What is the Best Way to Make Money Online

What is the Best Way to Make Money Online

The best way to make money online is to become a superhero such as the likes ofWhat is the Best Way to Make Money Online the Tech Billionaire Entrepreneur character, Tony Stark played by actor, Robert Downey Jr, in the Iron Man movie franchise.

Become a superhero to your readers and potential customers by providing engaging content that they want to read.

Inform them, entertain them and give them a reason to want to come back.


Even though the Iron Man superhero is a fictional character, there are in fact, real world people, just like the fictional Iron Man of the movie and comic book fame, who actually do incredible ‘superhero’ type things.

By ‘superhero‘ type things I mean they are making the world a better place, reducing the nation’s dependence on oil, saving governments billions of dollars, lowering costs in many industries and coming up with innovative solutions to real-world problems. In short benefiting people all around the world by giving them what they want.

A Modern Day Superhero

One such person is Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, and many other innovative startup companies.

PayPal revolutionized the online financial transaction industry, by granting ordinary people the ability to transfer funds electronically, lowering transaction costs and the time required to do so from days to minutes, benefitted people all around the world. From its initial start in 1998, and its sale to eBay in 2002, today it operates in 190 countries and generates around $7.9 billion in revenue.

What is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Elon Musk 2010


Following the sale of PayPal, Elon Musk established Space X when he calculated that the raw material for building a rocket was only 3 percent of the price being ‘paid’ by the government. He realized he could build more affordable rockets and cut the launch price by a factor of ten.

As a result, his new upstart company won a US$1.6 billion contract to transport cargo to the international space station after NASA retired the space shuttle program. Saving the country billions of dollars.

With Tesla Motors, he built the first all-electric, high-performance sports car, the Tesla Roadster, that was sold in 31 countries. This innovation not only reduced the nation’s dependence on oil but put performance, luxury, reliability and mileage/range side by side with traditional petrol powered vehicles. Something the government ‘protected’ auto industry had been failed to do. 

General Motors

The Vice Chairman of General Motors, Robert Lutz, was quoted in an August 2009 edition of The New Yorker, as saying (about Tesla Motors)…,

“How come some tiny little California startup, run by guys who know nothing about the car business, can do this and we can’t?

Musk also provided the concept and financial capital for SolarCity, now the second largest provider of solar power systems in the United States, leases solar panels to the customer, for zero down and long term rental agreements, substantially lowering the cost for people wanting cheaper electricity. Something the Government ‘protected’ electrical power supply industry had previously been unable to do.

Superheros don’t only NOT give up when they initially fail – BUT they continue to keep on going, even after they succeed and do even more! 

He’s Not Alone

There are many people who come up with new technology and innovative ideas that seem to elude the established industrial giants. The reason for this is that top-down management structures tend to stifle bottom up, free market innovations. 

Another reason is the numerous unnecessary regulations that restrict the implementation of new ideas as well as government laws that make it difficult for outsiders or new startups to compete in certain ‘protected’ industries.

In some cases, there is even direct interference from government into existing companies. As just one example;  Before taking early retiring at the end of 2009, the Vice Chairman of General Motors, Robert Lutz, stated that one of the reasons for his decision…

was the increasing regulatory climate in Washington was forcing GM to produce what Federal regulators wanted, rather than what the customers wanted.”

Is it any wonder they went bankrupt – with that sort of political interference?!

But The Government Doesn’t Like Super Heros

Superheroes make Governments look bad by exposing their incompetence. None of these new, lower cost, beneficial, innovations are government driven but are the results of individual, free market thinkers and bottom-up market dynamics, something that all governments want to keep you in the dark about – because this is the true source of economic wealth and prosperity in the world.

Wealth and prosperity do not come from the Government or its rules and regulations.  No!  The government wants you to thank them for your economy security – Rather than the real ‘superheroes‘ who are the true benefactors to society, such as people like, Elon Musk and others.


Why does this happen? Because schools and universities are controlled by the government, they control the education system and the depth of knowledge that you receive. So anything they don’t want their citizens to know is not covered in the traditional education program. This may be why, many (not all) of the world’s wealthiest people, didn’t finish their government sponsored ‘education’. 

“This is why it is important to learn how to work online because you learn how to implement the same free market, bottom up, entrepreneurial dynamics that creates wealth and success

Invisible Hand of the Free Market

“The invisible hand” concept of the free market works best when it is run from the bottom up. Not from the top down, as we have seen being promoted by Governments and ‘protected‘ big business for years.  Government intervention is the reason why the global economy is it the mess that it is, why innovation is being stifled and why we are over-regulated and have become ‘sacrificed’ to vested interests. 

