Learn and Earn Money Online

Learn and Earn Money Online

The Greatest Economic Meltdown in History may be about to reveal itself and this might well be your opportunity to learn and earn money online. If you thought the recent global economic recession was bad. Wait till you hear what I’m about to tell you. What you are about to learn may give you the motivation to want to earn money online.

“Almost every major financial crisis begins because of bad government policies because governments don’t create economic value. They only steal, hurt, and destroy it”.

Governments of the world are not looking out for us, as is becoming more and more evident with each unfolding, successive economic crisis. Soon the Greatest economic meltdown in history will reveal itself.

Why Do I Think this is Going to happen?

Anyone who has studied economic history or looked at the data on every past Asset Bubble will see the same distinct pattern that is found in every major economic crash in history. 

For example, look at the Dutch “Tulip Mania” Bubble of the 1630′s… A rapid rise then a sudden fall.

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The South Sea Bubble of 1718-1722… A massive rise then a sudden fall.

Learn and Earn Money Online


The Stock Market Crash of 1929… A four-year boom followed by a crash that continued for two years.

Learn and Earn Money Online

The 1990’s, Tech Bubble (also called the dot com bubble)… A rapid rise, then a sudden crash.

Learn and Earn Money Online

And the 2007 Real Estate Bubble…A massive five-year boom, then an equally large crash.

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You will notice that every one of these has a very similar and distinct pattern. There’s a massive rise that makes people rich (or feel rich if they don’t cash out) and just when they think it will never end. It suddenly becomes unsustainable and quickly turns into a historic market crash.

But here’s the thing, asset bubbles don’t have soft landings, they burst, no matter what a government tries to do, as China and the rest of the world will discover soon enough!

Historically It’s All the Same

Here’s the typical Market cycles graph that ALL Markets follow. Again you see the same trend that has occurred in all the other markets we have shown here. This one gives you the four phases of the market that th markets cycle through.


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The Real Reason we are having an Economic Crisis

It’s not only just the mismanagement of the various governments around the world that has lead to these situations. But the next (fast approaching) economic crisis will occur because of something that was far more understandable and ‘manageable‘.

Baby Boomers

In 2008, the world’s largest and richest generation in history, ‘the Baby Boomers, began withdrawing from the economy, reversing the major spending and borrowing trend that had been going on for the previous four decades.

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The biggest spenders in the economy are now scaling down their lifestyles and curbing their spending habits, readying themselves for retirement.

Soon more and more of them will cash out of the stock market, sell their large homes and other non-essential assets and generally spend less money and that’s going to have a major impact on the global economy.


Japan has already done just that, beginning as early as 1996, many people starting retiring from the workforce, which is why their economy, (that until 2010, was the world’s second largest), has slowed down and no matter what its governments does, it can’t restart its economy, due primarily to Japan’s aging demographics. It’s that simple.

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Graph of Japan Stocks (1989 – 2010)

Learn and Earn Money Online

Graph of Japanese Real estate








The consequences of this ageing population spending less money is what has stalled (and will continue to pull down) the Japanese economy.  

China, which now has claimed the number two spot, is also about to face a similar demographic problem, following decades of a ‘one child policy‘ that artificially distorted its demographic spread. The impact of which will soon take effect as the retiring and ageing population rapidly increases and the number entering the work force declines.

And it’s this emerging trend, the demographics of ‘an aging population‘ that is going to have a massive impact on global markets and the entire economy around the world, in the coming years.

Peter V Crisp

“The reason I say that Governments can’t be trusted is because it’s not like they didn’t know about this major unfolding demographic mega-trend.

Yet, they continue to spend money like there is no tomorrow and misinform the population as to the root cause of the world’s’ economic problems”.

Why Do Governments Do This?

They keep lowering interest rates to encourage you to spend money, to buy new houses, new cars, and new electronic gadgets in order to stimulate the economy.

They want you to spend money and are even making getting credit easier because  they want you to think that things will be more expensive later.

However with fewer people buying, things are going to get a whole lot cheaper.

