How to Get First Page on Google

How to Rank on Page One

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team from Google, the world’s number one search engine and rankings provider had this to say about how to rank on page one;

In case you didn’t watch the video (or you did – but didn’t get it) The point is that he doesn’t actually come right out and tell you. Instead the short 3 minute video gives you a humorous montage of misinformation.

Meaning that it’s an art, rather than an exact science to getting page one rankings. Although there are specific things we can do to give our page a boost in terms of rankings and some things that we need to avoid in order not to be penalized. Google won’t reveal their exact ‘secret’ to getting on page one Or ‘How to Get First Page on Google’.

How to get on first page of Google  

So it comes down to doing your own research, even using the process of trial and error in order to develop a strategy that works for you. Fortunately I have been able to achieve just such a strategy and I will share it with you. After many years and a dozen sites not ranking at all… I now have a site that has more than twenty page one & two rankings on Google.

So I can show you, how you too can do this. But first take a look at the screen shots below and see how many page one, rankings for various pages and posts I have for this particular website;How to Get First Page on Google

The above screen shot shows five, position 1‘s on Page One of Google and two at position 2 on Page One.  (So that’s seven page one’s so far).

The next screen shot below shows another six more page one rankings and two, page two rankings, all for the same website but for different pages and posts. – (That’s thirteen page one rankings).How to Get First Page on Google

The next screen shot below shows eight more page two rankings for the same website but for other pages and posts.

How to Get First Page on Google

Demonstrating the value of having plenty of great content on your site. This is important because it allows you to get multiple rankings for the same website as you have seen in the above screen shots.

This also shows that getting every page and post on page one is not realistic and that page one ranking on Google is still an art rather than an exact science.

However all-in-all that’s a total of twenty three posts and pages on the first two pages of Google for this particular website.

Many people would be excited just to have one page, ranking on page one or two of Google.

So How Do I Achieve This?

Really there is no magic. I got an education from Wealthy Affiliate and I just utilize an awesome keyword research tool called Jaxxy and with this tool I can see the competition for the specific keywords and how well it will rank in Google. I then select that keyword phrase and write content around the keyword phrase knowing that it will rank well.

Now understand that if I can do this, then so can you, once you have access to this awesome keyword research tool. Finding Keywords that gets traffic is important.

However what’s even more important is finding keywords that has low competition that will also get you ranked in Google. Getting ranked in Google is what will bring you free targeted traffic. Having a page one ranking will on average bring you 42%of the traffic.

You can try it out here. Just put in a keyword phrase perhaps one you already have and see how well it ranks;

To see more about this amazing Keyword Research tool I have a few other posts that you can access from here; What’s the Best Keyword Tool? and the Best SEO Keyword Tool. Both will give you more information about Jaxxy, how to use it and what makes it so good.

Click here to discover, What’s the Best Keyword Tool

Using Keywords

Just because you have great keywords you still need to be clever about how you use them You can’t just load up your article with keywords and expect it to rank. Google are on to that these days. Here is some great advice on what the ideal keyword density on a page should be, direct from  Matt Cutts of Google. See the 3 minute (more serious) video below to see what he has to say;

So that’s what Google says about keyword density. If you would like a copy of Googles’ very own SEO Starter Guide Book you can find it here.  

Now it’s time to find the traffic generating keywords. Take a look around at the suggested posts and if you want to learn more about this amazing Keyword Research tool and get a free trial you can do so here Jaxxy.

No Hype

Now understand that I don’t always get page one or two, sometimes I only get on page three, four, five and so on because as I said it’s an art rather than an exact science.  However rankings on the first 10 pages are better than not ranking at all. Usually over time with a little tweaking you can make your pages move up in the rankings. In fact time is a rankings factor so it’s not always possible (although it does happen) to get page one when you first publish your article or page. But with the right education and tools you can usually manage to rank pretty well.

Below is a screen shot of this exact page rankings a few hours after this post was first published. I hit page three straight away in front of 1.3 Billion results. I expect it to move up from there given a little time and engagement from people leaving comments.

How to Get First Page on Google

To discover how you can also do this read some of the other posts on this site. If you are new to internet marketing and would like more information pick up a copy of my free ebook on this page or go here

Also if you are little unsure how to go about making money online, you can see a great post by a friend of mine, A Guide To Making Money Online In 10 Easy Steps, Yunier has some very good pointers in this post, so take a look.

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  • Kathe

    Hi there! That’s what I learned in WA as well. Targeting low hanging fruit and writing great content for it are the main key to consider. I am also looking forward in making my posts/pages to rank as well, but it seems a lot of time still needed. It’s a good thing that you let others see the essence of great content and less competition keyword. I want to watch the video you embedded, but I am at work now,lol, afraid that my boss will see me watching videos 😀

    • Peter

      Hello, Kathe. Thank you for your comments. I sure you will like the video when you see them ha ha. And as a thank you, I am sending you a copy of my book Video Marketing Made Easy which will give you more information and resources to help you learn more about a powerful and engaging form of marketing.Enjoy 🙂

  • Julius

    I love Matt Cullings’ explanation on page one rankings on Google. This is truly a question which does not have a specific answer to it and just comes down to content.