Let me explain that a little more… “The government is no longer working for your best interests” (if you doubt this then this article may interest you)

Here’s an Example

Even though the first PC (used by one person and controlled by a keyboard), was actually invented by IBM way back in 1957. It had taken 30 odd years before the Personal Computer became commonplace which was not due to IBM, whose Chairman, at one time said.

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.”

Since the 90’s we have all witnessed in astonishment, the explosive growth of computers with an increase in power, memory, and speed, and also a decrease in both the physical size and cost.

Are you not curious? as to why the computer industry is one of the few industries that has experienced exponential growth, innovation and rapid advancement for the last 3 decades.  

The answers may surprise you…

What is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Wozniak & Jobs

The first realization is that this innovation didn’t come from the top down, government-friendly corporations, but instead from some University dropouts – working a garage.

Secondly and more importantly, it is because it was an industry that had no government intervention. Yes, that’s correct.

No Interference

The government had no say in the development or growth of that industry (oh but now they are trying). They were not able to create laws or regulations, or implement policies that restricted the free market, bottom-up, innovative dynamics which that industry experienced over the last several decades.

That is the reason for the explosive growth and rapid development. No Governmental intervention. This industry (without the government) created its own standards, it funded its own research and built itself into a multi-billion dollar global industry based solely on competition and the motivation for profit. All without any input from those in government.

Free Markets Bring Prices Down

Today, we see computer technology costs plummeting and capacity soaring. The same can be said for all the other early entrepreneurial industries that made America great. 

Automobiles, Steel, Oil, Aviation, almost every industry you can name grew exponentially and enjoyed rapid growth and massively benefitted society in numerous ways. They all initially did so, entirely due to the lack of Government regulation.

These are all businesses that employ tens of thousands of people and have benefitted society greatly. They have also made many people wealthy from the value of their stocks alone, not to mention the creation of employment in other industries that service those businesses in one way or another.

Government Regulations Push Prices Up

Now look at the most highly regulated, government controlled and funded industry in America, the medical industry and you will see that it is one of the most expensive, slowest growing and problematic industries there is.

The government also has hundreds of departments and regulatory bodies to administer and control that industry as well as major government agencies such as the FDA, DEA, FTC and numerous other boards and licensing authorities, etc., Each with their own rules and regulations and ‘responsibilities‘ which all stifle innovation and advancement.

If this one concept doesn’t make you wake up and take notice, then I have failed to make my point, and you might as well go back to sleep right now.

What is the Best Way to Make Money Online

Government Regulation slows growth & stifles innovation

Regulations are not good

Government regulations restrict and hinder business to the detriment of society. It’s rules and regulations are not for the protection of our society, as they claim. These rules are in place for control, not for protection.

We do not need more regulations. We need far less. (if you think otherwise your are still brainwashed, and you need to see this article).

Politicians are cunning

The politicians though are clever with coming up with convincing arguments as to why these ‘industries’ need to be regulated and controlled, why we need laws to protect society from the greedy ‘superhero’ and his business.

They are exceptional in the art of reversing the truth and conning the voters into believing that they (the politicians) are the benefactors of society and not the superheroes.

Thank you, Superheroes

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to people like Steve JobsBill Gates and many others for being pioneers in a new and unregulated industry that has since given humanity so much. 

People often fail to realize that these guys and the many others are our modern day superheroes‘ saving our world. Our world needs more of them. These are the people who have been able to use bottom up, free market, business dynamics to advance their ideas into hugely productive businesses. 

How much expansion and development would we have seen, if bureaucrats had taken control of the computer industry in the early stage of development, under the pretense of protection, safety, national security or the greater good of society?

Nothing New

Government intervention in business is not a modern day occurrence. Laws and regulations have always been used as a political device to control the real heroes and innovators in society. 

Government creates laws and the rules to ensure that they (the politicians) remain in control. The ‘public good’ is merely a ploy to justify the rules they need to ‘play their game’.

All governments are protection ‘rackets’, dressed today, in fine suits and legalized by self-serving laws. Laws that best serve them and yet hurt the very people they pretend to serve and protect.

What matters

It matters not which political party is in power or in which country you live, or which President you support, they all play the same game.

What is the best way to make money online

Don’t need to take to the Streets

In America the president should see to it that every innovative business is never infected by government intervention, nor offered government protection.

The only protection required is in the form of noninterference of the free market dynamics that once made America great.

Civil Protests

But we do not need to ‘take to the streets‘, or ‘start a demonstration‘ or ‘instigate civil disobedience‘.