Yet, as this global demographic trend continues to accelerate, consumer spending overall will continue to reduce and businesses will be adversely affected as markets for many goods and service will continue to slow.

Some may even stop altogether, as the largest generation of consumers, the ‘baby boomers‘ radically change their spending habits and put less money into the economy.

So What Does this Mean for the Economy?

The stock markets, such as the Dow and S&P will go up and up UNTIL they begin to slide and when they do, they will continue to slide, perhaps by as much as 60% – 80% or more perhaps as early as 2018 – 2019, as people move their money out of stocks into bonds and CD’s.

This is the reason why interest rates are so low, to discourage people from pulling out of the stock market and into holding cash. But the baby boomers will want money for their retirement. The stock market will go down nether-the-less and won’t recover until around 2020 – 2025 when the next generation of spenders comes on stream.

The Markets Will Crash

The Stock market crash has already begun in China (2015) and it still has a lot further to fall. We are only just seeing the beginning because that Government is trying very hard to prevent the inevitable from occurring.  Unfortunately, a major stock market crash in China will have a significant impact on the rest of the world. 

Property Prices will fall, maybe even as much as 40% (some areas much more, some less) because this time, millions will begin to default in even larger numbers than before, because this time it will happen globally, not just in the U.S  

China will lead this next global property market crash, which will occur soon after its stock market implodes, which is already showing signs of doing just that.

Specifically, the Commercial Property Market around the world will be hardest hit as their debt wave has already begun as more than around $1.7 trillion worth of commercial loans and mortgages will come due over the next three years or so.

That’s Not All

Banks will crash again. But bigger and harder than they did in 2008 because this time it will almost impossible for customers to pay back the huge debts and the government may try to bail out the biggest banks but this time they won’t be able to.Learn and Earn Money Online

Gold one of the most popular and trusted long term investments is about to turn into one of the most likely to fall the most.

While many will argue that gold is going to soar to $2,000, $5,000 and even $8,000 because of the coming economic meltdown.

But you don’t have to be an economist to see that gold’s 600% run-up since 2000 is a classic bubble pattern identical to all the other bubbles that have occurred in the past.

Here’s the thing about bubbles they almost always retreat to the levels lower than when they started. It’s not worth holding Gold much longer when there is as much as a 70% to 80% drop on the horizon.

Let’s talk about the US Dollar

Currency is a means of trading services and goods among people and countries and the thing to remember is that currencies trade relative to each other. If one currency falls, another must rise.

Learn and earn Money OnlineIf you print massive amounts of money to artificially stimulate the economy, as the United States did between 2008 and 2016, it devalues the currency, causes inflation, and destroys the people’s’ wealth which is what typically happens as a result of the government’s never-ending inflationary policies.

However, during the recent period that the U.S was inflating its money supply, almost every other nation, also printed massive amounts of money, which devalued their currencies and when nations are printing money at the same time, currencies appreciate or depreciate relative to each country’s money printing, trade imbalances, debt, and economic progress.

Why the Dollar Remains Strong

So even though the Fed spent six years conducting the largest money printing program in history, printing over $3 trillion and pumping it into the economy, the value of the dollar has not gone down as a result of this monetary inflation.

Because the Euro-zone, which has a population roughly the same size, has also printed, more than $3 trillion and recently announced it will create a further $1 trillion for bond-buying this year.

As all currencies are valued relative to each other and in a time when most of the world is also printing money, the dollar is maintaining its value as the world’s reserve currency and also why earning US dollars could be a good thing in the coming rough times ahead.Learn and Earn Money Online

The dollar has actually appreciated in value versus the euro and is up 27%, whereas gold and silver have fallen 33% and 50% respectively.

The Great Inflation Myth

Inflation happens when there’s too much money chasing too few goods. Most people believe inflation is bad for the economy and are worried that is what is coming. But it’s NOT, despite all the money printing that been going on.

Why is That?

Because all this money printing hasn’t been causing inflation, Instead it’s been preventing deflation. No politician wants the next Great Depression to happen on their watch. So they print money to push the coming financial collapse further down the road, until the problem becomes so large that it just falls apart and impacts everyone.

