How to Work Online at Home

How to Work Online at Home


How to Work Online at Home

Warren Buffett didn’t actually say that – (I just made that up)

If you want to know how to work online at home, then you may need some motivation because working online from home is not easy, and it requires commitment to be truly successful. I going to share with you some ideas and resources that will make your journey a lot less burdensome. Plus the I will give you some motivation as to why working online from home could be a wise choice.

Last Time

In a previous post, I gave a short history lesson on economic wealth and talked about “The invisible hand” concept of the free market and how it works best when it is run from the bottom up.

I mentioned that in the past, economies and communities were controlled by the very visible hand of kings, queens, and emperors and how these tyrants used the economy for their own benefit and how the masses worked extremely hard for only a small portion of the production of their own efforts. I mentioned the power structure and you can see it in the image below;

How to Work Online at Home

Not Much Has Changed

Not much has changed. Just the names and titles of those involved.

But why is it important to mention this?

Because if you’re not one of the top 1% it didn’t work for YOU then, and it’s not working for YOU now!

“What has this got to do with, ‘How to work online from home?  Stay with me – and you will soon see”.

The Economic Power

The economic power of any system run from the bottom up cannot be overemphasized. True free market capitalism is what creates real wealth, not political intervention.

Today, we see a breakdown of the entire global economy because of the top-down, political control mentality of the free market system. The effects of which is the cause of the worsening global financial situation we are witnessing each day.

“We are seeing this in places like the ‘stock market‘, that if you don’t re-organise your business model into one, that’s run from the bottom-up and focused on your customer. – You will go broke!  

Real-life examples such as former rock-solid, giant companies like, Kodak, General Motors, Polaroid, Bethlehem Steel, are just some, whose stock price has crashed.

These are all perfect examples of top-down mentalities that reversed the free market rules, ‘got into bed with the politicians‘ while ignoring the ‘customers at the bottom, all to their eventual peril. 

More Evidence 

Evidence of this upside down mentality impacting in the marketplace, is the recent statistics from the Music Recording Industry.  It shows that worldwide revenues have fallen every year from $26.6 billion in 1999 – to less than $15 billion in 2014.

Revenue has fallen but the number of people listening to music has gone up.

How to Work Online at Home

Capitol Records Building a Music Industry Icon

In the old days, talented singers or performers had to struggle to find a good agent who was ‘connected’ to the right‘ producers or record labels. Sometimes they performed for free just for an opportunity and hoped that they might be ‘discovered‘.

It was Hard

It was a tough business, sometimes they lived in tiny apartments and ate dry biscuits, trying to survive the best they could while they focused on their ‘dream‘.

The system and the agents didn’t really care because there were thousands of wannabe artists desperate to get a break and unless you got ‘lucky’ or someone associated with someone high-and-mighty recommended you, it just wasn’t going to happen. 

It was a top-down, dog-eat-dog environment. The consumers, the listeners and viewers were at the mercy of the music industry ‘system’. They decided what talent was, and you (the market) could only consume what was put in front of you. Your choice of music was decided by them. It had been that way for years; the people  (the market) had no say.

Things Have Changed

Recently talent shows have turned that top-down system on its head. You don’t have to be a starving artist to have a chance. 

Talent shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The X-Factor, and The Voice all dominate the TV ratings and are great examples of how businesses in that industry are ensuring their future survival utilising a ‘new’ trend. “Make it as easy as possible for the ‘people’ to get involved!

With this ‘new’ trend, the competition is fierce! Thousands of people can now line up, in person, or via YouTube submissions, to a captive panel of decision makers. Who then put them in front of us and WE choose who we want to listen to – or not.

Bottom Up

In this bottom-up system, the cream rises to the top, even from the unknown layers of society. Once those with real talent have separated themselves from the sometimes, delusional, perhaps even well-connected, but talentless contenders.

It becomes easy, and their success no longer rests in the hands of someone higher up the ladder or an inflexible top-down, run system looking to exploit the next vulnerable young rising star.

The result, new talent is emerging out of this process. They can become music stars overnight based solely on consumer demand. Not by luck or connections or political favors.

The Invisible Hand at Work

This, in essence, is the work of the invisible hand, a free market, bottom-up process that requires minimal regulations, relies upon open competition instead. 

