How to Work at Home and Make Money

How to Work at Home and Make Money

Many people would like to do this, thousands already do. It’s not as difficult as you think. The important thing is to learn how because once you know you will know forever and you will join the ranks of those who enjoy living the internet lifestyle.

However before I tell you how to work at home and make money and more importantly. Where you can get the education you need, in order to make sustainable, long-term income online we need to clear your mind of much misinformation about wealth creation.

We will begin with a short history lesson of economic wealth.

The Invisible Hand Wealth_of_Nations

Adam Smith was an 18th-century economist who wrote “The Wealth of Nations” in 1776. The book was to have a profound impact on the economic growth and industrial development of the world.

In this now classic works he first introduced “The invisible hand” concept of the free market and eloquently explained that it works best when it is run from the bottom up, not from the top down, as we see promoted by Governments today.

The Past

Before that, countries, economies, and communities were controlled by the very visible hand or rather the iron fist of kings, queens, emperors, nobles, and warlords. These tyrants, with their limited perspective, sat in palaces and castles and hijacked the economy for their own benefit. The average peasant worked unbelievably hard for a tiny portion of the production of their own labors.

That’s why the masses eventually revolted against the ruling elite as in the U.S. in the 1770’s and then Europe, beginning with France in the 1790’s. With that freedom from tyranny came ‘democracy’ and free market capitalism which in turn ushered in the greatest period of economic progress in world history.US-original-Declaration-1776

Present Day

Today, Business people, politicians, and everyday people (in western cultures) still tend to praise the virtues of free market capitalism due to the wealth and freedom it created for everyday people.

But yet the very same people also contradict themselves because in truth most people throughout history have actually fought against free market capitalism.

How to Work at Home and Make Money

“What has this got to do with learning how to work at home and make money?  – Keep reading the answer is coming…


Why? Because free market capitalism, imposes strict discipline upon everyone involved including, governments, businesses, and workers, in that it is as unforgiving, as it is rewarding. If workers don’t produce, they get fired. If methods aren’t efficient, they get eliminated. If businesses aren’t competitive, they lose market share.

The free market dynamics are such that, if you lose touch with your customers you will go out of business. If a new business doesn’t get it right, it fails. If countries or states and provinces aren’t competitive, they lose their wealth. If politicians or governments don’t deliver results, they get voted out.


Yes, it’s very stressful particularly if you are not productive, or don’t deliver. There is no room in a true democratic / capitalistic system for ‘freeloaders’, – especially at the top.

What’s more, there are no guarantees. Just because a business was great in a previous business cycle doesn’t mean it will still be great, during the next.

Kodak, General Motors, Polaroid, Bethlehem Steel are a few of many former business giants, (once greatly favored stock holdings of many Americans) that have all crashed to zero.

Proving that if you stop delivering benefits to your stakeholders and customers – you will eventually pay the price.

Even Though

Few could argue against the fact that free market capitalism, has been responsible for the unprecedented freedoms and improvements in the quality of life of everyday people. 

Or that its conception hasn’t benefitted almost everyone on the planet in some way or another, with the creation of such things as Electricity, Medicine, and Machinery.

Nor could anyone fail to acknowledge the unparalleled creation of wealth for the masses on a scale, unmatched, in any other time in the history of the world.

Too Little Credit

Yet even though the above is all true, very little credit is afforded to, or time allocated to the merits of this free market capitalism insight, in most high school and university education programs today.

Instead, it’s often dismissed as an unfortunate growth phase of unbridled and unregulated capitalism and no longer considered relevant in today’s more ‘enlighten‘ and government regulated and ‘fairer’ society.


While some people still talk big about celebrating the free market system and its conjoined twin ‘Democracy’ and the benefits they together have brought to humanity. No one actually wants to play by the free market’s rules.

Instead, everyone wants some sort of unfair competitive advantage so that they aren’t the ones that get their asses kicked for unproductive behavior from this dynamic, wealth-creating, constantly growing, but challenging system.

For all but a few, it was difficult to accept this (at the time) historically new and radical concept, of full self-responsibility and this new ‘free market capitalism‘ idea, was an uncomfortable fit for many as they were fearful of what direct competition might bring. Secretly they desired that someone else should shoulder that responsibility.

The Answer?

