Bitcoin Today

Bitcoin Today

See image below for real time value of a single Bitcoin

Bitcoin TodayIf your question is, “Should I buy Bitcoin? I would say Yes! Here’s why… Cryptocurrency is still a major opportunity to create wealth in 2018. In just two years, the digital currency market went from being worth under $20 billion to over $500 billion. And yes, its still highly volatile and there are risks, but with great volatility, is also great profits.

Even though the price of Bitcoin has recently dropped 52%, down from $14,112  (Jan. 1) to $6,671 (Aug. 22nd 2018) it has see-sawed between $8000 – $6000. Yet people are still making money.  And if you bought Bitcoin this time last year then YES, you are still way out in front. 


Bitcoin Today

Make No Mistake

But if had you jumped in around January 2018 you would have cried as the Bitcoin price plummeted, and you probably have the urge to sell all your Bitcoins and avoid the crypto market entirely. That however could be a costly mistake… 

Many insiders are predicting that Bitcoin will soon rise to at least $100,000 or more, based upon a couple of things.  The first is that there are only Twenty-One Million coins that can ever exist. The second is that Bitcoin is about to undergo a massive systems upgrade  (the ‘lighting upgrade’ is currently in beta testing) this is going to totally rewire the entire Bitcoin network and will make Bitcoin incredibly fast, universally acceptable and very user friendly on a massive global scale. 

Bitcoin Is ChangingBitcoin today

Since late 2017, Bitcoin has transitioned away from being an investment for nerds. Now, 80% of Americans know about Bitcoin and many would have wanted a piece of the action when the price was racing towards $20,000 during the latter part of 2017.  

But acquiring these digital assets at that time was difficult and they were hard to get a hold of unless you were technically savvy. Investors had to go through crypto-to-crypto exchanges to acquire many of the Cryptocurrencies on offer. Making it difficult for the traditional retail investor.

To fix this problem, fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchanges, like Coinbase need to offer more mainstream ways for investors to access crypto. And now these things are happening. In just the last year, over a hundred hedge funds have been launched for the crypto market place. Many of the main exchanges and software wallets have started to step up their game. Which is likely to attract more investors and encourage demand. It will also boost market liquidity. All of that is exciting news, and it indicates that the digital currency space is going to grow rather than shrink.

What About Volatility? 

So, don’t worry about volatility and the current price fluctuations because almost every successful company has experienced ups and downs. Take a look at the graph below of Amazon and look at how many times its price has crashed and yet today it’s the second largest company in America heading towards a Trillion dollars in market capitalisation.  Bitcoin Today

Notice that between these peaks and troughs are massive drops that are only to be exceeded by the next peak in price, over and over again. Also notice how similar the Bitcoin chart looks to Amazon!

More People Are Getting in On Cryptocurrencies

Financial service platforms like Robinhood and Square Inc. (NYSE: SQ) are racing to let the public buy and sell Bitcoin. The Winklevoss twins (of Facebook fame) are pushing the SEC for approval of a Bitcoin ETF, which will provide retail investors an easy way to add Bitcoin to their portfolios.

It’s true the crypto coin space is getting crowded, with over 1600+ crypto coins on offer.  Bitcoin still has the best name recognition and is one of the easiest to buy as its also the coin all new crypto investors are likely to own first and they need to buy other cryptocurrencies.

Global Acceptance of Blockchain 

Despite being uneasy about digital currencies themselves, many governments are running toward blockchain technology.

In China, President Xi Jinping praised blockchain technology as a “breakthrough.” China is now considering blockchain technology as one of its priorities alongside AI, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and mobile communication.

In other Asian countries, blockchain is also picking up momentum. South Korea is using blockchain technology to track packages, and in neighboring Japan, massive gaming company Gumi launched a $30 million global blockchain investment fund.

When you venture into the West, blockchain projects are no less ambitious. In the United States, multiple government officials and states have come forward in support of blockchain technology.

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summer stated,I’m reasonably confident… that the blockchain will change a great deal of financial practice and exchange.”

All of these efforts and statements make it pretty clear that governments are opening up to blockchain technology.

Cryptocurrency – Not So Much!

Bitcoin TodayCryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular, have risen to challenge the oldest government monopoly in the world, which is MONEY

Are banks and governments happy about this alternative monetary system that threatens their monopoly on financial transactions? Of Course not!

So, for many governments, digital currencies are considered a threat to their money printing monopoly. So to dissuade the general public from investing in and shifting to cryptocurrencies they highlight the incredibly high risk, posed to investors because of its volatility and its dangers.

But They Don’t Tell You About Traditional Money

There have been 152 fiat currencies that have failed due to excess inflation. Their average lifespan was 24.6 years and the median lifespan was 7 years. In fact, 82 of these currencies lasted less than a decade and 15 of them lasted less than 1 year.

The government does not have a better or more accurate understanding of the needs and demand for goods and services or the productive capacity of the economy. In fact it has all the incentives to overspend and transfer its inefficiencies to everyone else via printing money and creating inflation. The average citizen of the world would much  prefer gold, cryptocurrencies, US dollars, or Euros than their own currencies.

Traditional Money is Volatile

The Socialist idea that when governments artificially create money it will not cause inflation, because the supply of money will rise in tandem with supply and demand of goods and services, is simply science fiction.

As such, like any perverse incentive under the so-called “stimulate internal demand” fallacy, the government simply creates larger monetary imbalances to disguise the fiscal deficit created by spending and lending without real economic return.  Creating instead, massive inflation (often hidden), economic stagnation as productivity collapses and impoverishing everyone.

