Keyword Research Tool Review

Keyword Research Tool Review

Whether you are building an online business from scratch, trying to get more traffic to your site or just searching for Keywords for a local business website or a niche market…it all starts with keyword research and of course the question often asked is what’s the best keyword tool?

Knowing the words your target audience uses to search online (called organic search traffic) is an extremely important aspect of any keyword research and finding the most frequently used keywords in your industry or niche is an important element to ongoing online success. Having a seo keyword search tool to do this analysis is important if you want to get a good ranking in Google

What is a keyword research tool?

It is usually software that allows you to undertake research and analysis of specific keywords in order to help you uncover the most frequently used keywords in your industry or niche that have a  high search volume.

Why is that important?  Because you don’t want to waste time, after you have built your website, trying to get it on a page in Google where it gets traffic. There is little point in trying to optimize your website content for words or phrases that do not generate traffic. Yet this is what many people attempt to do.

Getting Free Traffic

To have long-term success with your website or blog, there is no better way to get very targeted visitors to your site for free over the the long term, than with ‘organic search traffic and this methodology therefore needs to be the focus of your traffic search engine optimization (SEO) focus.  

To get this organic search traffic you will need to utilize frequently used keywords in order to rank well within Google and this is one of the most common methods used for ranking in search engines because without keywords, it would be difficult for people to find your articles, pages and posts. 

Google Keyword Planner 

Yet when it comes to keyword research, many people have difficulty with this process and often resort to Google directly and perhaps even to Google’s popular Keyword Planner in an effort to select appropriate keywords.

But this popular tool, is not very user friendly and is difficult to use, as it is hard to figure out how to find ‘rank-able‘ keywords. By ‘rank-able‘ I mean keywords that you can actual ‘rank‘ for. Keywords that you can actually get a ranking for are the backbone of targeted search engine traffic and making money online.

The problem is that Google’s Keyword Planner rounds up the search queries (sometimes excessively) and does not provide you details as to the actual competition for a specific keyword. 

In a nutshell this makes searching for ‘rank-able‘ key words very difficult as the key word might show a high traffic volume but it often turns out to be very hard to rank for, because of the sheer number of competing sites also using that same specific keyword.

This lack of information about a particular keywords competition can making ranking very difficult and that can be very discouraging for a lot of people.

Low Competition Keywords

So if you want to rank well within Google you need to also target low competition keywords. These are the keywords that are easy to rank for and will ultimately lead to more targeted traffic. Keyword competition is extremely important.

It is essential that you search for and find keywords that have low competition. This is because a keyword that is too competitive, means you are in for a long up hill battle, just to get ranked and a lot of frustration and disappointment along the way.

Best SEO Software Tools

The best SEO software tools are those that prevent you from making costly mistakes. For a long time I neglected the importance of low competition keywords because I was unaware of this aspect of keyword research.

I just decided my keywords on how much traffic they had without having any idea of the competitiveness or metrics of the specific word to prove that I had a ‘rank-able’ or a low competition keyword. This resulted in mostly low Google rankings and frustration, despite have great content and using high volume keywords

Having the right tool for the job is going to make your life much easier and your business much more profitable. Doing keyword research to find the best words is the greatest, most profitable thing you can ever do.

What’s the best keyword tool?

The Best Keyword Tool to do this and also lets you check your Website Ranking on Google at a click of a button and can also find;Keyword Research Tool Review

Is Jaxxy and it’s so easy to use. It not only gives you targeted information about keywords, it finds and displays related ideas to whatever topic that you are trying to write about. It actually brainstorms for you and gives you options. Can you believe that?

Best SEO Keyword Tool

Jaaxy is a Keyword Research Tool that extracts and simplifies Google’s mountain of keyword data and helps you find low competition keywords that will give you tons of traffic. It strips data from Google’s search engine results and other databases and compiles the information into a simple platform that makes finding keywords a walk-in-the-park. It has been called the number one keyword research tool on the market-  by those in the know.

If you are trying to get your site on Page One of ANY Search Engine, then Jaaxy is the perfect tool to give you the advantage. Regardless of whatever niche or industry you may be in, you will see amazing results using Jaaxy. Your competition won’t know what hit them. Take a look below at some of pages from my website that are on page one.Rankings in Google 1

(this only shows 8 on page One but their are actually 18 on the first page of Google, for this particular website).

