wisely.Start Working Online NowThe best affiliate training I have seen and am a part of is a program called Wealthy Affiliate. This program is different because it is a complete training program build and run by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers who wanted to shortcut the learning process and provide solid, honest advice. 

Up To Date Information

The information is up to date to, because today article marketing through article directories is no longer an effective SEO strategy, neither is duplicate content on your site copied from elsewhere, and you definitely don’t want to be stuffing your content with keywords aimed at the search engines.

You will even discover how to get pages and posts on page one of Google as well as creating quality content that engages your readers and the latest video marketing tactics that really pull in visitors. 

This is just some of the awesome information you will learn with  Wealthy Affiliate.

(To see how I made this video see tools) Start working online nowThey will show you how to actually make money online. You will have your very own piece of the internet and a platform from which to connect to some of the 3 billion people who are looking (searching) for information and solutions to problems online.

How to Actually Make Money Online

You are going to earn MONEY from your website by providing your visitors with solutions to their problems.Your website (that they will teach you how to create) is going to help these 3 billion people by providing information about what they are looking for and by having content that they want to see.

By fulfilling their needs and giving these visitors what they want, you, in the process of satisfying them, will earn revenue from recommending products and services that they freely elect to purchase.

How to make money online scam free

Without using any tricks or B.S  you simply satisfy the desire of the visitor and show them how they can find a solution to their problem by becoming a customer and purchasing the appropriate solution in an honest and straightforward way. You will learn how to build a successful, honest online business, by following a proven process…

Start working online nowAffiliate Training Courses

While there are many affiliate training courses online to choose from, with the Wealthy Affiliate program (and you can start for free) you are going to be working through a process that will not only give you a solid foundation but will lead you to long-term success as well as create your very own website (or multiple websites sites) in any niche of your choosing. 

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate here


The community at Wealthy Affiliate really do want to help you build a successful online business, You get to follow step-by-step video based training that will teach how to build an incredibly successful business.

There is no other community like Wealthy Affiliate in the world. Best of all you can try it out for FREE

Look at this Wealthy Affiliate Video Overview


More Details here:

Start working online nowGet Started here;

what is the best affiliate marketing training

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So if you want to learn how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and one that will make it possible for you to earn money in your PJ’s then take the wheel and get started NOW!Start Working Online Now

Take the wheel and take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive, it costs you nothing to see if it’s for you or not.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions in the form below;        Back to Top

Ohhh…. Just One More Thing

There are pages and posts packed with tips, advice, and recommendations to useful tools and resources to shortcut your learning curve.

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For people just starting I have put together 12 videos covering over 40+ essential topics. Lessons that cover the basics, that every newbie needs to know but once learned and implemented will put you on the fast track to success. You can see this particular post here

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Start Working Online Now

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  • Beverley

    Great site. Great information.
    Your site has given me some great ideas on how to forge ahead with building my online business. The re-branding of ebooks is new to me and the videomaker is a great tool that I could see myself using. Hard work in, great results out.
    Thank you for passing on some valuable information. All the best in 2017

  • Nahim

    Wealthy Affiliate has helped me out su much, the way they eplain how to make money online is simple, and sounds realistic. What I like is that you can set up your goals and depeding on how much effort you put into your website is how fast you can grow.

    • Peter

      Hello, Nahim if you want to learn how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and one that will make it possible for you to earn money in your PJ’s then Wealthy Affiliates is definitely the place to get the education you need to do just that. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Imad

    Hello, Peter.

    Great Wealthy Affiliate review. I couldn’t agree more on everything that you’ve said here. I am a member for about 2 years now and I have to say that I never thought that one day I’ll be creating websites, writing articles and making money online.

    Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate, I managed to learn a lot about affiliate marketing, and now I am confident that I can create kind of business online I want. The community provides us with the tools, support and the training necessary to achieve the success we’re looking for.

    I enjoyed watching the video. Great work.
    Good luck with all your future endeavors.


    • Peter

      Hello Imad Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you enjoyed the video and great to hear you are having success with your learning from Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

  • Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    Hey Peter , another interesting article.I agree , Wealthy Affiliate is offering the best training I have seen so far in the market , exactly as you said , from affiliates for affiliates.