Politicians stepped in and sold us the illusion that we could have-our-cake-and-eat-it too and that they (and they alone) could control ‘the invisible hand’ of free market capitalism. A system that had already proven to be highly beneficial to society and had created incredible wealth in a stunningly short period of time.

Yet despite this undeniable fact, they sold people on the idea that it could be managed and controlled (by them – of course) without any negative consequences.

By turning the system ‘upside down’ everyone could get what they wanted and we foolishly fell for it because no one likes to struggle and our fear of competition, our complacency and laziness was the path of least resistance.

This Opened up the World of Wants

Workers wanted more pay for less work. More benefits. Job security or an assurance they won’t get fired, or at least not easily. They formed unions to protect themselves, and in doing so often killed the very industries they gave them a paycheck in the first place.

Businesses wanted rules that would give them an advantage so that new innovative competitors couldn’t take away any temporary advantage they had in their industry. They also want business protection or at least protection from foreign competition.

  • They wanted to lower the country’s currency exchange rate to give their exports an unfair advantage.
  • They wanted tariffs imposed on imports to protect their domestic markets.
  • They wanted lower interest rates so they could access cheap capital
  • They wanted government-protected monopolies for their businesses.

Politicians wanted the power and prestige of being seen as benefactors to society. They needed money to buy voters and get re-elected so they set up a system to ensure that businessmen and other special interest groups needed to lobby them in order to protect their businesses and special interests so as to encourage them to exchange cash for political favors.

At the same time, Governments wanted to encourage monetary growth and increased lending to expand the economy to get greater tax revenues.

But then they irresponsibly printed money to stave off the recessions and the deleveraging of previous government created bubbles in the economy, which of course lead to even bigger bubbles, in every increasing size and frequency.

The Results

As sad and as unfortunate as this situation is, it’s not going to change anytime soon, no matter who is President, because all the parties involved want to avoid the harsh and very painful realities that the now invisible, dishonest sleight of hand, and decades of economic mismanagement has created.  

Ray Stevens gives a good summary of the situation with this song; Obama Nation

So everyone is playing the manipulation game, (although Governments are playing a heavier and more visible hand).

They manipulate the voters, they manipulate businesses, they manipulate the economy and they manipulate the truth

The Problem

The concept ofThe invisible hand” of the free market, working with “limited” democracy operating from the top down, is a delusion and a dishonest fraud perpetrated by the freeloaders that infest the entire system.

The ‘free market’ system is rigged. BUT not rigged in your favor. It is rigged by greedy invisible hands, that pull strings to guarantee profits, for the freeloaders who sit at the top of the U.S. empire.

Feudal Power structure

Sure the Kings & Queens and tyrants of old are gone, but the structure still remains. Just the names and titles have changed.

The Reason

This is why free market capitalism and democracy are in so much trouble today.

One cannot fully function without the other. If you restrict one, it impacts the other and vice versa. Wealth comes from freedom. Restrict personal freedoms, remove self – responsibility and you limit creativity and hence wealth creation.

This is what you are seeing on a global scale today.  But the freeloaders won’t want you to see this ‘connection’ they prefer to use smoke and mirrors to hide and distort the truth because ‘they are the ones who have the most to lose.

The Solution

It is not a more regulations, more rules and limited democracy we need but rather substantially less Government and free market capitalism that works from the bottom up – without any Governmental intervention or trickery.

Under a truly democratic and open free market system, everyone is equal, no one gets any special favors. The discipline inherent in the market system is very rewarding if you are productive. But at the same time, it’s also unforgiving if you are not.

That market discipline applies equally to ALL without exception. The gains would out-way the loses a million to one. There is no room at the top for any unproductive ‘freeloaders‘ as inefficiencies get eliminated.

how to work at home and make money

The U.S Constitution – We the People

The Future

Eventually,… the free market will win, but only after such a system is very heavily fought and paid for (as it once was – but it has since been hijacked by the free loaders, the  politicians other destroyers of wealth and freedom)

Which brings us to the reason for this post, the reason why, you need an online business and the reason why you find so many scams and rip-offs online, because there are also ‘freeloaders‘ there too, posing as gurus, offering to use their invisible hands to make your life easier and stress-free.