What’s the Real Problem?

America’s public debt total, including the printing of some $3 trillion is around $20.3 trillion taking into account the unfunded social security and pensions and other liabilities and although this has the power to trigger massive inflation, it won’t, because there’s a much more dangerous problem buried in the U.S. economy

A debt that is twice as large and far more dangerous and one that the government can’t bail it out this time because it’s private debt.Learn and Earn Money Online

This private debt is held by U.S. banks, by corporations and private citizens and is made up from;

  • $14.1 trillion in banking and financial services debt…
  • $13.6 trillion in corporate debt…
  • $12.5 trillion in consumer debt, such as mortgages, car loans, credit cards…
  • All this combined debt leads to a figure that exceeds $40 trillion.

But it’s not the massive private debt that’s the problem. It’s when it starts to get paid back and when millions of individuals, banks and businesses begin to pay down their debt it will take trillions of dollars out of circulation because all ‘money‘ is not actually cash, its debt and numeric entries on a computer screen. When it gets paid back, it disappears and as there are no longer interest payments, there is no cash being circulated.

Blame the Baby Boomers

From a demographic perspective, these retiring baby boomers, instead of borrowing and spending more, they will start to spend less. They will start to pay off past debt. Instead of boosting corporate sales and profits, they will be subtracting from it. Instead of driving up asset prices, they will now push them down.Learn and Earn Money Online

We already know that a lot of people in America do not have the resources required to pay back this debt load.

So much of this debt will have to be written off and this enormous deleveraging of private debt will counter any inflationary pressures from the decades of over-supply of money. In fact, it will cause the exact opposite. It will cause deflation! Which is why the Government has been printing so much money in a hope to avoid the effects of deflation.


With deflation, there’s too little money chasing increasingly more goods. As there is less money flowing around the economy, due to the emerging and increasing demographic trend of an ageing population.  Which means that people have less money to spend, so demand for goods and services go down and when that happens, so do prices.

The last time there was substantial deflation was during the Great Depression that occurred during 1930‘s and the economy didn’t really recover until World War II.

So, there are interesting times ahead and it happening faster than you think.

You have two choices, you can…

Do nothing and just pretend the coming stock market crash, gold’s devaluation, real estate collapse, and deflation will have zero effect on your retirement plans.

Or…Learn and Earn Money Online

You can take control of your finances by generating an additional source of income so when the real estate bubble bursts, the stock market crashes, the price of Gold goes down and the economy gets chaotic, you’ll have an alternative income stream that you can create through your own efforts, knowledge, and skills, that you actually already possess. Best of all there is a step by step process to follow that will ensure your success.

Getting Educated

You can learn to create your own income from building an online business. You can get educated and not have to go through the learning bumps, via trial and effort alone. There are people making substantial incomes online, and there are also people making nothing. The one that are succeeding are doing so because they know what they are doing. Have the right tools and have the right education to build a sustainable online business around something they are passionate about.

This is not the time to be complacent and gamble with your financial security. You owe it to yourself, and your family, to be prepared for what’s ahead and to see your way through the new economic era on the horizon; you’ll need a new financial plan to prepare for the great economic winter ahead. When the Greatest Economic MeltdownLearn and Earn Money Online in History reveals itself.

And what better and safer way than creating an alternative international income stream that will pay you in US dollars. 

No matter how little that might be, having an independent business generating ‘Dollars‘, is going to be a very valuable asset indeed. As is knowing how to implement this knowledge to help others to also create an online income.

Learn and Earn Money online

Wealthy Affiliate is a straight, honest and down-to-earth program. Created by online marketers for those wanting to learn how to become a successful online marketer and won’t be you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ – like so many other programs. 

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So, rather than asking “What can you do to avoid the coming economic meltdown” The question should be “How can I do create my own economic security?”

The answer is to learn and earn money online, so if you are wondering how to work online at home and make money you may want to read what I’m about to say next:

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Learn how to make money online

This is one way you can take control of your financial security by generating an income when the economy gets chaotic and things begin to meltdown.