No, we just need to take self-responsibility and educate ourselves about how to create alternative income without relying on the government in any way because they are not going to change anytime soon.

“This is why you need to become a your own superhero because the government is not going to ‘save’ you.  You need to learn how to create your own wealth and freedom by learning how to work online”. 

The Power of the Internet

Let me make it clearer to you the power of the internet and why getting your slice of it is important for your financial future.

What is the Best Way to Make Money OnlineWalMart, the largest non-government employer in the world, has been selling affordable goods since 1962. It employs over 2 million people, owns 11,000 stores, and operates over 1 billion square feet of retail space and is a very successful retail business. It helped lower the price of general goods for millions of people.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his University dorm room in 2004. Facebook employs just 10,000 people, owns zero stores, and operates zero square feet of retail space and has since its inception has become the world’s most popular website. 

Online surpasses ‘Bricks & Mortar 

Just recently Facebook surpassed WalMart to become the 10th most valuable company on the US stock exchange, worth around $250 billion, in just a little over ten years compared to the more than the fifty years it took Walmart to reaching the same quarter of a trillion dollars in market value.

“This is why it is important to learn how to work online because you can implement the same free market, bottom up entrepreneurial, superhero dynamics that creates wealth and success by giving your visitors want they want.”

There are more than 3 Billion internet users and if just 0.0001%, which is 3,000 people, were to visit your website, your potential to become an internet superhero to those visitors is huge and your potential to make a great living could be enormous.

But of course you need to get the education and the tools to learn how to build a sustainable online business.

Here’s How

Once you understand what has gone wrong with the free market system and comprehend that the government regulations are not there to serve you and that things are not going to change anytime soon then you are ready to begin.

It’s about you and developing your skills and getting an education and acquiring more knowledge than 95% of most internet marketers out there know and if that excites you then click on the banner below.

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Wealthy Affiliate

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  • Jonathan

    Wow, this was great. I love your point of view, and I agree we need to stand up and start making a change in the world by taking charge and leveraging free markets such as the internet. I know what your talking about about SolarCity. There huge! They took the energy industry by the horns and said we’re going to start saving people money with these solar panels. Great example! I’m going to check out your recommendation Wealthy Affiliate so that I can start making money online.

    • Peter

      Hello, Jonathan Thank you for your comments and yes, Elon Musk is an awesome guy, we need many more like him. You will find WA to be an excellent place to get an online education that you need to become a success online. 🙂

  • Derek Marshall

    Hi There Peter,

    Great article and a fabulous and entertaining read. I think essentially the best way to make money be it online or offline is to provide genuine top quality solutions to people’s problems and take great pride in doing so and all the while making the money aspect a byproduct of the business’s success. This I believe lead to what every business owner wants – sustainability

  • Smart Prince

    While on one hand it’s a matter of pride that Superheroes like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Bill gates more and has given us so much to ease our life, to help our own selves and become future entrepreneurs. It’s disheartening to know about what Government is doing & is actually interesting in.

    Though I was knowledgeable about this, way before reading this post, but lol, I didn’t know that even BIG names like the ones mentioned above face difficulties from the side of government.

    What we need is more people to get aware and more to stand for what’s right and be fearless of the wrongful might. And for sure, Internet is not just “a” way but “the” best way to achieve this target.

    • Peter

      Hello, Smart Prince. Thank you for your comments and yes I agree the internet is a great way to gain independence and freedom from reliance upon the government by becoming more entrepreneural. I am pleased you liked the post. Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

  • Roman

    You know Peter,

    This post is truly inspiring to me. It is interesting how government intervention has hindered the ability for free marketing to actually be present in areas (such as the United States). The stories you disclosed about Steve Jobs as well as others is awesome, really.

    It hurts that the government makes all this effort to control. I thought it was more for protection. However, I see that it is more for control then I previously thought.

    I have a question for you. What do you think about welfare? Such as the government providing help to those in poverty, basically?

    Thanks alot for the info,

    Roman Rys

    • Peter

      Hello, Roman Providing ‘welfare’ and help to those who are poor or needy, is the excuse they use to implement all the regulations and taxes to control us and for them to have a reason for existing. Government create poor people because they ‘need them’ to play their game of ‘Robin Hood’. No poor people or supposed enemies then we would have no reason to be governed. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Emma

    I honestly think that we’re spoiled for choice these days. Sure, there are the obvious (and not so obvious!) scams out there, but if you do your due diligence before signing up, then you will largely be safe from the fly by night operations.