It’s a place where the consumers get to choose what they wish to consume, instead of being told. It’s a place where individuals (the people) rather than politicians have the influence.

How to Work Online at Home

The show that changed how singers were judged

Make it as easy for the consumer as possible,’ is fast becoming the new economic trend!

The key is innovation and finding ways to constantly make improvements, learning lessons from failures, being flexible and fearless enough to make radical changes and staying motivated.

Shows like The Voice for example completely changed the way singers are judged, the way the judges interact, and this has become the best way to give the consumers what they want.

The Lesson

That is the lesson for businesses, in these times of economic uncertainty and rapid change. We’re in a time that will usher in a ‘new‘ economic business model, a time in which businesses will need to innovate in order to survive.

The new trend is proving the validity of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” concept, of the free market working best when it is run from the bottom up.

Bill Gates

Remember that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and countless others didn’t build their wealth (and create wealth for many others) from the top down. They all started from the bottom up, using free market capitalist dynamics to build great businesses into corporations. Corporations that have shaped the world in which we live, today.

They have not been alone in that regard, almost every great entrepreneur before them, has done the same thing. We tend to forget that wealth creation comes from the bottom up.

Instead, we are purposely, mislead by politicians who invert the power of ‘invisible hand‘ into a top-down controlled political process, supposedly for the betterment of all in society. 

A New Trend

Industry after industry is seeing a new breed of competition consisting of new startup companies that don’t feel obligated to operate under the old, slow, cumbersome, outdated rules from the past. How to Work Online at Home

Rules and restrictive regulations, which are designed solely to protect those industries from competition and stifle innovation are being ignored by these new bottom-up free market business start-ups.

The new trend is to go simply around the restrictive regulations, and directly challenge those operating in “safe” industries that haven’t seen much change in decades. 

They don’t wait for the top-down management bureaucracies to come up with new ideas or new technologies. They don’t wait for directions from the higher-ups. 

Instead, they think about how to “Make it as easy for the consumer as possible and go ahead and make it happen.

The Implications of this Trend are Massive.

Uber, the poster child of this trend, could soon follow companies like Google and Facebook with a large IPO that could surpass $100 billion.

If you’re not familiar with Uber, it’s a phone app that essentially allows regular drivers to turn their cars into cabs. Of course the Government regulators at first tried to fight the idea with many cities blocking its use and threatened to ticket Uber drivers picking up riders.

But fortunately, they couldn’t fight the service’s bottom up popularity,  or the “make it easy for the consumer‘  and thanks to, in part, the difficulty of enforcing laws against it, Uber is now allowed in most cities.

Today, Uber operates under far less restrictive rules and regulations than the decades old taxi industry and because it is largely free from government intervention, the speed at which Uber has grown, compared to the government ‘protected’ cab industry is stunning.

Five years ago it operated in a single city with a fleet of three cars. Today, it’s in 311 cities and has had more than one million drivers signed up to use the service and the company is expected to  generate 10 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2015.

This Future Trend Goes Way Beyond Uber

Uber took only a few years to overwhelm the powerful, taxi lobbies, on a global scale. However Uber, is just one example of government rules (and the companies they protect) being crushed, by the progress of this new bottom-up free market trend and the new technologies that are being created.

There is a whole new world coming and with it, will be lots of unnecessary friction, between Government regulators (who seek to remain in control and to protect their corporate friends) and innovative, upstart companies.

Examples of Innovation

Here are some examples (and there are many) of what we are seeing;

  • Self-Driving Cars

Google already has a fleet of self-driving cars that have logged more than a million miles on city streets without the help of a human driver. Within a few years, we may be able to buy a car that can drive itself with the push of a button. So far these self-driving cars aren’t outlawed only because the government hasn’t had time to outlaw them yet (the only reason to is to protect the existing auto industry)

  • Then there are the Drones

Another idea getting traction is from Amazon, who is serious about building thousands of small drone helicopters that could deliver products from its warehouses in under an hour. (DHL is already using these in Germany).

The only reason it hasn’t happen in the U.S yet is that the Federal Aviation Administration hasn’t gotten around to creating the ‘rules‘ for them. While the Government drags its feet on creating these ‘self-serving’ rules, America falls behind as now Chinese companies have become the leaders in this booming industry. How to Work Online at Home

And that trend is only accelerating. Plenty of industries, worth trillions of dollars, are dreading the new upstarts that will challenge them in the next decade.

