List Building Success

List Building Success
list Building Success
Tips for Email List Building

As someone who has been working online for a few years, I understand the importance of building an email list. In fact, if asked what would I do differently if I had to start over, I would admit that failing to build a list from day one, was my biggest mistake.

So let’s not beat around the bush, building a list is extremely important. It means you have a list of people that you can email whenever you want, promote products, share links, and create a continuous stream of income from.

Email List building is one of the most important and effective means for increasing online profitability. For example, while 62% of Internet users might participate in social media over 85% of those online use email on a regular basis to connect with their audience. 

These types of statistics and facts highlight the primary importance of email marketing for the success of any online business.  And the results from email marketing are only as good as the subscriber list itself.  A high-quality email list will generate a higher response rate and more sales.

[You can access the video course mentioned inside the book]

Email Marketing is Much More Than Just Gathering a List of Worthless Leads

When building an email list many get lost in the numbers, thinkings it’s the quantity rather than the quality.  This often results in poor response ratios and many other problems, such as getting tagged by Internet service providers as someone who sends out spam. 

It doesn’t matter if the subscribers gave their approval in some way, because if they report your emails as spam, it will affect you whether you like it or not.  The key is to avoid the mistakes of manipulative email grabs and other tactics that focus on numbers rather than quality.

“Improper List Building Strategies often results in a Low Quality, unproductive Subscriber Lists!

The BookList Building Success

So I put together ‘List Building Success Secrets’ because it’s the book I would have wanted for myself while I struggled with putting an email marketing list together.

Sometimes we think is just a matter of getting people email addresses, but actually, it’s not that simple. You need to create a relationship with your audience.

So this will teach you the proper strategies for effectively building your email list and avoiding many mistakes while doing so

This valuable Book List Building Success Secrets will provide you with everything you need to know from list startup tips to successful list building tactics. 

This Book is packed full of all the data that is necessary to avoid making the awful mistakes that are made by many. 

You will be taught exactly what your must do to build your subscriber list and the right way to go about it.

However, List Building Success Secrets is much more than just a book of simple basics discussing how to build a list. It not just tips for email list building. We are going to tell you precisely how and where to get resources that will help you to build a list of great value and worth that consists of real people who are really interested in your products and/or services.  Quality rather than just quantity!

List Building Success

What’s in it?

In this book and you will discover highly profitable ways to make money building a list just as the market leaders do. There is also lots of great information, tips and useful advice and even specific information about how to fast track your list building. 

List Building Sucess Secrets will provide you with the following information to help you maximize your success:

For example, you will find and learn;List Building Success

  • The importance of delivering quality to your subscribers 
  • The Importance of creating an effective Lead Magnet
  • Proper ways to design your own unique content
  • Insight on generating profit while retaining list subscribers
  • And much, much more … 


  • (page 5) 12 simple things with which you can build your mailing list.
  • (page 14) The four secret approaches about how to build your list faster.
  • (page 16) Some software that can fast track the entire list building process.
  • (page 21) A PLR Package that contains 26 Quality eBooks ready to use as lead magnets
  • (page 23) A video training course to learn how to maximize selling your PLR products much easier and how you can instantly become an expert in any niche.

Plus some additional Resources:

  • (page 35) An optional email marketing training course that shows you how to promote affiliate products to your email list.
  • (page 36) Another almost FOOL-PROOF method for building a list automatically.

The Book

This Book will take you inside the operational aspects of list building and will reward those who master its strategy. Regardless of the type of business you have, List Building Success Secrets is a valuable resource that will instruct you how to build up a quality email list that is going to produce results and increase your bottom line.

If you are more interested in building an email list with a high number of worthless subscribers, then this is not the book for you. On the other hand, if you want to build a quality list, learning professional list building strategies for quality while also discovering what mistakes to avoid, then you have found the right source to get you there.

Other Books and Programs

While many books out there promise you the numbers, we want to teach you how to get quality subscribers so that it actually produces real results for your bottom line.

Numbers are important, but not at the expense of quality and proper marketing technique.  We want your numbers to increase, but in a more realistic and profitable way so you’re not spinning your wheels and achieving nothing.

Don’t work hard to build up some worthless email list that might fool you into thinking you have accomplished something.  The true measure of your subscriber list is the results it produces.  Instead, we will show you how to work smart and build a list that has some equity in the value of the subscribers!

Book Comes With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We take away your risk by offering you access to this book completely 100% free.  Just leave a comment below and the book is yours free. This is a great offer, there is no risk for you, only the forecast of a quality subscriber list that will improve your sales and knowledge to build a quality list. All you have to do is follow the recommendations and suggestions and implement what you learn.

Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by, jump into the action of effective list building and start watching the cash flow in. 