    Personally, I make most of my income as a freelancer (I’m a writer), and I’m looking to diversify through affiliate marketing and Amazon FBA offers. I firmly believe that in the shaky economy we’re going through today, the internet has unleashed huge potential for regular people like you and me to enjoy financial independence and enjoy life on our terms. How we do that depends on our skills and the path we take. It’s what makes this industry so exciting!

    • Peter

      Hi, Emma WA is going to be very helpful for you if you want to further your independence as their training is second to none. Like you I also believe that the economy is going to be rocky for the next few years (perhaps even a decade) or so. Therefore the internet will be a very useful resource to have mastered. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Joy

    Hi Peter
    I completely agree, that the government is far to inhibiting of markets. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist and I don’t see this as the big bad evil, I just see this as policy with good intentions having side effects that politicians were too unqualified to predict. Top down management does not work and can often breed corruption. i work in government funded healthcare, and everytime there is an election there are all sorts of promises about how the government is going to improve healthcare, and those of us on the inside are thinking “that is never going to work.” I got into my profession in order to be innovative, turns out I’m supposed to just do as I am told. I love the idea of pursing a business somewhere that I have true innovative freedom.

    • Peter

      Hi, Joy. WA is the best place to get the training and education you need to d just that. Building a long term sustainable online business around your passion is very possible. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Syntica

    I can see you really know your stuff Peter. Similarly there is a wealth of information being made available on your website and I always say, the better informed I am the better decisions I can make. The information on your site is really motivating and affirms the longing I have to do my own thing. In the end we have to do things for ourselves and this is a great offer as its free but has the crucial element of experts helping you along the way.

  • Jeff

    Your site is well set up. I don’t have any criticisms of it. I like your use of bold print throughout your articles. It draws the eye to that particular section of the article also making it obvious where your important points are. Great job!
    Your images are pertinent to the article and don’t distract from the article content. Excellent quality.

  • Nick

    Peter, the most compelling part of your page to me is that I only need to capture .0001% of the users online. And as you put it, out of 3 billion people that is 3000 customers. Through your reccomendation, will I learn how to engage and capture that percentage to build a profitable online business?

    • Peter

      Hi, Nick the short answer is yes! but it will take time. This is not an over-night, get-rich-quick scheme. Instead this is about building a steady, long term, income stream. Appreciate your comments, thank you 🙂

  • Shahab

    Hi Peter, I must say the website at first glance looks very professional, and lively. I like the usage of blue and white as the background theme.

    The headings throughout the page draw you to certain sections of the website which i like. At first here does seem to be an overload of information. I personally found that aspect a bit overwhelming.

    Overall your website seems to be very engaging. i sure will check out the content!

    • Peter

      Hi, Shahab. Thank you for your comments and yes there is a lot of information, but it not about how much its whether it’s engaging or not! Pleased you liked the look and feel of the site. 🙂

  • Matt's Mom

    I totally agree with you. It is the government regulation that drives prices up. I worked in the communications industry for 20 years. During that time, the government regulated communications. I spent a lot of time on the phone with very angry customers. They saw there single phone line go from about $7 a month, to over $20 a month with all the Federal fees. You look at this deregulation, and look at how high the cost is for cell phones and TV service. It’s crazy, because I know how cheap all this was before regulation. Some things, the government just needs to stay out of!

    • Peter

      Hello, Matt’s Mom Thank you for your comments and yes, I agree, the Government should stay out of ‘somethings’… Although I think that should be everything! Anyway Appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment 🙂

  • Santosh

    Hi Peter, Loved reading your article. Yes, I get very inspired by success stories of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckeberg, IBM, GM and many others. I always read about all these people and wonder if I will ever be able to at least own my own business,not to make millions but at least a couple of 100K’s consistently. I’m trying to get on the online business market, but am struggling to make my first few dollars. Not sure what I’m doing wrong probably not doing enough. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement. I’d love to have that book on video marketing Peter. Bless ya

    • Peter

      Hello, Santosh. I sure you will find the book helpful. Yes, it does take time to get your online business up and running and producing cash. Just think of it this way. You need to learn before you can earn so just keep at it success will come. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Trevor

    Hi Peter!

    Very in depth article. Elon Musk is a billionaire and a very intellectual man. I find him inspirational and you do really have to work super hard to be successful in life. Elon has a real passion for space and his ambition for humans to one day live on mars.