Magic Formulas

Understand that there are no free rides, no magic formulas, no secret tricks. There are only free market dynamics and open competition that creates long term, honest wealth.

The internet works that way, in that it functions like the free market, it’s one of the few bastions remaining that does not have complete Government control. So making honest money is still possible and readily available to all, if you know what to do.

Self Responsibility

If you are prepared to take full self-responsibility for your success, if you are prepared to learn lessons, to make mistakes, to get things wrong to struggle and try again and stick with it no matter what.

If you also accept that no one can do it for you. Then you CAN learn everything you need to know to be a success online and learn how to work at home and make money.

Here’s How

Once you understand what has gone wrong with the free market system and realize that the qualities required for success online are the same for any business, then you are ready to begin.

Success is not just a matter of mindset or not just a matter of choosing a path and sticking to it.

It’s also about developing your skills and getting an education and if each week you learned a new skill or acquired new knowledge, in less than 3 months you would know more than 95% of most internet marketers out there. 

“I know that trying to make money online can be difficult. Most people fail because they give up before they ever put all the pieces together”.


There are many ways to make money online and I will show you one way that I know to make money that cuts out all the pain and struggle and one that you don’t need any techie skills in order to create a money making ‘site’ using WordPress”.  

WordPress is one of the most popular website builders online, with almost 60% of websites that are created are built using WordPress and nearly 50,000 new WordPress sites are added online every day.

You can use the link here to discover more about how to create a website in WordPress and how you can make money from doing so.

How to make money from WordPress 

There’s More

Many people have questions about what is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and there are many opportunities being promoted on the internet these days, the trick is to avoid the scams…

Fortunately, I have a recommendation for you. Where you can learn all you need to know about building and creating a successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliates is a straightforward, honest, down-to-earth membership program, created by online marketers for online marketers and it won’t cost you a fortune nor have you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ like many other programs.

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How to Work at Home and Make Money

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How to Work at Home and Make Money

Before I leave, here is another song by Ray Stevens who I think puts the current economic situation into perspective with this songObama Money 


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How to Work at Home and Make Money

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How to Work at Home and Make Money

Peter V Crisp


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  • Matthew

    A very interesting summary of the history of economy. Things sure have changed since the old times, but the money is still controlled by those with power and with finer and more modern tools.

    It is admittedly quite ironic most workers rationalize working for companies with “safety” and want to secure a “safe” job – despite of the fact that a recession could be just around the corner and they could be laid off, or the entire company might even go bankrupt!

    • Peter

      Hello Matthew, If you will join the ranks of those who enjoy living the internet lifestyle and to make sustainable, long-term income online you need to clear your mind of the misinformation about wealth creation online.

      Once you understand what they are and what qualities are required for success online then you are ready to begin.

      Success is not just a matter of mindset or not just a matter of choosing a path and sticking to it.

      It’s also about developing your skills and getting an education and if each week you learned a new skill or acquired new knowledge, in less than 3 months you would know more than 95% of most internet marketers out there.

      Wealthy Affiliate is such a program, thanks again for your comments 🙂

  • Simon Crowe in Asia

    Thanks for the heads up – I just checked Wealthy Affiliate out and signed up! What is your profile name in Wealthy Affiliate? I think we could have some great conversations!!

    Im looking for a way to work at home and make money online – i havent started the training yet but I’m going to – from what Ive seen so far it’s looking good – thanks for the recommendation : )

    • Peter

      Hello, Simon Thank you for your comments You have dine the rght thing because Wealthy Affiliates is a straightforward, honest, down-to-earth membership program, created by online marketers for online marketers and it won’t cost you a fortune nor have you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ like many other programs. You will soon be learning a lot about building a successful long term internet business that will change your life.

      To your success and please enjoy the book I am sending you for leaving me a comment 🙂

  • Alen

    Hello Peter I have read a few of your posts and I must say they are are all excellent. You entire website is great looking and the font size is readable, colors are great, images are awesome.

    As well as being well presented it is simple to navigate around. The main pages are uncluttered and the colours always match brilliantly.

    So as always a fantastic site and the information you provide is always top quality, please continue with the great work.