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  • Ben

    I found this content to be very powerful but yet easy to engage with. I personally like the incorporation of images into text for further elaboration on what I am talking about and I think you have achieved this perfectly. I also like the continual blue colour scheme you have, there isn’t an overload of ads or content which makes me feel comfortable using your website

    • Peter

      Hello Ben Thank you for your comments and review of my post. Enjoy your copy of my ebook Video Marketing Made Easy that is on it’s way to you 🙂

  • Sammi

    Wow, that was really powerful reading!

    I’ve certainly learnt something about a topic I knew nothing about. So we are basically in for a big crash all round then! How’s things looking for the UK economy? We’ve just started crawling out of it, let’s hope we don’t crash again!

    So affiliate marketing on your own website is the way forward? I’m certainly willing to give it a try!


  • Viljoen

    I think that this problem can relate to almost every country. Here in South Africa our economy is also falling under our ruling government and the unemployment rates are rising.

    History will always repeat itself and this stuff is nothing new. The only thing that we can do is to think with an open mind and start our own online business and something that can make money for us for years to come.

    • Peter

      Hello Viljoen Totally agree and yes Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the education about working online that we all need to make a success from making money online. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Yerko Fernandez

    Hello Peter, I know nothing about stock markets or dollar value or gold or pretty much anything you wrote about. However after reading your article I feel like I’m really informed now. I would’ve never thought that the economy was likely to crash soon. I won’t pretend that this won’t affect me, so I’ll do my best in order to keep a good passive income money stream coming. Thanks.

    • Peter

      Hello Yerko Thanks for you comments and I am pleased to have informed and enlightened you so. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place fro many to get the education they need to create and protect an additional income for such a time. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Good evening Peter, I am amazed on how well your article is written and how brutely honest it is. I am not a fan of politicians nor the government, it’s always going to be the same song and dance every signal time. Just like why the gas prices go up just before summer hits…. It’s just a big front to cash in on the tourists. I choose to work for myself, and how I got started was through, Wealthy Affiliate it is a great way to learn how to create an online business, I have learned so much since joining and definitely recommend it to anyone looking to start their own career online.

    Job well, done, really enjoyed your post!. TC

    • Hello Jennifer Thank you for your feedback. Yes Politicians have a lot to answer for. As an example Oil is down 50% from what it was last year and is the lowest it has been in years yet the price we still pay for petrol at the pumps is not reflected in that fact. Yet people still believe they are looking after us. You are right Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place to get the skills we need to create our own economy with any help from the politicians. Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

  • James


    Excellent article, I was just browsing when I came across your article. Thank you for sharing this information with us, I have found some very useful pointers to take away with me. I know others will also benefit from it. You clearly know your stuff.


  • Jewel Carol

    Hi Peter

    I feel something may be happening from September onwards. Just take a look at below article, already 23 nations around the world where stock markets are crashing …


    So, will stock markets crash, I am not sure … But I still think having cash on hand is still the best bet to protect our portfolio. Or even find some passive online income to cross over this financial crisis will be a fantastic idea, don’t you think so?. ;))

    By the way, I love yr great site on “learn and earn money online”.

    Jewel Carol

    • Hello Jewel. Thank you so much for your feedback. Definitely agree something is going on with the economy because of the trend in world demographics and Governmental mismanagement of the economy over the past decades. Certainly would advise anyone to start creating an online income and Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to begin your online education. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • rufat

    I think economic recession can go and come again and we have to deal with the consequences that affect us and our families. We can lose our jobs and regular income etc. But internet gives us unlimited opportunities to learn and continue our education through online courses and start making money online and support our families. I’ve been part of the program for 2 years that you recommend in your article and can say that it provides a great training and opportunity to become an expert in online marketing. Many members of this program have become successful online thanks to this great place and sometimes even called a Wealthy Affiliate University.

    • Peter

      Hi Rufat. Totally Agree!! The internet does give us unlimited opportunities and Wealthy Affiliate educates us in exactly how to create a sustainable, long term online income. It may not happen overnight, but it will happen. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Lynne

    Hi Peter
    Yes, well earning USD from where I am will always be a better option than earning in my own currency! In fact any foreign currency appears to be better than ours. The USD has always been strong against us.
    It would be great to start earning foreign income online and at least have a way of earning for my family that is not dependent on the employment and currency in my country.