Don’t Wait Too LongList Building Success

Don’t lose sight of the fact that there is are some Three billion people online searching for solutions to problems.  

Keep in mind, that every day you procrastinate, others will secure those quality subscribers that are valuable to your internet success and this will reduce the chance that they will end up on your list. 

Internet users tend to get overwhelmed by too much email and getting them to subscribe becomes more difficult the longer they are on the Web.  So it is crucial you get started now and snatch up your proper market share while you still can.

There are millions of quality subscribers out there just waiting to sign up for your list if the pitch is targeted and well done.  Let us show you now how to get started and do it right. Within weeks, you can be reaping some real benefits from your wise decision to act now.


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Peter V Crisp

If you want to build a list and don’t know how to start, then this is the book for you. Most people get stuck right at the beginning… Without a strong list, you won’t have a stable source of future online income”. 

The book is awesome as are you for leaving a comment. Thanks

P.S  If you don’t want to leave a comment – and don’t like reading books but you want to know how to build a list, then go here

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  • Thanks for this article Peter. This subject is near and dear to a lot of online marketers and I’m one of them. I am well aware of the fact that I do need good people interested in what I want to promote or I’m just spinning my wheels and won’t make a dime in affiliate marketing. I can see the value in the book you are offering and believe it to be a valuable read for me. I have enjoyed the articles that you have posted as they are very informative and have bookmarked your webpage for further use. Thanks again for the good read.

    Al Elliott

    • Hello, Al Thanks for your comments and I am pleased you have found the article informative. I am sending you a free copy of my book as a thank you for leaving a comment so watch out for it in your inbox. Enjoy 🙂

  • pmbaluka2016

    Hi Peter,

    First, I’d like to appreciate the great work you have done in writing this great post. This is one of the most important things in kicking my online my business. I must admit that I’ve really learned a lot when it comes to email marketing from your review.

    I have a young website which hasn’t attracted any traffic yet and am still working on it. I wonder if it’s advisable for me to get started with email marketing now or I should wait till I realize some traffic? If at all I should, what is your recommendation of the the program that I should engage with that will help me get started and serve me right?

    Wishing you all the best


    • Peter

      Hello, Paul Thanks for your comments. You ca never be too early when it come to building an email list. You just need to provide content for them to want to get from you. Because with any email list you need to constantly be in contact with your list and provide them with something value. You will discover more about this in the PDF of my book that is coming your way. So watch out for it in your inbox. 🙂  

  • Stephen

    Thanks a lot for this!

    I’ve actually been thinking about starting an email list lately but I’ve not been sure how to go about it. I’ll definitely check this book out!

    How long should it take me to see list building success after reading this book? I only post about once a week to my website so wasn’t sure whether or not it was a good idea to start an email list yet.

    • Peter

      Hello, Stephen.  A PDF copy of my book is on its way to you so watch out for it  in your inbox. How long something take to work for you depends entirely upon how well you implement what you learn and the amount of action you take. I am pleased you have enjoyed the post and thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Mat A.

    Hi Peter,
    Great article on list building success with email. Reading your post came at a perfect time for me. I’ve been working on my website for 8 months now and really focused on cranking out content. I feel I’ve got a good system in place to keep up a steady output of quality content. A few days ago i switched my theme to something that is cleaner and easier to navigate. I’ve got some tweaking to do there but close to done.
    My next phase is building an email list. I’ve done some preliminary research but could use some further direction. I’ve signed up for your notifications – hopefully I’ll get your tips and tricks on email soon.
    All the best,
    Mat A.

    • Peter

      Hello, Mat. I will send you a PDF copy of my Book List Building Secrets that will  be very helpful for you, so watch out for it in your inbox.  Inside you will discover some useful resources and strategies to improve of develop your list building in a more successful way. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Strahinja

    Hello to you Peter.

    I bumped into your website by randmomly exploring Internet regarding e-mail marketing.

    I really loved your post, esepcially the part about lead magnet and e-mail marketing. You are completely right i myself started creating some engaging lead magnets and your post really come in handy.
    I will definitely enjoy a copy of your book.

    • Peter

      Hello, Strahinja. Thanks for your comments.  A PDF copy of my book is on its way to you so, watch out for it in your inbox. I’m sure you will find it useful and very helpful for building an email list. Enjoy 🙂  

  • Alfred James

    This is a very good article. First of all, you have a good quality content and that is very important to your website so Google can rank your articles, so keep going.

    Your article is very interesting because yes you have right, we make so many works to earn money online and yes we have 4 billion of people and we can’t sell online, so we need to improve that, thanks for the article.

