Internet for a business

Internet for a Business

Many people go online searching for ways to make money. They are looking to the internet for a business that can make an income. Too often they join programs that promise to make them a fortune, with little or no work – but often these are just scams.

Yes, there are people making a lot of money online and there are also people that are making a full-time income, for part-time work.

Sounds great – right? But wait… before we get ahead of ourselves.

There are many more who aren’t making anything. Not everyone is making $1,000’s of dollars a day online. In fact, in truth, only a small fraction of people online, are making over $500 a month.

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How to Earn an Extra Income Online

Extra Income means an income that you can earn apart from the regular money you receive from your employment, or what some refer to as, ‘traditional‘ work. This additional income can be used to pay off debts, or build up some cash reserves, or provide additional income security, so you can one day quit your regular job.

Not everyone wants to work a second job, but having a second income, or extra money, is a desire of most people these days.

The InternetInternet for a Business

The extra income opportunities available today online, thanks to the internet, means there is a lot of options like writing, marketing and simple technical and non-technical jobs, even income from advertising, which could augment your regular income.

However, there are many things standing between where they are now and the financial freedom they desire. The income that can be earned form these opportunities depends on how good your skills are, in the selected field of endeavor and whether you know how to market those skills.

The Selection Process

In order to achieve a moderate success in generating additional income, one should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses. This would greatly help in the selection of a most suitable way to generate an income online.

The selection process consists of logical steps. Firstly, one should honestly assess their strengths, what are they good at? What do people around them complimenting them on? What is it they like to do?

If you want to create a business online, the name of the game is ‘focus‘ and building ‘quality content‘ in order to attract a following. So you need to be passionate about the topic(s) you choose because readership and comments are going to be important for you business. Particularly if you want to rank well on Google.

Why is Google Important?Internet for a business

Like it or not Google is the most visited website on the planet and therefore the number one search engine and traffic source on the internet.

They are also the second most valuable brand in the world (behind Apple) and have been so for the last five years. Internationally, Google has over 70 offices outside the US. It’s Gmail, for example, is the world’s most popular email service, with over a billion active users (as of February 2016). So rankings on Google are important for any internet based business.

Your URL name is not so important these days. People don’t find you because of the name of your URL or your email address, rather they will find you because of your rank in Google.

So if you are looking to build your business outside of your existing customer base, people who already know your URL, or already know where to find you, then you are going to need search engine traffic.

Google Search

Appropriate keywords or keyword phrases being searched on Google are more important than your URL. So if you are serious about getting ranked, then initially you should focus first on low competition keywords, NOT high volume keywords, as many people recommend because it’s about being ranked in google firstly, then once your have a good ranking, you can work on building volume.Internet for a business

You are better to have five or six page one rankings for lower volume keywords than attempting to get a middle page ranking for a ‘high competition’ keyword. 

Peter V Crisp

“Getting ranked in Google is what will bring you free targeted traffic. Having a page one ranking will on average bring you 42% of the traffic going to that specific keyword”. 

The more Google likes your site, the higher they will rank you. So if you know how to create quality content then all we need to do is put it in front of ‘organic traffic’. This is traffic that comes from the keywords or phrases you elect to use and those that people are searching.

Don’t Be a Crazy Cat

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Don’t be a Crazy Cat

So before you go nutty, like a crazy cat trying to figure out how to rank on Google.

And before you waste more hours and many dollars been misled by so-called online experts, who all too often just want sell you a high priced program that promises you things they can’t deliver.

Let me, make your life a little easier and explain a few things about how to get ranked on Google. Because there are effective ways to get freetargeted, and sustainable visitors to your website, despite the many recent changes within Google.

Without Traffic or visitors to your site, it will not matter how wonderful your talents and skills are, or how good your service or products are if no one can find you. Your business will be dead-in-the-water before it gets off the ground. Remember that only a small fraction of people online are making over $500 a month.

Using Keywords

To have long-term success with your website or blog, there is no better way to get targeted visitors to your site for free, than with ‘organic search traffic’ and with this methodology, you need to focus keywords

To get this free organic search traffic you will need to utilize frequently used keywords in order to rank well within Google because, without keywords, it would be difficult for people searching to find your articles, pages, and posts. 

Three Types of Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases are simply the queries that people type into the likes of Google in order to search for and find whatever they’re looking for. Most people generally split keywords, into two main categories. The head, and the tail. But it could actually be split into three groups. The Head, the Body, and the Tail.

Internet Marketing for Online Business1. Head Keyword phrases are generally just one or two words, that are very popular but often generic terms. An example would be the word, “Marketing”, or “Internet Marketing”, or “Online Marketing”.