    • Peter

      Hi Lynne YES earning USD is what you earn online….so time to start getting the online business rocking and WA will show you the way. Thanks for your comments …:)

  • Lynne

    Thanks for a great post, this is all very interesting and scary! In South Africa our economic situation is alarming. Our exchange rate is terrible. It is currently R20.79 to the British Pound and R13.34 to the USD. This is not good news for us at all. Our inflation rate is high and employment opportunities are just about non-existent.
    I am so keen to start earning money online and to earn USD, this will make such a huge difference to my family’s finances. Thanks for this great read.

    • Peter

      Hello Lynne you are so welcome and I am pleased you enjoyed it and I hoped I have pointed you in the right direction. The US will be strong for a little while longer so earning will be good and the internet is a great place to earn a sustainable online income especially if you follow the training from Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Dave Sweney

    Hi Peter,

    An excellent discourse on what is taking place in the world economies, the reasons behind the phenomena we are experiencing now, and your take on the portent for us all looking forward.

    My take on all of this is that I think many of the points you postulate, over and above the ones that are factual and cannot be disputed, may be valid.

    I do not have confidence that government political figures are looking out for our best interests (‘our’ being individual citizens the governments are supposed to represent), and rather are catering to the large and multi-national corporations that pay for their election/re-election efforts.

    In this light, I am interpreting what you are saying with this post is that what you are recommending is that readers develop their own sources of income outside the traditional ones we have been told should be the focus (i.e. real estate, stock market, or commdities such as gold)…

    My only concern with your recommendation (I agree with the recommendation by the way) is that it also is tied up into the system, therefore as vulnurable as the other income streams to the many likely/coming maladies…

    Is there a way you would mitigate this possibility using your recommended move to online marketing? When I ask this, I get a vision of a survivoralist developing an almost complete self-sustaineble microsystem where if eveything went to the dogs you could survive….

    Maybe using the cash generated from using a site such as Wealthy Affiliate to generate cash, then using that cash to buy the needed items and systems, land, buildings, etc.? I would be very interested in your take on this…Thanks!

    • Peter

      Hello David. Great comments btw and thank you so much for your feedback. To answer your question re; my recommendation (online marketing) “as being tied up into the system, therefore is as vulnerable as the other income streams” I make this point. This is an income stream that you create through your own efforts that you can control and manage as you determine. You are not ‘vulnerable’ to the actions of a corporate layoff or downsizing, or a Government contract being terminated or some other government funded income source being eliminated or reduced, such as a pension or social security. All of which are not a ‘guaranteed right’ as I discuss in my ‘House of Cards‘ post.

      In fact confiscation of your 401K retirement funds of bank accounts to pay the government’s’ debts is not an unrealistic expectation. It has already happen in other countries and there is no reason to think that the US is any different. This has already happen when FDR in the 1930’s Confiscated all the privately held Gold from citizens and even removed it from all Bank Safety deposit boxes. The law required to do so, still exists, ‘Executive Order 6102’. Believe me when the chips are down there is little you can do to stop your Government from robbing you.

      That’s the real reason behind all the ‘Proceeds of Crimes Acts’ and ‘Money Laundering laws’ and discouraging people from having offshore accounts. Not to prevent terrorism but to stop people keeping their wealth safely out of Government hands (in case they need to seize it) Look at Greece recently they prevented their own people getting access to their own money by suddenly closing the banks and when they did reopen they limited how much people could access. It still continues today.

      So whatever you feel the need to do, such as a becoming a survivalist and developing a self-sustainable microsystem, is up to you. But just be aware that the Government is NOT your friend and is going after your wealth, some time soon.

      Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

  • Devin

    Wow this was a pretty thorough write up on certain parts of economic history as well as a lot of information explorng how to take control of your future and start planning out ways to make some money online. I myself am trying out the Wealthy affiliate stuff and can see myself doing good there.