This new trend will make a lot of people very rich much like the industrial revolution, and the computer industry has done in the past.

Other Examples of Innovation

There are people like, the fictional Iron Man (Tony Stark) of the movie and comic book fame,  who are actually for real like; Elon Musk the founder of SpaceX and the co-founder of PayPal and of course he owns Tesla Motors.

With SpaceX, Musk had calculated that the raw materials for building a rocket were actually was only 3 percent of the price being ‘charged‘ to the government (tax payers money) and he realised he could start a company that could build affordable rockets, and he could cut the launch price by a factor of ten and as a result.

His company, SpaceX in 2008, was awarded a US$1.6 billion NASA contract to transport cargo to the international space station.

Tesla Motors

How to Work Online at Home

Tesla Roadster 2010

With Tesla Motors, he built the first electric, high-performance sports car, the Tesla Roadster, with initial sales of about 2,500 vehicles to 31 countries. Something the major car manufacturers had been unable to do and during a time when General Motors and Chrysler were going broke. 

An interesting side note; General Motors’ then-Vice Chairman Robert Lutz was quoted in an August 2009 edition of The New Yorker, as saying,

How come some tiny little California startup, run by guys who know nothing about the car business, do this, and we can’t?’   

Lutz retired from GM, at the end of 2009, stating that one reason for his decision… 

“Was the increasing regulatory climate in Washington was forcing GM to produce what Federal regulators wanted, rather than what the customers wanted.”

There’s More…

These were not just lucky breaks, for Musk, as he continues to come up with and implement technology and innovations that have eluded the existing established industrial giants because of their top-down management structures that stifle bottom up, free market innovations.

As an example of innovative thinking and implementation, Musk provided the initial concept and then the financial capital for SolarCity, now the second largest provider of solar power systems in the United States.

Upstart Company

This upstart company manufactures and leases solar panels to the customer, for zero down payment and long term rental  / usage agreements, making it affordable to install energy saving and green electricity producing devices on the rooftops of homes and business, all across America.

Something the Government and the existing ‘protected electrical power supply industry have been unable (or unwilling) and failed to do.

Peter V Crisp

“These are not political driven directives, but are the results of individual ‘free market‘ thinkers using bottom-up free market dynamics, something that all governments want to keep you in the dark about – because that’s the true source of all economic wealth and prosperity. Not the Government and its rules and regulations!



This is why it is important to learn how to work online at home. Because you can implement the same free market, bottom-up entrepreneurial dynamics that creates wealth and success. You can create your own online business, you can do this yourself, without any direction from bureaucrats, political initiatives, or a boss telling you what to do.

The Big Picture

Governments have always struggled to regulate innovative technologies, because they are slow, top-down behemoths’ that are inefficient (and are actually unnecessary) and exist only because politicians have conned us into thinking that they are benefactors to our society, when they are not.

The government has for decades slowly formulated rules and regulations, not for the betterment of the people, but to protect themselves and the businesses that lobby and support them with cash.

Can’t waitHow to Work Online at Home

We can’t wait years or decades for regulators to craft rules for new ideas, products or new technologies to come to the market. They are not idea creators. (We need more people like Elon Musk)

New products can spread to tens of millions of consumers, in mere days.  Last year, Apple’s new iPhone sold 10 million phones in just its first weekend. 

Compare that to when Henry Ford (also an upstart) ushered in the auto age, it took more than 15 years before his company sold its 10 millionth Model T.

Look at what, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many, many others, have been able to achieve, without waiting for the government to direct them. 

The Great Awakening

The people will wake up to the fact that government laws, do not serve them

Someday soon the people will realize that Adam Smith’s had it right. That wealth and social advancement can only come from the seemingly disruptive small upstarts in a lightly regulated, bottom up, free market system consisting of individual entrepreneurs just as we have seen time and time again throughout history and what once made America the greatest nation on earth.

The American Constitution Sadly No longer Respected Today

Today Countries, economies, and communities are controlled by the very visible hand of governments who have hijacked the economy for their own benefit and once again, the average working person see little financial reward after taxes and inflation have ravished their earnings.

