The Best Affiliate Tools

The Best Affiliate toolsaffiliate mechanic

If you want to know how to make money online with a website. You not only do you need the education to create profitable websites, you need the best affiliate tools to automate the process and streamline the implementation of the necessary strategies for online success, including the all important SEO keyword research tool.

Keywords are your Path to Rankings in Google.

An online keyword research tool is very important because one of the most important components in internet marketing is getting traffic by this of course we mean have visitors coming to your site.

If you think of getting traffic as a fishing analogy then you will realize that when it comes to catching a fish. It’s not the size of the boat or the type of fishing gear you use. Those are nice to have but are not the most important.

The Best Affiliate toolsThe fish are actually attracted to your bait. You could create your own bait and throw it into the water and hope to attract fish if you wanted. Or you could use a tool to look beneath the water to see what the fish are already being attracted to.

This is called keyword research. Finding the words that people are already searching for is a great way to understand the type of bait you need to start your fishing career.

Being able to research and analyze the types of words and phrases that people are already searching for is a great way to create the ‘right’ bait to attract visitors to your site.

Once you have discovered your keywords or keyword phrase, it’s important not to overuse them. First, make sure your keywords makes sense. Second, use it in your title, then use it in your first paragraph and write naturally around it and then maybe again in the last paragraph. That is all you need to do.

To find out more about locating great keywords and how and where to use them and finding the best tools, see the page Keyword Research Review


A powerful tool to locate and analyze keywords is Jaaxy. Not only is this a powerful online research tool for finding niches and domain names but it is also an excellent SEO keyword research tool that will really help to monetize your website.

Knowing the competition that a particular keyword has in the search engines is the single most valuable piece of data that you can have. Without knowing how many websites are ranked for a particular keyword, you are simply rolling the dice.

To read more about keyword research and the best SEO research tool see the Jaxxy review. This tool takes away the guess work and gives you the science and shows you the money! Best of all you can try it for free and get 30 searches before you decide to purchase…

So give it a try put in a keyword (above) and see how it ranks – To see even more click the image below:

The Best Affiliate tools
Note: You get access to a ‘lite version’ of this powerful tool as a Wealthy Affiliate member. However as a stand alone keyword research tool. It’s unmatched and you can trial it here for free.

Video Creation

You may have noticed the whiteboard videos I have on this site. People love them and they usually cost a small fortune to make and produce. BUT I have some great news.

“You can easily make and create your own awesome videos without much technical expertise, NO monthly fees. NO annoying watermarks, NO costly software or months learning and for far less than you could imagine”.

Click here to see the Video Maker FX review and a demonstration of the software that creates amazing videos that engages your audience, boosts your sales and conversions. It’s also really easy to use and simple. I have tried quite a few of these types of video makers prior, but I really love this one. Video Maker FX

Auto Responder

Once you have your site built and monetized you will need to automate the process, of customer contact, follow up and product or information delivery and analysis for both the front and back end of your sales funnel. This is where you need an autoresponder incorporated into your overall strategy

Many people use a 3rd party autoresponder service like Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response, iContact, etc .

Not that there is anything wrong with any of these (see my comparison review) But they all require an initial upfront investment ($100 – $500) and then ongoing monthly fees ($10-$150).

There is another alternative called IMSC Rapid Mailer which I recommend because it has a low one-time cost and zero monthly fees, it comes with, full training and has more flexibility and features than most other 3rd party autoresponders and requires little, if any, tech skills to implement.

The Best Affiliate tools

As you go forward in your internet marketing career and you begin to build your customer lists you will need a way to manage your contact and interaction with your customers (or potential customers) and this may be well worth serious consideration for the reasons listed above. See the review here

Graphics, Images and Stock Photos

Royalty Free Stock ImagesEvery website and blog post needs High Impact images to grab your reader’s attention. It is no longer acceptable to just download images from Google as they are often subject to copyright (yes even the free ones).

What you need is a quality source of royal free images that you know you can use without fear of being asked to for pay or remove (it does happen).

For one time small payment you can access hundreds of high-quality images, audios, and videos that will make your site look totally professional. For more about Royalty Free, Stock Images check out my review of Stock Media Rush.

E-Books and Content

If you don’t have an ebook (that you could offer as a free gift) to encourage visitors to opt in or as a thank you for leaving a comment. 

I suggest using a Private Label Right (PLR) product which you can personalize as your own.

“However if you use the information for ‘content’ on your web or blog site you will need to modify it” (to make it original for SEO purposes)

This can be a great resource to get an idea on what sort of information you can provide to your visitors for specific niches. As it comes with a risk free trial and is one of the biggest databases of PLR products online and covers almost every niche you can imagine. 

You will also receive over 40 PLR e books every month. View here PLR Club

The Best Affiliate tools

There are pages and posts packed with tips, advice and recommendations to useful tools and resources to shortcut your learning curve.

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  • Gaylene Nepia

    Hi Peter,

    How does the PLR Club work?

    • Hello, Gaylene. Thanks for your question. It comes with a risk-free trial and is one of the biggest databases of PLR products online and covers almost every niche you can imagine.

      You will also receive over 40 PLR ebooks every month which you can edit and use as lead magnets to get a list of subscribers. I suggest you read my book List building secrets and the post and it will explain how this works in more detail. 🙂

  • Hi Peter, I can see you are an expert in Web marketing and know the answers to many of my questions.
    It is nice to meet you and I appreciate all the quality information that you have on your website, as to how to be successful in this business in a cost effective way.
    I am new since June of 2015 and have a lot to wrap my head around. Learning to build a list and finding a free Ebook to give out are a priority. I have a guitar learning site and a WA promotion site and I would like to find free Ebooks on topics in those niches. Thank you for all the info that you are sharing, i will make note of this website.


    • Hello Marty Thank you for you comments and for also leaving a comment. I hope you like the free ebook I am sending you for leaving a comment and this may help you to give your customers more information and if you would like to also give it away let me know and I will send you the link s you too can make it available. To your success 🙂

  • Gary


    What a great read, I really appreciate this Tool(s) Review and your suggestions.

    While I use Jaaxy voraciously with anything I publish, and it is truly awesome seeing what I have created landing on the 1st page of Google in front of 300 million plus other searchers, I still have not delved into the video world as yet.

    I have used Aweber successfully in the past, currently I am not using an Auto Responder service so I really appreciate you sharing IMSC Rapid Mailer as an alternative.

    I really appreciate your site and have bookmarked it for when I am ready to check into your suggestion for my Auto Responder.
    Thanks again, my best,


  • Doug


    Great post about tools! I especially love the fishing analogy when it comes to keywords. That one was really spot on! Keep up the great work.


    • Thank you for your comments, yes it really is like that for many people they build a website first (make the bait) then hope the fish will like it. 🙂

  • Laurie

    Great information! I’m especially grateful that you have turned me on to Rapid Mailer. Although I have not checked it out yet, it is sure good to know that there is an alternative to the high-priced other ones out there. Thank you!

    • Peter

      Thanks Laurie, always looking to make things better and if I find them I will be posting them here thanks for the comment 🙂

  • Sheila

    Great post and glad to see an alternative to the usual high charging autoresponders whose prices can get ridiculous when their are others just as good at a fraction of the cost. Keep up the good work and good luck with your marketing.

  • Dierdrie

    Keep up the creativity. Inspirational!!

  • Marant

    Great post!, I love the fishing analogy on Jaaxy! Keep up the good Work!

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