Best Way to Accomplish Goals – is to Ditch them

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

Best Way to Achieve Goals…

Is to ditch them? – Really!   –  Yes, let me explain…

Suppose you decide it’s time to leave your job  or learn how to get your website to rank on page one and you’re made up your mind to do just that. 

Everybody knows you’ve got to stay acutely focused on your goals if you want to achieve anything in life – Right?

But what if “everybody’swrong about the best way to accomplish goals. What if everything you thought about achieving your goals was wrong?

What Do I Mean?

Let’s say you’re a coach and your goal is to win the championship. How do you do that? By focusing on the end goal?

“Or by focusing on all the things your team needs to do in order to be good enough to win. Daydreaming about winning, isn’t going to be enough. You’ve still got to hone your skills and practice, practice and practice”.

Or say, you’re a salesperson and you have set goals for yourself to earn $200,000 in commissions this year, twice what you earned last year. How will you do that? Do you focus on the end result of $200,000?

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

“Or do you do twice as much of what you did the year before and by calling on that, ‘specific’ number of prospects every day without fail. – Otherwise if you don’t do this you’ll continue to work like you did in the past, and the new goal will likely be one you won’t achieve”.

Or say, you’re a writer and your goal is to write a 240-page book over the next 60 days. How do you do that?

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

“By breaking the goal down into smaller ‘mini’ goals, such as, sitting down and writing four pages per day (4 x 60 = 240). If you don’t create a ‘system’ and then focus on the process of writing those four pages each day, you’ll never make the goal of completing the book in sixty days”.

Or, maybe you’re into Internet Marketing. (if you are reading this, maybe you are an internet marketer). So let’s say your goal is to earn $10,000 a month. How do you do that? By focusing on the end result of that $10,000 per month goal?

“Or by focusing on your daily activities such as content writing and learning the internet marketing process?

Of course, it’s the day-to-day processes that will eventually get you to your end goal. Otherwise, it’s all just pie in the sky, wishful thinking and that, sadly for many people, that’s how it is, for them. They never achieve their end goal because they don’t realize…

Mini-Goals Make you Happy

Obviously, your big goal(s) and your day-to-day ‘mini goal’ focus should go hand in hand. But when you are only focused on the big goal you naturally reduce your current state of happiness. You’re basically telling yourself that when you reach your goal, then you will be happy and successful.

But that means that you are not going to be happy just now, not just yet, because you haven’t achieved your big goal. 

Conversely, when you focus on the ‘system’ that will get you to your goal rather than the goal itself, you become focused on what you need to do right now.

Every day that you achieve your ‘mini’ goal you will feel happy and successful because you focused on your system, your mini goals and not the end goal, whether that’s writing 4 pages for your book, writing great content or contacting 15 potential clients. The smaller (mini) goals are easier to achieve.

Daily Focus

Also, a weird thing happens if and when you achieve your big goal, if you’re not focused on the process of achieving the daily mini goals, you will tend to stop the process when you get to the big end goal.

“However if instead you are focused on the mini goals, of writing 4 pages a day, then you could actually have a new (240 page) book every 2 months, or 6 books a year. But if you only focus on the big goal of having the book written, then once you have complete it, you will stop writing, because your goal is completed”.

So how do you make the switch from, ‘goal setting’ to focusing on the systems  and ‘mini goals’ that will get you to the BIG end goal?

Well, you identify what needs to be done to reach your big goal, and then spend your time doing those things. This way your end goal will take care of itself and you’ll feel successful and happy every day, not just on the day when you reach your big end goal.

S.M.A.R.T Goals

One more thing: They say you’re supposed to make your goal Specific, Measurable, And Realistic within a Timeframe. But if all we’re focused on is the end ‘goal‘, we can end up cheating to achieve it.

Consider the salesman who was so stressed and desperate to meet his BIG sales goal that he stole a major client from a fellow salesperson at his company. Yes, he achieved his goal, but the victory was hollow and his reputation in the office got shot to pieces.

Conversely, when we pursue our daily ‘mini goals‘ and simply allow ourselves to focus on the day-to-day process and our ‘system‘ we created that gets us to our big goal, we find we’ve reached an even greater goal we hadn’t initially thought of.

