How to Make Money Online Scam Free

How to make money online scam free

Tell me how do I make Money Online         – without being scammed?

How to Make Money Online Scam Free

How to make money online scam free is something everyone wants, the answer to.

Unfortunately more often than not, the answer given is the promotion of the illusion that easy overnight riches is possible if we only knew the inside secret. Or worse we get suckered into another type of B.S. online scam.

This type of misinformation and activity all but destroys the credibility of the internet marketing industry.


Dishonesty and snake oil type salesmen seem to reign supreme in the online world when anyone seeks to uncover the answer to that question.

Genuine, honest, hard working people are getting scammed every day online as they earnestly  seek a better way to make a living, are searching for a better way of life or an improvement to their standard of living whilst pursuing their internet lifestyle dream.

Is it a Dream?

Do people really make money online? Yes, absolutely and it’s a lot easier than you think. But the first thing you need to do is to forget about the notion of “making easy money overnight” That is not a helpful mindset to begin your new ‘internet’ life with. We need to dismiss that idea immediately.

This is what the internet ‘Guru’s‘ and the online scammers want you to believe so they can soften you up, so you will fall for their empty promises of easy wealth using their ‘secret discovery’ or special ‘software’ or easy seven step ‘formula’ to instant internet riches.

The Simple Truth

It’s an unfortunate fact that scam artists prey on people’s hopes and dreams. They tell us what we want to hear, that it is possible to create an instant internet lifestyle and become rich overnight, without much effort (other than clicking a mouse). Rather than the simple truth, which is that it takes ‘work‘ to be a success.

Instead, they sell us a fantasy because we believe in the foolish notion that perhaps you can “make easy money overnightif we just do what they tell us. To be brutally frank, what they are saying is actually true, they really do.

Here’s why

You buy into their story, give them your money and they have just “made easy money overnight”.  But I’m sure that’s not quite what you expected to find out about how they actually make their money. You probably thought you would get something of value in exchange for your hard earned dollars.

Apart from a few changes in one form or another the process of “making easy money overnightis pretty much the same. Tell a good story, blend in some elements of truth, use a bit of emotional psychology, tell people what they want to hear and you have the makings of a perfect online scam, that can make you easy money. 

How to Really Make Money Online

Peter V Crisp

… “It’s not like that! – The above scenario, at best, is a short term, limited thinking, lazy con-man, B.S. type approach that is dishonest. This is not in any way what I am advocating, endorsing or even suggesting you ever do. There is a much better, sustainable and far more honest way to make great money online over the long term”.

Here’s what you need to know. Most people searching online are not looking to buy anything, they don’t want to be sold anything. Instead, they are searching for information.

They are becoming weary of giving out their email address because more often than not they get spammed in return or end up on some gurus list to then be bombarded with offers of making easy money overnight

What People Want

People want meaningful quality content, accurate up-to-date information, help, assistance, and direction. They want good advice and solid recommendations. They are looking for someone they can trust, information and advice that is trustworthy. Statements that can be relied upon. A breath of fresh air. Not a sales pitch.

To Make Money Online

(To see how I made this video; see tools)

Making it Happen

We need three things;

  1. A Desire to help other people
  2. The Right Tools 
  3. An Education

1. The first one we have discussed already, people don’t want to be sold, they want to be informed and respected.

2. The Right Tools. Whether you are building a website from scratch, trying to get traffic to your existing site or just searching for Keywords…it all starts with keyword research and of course, the question often asked is what’s the best keyword tool? 

Knowing the words your target audience uses to search online is an important aspect of any keyword research and is an important element to ongoing online success. Having a keyword search tool to do this analysis is important if you want to get a good ranking in Google.

Fortunately, we can show the best SEO research tool to use, one that helps me to often get page one rankings. You can learn more about this awesome tool from my post; Keyword Research Tool Review

3. An education. Unlike a formal education like schooling where everyone learns the same basics of reading, writing and math. It’s not the case for the internet. Sure many people can use a mouse, turn on the computer and send an email but after that everyones level of education is different.