    • Peter

      Hello Alen Thank you so much for the compliments I try hard t provide value to my reader and appreciate that you enjoying reading my posted and thank you again for leaving a comment 🙂

  • Alex

    Hey Peter,
    Because I was an Economics major in college, I read most of Adam Smith’s work. You did a really good summary of his principals in today’s world. I have been able to work from home because of the free market and I hope it stays that way.
    I look forward to reading you ebook “The not-so-secret SECRET to making Money Online” as well!

    • Peter

      Thank you Alex I appreciate the feedback and wish you success in your endeavours. Too bad Adam Smith’s work is only read by College majors and not studied in high school huh. Might help people appreciate the current economic situation and help them be better prepared and look seriously at working online. Thanks again for your comments 🙂

  • Viljoen

    It is very sad because I am a believer of capitalism and not a fan of communism. I believe that if we work hard then we should get paid according to our deeds.

    If you do not work hard, then how do you expect to make a lot of money? Free markets is the best way to go, but as you mentioned people are too afraid to take responsibility for it.

    • Peter

      Hi Viljoen Yes it is sad indeed that we have lost sight of the capitalist ideals and allowed the politicians to destroy our economic security by, believing their B.S. Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment 🙂

  • Veronica

    This is a great synopsis on our economy, where it was, how it developed and how politicians manipulated the systems for their self serving rights. What makes your article even better is that you show us a way to break away from the norm. I have to admit I had never heard of “The Invisible Hand” before but it makes so much sense. Wealthy Affiliate definitely gives people a chance to break away from the norm and build their own online business.

    • Peter

      Hello Veronica Yes you are right Wealthy Affiliate helps us to achieve many things as long as we stick to the program and follow the lesson we can achieve our goals and dreams. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • dannyboy

    Really nice, you really know your stuff, I checked your page and its looking good, also your site and I willl be coming back, to see your latest posts, keep up the good work and remember that the content is the best you can make for people to find your website just like I did.

    • Peter

      Hello dannyboy Thank you for your comments. I am pleased you found and liked my site and I appreciate your feedback. 🙂

  • GreggAnnaert

    Hey Peter,
    I have read your post and I must admit it was of some high quality! I really enjoyed the part of the invisible hand and your content about Adam Smith. The different paragraphs in your post really helps to understand the big image. After reading this post I have learned much about my own internet succes 🙂 Thanks for this post!

    • Peter

      Hi Gregg you are most welcome and thank you for reading my post and leaving a comment. Adam Smith wrote one hell of a book about economics and much of what he said back then still applies today. 🙂

  • Dave Fletcher

    Hello Peter,

    First off I really like the theme you have chosen. It’s the one I use!

    I found your review of the economic and political system very interesting indeed, including all the history. A good way to introduce WA. I’m sure this is working well for you and I wish you all he best. You have some really interesting and innovative things in your sidebar.

  • Neil

    Hey, Peter

    I’ve spent such a long time surfing the net for ways on how to work from home and make money online, but none of the jobs really appealed to me because most sounded boring and mediocre, like office type jobs!

    The Wealth Of Nations book is something new to me, so I’ll look into that one, since I love my books 🙂

    However, I’m not a very political person, but I do believe in change and I also know an opportunity when I see one, so Wealthy Affiliate seems like an ideal opportunity to make money online.

    Thank You for this article, and now time to start working on my future.


    • Peter

      Hello Neil You will find the Wealth of Nations an interesting read and it will give you a great grounding in economics as well. I was just pointing out that waiting for or expecting the government to look after our financial future is a big mistake and that we don’t need them to become economically sucessful.

      Wealthy Affiliate can give us the tools and skills necessary to make a good living online and is a highly recommended program for anyone wishing to do just that.

      Thanks for your comments, 🙂

  • IanW

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your lengthy dissertation and history lesson. While I agree with much that you say I believe that unbridled capitalism has many disadvantages as well.

    How do you include those of disadvantage so that they are not obliterated by the capitalist system. Their disadvantage may be lack of wealth, intellect, physical disability or just plain displacement by the action of others.

    In my opinion there needs to be room in any system to accommodate some of the better human virtues such as sharing, charity and just plain caring for your fellow man.
    Pure capitalism tends not to show these.

    Yes we need less government interference and less protection of those with favored or priviledged opportunities but I fear that we will have to work very hard at changing the status quo.