Around the World

That’s why around the world, just as in the 1770’s when the masses revolted against the ruling elite, we are seeing riots and protests, such as the ‘Arab Spring’ in places like Egypt and Syria who are wanting freedom from tyranny and are seeking democracy and free market capitalism in the hope of ushering in economic and social progress.

It is becoming a growing worldwide trend, although under-reported by mainstream media.

Of course, this is going to be challenging to thousands of existing companies operating in ‘safe’ industries as they realize this is not only a big problem for governments but one that is potentially devastating for all companies that have relied upon government rules and regulations to survive. 

As they could all suddenly be transformed from stable, dividend-paying companies into ticking financial time bombs, no longer safe from innovation and free market competition.

What to Do?

Once you understand what has gone wrong with the free market system and realize that people increasingly rely on the interconnectivity of the internet to do business and search for information.

In fact, there are more than 3 billion people who are searching and looking for solutions to problems online. Therein lies the great opportunity that is waiting for you.

Learn to Adapt

It makes absolute sense to learn to adapt to these changes, as well as to fight against all Governmental intervention on all levels – if you want to survive.

“By ‘fighting’, I’m not talking about ‘protesting‘ or ‘civil disobedience‘. I mean philosophically, by taking self responsibility, and not relying upon the Government for your survival. Specifically, I am talking about learning, ‘

how to work online at home’

If you run a business, take some pointers from this new trend.

  • Establish and build your internet presence.
  • Build a website and create content that it engages your audience
  • Hire a digital marketer and hire a keyword researcher (if necessary).

Or get the education yourself.

How to Earn Money Working at Home

That’s Not All…

Trying to make money online can be difficult. Most people fail because they get frustrated and give up before they ever complete their education and put all the pieces together. That’s because there is so much to learn. It’s not as easy as many think and unless you get help and the right education it going to take a lot of time and effort to figure it all out.


There are several ways you can get the right education. When it comes to understanding website building, there is proven blueprintAn easy way to make money that cuts out all the pain and struggle, and best of all, you don’t need mWordPressuch in the way of techie skills in order to create your very own money making website using WordPress.  

WordPress is the most popular website builder around, with over 59.1% of websites online are WordPress and nearly 50,000 new WordPress sites are added every day. Yet most people know very little about some of its most powerful features that it has and how to take advantage from that little known knowledge.

You can use the link here to discover more about how to create a website in WordPress and how you can make money from doing so.

How to make money with a WordPress website

Why is an Internet Education Important?

If you learn how to use the internet to make money, without relying on the Government, or a government sponsored job, you will be protecting both you and your family’s financial future.

It’s also important to your personal and financial freedom to develop your internet skills and get an education by acquiring this new knowledge. By doing so you will ensure, that you will have greater income security than 95% of most people, who do not.

New Standard

A new standard is being set, a new trend is emerging, and customers are no longer willing to work as hard, to get what they want from traditional business.  

What they want is to be listened to, to be respected and have their interests served.

So, to be successful in business today. You will need to find ways to help existing (and potential) customers get what they want. One way to do this best, is by making sure they feel that you are listening to them. Communicate with them in engaging ways, but not by doing the same old things that worked in the past. Todays customers are nw expecting more from you.

When it comes to Affiliate marketing or working online, many people have questions about, what is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, and where to get the ‘right‘ education. There are many opportunities being promoted on the internet these days, the trick is to avoid the scams…

Fortunately, I have a well researched and credible recommendation for you.

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer at Wealthy Affiliate here

Wealthy Affiliate is a straightforward, honest, down-to-earth membership program, created by online marketers for online marketers and it won’t cost you a fortune nor have you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ like many other programs. In fact, you can begin for free and stay a free member for as long as you like.

It’s well worth a few minutes of your time to explore this awesome community further, especially if you want to know how to work online at home.

How to Work at Home and Make MoneyFinally

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  • Ryan


    This is a very great and detailed guide on how to make money online at home. I have been working on this idea now for many years and I am still in the process of getting my business started. I love the context that is in your articles, and you have a great way of explaining yourself. Good job.

    • Peter

      Hello, Ryan Thank you for your comments. Pleased you have enjoyed the site. Watch your inbox for the free book I am sending your way.:)

  • Neil

    This is such a thorough article, I’m impressed! I definitely learnt a lot about wanting to make a living at home!