    • Peter

      Hello Devin, Yes stepping outside mainstream and creating your own form of financial security is a smart move and as you say Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect vehicle to facilitate such an alternative income if you follow the lessons and implement what you learn. I won’t happen overnight but it will happen and you will get an education about online marketing that 90% of internet marketers lack. Thanks for your comments and best wishes to your future success. 🙂

  • Merceadez

    Wow. I love all the graphs about the recent recession and all the other times of economic hardship. The graphs really brings these times into visual perspective for me. Your right the government is not really looking out for us anymore. All we can do is supplement our income. I have chosen to do this online with Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Peter

      Hello Merceadez. Thanks for your comments and yes I too think that pictures help to convey the message more clearly. Soon we are all going to realize that the Governments are NOT looking out for us and are not the benefactors to society they pretend to be. The sooner we realize this truth the better off we will all be. Creating and online business that generate an income is on way to survive without them. Thanks again for your feedback 😉

  • Angel

    Dear Peter,

    Wow! Wow! Wow! Amazing, mindblowing indeed on how the economy has drastically changed over the years. Upon reading this, I feel more inspired to hold onto a Website I am passionate about. But, I wish my parents would stop threatening me to get a j.o.b. in the real world where I would not feel any form of satisfaction whatsoever. They think I do not have what it takes to make money online which is pretty sad since they think I am a shame to them not having a dead end job like them. I would most definitely have to tell them about this Blog Post article on how the future of the economy really is. How far it has fallen and how it can be close to impossible to climb out of debt due to government lowering interest rates in the hopes that the consumers will spend more than what is needed so the economy can stabilize that way? Come on, really, sounds like a game of numbers to me here.

    Wishing you all the best with your online business and futuristic endeavors on prosperity above and beyond the horizon,


    • Peter

      Hello Angel. Thanks you for your comments. Certainly let your parents read the post and everyone else you know to, so they will see that YOU are doing the right thing. The internet and the small entrepreneurs are the ones who are going to save the world NOT the big governments and their ‘power’ games. I am pleased my post has inspired you, as that was the intention to motivate those who are interested in internet marketing and to encourage those who are just thinking about it. Thanks again for your feedback 😉

  • Todd

    Hi Peter,

    I always love reading your posts and learning something new. I agree that the local economy is shifting and that more people will seek and find economic success online.

    I too, a couple of years ago, was looking to simply learn and earn money online as well and I used the training program that the Wealthy Affiliate Training Center provides and within about 6 months I started seeing regular income from my niche website.

    Within a year I had created a little internet piggy bank (my website) that was producing me passive income. The nicest thing about learning to make money online, especially using a niche website model, is that you can always add or build out your business to expand it by adding new and useful content.

    Especially when you apply the training techniques provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Now I’ve got my business on auto-pilot by taking some of my earnings and reinvesting it into my site via content writers, etc.

    Great post and guidance for others, thanks.

    • Hey Todd Thanks for your comments and yes I agree building a little internet piggy bank (and growing it bigger) is a great alternative to having a mainstream income that is becoming more and more uncertain as the future unfolds. I totally agree that WA is ‘the’ place to get the online education that we need to achieve exactly that, a sustainable, long term income stream. Appreciate very much your feedback. 😉

  • Robin

    It is unsettling to see the direction the world is heading and that the governments do not seem able to make the best choices for improvement. Something I believe would help is to create a business. Not only from the standpoint of creating an income for yourself but for others also. As I am over 50 and have been a stay at home mom for 20 + years with few skills I cannot find a place in today’s business world. The only choice for me is to create an income through my own business. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me do just that and I am grateful for the opportunity it has provided for me. Robin

    • Hello Robin. Unfortunately, as unsettling as it is, it is a fact of life. After so much mishandling and interference from the governments of the world our economic security is in such turmoil. Soon the people will wake up and realize that “Governments’ are totally unnecessary and we are better off without them. I’m not advocating ‘Anarchy’ just 99% LESS rules and regulations and control over our lives by ‘a Ruling Class’

      The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith spells out the economic success concept very well, as does any works by the famous female author Ayn Rand. (Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged etc) Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • John

    Very enlightening article Peter!
    I certainly hope that an economic meltdown doesn’t happen, but it is most definitely a very real possibility.
    The amount of debt that countries are in including the United States is just unsustainable.
    So unless something is dramatically done to change the situation I think we are in real trouble.
    I think the only thing to do is to take control of your own economy sooner rather than latter!
    Great post!