Consider another salesman who didn’t stress about the big goal, but instead made sure he emailed 50 prospects, telephoned 15 clients and spoke face to face with 10 potential customers every day. Day-in-and-day-out as he had predetermined that’s what he needed to do to reach his big goal. He created a ‘system around doing the smaller, easier, ‘mini goals‘ every day.

The result was, not only did he meet his goal, but he exceeded it beyond all expectations and was actually hired away by another company to become their new national sales manager.


Two salespeople with the same goal, but each with a different focus, which would you choose?

Personally, I found that pursuing a big end goal could stress me out, sometimes to the point of almost making me feel paralyzed by the fear of failing.

But knowing that I had a system of ‘mini goals’ to focus on makes everything simple and completely manageable and lets me relax and get busy with the smaller ‘mini goals’.

And I usually achieve my goals well ahead of schedule, without the stress and I have a continuing sense of accomplishment and happiness every day, not just only when I reach my big end goal.

Does it work? Well, YOU try it, for one month, focus on the day-to-day process instead of the big hairy goal you set for yourself and see if it doesn’t make a difference for you.

Get Advice From Experts

Take a look at the following video from Grant Cardone about becoming successful.

Building Success One Step at a Time

Deciding it’s time to leave your job and building your online income so you can one day tell your boss to shove it”, works the same way. 

You just need to do it one step at a time as you go through the process of replacing your current full-time income with your future online income. You do this step by step by setting and achieving daily ‘mini goals’.

Then the “DAY” will come and you can say… 

Best Way to Accomplish GoalsAlso, you really can make $10,000 a month online fairly easily, but only when you know HOW. You’ll need an education in internet marketing and until you KNOW how it seems out of reach for most people.

Here’s another thing. As long as the goal seems out of reach, your subconscious mind will sabotage you at every step of the way and see to it that it never happens for you. If you can’t conceive it, there is no way you’re going to achieve it, no matter how hard you try.

Whereas by successfully achieving your ‘mini goals’ each day you will re-program yourself for success, after all, you cannot help but be successful if you are constantly taking positive action every day. 

Best Way to Accomplish Goals

Getting an Education

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Best Way to Accomplish Goals

“And remember the best way to accomplish goals – is to ditch them  Focus instead on the ‘systems‘ you put into place to achieve the goals you want and you will discover this really is; the best way to accomplish goals“.


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Best Way to Accomplish Goals

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  • This is an original and insightful article. I made me want to read more. I liked the thought about breaking our larger goals down into achievable mini goals. Thanks.

  • Danny

    Hey Peter,
    All too often I see this happen to lots of people and have been guilty myself before. But, when push comes to shove, this article hit the nail on the head. At the end of the day, the destination doesn’t matter if we don’t focus on the road to get there and all the hard work to get there. Well said, thanks so much for your brilliant insight yet again!

    • You are more than welcome Danny I am pleased you found this post insightful Thank you again for your feedback and I wish you well in your future endeavours 🙂

  • Donarell

    This was an excellent refresher Peter! It is quite easy to get caught up in the end goal which can definitely be overwhelming. I’m glad I came across this because it I am guilty sometimes of focusing too much on the end goal which obviously not best approach, but your page here has reminded me. Day to day goals take off a lot of stress and give a sense of accomplishment each day, so you thank you for this. This was great keep up the great work!

    • Peter

      Hello Donarell Thank you for the comment. Yes we all need to read this occasionally because as you say we all get catch up on focusing to much on the end goal. Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

  • RuthM

    This is a great post about setting goals. I am definitely guilty of setting high goals for way in the future and then getting discouraged as soon as I don’t reach them. So you are right, breaking it down makes total sense. I sometimes think my goals are too high, reach for the stars and if you miss you’ll get the moon.. so they say!

    Do you have a speadsheet or anything you use to track your goals, or do you just write them down in simple terms?

    • Peter

      Hello Ruth,Thank you for your comments and yes it took me a while to figure this out too and I found that by breaking big goals down into smaller daily goals I got more done, with less stress…You could spread sheet them on your computer or just write them down, what ever way works best for you. The hardest part is not establishing the steps required but to follow through. Have fun and enjoy the process and success will come faster than you expect. 🙂

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