    But as others have said the internet and Wealthy Affiliate certainly gives everyone an opportunity that did not exist a few short years ago.

    • Peter

      Hello Ian thank you for your comments. The internet and Wealthy Affiliate and many other such places can give almost anyone including those who lack of wealth, intellect, have a physical disability or are displacement by the action of others, can get the necessary education that they needed to build a successful online business.

      The internet will give them all the capitalistic advantages that having an internet business creates. It makes everyone equal BECAUSE of the free market dynamics that result from a lack of Government intervention.

      As far as pure capitalism goes it has only existed for a very brief period in time which lead immediately to America’s rapid growth in wealth and power and generating enormous benefits to humanity but sadly that is an untold story because Government do not want anyone to know that they (the Government) are the true cause of all the problems in the world so they happily blame the businessman for the worlds whoas.

      Thanks for your feedback I have enjoyed the discussion with you. Cheers 🙂

  • Darrien

    I love all the knowledge and background you provide on the history of democracy and making “honest money” to achieve life goals and dreams. This truly speaks to me as I recently started my training at WA, and I hope to be successful soon, one step at a time.

    • Hello Darrien Welcome to the WA family and you are definitely in the right place and on the right path. You are so right just follow the lesson one step at a time and implement what you learn and I look forward to hearing about your future success. 🙂

  • Sarah

    That’s a very interesting perspective that I never considered about capitalism. But yes, I completely agree that there are no free rides. Even those that get handouts, it seems they never get ahead without truly having a work ethic to create their own financial circumstances themselves. Having that understanding and background is very helpful, thank you.

    • Peter

      Hi Sarah Yes if you have the right base understanding then everything becomes clear and you will know what to do to get ahead and become successful. Understanding that your success comes down to you is one such base and knowing that the government is not going to help you means that you need to become responsible for your own economic security and an online business is one way to achieve that. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Tony

    Hello Peter,
    I have a degree in History, love learning history and so appreciated you starting out with a history lesson on your way to showing people an honest and legitimate way to earn money online. It all began with our founding fathers earning freedom first! Without freedom, none of this would be possible.

    Each new generation must take responsibility for guarding that freedom and not give up too much power back to the government. The free enterprise system, capitalism, competition – these are all great and wonderful things that made America the land of opportunity.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an example of a great opportunity to create an online business. You just have to be willing to put in the work and take the time to build a solid foundation. This business will be worth it!

    You have showcased Wealthy Affiliate very well. I would recommend your site to those looking to build an online business. Great job!


    • Peter

      Hello Tony Thanks for your feedback yes it’s important to be vigilant, however I fear it’s too late and we have already lost so much freedom and that why we now need to develop our own skills and build a business online for financial protection and not rely any longer upon the government to look after us. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Angela Zechinato

    Peter, FANTASTIC! You did a masterful job of tying in the Wealth Creation from the past to the now. Funny how the people revolted due to their treatment yet we are still being treated like peasants and people are just allowing it. Many awakened to realize that they have the “power” to take back their lives and create their own wealth but too many are still under the spell of the politicians and the bill of goods we were sold. The American Dream is now an American Nightmare!

    Your segue into Wealth Affiliate as a viable solution and is in my mind the only solution (for me) was beautifully done. I found the Ray Stevens videos and music delightful. I wish it was that easy to make money as he was doing in his basement.. Enjoyed it immensely!

    All the best to you,

    • Hello Angela Pleased you enjoyed the article and yes the ‘peasants’ need to reawaken as they have in the past ha ha and look out for themselves because the Government sure isn’t going too. Fortunately Wealthy Affiliates can help anyone who wants to help themselves get a better life and earn money online. Appreciate you leaving a comment and I enjoyed your feedback 🙂

  • Abraham

    Peter, what a great article. And I liked how you explained the “invincible hand” concept. It’s true, that in society there are many freeloaders, even those who thinks they are entitled to something without them even lifting a finger. But I also liked how you tied this issue in with the Scams of internet marketing. Really good and informative post. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Abraham Thank you for your comments. Yes Internet scammers are a bit like the freeloaders in the Government, trying to get something for nothing! Fortunately getting an education from Wealthy Affiliate gets you educated about making money online fast and even for free. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jennifer

    Hi Peter,
    I couldn’t agree more with you, the past kings and queens treated us all like peasants and still to this day we are all being treated like peasants, the rich get richer from the poor sadly that will never change by the government because we pay their salary’s too.