How did I get so many pages on page one of Google?  By using the Jaxxy Research Tool. When doing research on my niches, sure there are other tools but there are really only four metrics that I care about…

  1. How much competition does the keyword have (QSR)
  2. Does the keyword get any Traffic and how much, (Avg) and (Traffic)
  3. How easy is it to rank (KQI)
  4. Does the keyword make grammatical sense.

Keyword Research Tool Review

Keyword Research Tool Review

In the above screenshot you can see my long tail keyword “how to choose the best affiliate marketing course”  (as shown in above screenshot as ranking on page one of Google). The tool gives me other keyword alternatives and categories to analyse. I will break them  down for you down below.

  • Keyword – This is the keyword or other similar keywords related to your search term
  • Avg – The amount of average monthly searches for each keyword or keyword phrase.(In this case we have 80)
  • Traffic – the amount of Traffic you can expect to get if you ranked on page one of google for that specific keyword. (In this case we have 14)
  • QSR – The number of websites online competing for this exact keyword. This is the one major feature that stands out from the competition. (In this case we have 9)
  • QKI – Keyword Quality indicator (Red Dot means will be hard to rank for, Yellow Dot means it will be difficult but not impossible and GREEN Dot means much easier to rank for)
  • SEO – How hard it will be to rank for this keyword. Overall traffic and competition is taken into account and the higher the number the easier it will be to rank for overall (e.g 99 is far better than 19)
  • Domain – This last column displays whether your keywords are available as an exact match domain. You can search for them right from the site. 

Not only does Jaaxy offer all this but if you notice on the far right side of the image, in the black toolbar is the subheading “Brainstorm” By clicking that, there is a list of other related keywords, suggested for you if you can don’t like this grouping of keywords. So you can click on the next set and it will pull a new list into the keyword search tool without you typing a word.

Need Proof?

Okay.. Take a look at this next screen shot (below) and you will see that by using the keywords that have low competition, i.e. the QSR which shows the number of competing websites (below 100 is good) and then also having a good KQI (Green Dots which means ease of ranking).

We can get page one rankings in Google, which is exactly what we have done. All those number one page rankings, all had great QSR and KQI’s as you can see from the screen shot below.Rankings in Google and Jaxxy

So knowing which keywords to use I then wrote great content for my pages and posts for those specific keywords and published them. Jaxxy made the whole process so easy.

So that’s how I can get so many pages to rank on page one of Google and how I can create successful marketing campaigns because I know how to find an unbelievable amount of low competition keywords within any niche.

When you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you to can uncover things that no other keyword research tool can provide you access to.

Need More Convincing?

Okay… Take a look at the screen shot below and you will see this very page you are reading now, ranking on page ONE after only a few days of publishing this post. (This post was published April 5th)Keyword Research Tool Review

Yes this is a powerful tool – Ready to try it out?  Try your own personal research, use the keyword research box below. You can search up to 30 keywords for free. Have a play, try it out and see if you like it.

Want to see a live demonstration?

Jaaxy Memberships

Jaaxy offers 3 different levels of membership. A Free Version, Pro Version, & Enterprise Version.

The Free Version Yes amazingly there is a free version which is great and perfect for anyone looking to try out the service first. The Free membership has a limit of 30 searches, but still this will give you plenty of time to test it out and see if it’s good as I say it is. But I’m sure you’ll be upgrading soon to the Pro version…

The Pro Version is $19 per month (or $199 a year). The pro version gives you unlimited searches, access to all the information that Jaxxy can compile for any keyword. The main difference between the Free version is it will show suggested/related keywords and gives you the information faster and you can do unlimited searches. Believe me once you see how powerful this tool is you will want to do lots of searches. 

The Enterprise Version is $49 a month (or $499 a year). This membership will give you unlimited monthly searches and automatically show you the QSR of every keyword. The biggest difference between Pro are more related keywords, QSR is shown automatically, and results are instant this is where you want to be if you using this tool every day. Knowing how powerful it is, why would you not.

Keyword Research Tool Review

Want to get started click the image below:

The Best Affiliate tools
Note: As a stand alone keyword research tool it’s unmatched and you can trial it here for free. There is no longer any need to search for any other keyword research tools review’s you have found the answer here. Your search is over.