These type of Keyword phrases (Head Keywords) are those that have high search volume, which is good in one way, but they are also difficult to rank for.

In the screenshot below, we can see how many results are found by searching in Google using the head keyword phrase, “Internet Marketing”

This tells us that there are over 340 Million results for this particular keyword. But we don’t know whether ranking for it – would be difficult.Internet Marketing Google

In the next screenshot (below) using a keyword research tool, we can see exactly how much monthly traffic the keyword phrase internet marketing” brings if we got on page one of Google.  More importantly, it also tells us how much ‘competition’ there is for that particular keyword phrase.

In this particular, case the KQI is a red dot which indicates there is, very high competition for this particular keyword phrase. – So ranking for this Keyword Phrase would be difficult.

Internet Marketing Jaxxy

2. Body Keyword phrases are generally two to three words and usually, get searched less than a Head keyword phrase. Examples of Body keyword phrases would be “Internet Marketing Online” or “Online Marketing Tips”.

Again using the same keyword research tool we can see in the screenshot below, that the monthly traffic volume for the body keyword phrase “internet marketing online“ is much less than the Head Keyword Phrase. Yet despite this, again the KQI is still very competitive, another red dot. – So ranking for this Keyword Phrase would also be difficult.

Note also the QSR (which is the number of competing websites) is 410, a little lower than the 500 in the screenshot above, But it is still a very competitive keyword phrase. (So I personally wouldn’t pursuit it).Internet Marketing for a business

3. The Tail Keyword phrase (also known as “long tail keywords”) usually contain three or more words and these are usually searched less often than Head and Body keyword phrases. An example of long tail keyword phrases would be “Internet Marketing for Online Business” or “Online Marketing Expert Tips”. 

However, these long tail keyword phrases are more likely to have ‘commercial intent’. By commercial intent, we mean it is more likely to convert to a sale because the searcher is being much more specific in their request for information.

Deeper Research

Using the keyword research tool again, we can see in the screenshot below, that the monthly traffic volume for the ‘long tail keyword’ phrase “internet marketing online for business“ is much less (but still good) than the Head and Body Keyword Phrase. However the KQI dot is Green – and this is Great and this is what we are looking for.Internet Marketing for a Business

Also, the QSR shows us that there are only 187 competing websites for this particular ‘long tail keyword’ phrase and that is way better than the 410 competing websites in the last example.

So the chances of ranking for this keyword phrase is much higher than the Head and Body type keywords, previously examined. 

Important to UnderstandInternet for a Business

I want you to understand how valuable this type of keyword research is.

You already know that keyword research is important when deciding on what keywords to use to bring in visitors. But it’s not about the quantity or volume of traffic, as many believe, but rather the quality of the traffic that is far more important.

Having very targeted traffic that takes action, is way better than a ton of traffic with low commercial intent.

The Challenge

The challenge that many business owners have when trying to market online is, How to get visitors to their website?. How to hit the top spot in Google? And of course, understanding the ‘magical‘ process of achieving good rankings for their website.

We said earlier that it’s not the volume of traffic, but the quality of your visitors and if you want your online business to be more profitable. Then this is the type of keyword research you need to greatly improve your chances of generating targeted traffic to your website.

Key Word Research Tool

For more on this type of keyword research and this particular research tool, and see how I get my posts and pages on page one of Google, you can visit my post: Internet Marketing for an Online Business.

Click here – To see my post ‘Internet Marketing for an Online Business
There are Many Ways to Achieve Success
There are hundreds of different ways to make money online with a website. I personally prefer using the affiliate marketing and digital products model because I like to create something and this business model allows me the freedom to choose which markets I promote, the methodology I use to reach my customers, the strategy, I implement, to sell to them over and over.

Regardless of your preference, there are five things you need to build a successful online business and it all begins by knowing ‘HOW‘ to get…;Internet for a business

  1. Traffic – a constant stream of targeted action takers.
  2. Conversion – Repeatedly turning prospects into customers
  3. List Building – A Responsive database of engaged subscribers
  4. Scaling – Duplication and automation systems for growing your business
  5. Your Own Products – Selling these maximizes your profits and attracting affiliates for your business who can then sell for you.

Creating Your Own Products

Most of the big names in the business world make money by creating and promoting their own products. The main reason for this is so that they get to keep a major portion of the profits. And if you are serious about joining these successful people, then you will have to develop your own products as well.

Creating a product to sell online, however, can be a daunting task and successful marketers are constantly having to come up with more and more ways to stay on top of the trends if they want to continue to dominate their marketplace. So this is not something many beginners want to tackle in the beginning stages. So they usually promote other people’s products and service via the affiliate Marketing model.