This is what makes cryptocurrencies attractive as opposed to government controlled money. Once the people switch on to that fact, the rush into cryptocurrencies will be unprecedented.


In other countries, regulatory measures are still up in the air. Both South Korea and Japan are considering lifting their ICO ban, while China remains firm that ICOs are illegal and criminal activity.

All that said, the entire global community has still made significant progress in the world of blockchain and digital currency.

At the start of 2017, digital currency investing was like going into the Wild West armed with nothing but your wits. Now, regulators are wanting to control cryptos supposely making them safer for the investor. Some cities, like Hong Kong, and counties like Venezuela are embracing their own digital currencies. But the power of Cryptocurrency is in it’s decentralised nature outside of government control and manipulation.

But where will things be in the future?

Blockchain and Crypto in 2019

Based on increased acceptance, more technology and risk management tools, and a general upswing in interest, it looks like blockchain technology is gearing up for mass adoption. We’ve come a long way since the early days of Bitcoin, and now digital assets are working their way toward mainstream use and acceptance.

Market Overview

Below is a typical graph of early stage technology and the four phases they go through before they become main stream. This has played out for automobiles, the cell phone, computers, the internet and pretty much every market you can think of.

Of course the trick is to know where are we now…

Bitcoin Today

Future Outlook

But no matter where we are the future out look is positive.  What we do know is that there will be more blockchain adoption and development that is likely to take place in the corporate space. This will increase blockchain awareness and further industry growth and the use of blockchain-based technology.

Like any new technology and new asset class there are risks. All investments have some level of risk and smart investing has always been about managing risk. So, if you haven’t learned about digital assets and risk management, now is a good time to start.

Here’s What’s Possible

Imagine being notified daily, of new coins that could potentially increase your initial investment by 10X to over 100X and being able to invest within seconds and start profiting if they take off. Many won’t but a few might explode to 1000X’s

The good news is there is software that automates all the manual processes, that  you had to do manually to take advantage of these serious money making opportunities. An entire platform where all the tools needed are in a simple, easy to follow software suite.

Anyone wanting to learn cryptocurrency trading and wanting to discover which is the best cryptocurrency trading platform to use and how to trade crypto currency using a crypto trading software that identifies how to sell buy and sell Bitcoin using arbitrage, for instant profits, will not be disappointed with this cryptocurrency trading strategy and software solution that I am about to recommend.


Cryptosuite shows you how you can buy Bitcoin for X through exchange A, and sell it at a profit instantly at exchange B with the click of a mouse.

This is known in the financial industry as arbitrage and it’s a fast way to make money. The software also alerts you to all the new crypto-coins being offered and which ones may be worth a small investment in before they skyrocket in value.

This is the next generation trading software that is well worth taking a serious look at and could be your ticket to securing your financial future.

This could arguably be, the best cryptocurrency trading platform to use for anyone wanting to learn cryptocurrency trading and wanting to discover how to trade crypto currency using a crypto trading software that allows you how to trade cryptocurrency for profit and identifies precisely, how to sell buy and sell Bitcoin, using arbitrage as a cryptocurrency trading strategy. Take a closer look here;

Cryptocurrency Trading Software

A Real Life Example Using This Software

Below is a screenshot of a portfolio I started shortly after I began using this Cryptosuite software myself. Starting with a $1,600 investment on May, 1st, you can see I am already in Profit ONE month later as of June 1st (2018), So I off-loaded (took back) my initial investment and continued to trade with my profit, so I and now trading risk free.

Bitcoin today

So, it works!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Why should you take any notice of what I have to say about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in general?  That’s a great question! I know that I would want to know something about the people I am getting advice from.

Peter V Crisp

I have not only written numerous articles and posts about cryptocurrencies. I have also written a book Why invest in Cryptocurrency? And how to get started, (that’s available on Amazon). But more importantly I also have a track record of personal success, with my cryptocurrency investments, turning US$500 into more than US$ 20,000. – You can read more about this in my post; How to Buy Cryptocurrencies”

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Bitcoin today

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Bitcoin Today

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Bitcoin Today

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How To Trade Cryptocurrency

Take a look around and review the other posts while you are here and grab a copy of my Book, Why Invest in Cryptocurrency? And how to get started. (also available on Amazon)

Peter V Crisp

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  • Renton

    I like the idea of cryptocurrency (clearly I don’t work in a bank:) It is like people said we’ve had enough, so we’ll use our own currency from now on.

    The powers that be will definitely try to control this or suppress it but I think the clever(fed up) people in the world will find a way.

    The only reason money(paper) has value is because we believe it has value. It is no longer tied to gold and therefore is literally just paper being printed every day.

    Bitcoin-like gold – is finite and is very difficult if not impossible to forge. That means people will have to exchange the existing coins (much like gold).

    The exciting thing about bitcoin is that you can make money trading it (between fiat and crypto) or holding it and waiting for the value to climb, essentially getting more fiat currency for your crypto coin and then buying even more.

    Great post.

    • Peter

      Hello, Renton. Yes, you are absolutely right about all you are saying about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Thanks for your comments and watch out for a PDF copy of my book to hit your inbox very soon. Enjoy! 🙂

  • Bibian

    You really brought out time to review on bitcoin, I rate it 4 star. I am not into cryto-currency trade, I was recommended by a friend to register on and invest there but my fear is about being scanned. I have heard a lot about bitcoin scam websites.
    Please have you heard about this coin called kringle?.

    • Peter

      Hello, Bibian.  I have many articles on Bitcoin and a book that will tach you a lot about Cryptocurrencies in general so if your interested and want to avoid being scammed then you could research the information I provide I’m sure you will find it most helpful. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

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