What is a Keyword

What is a KeywordWhat Is A Keyword

A Keyword is the most important word you will ever write on your website.

Having the right keyword or keywords are crucial to having content rank on Google.

A page one ranking typically gets 42% of the traffic for that keyword.

If your content, is not ranking within the first ten pages of google, irrespective of how great it is, no-one will find it and you will get little, if any traffic.

Too often people waste their time, trying to get their website to rank on Google using keywords or phrases that will not generate traffic because there is too much competition for the particular word or words they are using.

Keywords are Your Path to Google Rankings 

There is little point in trying to optimize your website using keywords that are highly competitive unless you know what you are doing. Yet this is what many people attempt to do and they wonder why they struggle to get rankings on Google.

If you think of getting traffic to your website, in terms of a fishing analogy then you will realize that when it comes to catching a fish. It’s not the size of the boat or the type of fishing gear you use. (Those are nice to have but they are not the most important). There is something else that ranks far higher.

What is a Keyword


Just like fishing, the fish are attracted to your bait, not your boat. It’s not about knowing where the fish are, or how many of them are under the water.

Rather it’s about knowing what type of bait the fish are searhing for and ‘eating‘ and once you understand that, then you stand a better chance of catching, not just one fish, but many fish.

All to often people will just build their own bait and throw it into the water and hope to attract fish.

Keyword research allows you to ‘look beneath the water‘ to see what the fish are already being attracted to. This is called organic keyword research. Finding the words that people are already searching for is a great way to understand the specific type of bait required to catch the fish.

Having a keyword research tool to do competition analysis is important if you want to get good page rankings. Finding valuable, low competition words that your target audience is hungry for, makes you a more successful fisherman.

The Right Tool

Having the right tool for the job is going to make getting great rankings easier and your business more profitable. Doing keyword research to find the best words is the best and most profitable thing you can do. Finding the best Keyword tool would also be very extremely helpful if you want to get on page one.

Once you have discovered your keywords or keyword phrase, it’s important not to overuse them. First, make sure your keywords makes sense. Second, use it in your title, then use it in your first paragraph and write naturally around it and then maybe again in the last paragraph. That is all you need to do.

To find out more about locating great keywords and how and where to use them and finding the best tools, see the page Keyword Research Review


Let me show you some evidence of getting a page one ranking using the information I am about to reveal to you.

Look at the two screenshots below; These are all for postings on this very site. (Online Affiliate Wealth.com – as of October 2016)

These show the keyword(s), the URL, the position and then page number and the date;

What is a Keyword

And just to show you it’s not only a few posts, here’s the next screenshot that  shows another 10 page one ranked posts. A total of 21 pages ranking on page ONE of Google. 


What is a Keyword

That’s over TWENTY page One Rankings and there are also lots more on, page two, three and four etc but for reasons of space these screenshots will give you the general idea, which is that I know how to get ranked on Google!

And I’m not even a Keyword Expert!

So How Do I Achieve This?

There really is no big secret. I just got an education from Wealthy Affiliate and discovered a proven Keyword research tool that works!What is a Keyword

I also utilized an awesome keyword research tool called Jaxxy and with this tool it allows me to see the competition for the specific keywords and how well it will rank in Google.

I then select the keyword phrase and write content around the keyword phrase knowing that it will rank well. If I can do this, then so can you, once you have the ‘know-how‘ and access to this awesome keyword research tool. 

You can try it out here. Just put in a keyword phrase, perhaps one you already have, and see how well it ranks; (see below)


To See More

To see more about this amazing Keyword Research tool you can access a few other posts I have about it from here; What’s the Best Keyword Tool? and the Best SEO Keyword Tool Both will give you more information about Jaxxy, how to use it and what makes it so good. 

Finding keywords that have good traffic and ‘low competition‘ is what will get you ranked in Google. Getting ranked in Google is exactly what will bring you low cost, targeted traffic.

It’s not about going after the highest number of searches for a particular keyword. Instead it’s about finding keywords that not only already have traffic going to them but words that for can actually get a page ONE ranking for. Because having a page one ranking brings you the 42% of the traffic going to that keyword.

Get Your FREE JAXXY Trial here

Using Keywords

Just because you have great keywords you still need to be clever about how you use them. You can’t just load up your article with those keywords and expect it to rank. Google doesn’t take to kindly to that.

Here is some great advice on what the ideal keyword density on a page should be, direct from Matt Cutts of Google. (See the 3 minute video below to see what he has to say);

So that’s what Google says about keyword density. If you would like a copy of Googles’ very own SEO Starter Guide Book you can find it here.  

Googles’  SEO Starter Guide Book here.  


List Building Success Secrets

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  • stefanie

    Hi Peter, thanks for another great post on keywords. You are dead right about keywords being so important to Google rankings. It makes perfect sense. I have had a blog ping for 5 months now and I’m still learning something new every day when it comes to SEO and it is really exiting when you really start to get it. Jacky is the perfect tool for this job and I thoroughly recommend it to anybody serious about getting traffic to their blogs.

    • Peter

      Hello, Stefanie. Yes, I agree Jaxxy is an awesome tool. Thanks for your comments and I hope you enjoy the ebook that is coming your way. 🙂

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