If you want to create your own products you might enjoy my post; Part Time Work Online

 To see how you can Create your own Products see this post here

Promote Quality

However, what’s important is to ensure that you promote programs that are first class, so the people will want to join them and will want to stick with them after they join and also so that you build a reputation of promoting quality.

Even more importantly, though, before the product, is the need to deliver value to your readers. They are looking for information and answers to questions They are not necessarily looking to buy something. So it’s not about trying to sell them, but rather it’s about providing them information and answers. So having quality content is vitality important.

It Takes Time

It takes time, to learn what you need to know about making money online. It is not a get-quick-rich, over-night millionaire system. It’s a process and it’s about knowing what to do and knowing ‘how’ to do it.  

“Prior to Learning ‘How‘ I had was struggling to make money and going from one ‘Bright Shiny Object’ (BSO) to the next, getting ripped-off being scammed, and becoming very frustrated. 

I had over a dozen websites, yet none of them made any money, no matter which “Guru’s” program I followed. – Why? because I didn’t know the ‘How‘ 

Now five years later, I know exactly what you need to get on the fast track. All the pieces have been together for you in one place because I know how hard it can be to get the right information on how to make money online.  It’s the video training course that I wish I had when I first started out.

Today, you can access over 300+ ‘how-to’ videos, that walk you through the entire process of internet marketing at a price I know you are going to love. It covers all the things you need to know and it’s all-in-one, complete training course.

You Don’t Need to Be Like This Guy

With thess video tutorials you get step-by-step training on the topics, such as:

  • Learn how to set up a successful Affiliate campaign from start to finish
  • Learn how to successfully build a list of email subscribers in your niche
  • Learn how to create your own products that you can sell online. 
  • Learn how to find sources of traffic and even how to get traffic for free.
  • Learn how to successfully use video marketing 
Internet for a business


Good News

The good news is that you can get this entire course Teach Me How (that I normally sell for much more) is available for a big discount because I want to help you get started.

This course is easily worth $270.00, so I’d be giving you a great deal at $67.00

But, because I want you to come back and buy some of my other products in the future. I am offering you this entire 300+ Video Training program at a super deal of $67.00 $19.95 

I’m even going to give you my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee with this so that if you don’t absolutely love it, you can get a full refund just by asking and no questions asked.  

Internet for a business

You’ll get access to over 300 ‘how to’ videos tutorials that will teach you how to apply proven methods for creating a successful business online.  If you master every technique in this course you’ll be your own internet guru. Take a closer look at the program here…

Get this entire 300+ Video Training Tutorials from here

If You Implement What You Learn…

If you follow and implement what you learn with this course, work hard and are passionate about the topic(s) you choose to promote. And if you ‘focus‘ on building ‘quality content‘, and can attract a strong following for your site. Then one day, soon you’ll able to tell your boss ‘I am quitting this job’  – just like this guy in the video below.

Here’s How to Quit your JOB…


Getting this low-cost video course is entirely optional. If you have the time, you can go directly to Wealthy Affiliates and eventually learn everything need to know. It’s free to join and I recommend that you join, whether you get my courses or not.You can find out more by clicking on the banner below.

How to Earn Money Working at Home

It is a training program created by online marketers for those wanting to become online marketers. It’s an excellent place to get the much-needed education and you can do it at your own pace and from your own place.

You also receive lots of support and help and answers to all your questions from within the membership community which is truly second to none. I am a member and have been since 2013 and they have taught me so much. I highly recommend them.

My number ONE recommendation is to join Wealthy Affiliate.

On More Thing

If you have enjoyed this post “Internet for a Business” please feel free to share socially or ask a question below.

If you leave a comment, I will reward you with a free PDF copy of my latest book; ‘List Building Success Secrets’ – Learn how to create a list and how to profit from it. – Its also available from Amazon

Peter V Crisp

List Building Success SecretsIf you are just getting started, then you will want to build a list. Yet you may not know how to actually do this and this is where most people get stuck, right at the beginning… Without a strong list, you won’t have a stable source of online income”. 

You can get this book in exchange for leaving a comment – Thanks!

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    – they convert less effectively than long tail keywords (it in a nutshell!). Thanks for the excellent graphic that illustrates the point fantastically. Do you mind if I borrow it for my own personal use (non-commercial) use? It makes a fabulous reminder and drives the point home fantastically!

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      Hello, Derek. Happy to help out and yes, please borrow whatever you wish. Many people struggle with rankings because there is so much misinformation out there. Yet it’s an important component to having a successful online business. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

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