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Bitcoin Today

See image below for real time value of a single Bitcoin

Bitcoin TodayIf your question is, “Should I buy Bitcoin? I would say Yes! Here’s why… Cryptocurrency is still a major opportunity to create wealth in 2018. In just two years, the digital currency market went from being worth under $20 billion to over $500 billion. And yes, its still highly volatile and there are risks, but with great volatility, is also great profits.

Even though the price of Bitcoin has recently dropped 52%, down from $14,112  (Jan. 1) to $6,671 (Aug. 22nd 2018) it has see-sawed between $8000 – $6000. Yet people are still making money.  And if you bought Bitcoin this time last year then YES, you are still way out in front. 


Bitcoin Today

Make No Mistake

But if had you jumped in around January 2018 you would have cried as the Bitcoin price plummeted, and you probably have the urge to sell all your Bitcoins and avoid the crypto market entirely. That however could be a costly mistake… 

Many insiders are predicting that Bitcoin will soon rise to at least $100,000 or more, based upon a couple of things.  The first is that there are only Twenty-One Million coins that can ever exist. The second is that Bitcoin is about to undergo a massive systems upgrade  (the ‘lighting upgrade’ is currently in beta testing) this is going to totally rewire the entire Bitcoin network and will make Bitcoin incredibly fast, universally acceptable and very user friendly on a massive global scale. 

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