    The funny thing about Ray Steven’s video is the printing of money – that is sooo true it’s only paper and yet we treat it like GOLD. Gold melts into finer jewelry and coins – paper burns and evapourates into ashes so really all the rich are really no different then us just with more dept…

    We may not have the finner things in life but what we have is FAMILY & LOVE the rich have DRAMA and a lot of it.
    But we can’t just sit back and allow the rich to keep feeding off our hard earn money you can become more than just a peasant – simply by working for yourself don’t work for others to help them achieve greater success.

    Work SMARTER for yourself Not Harder there are plenty of ways you can do this by gaining the right education & creating wealth online, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start for those who are searching for ways to work from home. Excellent Article Peter – I look forward to your next one.


    • Hello Jennifer Thank you for your feedback, appreciate your comments. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the place to get a great education about making a living online. I thought the Ray Stevens song summed up the situation pretty good about the current situation, without being too depressing. Thanks again for the comments 🙂

  • Marith

    Hi Peter,
    it’s like you read my mind and put all my chaotic thoughts together but in a much more elegant way than I could do myself. We have seen lately that Governments (freeloaders) are continuing their manipulations and are also reaching into the online marketing system and trying to get a piece of the cake from our hard work. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate we teach each other how to avoid some of these new restrictions legally. We are still one step ahead. Excellent article, you say it as it is, appreciated.

    • Hello Marith Pleased you enjoyed the post and thanks for your feedback. Yes the Government likes to get it’s greedy little hands into everything. At least WA gives us the education needed to start ahead of them. 🙂

  • mark

    Hi Peter – Really loved the post. being over here in the UK I was lead to believe everything was fine and dandy in the good old US of A. I suppose this is part of your point about the invisible hand. We are fed what the government want us to “eat”. It probably relates back to history – “keep the peasants down”.
    Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing for everyone. Its a totally level playing field where everyone has the same opportunity
    Thanks for posting

    • Hello Mark Thank you for your feedback. Yes that’s one of the main points the freeloaders manipulate the truth as well as other things to stay in power. However the internet is still one place we can get an education that’s not controlled. Appreciate your comments Thank you 🙂

  • Travis

    Hi Peter,

    You are quite right when you mention about segments of life how the economics has unfolded through out history. Even to this day the the amount of work put in does not always reflect ones earnings. There are many variables that determine who and where one may succeed, but the Internet is the closest to starting at an even ground.

    Your Wealthy Affiliate program is worth a serious look.

    • Hello Travis Yes Wealthy Affiliate is indeed an opportunity to let the free market dynamics do its work. You get rewarded based upon your value you provide to others. Thank you so much for your comments I appreciate the time you have taken to read and review my writings 😉

  • Loretta

    Peter… deeply profound, thought out and valuable. A fountain of meaningful information. I am in total agreement when you say “Once you understand what has gone wrong with the free market system and realise that the qualities required for success online are the same for any business, then you are ready to begin.”

    But the ‘freeloader’ will always find shortcuts and worse… the freeloader finds ways to hinder and sabotage the success of the most diligent and determined. Their’s is the mentality of a parasite.

    Just keep us up (as you always do) on how best to avoid the freeloaders and to stay on track to financial freedom and prosperity.

    • Hello Loretta Yes we gotta keep them freeloaders a way. Fortunately WA gives us the tools and the education to get ahead in the world of internet marketing and making money online. Appreciate your feedback Thank you 🙂

  • Marant

    Hi Peter,
    I still remember Adam Smith and his incontrovertible Law of Supply and Demand from economics class. The politicians may have catered to the free loaders, but what they have received is a bill of goods…and unfortunately that’s a bill that we are all having to burden. Fortunately we have income opportunities on the internet available to us to help offset this burden …some! The trick , of course is learning how to do it correctly. That’s what WA has given us. It may be frustrating and tedious at times , but it is the correct path, especially for someone like me….a rank beginner! Thanks again for a great article!


    • Hello Marant I appreciate your comments and thanks for the feed back. Yes WA is certainly a great place to get the education to succeed online. 🙂

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