What Type of Education?

Some can do sophisticated programming and graphics, others know specific programs inside out because they use them every day, while others know a little about many things and others still, know many things about very little. The variation of education in terms of the internet is enormous.

Many well known and successful internet marketers are no different and have learned about internet marketing, not from any formal learning platform. But rather by trial and error, from their own experiences and from learning-on-the-job, so to speak.  

An Online Educationgirl with Graph

So, they have learned (got an education) about online marketing and now know exactly how to make money online. 

Their success is in fact proof that making great money online is a reality. If only we had their level of education then we too could do the same thing. 

You Can Get It

Fortunately we can get this type of education, if we know where to look.

Understand that there are many opportunities being promoted on the the internet these days, the trick is to avoid the many scams that are out there, not usually an easy thing to do but I have found an exceptional program that I highly recommend for you irrespective of your current level of online education.

Prior to undertaking this training myself, I had spent years trying to figure it all out on my own. I even had over a dozen websites, all failing to rank on Google and despite the many promises and up-grades from various ‘Gurus‘, I didn’t make a single penny. But it cost me plenty in terms of lost time and wasted money.

Getting Started

Wealthy Affiliates’ is different. It is a straight forward, honest, down-to-earth membership program, created by online marketers for online marketers and it won’t cost you a fortune nor have you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ like so many other programs.

In fact, you can begin for free and stay a free member for as long as you like. It is well worth a few minutes of your time to explore this awesome community further. There is nothing like it anywhere.  

Getting an Education is Easy and Free

We are often told there is no greater gift than knowledge… But an even greater gift would be when that knowledge gives you the wisdom that enables you to achieve both financial success and personal freedom. 

That’s what an education from Wealthy Affiliate could do for you. But don’t just take my word for it. You can try it out yourself, without spending one red cent. This is the only program you can join and try out first, without needing your credit card.


This is why I recommend wealthy affiliate. You not only get a great education and advanced knowledge about website construction, content creation, the right internet tools & marketing strategies. You also get lots of support and quick answers to all your questions from within the community and it’s free, until you decide that it’s the right place to be. 

how to create a website and earn money.

This is where you will learn how to create a website and earn money. This is where you can begin your successful online wealth creation journey. This is where you will learn exactly how to really make money online scam free. 

Don’t wait any longer, your searching is over. This is where anyone can build a revenue ready website in less than 60 seconds, where anyone (well almost anyone) can learn everything they need to know about how to be a successful long term, honest, online marketer and website owner. 


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  • Shalei

    I really liked the easy of use of your site it was very well put together. Very well thought out and thorough. I did feel like it was one big task to “read” all the material but it is was well worth the read.

    I liked the video and the graphics went well with the overall theme. One thing I really liked was it was not pushy, it was factual and entertaining. I learned a few things and see many ways to improve on my own site. Take care and thank you.

    • Peter

      Hi Shalei Pleased you found my site useful and am happy to learn it has helped you improve your own. Thank your your comments and feedback. All the best in your future endeavours 🙂

  • Neil

    When I first started online as an 18 year old, you could say I was a little clueless and naive because I had tried many get rich quick programs and got sucked in my scams.

    Guess what? I lost a lot of money and had no success! BUT, it was a harsh and expensive lesson to learn, and I’m now making money online in a LEGIT way and from working hard.

    I really did enjoy reading your article, and this will sure help all online money making newbies out there to avoid all the same internet scam mistakes that I made!

    This article has been bookmarked, so I can pass it on to all beginners to learn from.


    • Peter

      Hello Neil I think we all have similar stories such as yours and that’s what makes Wealthy Affiliate so special because it has put many of us on the road to success. Wishing you all the best and thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Roger

    A very informative site. I have spent years searching for a way to make an honest living online. You are right, the amount of scams out there can bleed you out financially with empty promises. Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a no nonsense approach; the real answer to the question “How to make Money Online Scam Free?”