    If you can truly help people by writing informative, engaging and original content, then you will rank on the first page.

    Great read, thanks.

    • Peter

      Hello Julius Thank you for your comments and yes It’s a great video and you are right it’s about having quality content and selecting low competition keywords which why I like Jaxxy. Anyway thank yu for your feedback 🙂

  • John Rico

    Hi there! I really wanted to know how to get into the first page of google. It is really frustrating because I am not able to have great traffic inspite of working my site for more than 7 months. The struggle of posting everyday but not even getting enough traffic is really upsetting. I am also diligent in watching informative videos to make my website better. So is your method works? I mean I don’t want to fall into scams again. Thanks in advance for your response.

    • Peter

      Hello John Pleased you enjoyed the post and ranking is an art rather than a science although however there are many things you can learn from WA to help improve the odds of getting a higher ranking and improve traffic to your site. I use Jaxxy as my keyword research tool and it has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend it. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Xander

    Hi Peter,

    Firstly, I want to congratulate you on all the page one rankings. Secondly, hahaha, you really had me going with that first video. I was like, “no this doesn’t sound right!”. It made more sense when I read on.
    The points that you mention here are very true and I have sometimes experienced that the page I think is going to rank great doesn’t even rank and highly competitive ranking terms rank great. I have also not figured out the exact science and I don’t think anybody will.
    Thanks for a great read and advice.

    • Peter

      Hi Xander Pleased you enjoyed the post and you are right about the ranking being an art rather than a science although there are many things you can learn from WA to help improve the odds of getting a high ranking Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Wilford

    You actually make it appear really easy with your presentation although I find this matter to be actually a difficult thing to do and I feel I’d by no means understand it. It sort of feels too complicated and extremely broad for me. However I’ll be taking a look at your subsequent posts, and get your book I’ll attempt to get my head around this!

    • Hello Wilford Oh yes this is a difficult thing for many and that’s why Jaxxy is so powerful because once you understand the simplicity of the process everything becomes clear and ranking becomes relatively straight forward. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Hi Peter,
    Great article on ranking with keywords.
    I think it really hits the nail on the head to explain how it works and also where it hurts so people don’t get too obsessed and keyword stuff.
    Thank you for this informative article!

  • Hi Peter,

    You’ve got the system down, or at least figuring it out. I too have had over 50% of my posts rank on page one in google and 25% of them rank on page 2 using Jaaxy. It just makes it too easy to find the right set of keywords or keyword phrases.

    Combine that with using the SEO by Yoast plugin and creating quality content that centers around your topic and you’ve got the makings for #1 rankings.

    Thanks for the wonderful read.

  • Hi Peter,

    In addition to keyword research, I also check on the SERPs for a targeted keyword. If the first 10 results are outdated, I know I stand a better chance. If they have a short post, I’ll make sure I write longer content to outrank them, If they are overall great content, I’ll try to get more comments to my article to boost my ranking. These techniques might not necessarily work, but they do help.

    As I understand more about SERPs and on-page SEO, I am seeing more of my recent articles being rank on Page 1 and 2. I do most of it using Jaaxy tool plus some additional tips from Jay’s Live Webinar at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hello Cathy Thank you for the feedback, those are all great ideas. Yes Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the education you need to truly succeed online. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Scott Newkirk

    Hey Peter,

    This is an awesome post about how to get first page rankings. I like how you have broken this information down into bite size chunks and have gone into detail about how you have achieved this. I personally use Jaaxy myself and if it wasn’t for this nifty tool I wouldn’t have multiple pages ranked on the first page of Google.

    Jaaxy has also helped me outrank several big name sites as well. Like you, I have also got an instant page 3 ranking within a few short hours of me publishing my post. As you gain more authority, and show Google that you are serious about writing content they will put you ahead of everyone else.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this information together and for sharing it with everyone here. I’m sure it will really help them out and hopefully get them to the top of page 1 as well.

    Your Friend, Scott

    • Hey Scott Thanks for your comments, you are so right about Jaxxy it’s an awesome tool and very underrated perhaps we should keep it quiet ha ha. Yes it can help you to out rank the big boys. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • Hey, Peter!

    WOW!!!! It’s totally Amazing to see how many Google page 1 rankings you have, and it just goes to show how much hard work you have put in to your online business, so a huge Congratulations!

    Thank You ever so much for sharing the video by Matt Cutts and also the ways to get high rankings 😀 i am definitely going to be following your advice and tips, and I will start working on my website right away.

    Cheers! Neil

    • Hi Neil you are welcome. Thanks for the comments and I am pleased you could take away something of value from my post. Wealthy Affiliates is a great place to learn what and how to build success online 🙂

  • While writing my own article on ranking first page of Google, I feel it would only be appropriate to leave you a comment. You know your stuff and you’ve explained it well. Currently I run 2 websites and both are ranking well. Keyword density really isn’t that important.