    The courses are well developed , updated and following all the guidelines and restrictions , there is no way for someone using this platform not be able to get a website ranked high in the SERPs.

    The online population of visitors reached the 3 billion?…I thought it was 2 , guess I have left behind as this number always increasing.

    Do you think that something is missing from WA’s training?…Would you like to see something added in the future?

    • Peter

      Hello Tasos. Thanks for your comments. WA training is already awesome and there is already so much information that many people suffer from information overload…ha ha which is good thing I guess.

      Even though 3 billion people are online the number will only increase into the future. So now is a great time to start or continue to build your internet presence and WA is the place to do just that. Thanks again for your feedback ;).

  • Scott G.

    Great site! I can vouch for WA. I am so glad I found the community. There are way too many scams out there. Your site looks good and is easy to navigate. How long have you had it? I have a few sites and I am starting to see steady traffic.

    • Peter

      Hello Scott thank you so much for your comments about my site and yes I agree there are way too many scams out there. Like you traffic is building on my site also thanks for your feedback 😉

  • Edy

    Hi Peter,
    Start working online can be frustrating for some people including me. We often bumbed into scam sites that promise get rich quick without putting any work at all. By the fact that becoming successful require some dedication, time and effort.

    Wealthy Affliate is definitely an awesome platform. It has given me the time to thrive my online business from scratch. I espcially love their tool and support. Many friendly people here. I highly recommend it to folks out there who want to work online at home!

    • Peter

      Thanks Edy you are absolutely right about Wealthy Affiliate being a great platform to learn how to build a successful online buiness. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • George

    Hi Peter,

    Just arrived here after a google search. Scam free huh?
    Is that even possible for me? Don’t get me wrong. I am just making a point, that I’ve been scammed so many times I kinda lost faith in all those programs.

    Going through your review though, I think there must be something different about this Wealthy Affiliate. I find the idea of creating your own website quite intriguing.

    Would you recommend for a complete web code newbie?

    • Peter

      Hi George Thanks for your comments and to answer your question – ABSOLUTELY and you can test it out for FREE as there is nothing to buy until you are totally satisfied that this is what you want to do. So try it as it’s 100% free. Wealthy Affiliate is unlike any other program because it’s legit. BUT hey don’t take my word for it just it! There are many of us here who like you have been scammed and nearly gave up until we found Wealthy Affiliate. It really is a great place to get the education you need to make a living online. Happy to answer any questions you have just email – anytime Cheers 🙂

  • Konnor williamson

    You can do almost anything in wealthy affiliate, I think it is totally worth the 47$ monthly. You just have to stick with it. It takes lots of patients and lots of work. Good work advertising wealthy affiliate. It’s literally so easy to work on your own time making your own advertising everyday, doing what you got to do and having fun dog it. You can work on any topic you want, whatever interests you the most, and elaborate on that subject. Wealthy affiliate is great.

    • Peter

      Hello Konnor You are totally right about Wealthy Affiliate, they show you how to follow your passion and give you all the skills and show you what tools you need to become a success online. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Hamilton

    hey peter, really love the website design, it quite tropical. Its appealing is important to keep readers wanting more.

    Thank you for the opportunity to read on your article.It is quite insightful & has given me a different perceptive on my path to start my own business.

    Hope you keep up the good work


    • Peter

      Hello Hamilton Thanks for the feedback, appreciate the comments and thanks for checking out my site and am pleased to give you encouragement. 🙂

  • Brian

    Love the review, short and sweet…I’m a visual person so the videos were really great. Do you have any pros and cons about WA? Seems like a no brainer to me. I’m about to check out your Video Maker FX since I’m at the point of of wanting to do a whiteboard video. Really great stuff you have here, keep up the good work!

  • rule2020

    Hi Peter,

    Your logo is very interesting. I can see that you are really good at what you’re doing. Your site is professionally done.

    Your marketing strategy for WA is very straight forward and easy to grasp.