    • Peter

      Hello, Trevor Yes, Elon Musk is an inspiration for many. The world needs more like him. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • I always believe in the power of Internet and networking community. Wealthy Affiliate is an online-based community that creates a very powerful platform for the global community to interact with each other and share information, knowledge, wisdom on daily basis. I agree 100% of your notion of the people power against the governmental power in shaping the future of the free market. Thanks for inspiring me with such great thought.

  • Carroll

    Hi Peter, I was just reading over your articel on free enterprise or the lack thereof. Your obituaries of past industry and the advancement of some , I say some new companies is spot on. Government intervention, well let us say big government, has stifled many businesses from becoming what the people wanted. We need to take charge of our own destiny and It sounds like Wealthy Affiliate is there to give us a helping hand. I plan on asking for their help in becoming independent.

    • Peter

      Hello, Carroll There are many people who come up with new technology and innovative ideas that seem to elude the established industrial giants. The reason for this is that top-down management structures tend to stifle bottom up, free market innovations.Wealth and prosperity do not come from the Government or its rules and regulations.

      Government regulations restrict and hinder business to the detriment of society. Its rules and regulations are not for the protection of our society, as they claim. These rules are in place for control, not for protection. Government intervention in business is not a modern day occurrence. Laws and regulations have always been used as a political device to control the real heroes and innovators in society.

      Government creates laws and the rules to ensure that they (the politicians) remain in control. The public good is merely a ploy to justify the rules they need to play their game.

      Many people have questions about what is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners on the internet these days and Can I make money online? The trick, of course, is to avoid the scams¦ Fortunately, I can help and that’s why I wrote the post.

      Thank you for comments. 🙂

  • Steph

    Very, very good read!

    I’ve always been suspicious of the government and I am well aware that there are many, many things wrong with it but to be honest, I’ve never quite thought about it in this way before, but you’re SO right!

    I’m currently working towards making a living online, though it’s hard while working a 9-5 in order to pay the bills, it’s definitely the best way to gain proper freedom.

    Thanks for the awesome in depth look into this topic, and I must agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go!

    • Peter

      Hello, Steph If you already know how to build a website or are currently online and are struggling to make a full-time income then you may like to view my post make money online fast. Thank you so much for your comments. 🙂

  • albina

    Online business is the best business to do. What can boost your results is to learn how it is done, and with the skills it becomes easier.
    The best examples you have given is about the people who have known how to work smart to be where they are at the moment.
    Providing useful information probably is the best way to reach out to the market that is available just as you have written.
    Thank you for your informative content.

    • Peter

      Hello, Albina The best way to make money online is to become a superhero and by superheroI mean making the world a better place and coming up with innovative solutions to real-world problems that benefit people by giving them what they want. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • albina

    Thank you for your information about online business, I do like making money online and I am in the process of learning how to do it very well.

    I will appreciate to know how video marketing is done, let me have that eBook.

    • Hello, Albina, No problem it’s on its way to you and you are will find it really helpful so take your time and read it and implement what you learn. Enjoy 🙂

  • Matt's Mom

    This was a very unique way of presenting the information regarding making money by working online. It kept my attention and made everything seem, well more real, more tangible. When I stumbled across this post, I was about to pass right by it, but it drew me in. GREAT post and very good information! Keep up the good work!

    • Peter

      Hello, Matt’s Mum Thank you for your comments, Yes if you take action and want to learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer. you can get started with Wealthy Affiliate and take advantage of the best online internet marketing course and you can start for free. It truly is the best way to learn how to make money online. 🙂

  • Roy

    It was an interesting presentation.
    The page was filled with information, pop-ups and videos.
    It comes across as being a well thought out webpage.
    I did find it a bit much when it came to reading content, large paragraphs can be deceiving at first glance to a viewer.
    Choice of colour contrast was to my liking.

    • Peter

      Hello Roy, Thank you for your feedback about the large paragraphs. I have made changes to improve that situation. Please enjoy the book I have sent you as a thank you 🙂

  • Diana

    Hello Peter,

    Great post… and you did a great job of tying all the loose ends together with internet marketing. You’re right; being a superhero in today’s world isn’t about having the ability to fly… it’s about finding a solution to a problem many have.

    Internet marketing is a great way to solve many people’s problems. Just this morning I was on a website about dog training and read a post on how to stop my dog from marking territory inside the house. If it wasn’t for that superhero out there dedicated to helping us dog owners; I would still be scratching my head trying to solve this problem on my own.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • Peter

      Hello Diana, That’s exactly what superheroes do they solve problems (for a profit) and make our lives better in the process. We certainly don’t need the government interfering in that process, as they just stifle innovation and creativity (known fact) and increases costs and harm to society. Thamk for your feedback 🙂

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