Peter V Crisp

“Oh… One more thing; if you would like a free copy of Googles’ very own SEO Starter Guide Book you can find it here. You will find this very useful as well”.
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  • Hi Peter,

    Very good read on Jaaxy KW tool. I use Jaaxy too. While using this tool I am able to find out more about my potential buyers. Jaaxy provided me with good information. Thanks to this tool I can get more visitors to my website. I use it for keyword research and it is really easy to use. Nice to be able to save keywords that we find to new list.

    BaMC blog.

    • Hello, Marek Thank you for your comments and yes Jaxxy is an awesome tool and it helps me to rank many pages on page one of Google. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  • Daniel

    I am very impressed at how nicely your website is put together. I currently use the wealthy affiliate tool because it comes with my membership. But I must admit that I like the Jaxxy keyword tool better because of the color coded KQI’s that it shows. However, The amount of searches is limited to 30 for the free version. Do you think it would be worth it to switch to the pro version when I already have the WA keyword tool?

    • Peter

      Hello, Daniel great question. I would always run out of searches when I had the free version I upgraded to pro and had not regretted it because you can easily blow through 30 searches when you are searching for hot keywords. Now I have over 18 pages and posts ranking on page one of Google thanks to Jaxxy. So don’t wait to be doing more searches to upgrade. Upgrade and you will do more searches. Thnak you for your comments. 🙂

  • Anh Nguyen


    I will be honest, keyword is such a pain to me. And as you’ve mentioned it seems Jaaxy can be a solution for me. I’ve been struggling so hard with finding great keywords that are not too competitive.

    It seems Jaaxy can actually tell how competitive a keyword is and pull you in the right direction. My concern is whether it’s okay to just use the Pro, or is the Enterprise version a better choice?

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Peter

      Hello Anh, Jaxxy is a great tool in every form you want to subscribe to it. I use the Pro version which works just great but takes a little time to click and view the results whereas the Enterprise version is faster and shows you the results instantly. So it depends upon how much your value yur time

  • Janelle

    Hi. I see that you use whole sentences in your jaaxy search box, not just one keyword at a time.
    Is that what is getting you such good results on google.
    People seem to be better at searching for exactly what they want, i mean they type in whole sentences…example…’what is the best keyword research tool.’
    I guess if that is your keyword sentence then …bingo…you have a match.

    • Peter

      Hi Janelle This is called long tail keyword research and it’s about competition as well as the the right keywords You want words that people are searching for and the higher the searches the stiffer the competition so exact matches will bring you excellent results. Particularly word that have a ‘commercial intent’ in other words, expressions that people will search if looking to buy rather than just looking to know.Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂

  • Susan

    Hello Peter, thanks for the very informative article on Jaxxy. I was not familiar with them before, but now feel that they could be a very useful tool in developing my website and getting to page one on Google. Just wondering what the price range is for buying a domain name is? I wonder how many I could afford to purchase on a limited budget? Thanks again…off to do my homework.

    • Peter

      Hello Susan Yes Jaxxy is an awesome keyword tool and it helps you to rank well on Google. The prices for Domain names can be a s low as $ depending upon where you purchase your domain from : I havea few suggestions for your here: Building a Website Thank you so much for your comments. 🙂

  • MelindaH

    Hi Peter,
    I absolutely agree that Jaaxy is possibly the most important keyword research tool there is. I have almost used up all of my 30 searches. I plan on using the Pro version after the first of the year, when I get my taxes back. I will be paying for a whole year at that time. Can’t wait!
    ~ Melinda

    • Peter

      Hello Melinda I’m sure you will have a great time with Jaxxy it will certainly make your keyword research effective, fast and fun. Good luck on your future success that is coming your way from using this powerful tool. 🙂

  • Edy

    Having a keyword research tool is very important in any online business. With it, we are able to gain necessary data as to how our potential buyers are doing out there. We can easily track the keywords they usually type on the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

    I personally use Jaaxy too. This tool has provided me many information about certain keywords that have traffic to it. If it is done right, I would get ranked quickly under specific search terms. This will lead to more visitors to my website, and eventually more revenue $$$.

    • Peter

      Hello Edy. Totally agree with you a powerful keyword tool like Jaxxy is awesome for getting great rankings in Google. Certainly helps me get good rankings as you can see from my review. I recommend it highly. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Malcolm Brown

    Thanks for your very in-depth and informative information, I look forward to reading your e-book, I will definitely be looking into purchasing jaxxy to get better rankings in google’s search engine. BTW, how long did it take for your kw to get in googles top 10, and also, did you use ppc?