    I am about to make my WA review and I get some good ideas from your site.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Peter

      You are welcome, pleased you liked my site and happy you got some ideas, cheers to your success here at WA 😉

  • kitty clark

    I have always been interested in Affiliate Marketing. I am currently searching for the right program that can teach me everything I need to know in laymen terms. I am new to this. The thought of sitting in that chair in your picture drinking a sweet drink and listening to the waves. Wow. I have been scammed many times before. I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate and have noticed you can join for free Very interesting. No Upsells. I would like to give this a try. Looks very legit, Can a newbie like me succeed with this program?

    • Peter

      Hello Kitty Absolutely they can. Wealthy Affiliate has been designed by online marketers for online marketers who had enough of being scammed and took their eventual success and built this program so that almost any can become successful if they follow the program, put in the work and implement what they learn. It won’t happen overnight nor in a few weeks but it will happen. You can try it out for free to see what its about so I encourage you to do that. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Sam

    There are many ways one can make money in online business. One of such ways is through affiliate marketing. I quite agree with you that many people who parade themselves as training providers on affiliate marketing are just fraudsters and scammers. I can comfortably say this because I had fallen victim twice, before I came across Wealthy Affiliate. So far Wealthy Affiliate is the only group that I know that equips one with all the necessary skills needed to succeed in affiliate marketing.
    Thanks for this good information and for also sharing it.

    • Peter

      Hello Sam yes I agree totally my story is similar except that I had a dozen websites but none made any money. Then I got ‘re-educated’ at Wealthy Affiliate and everything changed. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Lynne

    Great post thanks Peter. I am enjoying Wealthy Affiliates so much and I have only been there 2 weeks!
    The training and information at my fingertips is incredible. I have learnt more in 2 weeks there than I have in the entire 4 years I have been online.
    I recommend Wealthy Affiliates to anyone that is interested in starting an online business. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience already it is the best place to be.

    • Peter

      Hi Lynn your are so right It is the best place to be if anyone is serious about learning how to build a sustainable online internet business the right way. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Alan

    Hi Peter, I think you’ve hit it on the head when you talk about affiliate marketing providing a way for people to make money online and still be able to sleep at night. Done well it’s a completely legitimate, and moreover valuable, way to earn a living. I agree with you totally regarding Wealthy Affiliate as a training platform. I’d bought many low products from less scrupulous affiliates before joining WA. Those other trainings got me nowhere. WA is a completely different story, it’s helped me start and build a really good business.

    • Peter

      Hi Alan Thank you so much for your comments and yes I agree Wealthy Affiliates is an awesome place to get the education to learn how to make a living online 🙂

  • Hi
    I would just like to say, I have had a wonder around your site and found loads of info to get me started on building an online business, I love the VideomakerFX, and this video you have here about Wealthy Affiliate, which software did you use to create that one? I’m not very experienced when it comes to making video’s but would like to give it a try.

    • The first video with voices on the first page is with another video software which is a little more complex to use, than VideomakerFX which my favorite which because it is by far the easiest one I have used and has more features. I used to get my videos made for me, like the sketch type ones and they were more money than buying the entire software myself… so I bought VideomakerFx and had sold videos to others ha ha. It really is a great tool. 🙂

  • I think I’ve been through about every scam on the ‘net. It’s refreshing to see something that offers value, and doesn’t just want you pay for some sure-fire tool or guru’s guaranteed system. Does Wealthy Affiliate supply you with all the bits and pieces you need to make a real go of building an online business?


    • Yes Dennis Wealth Affiliate gives you everything you need to build an online successful, sustainable business. The education is second to none and you can even start for free. No gimmicks or tricks or upsells. A straight forward down to earth community by internet marketers for internet marketers. Check them out and see for yourself – no credit card required. 🙂 🙂

  • Ty Jord

    Thanks for this valuable content, you’ve answered a few questions I had and pointed me to a great resource to get my online business off the ground.

    I really appreciate this.

  • Cj

    Very interesting post. I wasn’t exactly sure what the process was to making money online. This was very easy to follow. I’ll be sure to browse the rest of your site.

  • Michael

    Nice design of your Website with information that can help many.

  • Patrick

    Very good site. If I was not with WA now, this would probably convince me to join.

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