Fastest Way to Get Your Hands on Millions of Dollars

1 Million Dollar Note

Fastest way to get your hands on millions of dollars

Front Face of American Million Dollar Bill

1 Million Dollar note ($1,000,000) is a great attention grabber. Publicity and advertising are the common way to reach a lot of people. There are plenty of marketing strategies that you can learn how people make money on the internet.

One of the keys is to have a message that is newsworthy, a slogan that is catchy or content that is memorable. Also, of course, you can always just spend a ton of money on marketing.

Fortunately, online you can achieve all this on a small budget just by having great content, good information and targeted keywords to generate traffic. In fact getting on page one of Google is an excellent way to get all the free traffic you want.

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Off-line people on a limited budget often use ‘Novelty Items‘ that they put their message on, such as t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, pens and pencils, mouse pads, you name it. But just having a logo or your business name can be boring, so the trick is to have a compelling image or slogan, OR something interesting. like this fake American Million dollar bill

US One Million Dollar Bill

One of my favorite (novelty items) are these novelty million dollar bills ($1,000,000) that I give to my special customers or use as an attention grabber. They are very realistic and people love them.

I’d carry them with me everywhere as conversation starters and I exchange them for business cards or people’s contact information. I would follow up later with an email and of course some useful information and a link to my website. They can be used them in many ways.

Some people put their photo and contactFast way to get your hands on millions of Dollars information on and actually use them as business cards. There are many options in how they could be used and you can get your hands on them here if you want and order as many as you want. 

To get a few million, go here to get your own: Million Dollar Bill

Fastest way to get your hands on millions of dollars

Back side of the American Million Dollar Bill

“There is a minimum order of 100 @ $0.25.

So you can get $100 million fake dollars – for $25 real dollars”

Fastest Way to get Your Hands on Millions of Dollars

Not only is this the fastest way I know to get your hands on millions of dollars, for a few bucks. There are also million dollar cards and other million dollar novelty items, the use of which, is limited only by your imagination.

Sending a client a real card with a million dollar bill inside will definitely get you noticed, is memorable and could be a great relationship starter.

Fastest way to get your hands on millions of dollars

Million Dollar Greeting Card

How to Make Real Money Online?

Just like the ‘look real‘ (but actually fake) millions above, there are plenty of fake programs and scams promising you millions via online money making schemes.

Yet making money online is not a novelty, it is real and can be achieved if you get the right program, learn the process, understand the strategies, implement the systems and take action.

There are many advantages for anyone wanting to learn how to earn money online. Such as round-the-clock operability, low starting costs, and the chance of quickly expanding your income and building a long term, sustainable business that will continue to pay you for years. 

The Internet marketing industry is full of online businesses owned and operated by amateurs who aspired to grab a share of the wealth being created in this lucrative industry.

Make Money Online Instantly

Imagine getting your website in front of some of the Three Billion people who are searching online for information and solutions to problems, 24 hours a day. Some may think that this is how you could make money online instantly.

However, it’s not quite that simple. If you’re going to achieve any sort of online success, you’ll need to know, understand and implement many techniques and for most beginners, this can be a daunting task.

There Has Never Been A Better Time

Getting all the information you need to start building your business the right way is very important. For many it’s too easy to get bogged down, become stuck and give up in frustration.

Yet there’s never been a better time to start your online business and it’s not too late to get it right, even if you have tried before, or are struggling to make any money online.

See the short Video below;

Newbie Lessons is your personal digital library of ‘how to‘ videos

Another Option

Best of all you can begin and learn all you want for free: I invite you to take a look at some other ways to get an education about making money on the internet.

Take action and learn how to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Get an online education, get started with Wealthy Affiliate and take advantage of the best online internet marketing course you can start for free right now! and learn how to work at home and make money.

How to Work at Home and Make MoneyWhile you are here… Grab a copy of my Ebook Affiliate Marketing Made Easy. whch you can review here:

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Let me leave you with another idea on getting your hands on some money, with this song by Ray Stevens


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    Million dollar mindset. Very smooth.

  • Angela Zechinato

    Peter I have a “million dollar” bill I carry in my wallet. When I say I have a million dollars I’m not lying. haha…..Don’t remember where I got it. It’s a great promo piece. Most people like novelty items and interesting marketing ideas.

    Your posts are always so entertaining. Thank you.

    • Hello Angela, Now you know where to get many more from… and give them away like a real millionaire ha ha. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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  • Gary


    Thanks for the entertaining read on what is so many folks single goal in life seems to be, to get their hands on a Million somehow!
    The novelty bills are all well and good but what I really appreciated is the direction my read took me, to what may actually someday earn me that kind of money.

    I have been scammed plenty of times looking to Safely Earn Online, but I never found any true success until I Got Started with Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for the great post love the rest of the site as well, my best,


    • Hey thank you Gary. You are right about that and this is one way to get your hands on a few million without scamming anyone. Appreciate the feed back and am pleased you liked the site thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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  • Michelle

    Hi Peter. I have received a couple of these million dollar bills through the mail over the years and it really does catch your eye. I had never before thought about using them as a business card, what a great idea! You have given me something to think about here, because novelity items are fun and people do love them. Great article!

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