    • Hey John thank you for your comments I also hope the meltdown will not happen but unfortunately the facts are revealing themselves to that being a strong possibility. So that’s why I am recommending to everyone to prepare themselves for what is coming and Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to get the information to build a long term, sustainable income. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  • Peter

    Thanks for this great article Peter, it’s always interesting to get your insight into the world economy, although a little worrying. Here in France, we haven’t got out of the last recession and there’s another around the corner. I always like to think things will get better, but at the moment there is no sign of any improvement, and judging from your article any return to better times will only be short lived.
    All this makes your suggestion of building an alternative income stream sound like something we should all be considering. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a good way to learn the process of earning money online. Finding an honest program to get an education, where you know you won’t be scammed is very important.

    • Hi Peter I totally agree with your thinking and yes finding an honest program so that you can trust is so very important and fortunately Wealthy Affiliate is just such a program. Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂

  • Neil

    Hey, Peter!

    It’s actually quite scary to know where the world heading, and there’s already some proof of the meltdown beginning to happen, with Greece fighting struggles and China looking unstable too!

    I do actually believe that the world’s survival rests in the hands of Entrepreneurs, but people are too blind to see this! LEGIT Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing businesses are now the only real solutions to helping people financially because Governments will eventually become bankrupt due to making poor decisions and over-spending.

    There is definitely another Great Depression on it’s way, and I would rather start doing something about my future now instead of leaving it to chance. So Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the best option for people to secure their finances.


    • Hello Neil Totally agree with you about the entrepreneurs saving the world, many times in the past they have been responsible for groundbreaking innovations that have benefitted humanity. The internet will provide an alternative income source when money because harder to earn as the economic meltdown takes hold and those of us already online stand to get a lot of traffic as people search for opportunities to earn a living. Thanks so much for your comments 🙂

  • Marith

    Global economics can sometimes be hard to understand for us “normal” people that don’t deal with this on a daily base. Your article made a lot of things a bit more clear for me, but it also made me feel that we are facing dooms-day and it scares me..

    I agree with you about the importance on having more that one income-stream, and I will check out your suggestion about Wealthy Affiliate, seems like it could be the perfect solution for me.

    If your ever see any posetive trends showing in our future economy, I hope you will share that with us too. That way I can sleep better at night.

    • Hello Marith Scary yes but reality unfortunately. However having prior knowledge will make things easier to manage and will give you motivation to build an alternative income source. The positive trend is that many people will be searching online for information and alternative income and if you are already positioned in that market you will benefit enormously. Thank you so much for your comments 😉

  • Sam

    This is a real economics class. It is awesome! It is great!
    Thanks for the well researched and well written article. It is highly informative, educative, insightful, useful and helpful. I consider myself lucky to have come across this nice article. I will definitely bookmark it and come back to it over and over again. Keep it up.
    Now if there is a general meltdown, it will also negatively impact whatever any online business anyone may be doing from home, as it will not be immuned from what is happening within the economy. What is your opinion on this?

    • Peter

      Hello Sam you are right about the internet not being immune, however it will get tons of traffic as people seek information and advice and it stands a better chance of surviving than most traditional bricks and mortar business, so getting yourself well position online would be a smart move. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • simon

    I loved your homepage I found it very enlightening and it left me wanting to read your site in its entirety Your scams page is brilliant. I for one am not take in by them but some people are so well done on alerting them. just read the best “affiliate marketing course” and I must say that your use of keywords is exemplary indeed. All in all a very informative a thought provoking site great work, Keep it up.

    • Peter

      Thank you Simon I appreciate your feedback on my site and am very pleased you liked it Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

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