    • Peter

      Hi Malcolm Surprise surprise no PPC ,just organic traffic my friend using jaxxy and good content and implementing what WA teaches us to do. Which is what makes their training so powerful. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Aiden

    Hey Peter,

    Great article on SEO.

    I had no idea Jaaxy was that powerful? I have used it for keyword research and find it extremely easy to use with only the information you need and none of the information you don’t. The best feature I found was that you can save keywords to lists so you can group them for future posts or projects.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    • Peter

      Hi Aiden. Oh yes Jaxxy is pretty cool and really underrated and …well it works for me so I am happy with it. Thanks for your comments 😉

  • David

    Hi Peter,

    You explain a lot about this tool in your article. I really like the flow of your article, and the use of screenshots to show things.

    From your article, I see that a keyword can consist of a small sentence. That is good to know.

    I do have one question, what niches can this tool be used in?


    • Peter

      Hello David yes a small keyword sentence as you say is a keyword phrase which are actually more targeted than just a single word. In terms of what niches pretty much anything that some has or is searching for jaxxy can find and give you data on. Thanks for your comments 😉

  • San

    Hello Peter,
    I am in complete agreement with you about Jaaxy, I would be lost without it.
    I have tried to use other methods and other keyword tools but it is just not the same as Jaaxy. The information Jaaxy puts at your fingertips comes from so many different places it would take you hours to do what it does in a few minutes.
    Kyle and Carson have really made a winning product here.

    • Peter

      Hello San Yes totally agree Jaxxy is pretty awesome But perhaps we shouldn’t be telling too many people ha ha Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • rufat

    Good post about keyword research. I agree that most people that have no any experience in SEO or keyword research tend to use Google keyword planner thinking that Google always provides the best tools though in fact it’s not so easy to use and understand, especially for newbies. It’s because as I understand it has been created for experienced users. Many people don’t even realize that there are other great keyword research tools available on the web that are much easier to use and one of such tools called Jaaxy has been designed for people with zero experience in SEO. The good news is that you can try it for free and I think it’s a real deal.

    • Peter

      Hi Rufat Totally agree and as you can see I really love because it gets me great results. Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you stopping by 🙂

  • Kunal

    Hi Peter,

    I have read it over and over again that jaaxy is the number one keyword tool, Can you also tell me the number one free keyword tool which people can use if they are less serious and more casual about their online stuff, and I am just getting started with my website, yet to get a domain as well, what would you suggest a pro jaaxy account or an enterprise Jaaxy account ?


    • Peter

      Hello Kunal If you are a newbie and a casual user then you could sign up for the free account. It will give you 30 free searches which should be enough to help find you some good keyword. I suggest you do research first then run them through Jaxxy to get the exact information. If you Join Wealthy Affiliate they also have a free keyword tool as part of their program which is almost as good just takes a bit more time to get the results. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Chris

    I’ve never come across a keyword tool that has a certain precise competition parameter like this one. I love the way the QSR is so precise.
    I was paying a monthly subscription for a tool that had a sort of ‘bar’ indicator to show how the competition worked – full for a lot, empty for not so much!
    As you can imagine it wasn’t that helpful!
    So this tool has a free trial? Well worth a look really!

    • Peter

      Hello Chris YES well worth a look and it has a free trial to determine if its for you or not which is really cool and no credit card details required to that either just sign up and try it. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Jyl

    Jaaxy is definitely my keyword tool of choice. It’s so simple to use yet it provides so much in depth information, which means I can choose my keywords based on facts rather than guesswork. I have a free account at the moment but I’m seriously considering upgrading because with Jaaxy you just can’t lose. Great post and very well explained 🙂

    • Peter

      You are welcome and thank you so much for your comments. Yes I am a big fan of Jaxxy and you can see why ha ha Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Cortez

    A lot of helpful information. Covered a lot of important topics.

  • David Bishop

    Great post-Peter, and what a difference with the Jaaxy keyword tool. I will be definitely using this tool to do my keyword searches. Thanks for sharing such great information.

    • Hello David Yes it is a powerful tool and I use it all the time it is really amazing I would never have believed it until I used it myself and as you saw it truly works well ha ha Thanks for the comment 😉

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