    • Peter

      Hello, Alfred. Thank you for your comments and please watch out for the free eBook I am sending your way for leaving a comment. Also feel free to view other posts and you will see a familiar layout and colour scheme and they are all content focused with an offer to buy something if they reader wants to – all low key. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • Starri

    Great article Peter. It is very important for beginners to find website as this one with all this information. I am grateful for that:) After reading this article I will definitely start working on my E-mail for my new website. I just want to thank you for open my eyes for E-mail marketing.

    • Peter

      Hello, Starri You are welcome and I am pleased you found it interesting and enjoyable. Watch out for the eBook I am sending your way, so expect it in your inbox very soon. Thanks again for your comments. 🙂

  • Josh Tate

    Thanks Peter,
    It’s good to hear about this. I started my website about a month ago, and I was going to wait to start an email list. I guess I’ll get working on that! Good to know that I should get started on that. Thanks so much for this article. How would you suggest managing all the emails?

    • Peter

      Hello, Josh Thank s for your comments and yes I can recommend an autoresponder you can use the enclosed link. Starting your email list building early is important as it like money in a savings bank that you can draw upon later. Enjoy the free eBook I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Brahma

    Thank for your article Peter. I like your website very much because you provide lot of information which must follow by newbie like me in online business. Recently i started the online business and am searching for few tips about email listings. Great idea is publishing books and purchasing those with comfort prices.

    • Peter

      Hello Brahma Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you found this site useful. You willl also like the eBook I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Medu

    As an internet market, this is one sector I have not been successfully able to exploit. I made an attempt at it on my very first website. I didn’t like the results with it, so I dropped it. I have not tried to implement it on any of my other websites.

    I was not informed or trained on list building and email marketing anyway, so the failure was almost sure from the beginning. I trust your book will help me out 🙂

    Thanks in advance Peter.

    • Peter

      Hello, Medu Thank you for your comments I’m sure you will enjoy my ebook I am sending your way as a thank you and I sure you will find it useful. 🙂

  • Sophie

    Hi Peter, this is a timely book. I never thought much about building an email list, probably because I delete most of the emails I get. So, your book sounds intriguing becuase it seems shoppers are becoming more wary and savy as the years go by. Thanks for the information, Sohpie.

    • Peter

      Hello, Sophie Email List building is one of the most important and effective means for increasing online profitability. I hope you will enjoy the book I am sending your way, please check you inbox. 🙂

  • Glen

    Peter, great article. As a long time email marketer I find your information spot on. The money is in the list.

    I go back before the Can Spam Act of 2003 when it was easy to build a list. Just use an email harvester bot and automatically scan websites for email addresses.

    Now, it is important to give value to readers so that they look forward to reading the next email. Very few marketers are capable of doing that these days.

    • Peter

      Hello, Glen. Yes, I agree things are harder these days and it’s important to get it right, hence the reason for creating this program. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Ben

    I love the layout and colors of your blog! I like the opt in but maybe offering free content might create more conversions. Interesting info on building email lists, this is new to me. I really like the live traffic feed, what kind of plugin is that? I’m the one from San Antonio. Cheers!


  • Tony Arguello

    Hello Peter, I have gained much knowledge from your articles and your website structure. As a new affiliate I am always searching for new information to improve my business. I am interested in taking your advice and building an e-mail list. It would be great to get some helpful hints or information because it sounds like I got alot of work still. How long have you been in the Business. How do you feel about video marketing. I won’t pick your brain to much but will reference your information continuously. Thank You, Much appreciated

    • Peter

      Hello Tony, Building a list is extremely important as it means you have a list of people that you can email whenever you want to promote products, share links, to create a stream of income from.

      Video marketing works well with client engagement and you can get a copy of Video Marketing Made Easy. from my post here simply by leaving a comment. Enjoy 🙂

  • Anthony Arguello

    Hello Peter,I have found your site very informative. I have just started in the business and just about completed the initial building of my site. I haven’t even began to think about an e-mail list and how to go about it. I am very passionate about this and am always searching for new information to educate myself. I have learned alot from your site structure as well. Thank You

    • Hello, Anthony Thanks for your comments Yes my book List Building Success Secrets will provide you with everything you need to know from list startup tips to successful list building tactics. It’s packed full of all the data that is necessary to avoid making the awful mistakes that are made by many and it will teach you exactly what your must do to build your subscriber list the right way. For more about list building you can see my post here. Enjoy 🙂

  • Kevin Pola

    Great content online list building. I have spent years online and while I was about to build a list of 1,000 subscribers I could never convert these leads into customers. I found it easy to add to my list but never discovered the secret to converting. I thought perhaps the quality of my leads were not good, most from cold lead sources. Learned quite a bit from your site. Any hints would be appreciated. Cheers Kev

    • Peter

      Hello, Kevin thank you for comments. I am sending you a copy of my book List Building Success Secrets so you will find a number of tips and idea inside. So watch out for it in your inbox. Thanks again for your feedback. Enjoy 🙂

  • Martina

    I’m trying to build my e-mail list but its going slowly for sure. If you only have a small group of people in your list, how often should you e-mail them – well I guess my real question is how often should you e-mail your list in general? I’ve heard from some people that you should everyday while others say once a week?