    I agree, we need more people like Elon Musk, constantly breaking new grounds and achieving what the world thought was not possible.

    I’m absolutely trying to learn to adapt to the fast-paced changes in the business world and your article truly motivated me! Thanks for the informative read.

    • Peter

      Hello, Neil. Thanks for your comments. Pleased you have enjoyed the post and you found it informative.  Yes, the world needs more people like Elon Musk for sure, although, they are a rare breed, because the deck is stacked against them. But thats no reason why we cannot become our own superheroes and provide exceptional service and value to our readers, followers and customers.  Watch your inbox for the PDF book I am sending your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Dave

    This is a really thorough article and just what I needed. I think you are completely right – an education is vital for any endeavour in life, and staring an online business is the same. Give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll eat forever right?

    • Peter

      Hello, Dave Yes I totally agree in these times of economic uncertainty and rapid change. We’re in a time that will usher in a ‘new‘ economic business model, a time in which businesses will need to innovate in order to survive and learning how to ‘fish’ is going to be the key to our individual future financial security. Thanks for your comments.:)

  • Elmarie

    Peter I liked your different approach to earning money from home. Giving background on the economic situation and how it impacts on each individual is really an eye opener. Everyone think it is so easy to work from home but I agree you have to have the commitment or else other distractions will hinder your performance.

    • Peter

      Hello, Elmarie. I totally agree you need to be committed or the distractions will hinder your performance and Trying to make money online can be difficult. Most people fail because they give up before they put all the pieces together. There are more than 3 billion people who are searching and looking for solutions to problems online. Therein lies a great opportunity that is waiting for us to take advantage of and creating an online business is an excellent decision to take. Thank you for yur comments. 🙂

  • Samuel

    Hello Peter,

    Very Informative post, I really learnt a lot. I’m actually glad that I chose then online route and I’m happier that I met Wealthy Affiliate! Now, more and more people are turning into the internet to make money as time passes by. This is the new era. Youtube, social media, Google.


    • Peter

      Hello, Samuel Yes, Trying to make money online can be difficult. Most people fail because they get frustrated and give up before they ever complete their education and put all the pieces together. However, there is a proven blueprint. An easy way to make money that cuts out all the pain and struggle and best of all you don’t need any techie skills in order to create your very own money making website using WordPress .

      Thank you so much for your feedback, I apprceiate you leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Bill

    Hi Peter, second time visitor. Nice overview on the” from the bottom up” business model and the changing business climate. Your point relates strongly to earning online income. I think what I like best here besides the opportunity to earn online generated income from home is the fact that some of the old ways of doing business don’t work anymore.

    • Peter

      Hello, Bill yes you are right we need to wake up to the fact that government laws do not serve us. Someday people will realize that Adam Smith’s had it right. That wealth and social advancement can only come from the seemingly disruptive small upstarts in a lightly regulated, bottom up, free market system consisting of individual entrepreneurs just as we have seen time and time again throughout history and what once made America the greatest nation on earth. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Chuka

    Hi Peter,

    This post is a fantastic education in economic history and the paradox of democracy and free market capitalism on the one hand and the very same politicians who should uphold these actually suppressing market economy through the top-down approach.

    I like very much your illustration of the bottom-up approach through talent programmes that give opportunity to everyone in a level playing field as opposed to the oppression and abuse of talented people who did not have the connection nor the power to be ‘discovered’. You are right, people are breaking free from shackles of governments and seeing through this so called protectionism as you illustrated in the rise of Uber among others.

    Fantastic analysis of history and how to open up and rise up to the incredible opportunities that are everywhere in today’s modern economy. Thoroughly enjoyed this post! 🙂

    • Peter

      Hello, Chuka. Thank you for your comments. I am pleased you liked the post. The economic power of any system run from the bottom up cannot be overemphasized. True free market capitalism is what creates real wealth, not political intervention.

      Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and countless others didn’t build their wealth from the top down. They all started from the bottom up, using free market capitalist dynamics to build great corporations. Corporations that have shaped the world in which we live, today.

      Instead, we are purposely, mislead by politicians who invert the power of ‘invisible hand’ into a top-down controlled political process, supposedly for the betterment of all in society. But they lie!

      This is why it is important to learn how to work online at home. Because you can implement the same free market, bottom-up entrepreneurial dynamics that creates wealth and success.

      Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

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