    • Peter

      Hello Roger Yes I totally agree with you Wealth Affiliate is the answer to the question “How to make Money online Scam Free” Thank you for your comments and feedback 🙂

  • Chris

    Yes it’s a sad fact that the majority of offers and their owners online ‘prey’ on the newcomers to the online earning world. I myself are looking into internet marketing but every option I come across seems to be a little dodgy at best. I’ve noticed a few options for marketing on your site – I will be checking them out!

    • Peter

      Hello Chris thank you for your comments and yes please take a look at the options on my site I am sure you will find them very helpful. Enjoy 🙂

  • Mahmood

    That was a great article and I agree with you in more than one point.
    I have been trying to make money online since 2010 and I came across many scammy programs and exaggerated companies and learned a lot.
    And about your suggestion -which is great- I have joined wealthy affiliate at March this year and I really hoped to join much earlier. Wealthy affiliate offered me a great source for info about how to make money online and how to build a successful website with all the hosting I need.

    Great service and education and I honestly recommend wealthy affiliate to every one.

    • Peter

      Hello Mahood Yes totally agree Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place to get the education you need learn how to make a living online. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Sammi -

    Hi Peter, what a clearly well written article, it was a pleasure to read. Full of really great information, unfortunately the web is full of scam sites but I have to say I only ever see great write ups for Wealthy Affiliate! Keep spreading the word and helping people, we really appreciate it! Sammi

    • Peter

      Thank you Sammi for your feedback and yes I will keep on keeping on… Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the education online to succeed with internet martketing. Thanks again for your comments 😉

  • Jonathan D

    Hey Peter,
    Thank you for taking the time to educate people about making money online, these day most blog you read online is about making tons of money in no time by doing nothing. Your article clearly shows that yes you can make money online but it will take some work and it will not happen overnight. Nice article thank you.

    • Peter

      Hello Jonathan Yes you are right the is so much B.S online about making easy money over night which is just not so unless you are the ‘scammer’ promoting the scheme ha ha. Fortunately Wealthy Affiliate can give almost anyone the education necessary to learn how to make an honest living online. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Jane

    Hey Peter

    Thanks for the share! For people who have experience with it, making money online can really sound like a dream or scam. In fact, I was skeptical and doubtful until I made my first dollar. I find that it is important to get the right education like what you have mentioned and not fall for shiny objects that claim riches.


    • Peter

      Hello Jane thank you for your comments and yes until you make your first dollar making money online seems like an impossible dream but fortunately Wealthy Affiliate helps people to learn how to make money online without the steep learning curve of getting scammed and frustrated. The education is very good and up-to-date and the community is awesome and very helpful and makes it easier to quickly develop the necessary skills. Cheers 🙂

  • Tony

    Hi Peter,

    Your post is very helpful. I now know how to avoid online scams. The internet marketing Industry is full of fake promises that will never be true.

    It is also true in order to make it online, you must have the desire to do so. If you have support and proper tools, you will achieve in no time.

    You said that one will be able to make money through a website. But how?

    • Peter

      Hello Tony oh yes very easy my friend just start the training at Wealthy Affiliate (for free) and they will teach you everything you need to know. But it won’t happen overnight – BUT it will happen. 🙂

  • SC

    This is a very good introduction on the rights and wrongs of learning to make money on line. I think it’ll resonate with many people as so may of us have come across money making scams and it’s so discouraging. Adding your own video to your page is also a great idea – makes your page a bit different.

  • Edmund Ilski

    Peter,as usual you have written a no nonsense approach on how to make money online scam free.
    Well done 🙂

  • Declan

    Very shortly this website will be famous among all blogging and site-building users, due to it’s pleasant content

  • Dlansing

    This is a really great article on how to really make money online. A burning desire is a must, but one must have the proper tools and guidance to be able to succeed online. Learning independently is possible, but one must suffer many failures and heartache before finally succeeding. Wealthy Affiliate takes away all that, and gives you the guidance and head start that you need to succeed online!