    • Peter

      Hello, Martina. I am sending you copy of List Building Success which will give you lots of information about building lists and answers to your questions. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Gary

    Hi Peter.

    I have been concentrating on getting traffic from SEO and I have not yet even thought about building a list. I know it is important but I just didn’t even know where to start.
    This article has reminded me that it is time that I did something about it. You have given me some very useful information here and I am looking forward to reading your book.
    Just a quick question, my online business is doing quite well just leveraging SEO and social media. How much difference will building a list actually make in your opinion?


    • Peter

      Hello, Gary. To answer your question. Email List building is one of the most important and effective means for increasing online profitability. For example, while 62% of Internet users might participate in social media over 85% of those online use email on a regular basis to connect with their audience.

      These types of statistics and facts highlight the primary importance of email marketing for the success of any online business.

      I am sending you a copy of List Building Secrets for you to review. so watch out for it in your inbox. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Tanaquillo

    I’m just starting to build my email list, I literally only put up my opt in forms a week or two ago. So I was really surprised to see that I’d gotten a pair of subscribers just yesterday.

    Its a little embarrassing to admit but my first thought was “Oh no! What am I going to do with them?” I’m sort of working it out by trial and error and tips I’m picking up from all over the place but having everything you need in one book would be invaluable!

    • Peter

      Hello, Tanaquillo You will like what’s in the book I am sending your way, it will give you some great advice and resources to help implement what you have learned from elsewhere. thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Roope

    More and more I read your articles I become convinced that I really should take time to build an email list. I wouldn’t like to buy an autoresponder from the beginning because I don’t have so much traffic on my site. What free service would you recommend when building an email list? Is MadMimi or Mailchimp better?

    • Peter

      Hello, Roope Mailchimp doesn’t like Affiliate Marketers and if you get something like Clickfunnels the autoresponder is part of the package. I discuss numerous options in the eBook I am sending you as a thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • cristina

    many things to learn from your site . i am just started my online business but i see that are many things that i didn’t know about.
    you book looks very helpful and for sure i will read it and try to learn as much as possible.
    Thanks for sharing some small ‘secrets’ of online business and i will follow your steps:)
    have a nice day

    • Peter

      Hello, Cristina, you are most welcome and a copy of the book is on its way to you, so watch out for it. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Awesome retail reviews

    You have a great site, I haVe been trying to figure out how to put email plug in my site and trying to understand more about how it works . Your site is great inform and make people understand. Love the theme of your site. A book is a great way to bring your readers .

    • Peter

      Hello and thank you for your comments. A copy of the book List Building Success is on it’s way to you and will give you some more great ideas about building a list. Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

  • JP

    Thanks for the reply and the copy of the book – AWESOME. I’ve been wanting to learn about list building for some time because I’ve learned that an important part of retaining a kind of tangible list of potential customers. I’m going to look more into that which you have recommended and then are a choice for myself. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • Juan

    Hey, great post!

    Your book seems a must-have one!
    It is great that you cover not only how to build up a list, but also some techniques to do it faster as well as programs that makes all that easier. That’s great!!

    By the way, is it a good idea to have different email lists to target different audience?

    Just waiting to receive your book, thanks a lot!
    Cheers, Juan

    • Peter

      Hey, Juan Targeting different audiences with different lists is indeed a great idea because you want to only communicate relevant information to specific people. You do not want to be spamming anyone. So specific lists of highly targeted people is the right thing to do. Watch out for the book I am sending your way. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Roger Hill

    Never thought about list building but what you say makes perfect sense. A quality list of visitors not only exposes your current products but establishes a viable relationship by which you can introduce future products. Your system sounds like it’s definitely worth a look. Really looking forward to reading your book.

    • Hello, Roger Thank you for comments The book is on it’s way to you so look out for it. I’m sure you are going to like it. Building list is an important part of affiliate marketing for the reasons you have mentioned. Enjoy 🙂

  • JP

    Hey thanks for the article,This is something that I’ve been needing to do research on, because i Know that if someone gets subscribers through their website, they’ll be able to retain potential customers. I look forward to learning more and keep up the good work with your site. Look forward to other posts.

    • Peter

      Hello, JP Email List building is one of the most important and effective means for increasing profitability and knowing how to do this effectively is great skill to learn. Look out for the book I’m sending you. Enjoy 🙂

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