Learn and Make Money Online

Learn and Make Money Online

How?  Easily, by understanding the global economy and how it affects your ability to make decisions that will make you money online. 

China’s recent stock market decline and subsequent devaluation of the yuan. Sent shock waves throughout the financial world, as it showed that China would allow its currency to devalue, when usually it is pegged to Learn and Make Money Onlinethe US dollar at around 6 to 1. 

The fact that the Government’s using financial levers to stabilize its economy, is a sure sign that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

By devaluing its currency (around 3% against the U.S. dollar) the country’s exports becomes cheaper for the rest of the world and as products become cheaper more interest is shown by purchasers and as China has an export based economy that would be a good thing. But it may be a case of too little, too late.

Other CurrenciesLearn and Make Money Online

However most other currencies have fallen much further against the U.S dollar. Since 2014, the New Zealand dollar is down over 25% and the Australian dollar has dropped more than 30% since 2013.

The Mexican peso has fallen 28% and the Canadian dollar is down 31%, since 2001.


Learn and Make Money Online

In Canada’s case this was mostly due to the fact that the Canadian economy has gone into recession because of the low price of Oil.

As a major oil exporter and the world’s fifth-biggest producer, oil made up 27% of exports last year. Last month, the Canadian dollar hit an 11-year low against the dollar.

Other Countries

More recently the Brazilian real has lost 23% and the Russian ruble is down 16%. As a group, Asian currencies are at their worst exchange levels since the ‘financial crisis’ of 1998, the Malaysian ringgit is down 14% and the Indonesian rupiah 9%. In fact most emerging market currencies are at their lowest levels since 2002.

Government Created

This has come about as a result of virtually every government irresponsibly printing money and calling it fancy names like Quantitative Easing (Q.E). What this means is that they are creating billions of new notes, euros, pesos, dollars and yen every day and injecting them into their economies.

This makes their currencies worth less as more go into circulation and it actually steals wealth from the very people they pretend to serve.

A Strong Dollar

Comparatively the U.S. dollar has gained about 20% vs. other major currencies during the last year. Even though the  U.S. used ‘Q.E‘ to print Trillions of dollars from 2008-2014.

Now for the time being it has stopped and the current, U.S. monetary policy is “less printing” than other major players, like Europe and Japan, the dollar appears to be stronger.Learn and Make Money Online

So when we say the U.S. dollar is “strong“, we’re really saying “strong relative to other currencies,” like the euro and yen because the strength of a dollar is measured against a different currency, such as the euro or the Japanese yen. 

Learn and Make Money Online

For most U.S. citizens and others earning US currency, the stronger dollar is a good thing if you are buying things or if you are travelling outside the U.S.

However if you are selling American goods they have become much more expensive, so it is hurting American companies that are exporting, but helping American companies that are importing.

But it’s Not Just the Money

Not only are currencies falling in value around the world but also the base commodities. Oil now cost 50% a barrel less than a year ago. Lumber, Wheat, Oats, Coffee and other well traded commodities are all cheaper than they were this time last year. Even Gold and silver are down. So how is all this going to impact on your economic future?

China isn’t the only Reason Commodities are Lower

Learn and Make Money OnlineChina is the second largest economy in the world and during its recent construction boom, they poured more concrete between 2011 and 2013 than the United States did during the entire 20th century.

Not only did China consume 60% of the world’s concrete. It was also the largest commodity consumer, using up half of the world’s aluminum, nickel, copper, steel, and coal.

It’s Going to Hurt

Now, China is slowing down for the first time after 25 years of rapid growth. That means it’s going to be building fewer buildings, roads, and bridges.

So China won’t be using as much steel, aluminum, concrete or other ‘construction type’ raw commodities and that’s going to hurt exporting countries that rely on commodity exports to keep their economies going, like Australia, Canada and even little New Zealand.

These are part of the reasons why the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, and the Canadian dollar have all lost value against the U.S. dollar since last September. But to blame it entirely on China is not completely accurate, because it’s not like those Governments didn’t know that China’s economy was going to be slowing down. 

The Real Reason the Global Economy is in Decline

The greatest economic meltdown in history is about to begin and the governments are ignoring the truth about the real reason it’s about to happen. In truth it’s to do with demographics, as the largest group of consumers the world has ever seen, the ‘baby boomers begin to change their spending habits.  

It has already begun and it’s not like the governments of the world don’t know this. Instead they lie to us and encourage us to spend even more money when the economy is shrinking. In an effort to remain in power a little longer.

The Governments Can’t Save You

Learn and Make Money Online

It’s not the Governments that are going to save the economy, rather it will be the ‘people‘ of the world. Specifically it will be the innovators and the entrepreneurs and the individual superheroes, that will bring about the economic salvation the world desperately needs. It will be individuals, without political causes or hidden agendas who are going to save us.  

The Great Awakening

Soon the people will begin to awaken to the fact that Governments are no longer serving them. That their interests and those of the citizenry are not aligned and that we have been subjected to the biggest scam in the history of humanity. That Governments are necessary and beneficial in a just society.

They are NOT and soon we will all discover how irresponsible they have really been with our trust, our lives and our money.

If you want the truth – it’s in this video below

Real Democracy

Here’s what many fail to understand. The only kind of democracy that really works is the one described by Ludwig von Mises as a ‘market democracy‘.  

It is one in which everyday people vote with currency as a consumer, to buy or not to buy particular products and services. How they ‘vote’ will determine the rise or fall of the company and free and open competition in the marketplace will always bring the greatest value to consumers.

We don’t need any government intervention in that basic free market process, but Governments know that they are not needed, so they continually create problems that they then pretend to solve, so the people will believe that they have a legitimate role in society. This is the scam that has been going on for centuries.

You have a choice to make…

Do nothing and believe that everything will work out and your Government will save you from the next, economic meltdown.

Or…Learn and Make Money Online

You can take control of your finances by generating an additional source of income and get it in US dollars so when the the markets crash, and the economy falls apart, (yet again).

You’ll have an alternative income source that you can create through your own effort, knowledge and skill, that you can acquire right here, through a step by step process that will ensure your success.

Learn and Make Money Online

There is no need for protests, civil unrest or anti government action. Rather this is your chance to be prepared for what’s coming and to see your way through the new economic era that’s on the horizon, by creating an international, alternative income stream that pays you in US dollars, by knowing how to implement strategies to create an online income.

This is important because soon many people are going to be in desperate need of additional income and you could be there ready to help them. 

A Great Program 

Wealthy Affiliate is a straight, honest and down-to-earth program. Created by online marketers for those wanting to learn how to become a successful online marketer and earn U.S dollars.

Best of all you can begin for free and you may want to read a few more pages on this site.

Your solution is in Your Hands

Learn and make money online is how you can take control of your financial security by generating an income before the economy begins to meltdown.


Learn and Make money online


I understand that this whole idea of affiliate marketing and working online may seem a long way removed from the economic calamity that’s about to befall us all and the corruption of the government who are supposed to protect us from the risks of the world.

But you need to seriously do something to protect yourself economically.

So in order to make life easier you to put all the pieces together because for some of you this may all seem a little overwhelming. I have a book that will provide you with information and resources to fast track your progress.

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Learn and Make Money Online


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