    • Hello Dlansing Thanks for your comments. Yes Wealthy Affiliate saves you a lo of frustration and money by short cutting the learning curve. I appreciate your feedback Thank you 🙂

  • Angela Zechinato

    Peter when I was searching online for a work from home program last year, I went into it with lots of skepticism. I had read it all before and was starting to believe that everyone out there was dishonest and that having an online business was just a dream that would not come true.

    Your article is very honest, concise and well-written with tons of make sense info. .Your commitment and sincerity show through in your writing. I like how you transition and show your readers an option or alternative to help them in their search for online success.

    Very much enjoy your posts. You have one of the best sites on the net.

    • Hello Angela Thank you for being a loyal follow of my writings I am pleased you like them. Yes there are many scammers out there who want to take your money and give very little in exchange. I too was searching for a long time before I found Wealthy Affiliate and I knew straight away that this was a legitimate place to get an education about online marketing. So that is why I like to tell the world about them because there is plenty of opportunities for everyone and the more people who do things the right way the more it will create even more opportunities. The internet will make the world a bigger and better place as everyone can learn to make money online. 😉

  • Emilie Dardenne

    I enjoyed reading your article. It’s well written and honest and helpful to avoid the scam artists and find a legitimate teaching platform such as Wealthy Affiliate University.


    • Hello Emilie I agree Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the right education about internet marketing. I am pleased you enjoyed the article and thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Escape the 9 to 5 matrix

    Hi Peter your article is a eye opener very transparent and upright with the truth no bs

  • Debbi

    Love your no nonsense, honest approach to marketing. Too many people want to get rich quick and the truly honest programs don’t work that way. It’s nice to find a program that WILL work but makes it clear that you will have to work and commitment to the venture. Keep up the informative blogs!

    • Hello Debbi Yes you are right the only way success comes is with hard work. Wealthy Affiliate though makes it fun and exciting so that’s it not really hard work at all. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Christa

    Hi Peter,
    I really like this article and think it is a really well written article of the basic truth!
    I wish I had found such an article several years ago and had been able to avoid the scam artist!
    When I was ready to put the idea of working online on a shelf I was led to Wealthy Affiliate!
    I encourage anyone reading this article and comment to investigate Wealthy Affiliate, it is truly totally FREE to investigate so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
    Thank you Peter for helping others by spreading the word of this legitimate opportunity!
    Christa 🙂

    • Hello Christa Thank you for your comments. Yes I agree absolutely WA is an awesome place to learn how to do things right. I am very happy to spread the word as they are truly a legitimate place to get your online education 😉

  • Lin

    I love your posts Peter. This last one spells out the steps to become successful and make money online in an easy to read, logical format. Yes, we need to watch out for scammers. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. I was lucky, I didn’t get taken by a quick rich scheme because I happened upon Wealthy Affiliate one day while researching options available for making money online. Now I have a free website up and running and learned how to do it at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Keep posting the good stuff! Cheers, Lin

    • Hi Lin I am happy to have have you following my posts ha ha Pleased you like them so much. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome place to get educated about building an online business. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Brian Smith

    Very well written article with lots of great information. You are positioning yourself as a “Go To Guy” for learning how to be successful online. Keep up the great work!

  • Joseph

    Finally some Truth!
    I love your no nonsense approach, total transparency.
    you’ve given me hope back, that there truly is a way to make an honest living online.
    I’m inspired
    Thank You

    • Hello Joseph Thank you for your feed back and comments. Yes its all true you really can make money online HONESTLY without having to resort to scamming anyone. Its just the most people don’t know how to do it. That what makes Wealthy Affiliate so awesome as they show you the way. Pleased you enjoyed the article 🙂

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