    As long as you explain in your article what the main focus is, you’ll rank.

    Cheers for now, I’ll see you on top!

    • Hi Damien Yes it important to keep up with all the changes at Google and how to rank has changed and Jaxxy helps us to do with out forcing the search engines to rank us. Pleased you find the tool helpful and thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • yunier

    Hello peter,

    Fantastic article that you written here showing everyone that it is very possible with the appropriate training but I couldn’t stop laughing at Matt because more times than not he tends to confuse us with some confusing information.

    I believe it really comes down to the appropriate keyword research (Jaaxy is one of the best tools in this regard) and writing compelling quality content that is engaging which will consequently lead to readers sharing your content and exposing your writing to the world .

    How important would you say is writing content that has more than let’s say 1,000 to 1,500 words ? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    • Hi Yunier Yes content is important not so much the lenght in the number of words but the quality of the content. It must engage the reader so they want to come back and even share your content with others. Jaxyy is also a powerful tool that definiately helps this process. Pleased you enjoyed the Matt Cutts videos and thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  • Very informative post on how to get ranked on page one of google!

    This will help many people to achieve this with their blog posts.

    Prior to joining Wealthy Affiliate about 18 months ago I had no idea about keywords, or rankings or SEO.

    Thankfully to them and people like yourself writing informative posts such as this, I am gradually growing my own online business and my rankings are improving as a result!

    Awesome job, thanks for this very informational post!


    • Hello John Thank you for your comments and I appreciate you leaving a comment. Yes Prior to WA I was the same but now that I have learned ‘something’ and have the right tools and things are much better. Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome program for anyone wanting to learn about making a living online. Cheers 🙂

  • Peter

    Hi Peter,

    You give some great pointers to getting good rankings on the search engines. Enjoyed the Matt Cutts videos and it’s great to see the success you’re having.
    As you say the secret to getting ranked on the first page of Google is choosing the right keywords or keyword phrase. I too use the Jaaxy keyword tool and it really makes the process of finding those low competition keywords quite easy.
    I just wondered, when you find a keyword that seems a good choice do you consider the authority of the competing sites? Competing against sites with low authority is a lot easier than competing against authoritative big brand sites, at least that’s how I understand it.
    Thanks for the post and hopefully you will encourage many people to try the free trial with Jaaxy.

    • Hello Peter. Yes Jaxxy is an awesome tool and it certainly helps me get good rankings. I don’t usually worry about who the competing site are other than how many there are because I then focus on writing good content and then getting engagement to my site to help push the rankings. Thanks for your comments Cheers 🙂

  • Gary


    Thanks for this awesome post on getting to Google page one!
    You could not be more accurate for pointing out the value of Jaaxy for doing keyword research that will land you on page 1.
    I use Jaaxy before I write a single word of anything, to find out about expected traffic and competition for specific keywords.
    I also appreciate the video from Matt Cutts, I have learned a lot from his guidance and input, and that is straight from the horses mouth so to speak.
    Thanks again, great job,


    • Hello Gary I appreciate your comments and agree totally about the value of Jaxxy. It really is an awesome tool and certainly makes getting high rankings on Google easy. Pleased you liked the article and enjoyed the Matt Cutts video. 🙂

  • Stefan

    Hi Peter
    i can confirm too, that working with Jaaxy is a great booster. After 3 months working on my new site, the traffic takes off. REally cool!

    And last but not least: a good laugh is always the best fuel!
    Cheers, Stefan

  • Loretta

    Peter… this is TERRIFIC information and I have definitely bookmarked it. This is the first time ever, in all my research that (1) someone actually SHOWS us that they have achieved what they are telling us and not just repeating what someone else said and (2) given information I can follow.

    Just the little bit of tips you provided me before pulled my rankings upward… now I know how to get them all the way to the TOP.

    Thanks, Peter. You’re the best!

    • Hello Loretta Pleased you liked the article and very happy you got something from it. Wa is a great place to get an education and access to wonderful tools. To your continued success 😉

  • Marith

    Hi Peter, I am still laughing from the first video, loved it. The second one makes very good sense and this is exactly what I learned at Wealthy Affiliate.
    I also use Jaxxy and agree with you, it’s an amazing tool for key-word searching.
    I am a food-blogger and we all know how much competition there are out there, so even with the help of Jaxxy it’s hard to rank on google.
    But I have one question, and it’s about google images. When I search my key-words there (incognito) my images shows up high on the site. Does that mean that they are ranking? ( they have all been featured hundreds of times on facebook and pinterest with backlinks) Hope you can give me some insight on this, and thank you for a great post, I learned a lot from it.

    • Hello Marith Firstly thank you for your comments and I am pleased you enjoyed video in the post. I thought it was funny also. In regards to your question about ranking in Google. Yes if Google shows it high up in the rankings and you can find it then others can find it also, which means that is good. The images in particularly are good if they back-linked to you although back linking doesn’t carry as much weight as it once did. But still a presence in Google is much better than no presence at all. Thank you for your question. 🙂

  • Very good article as many of us need to read. Striving to be number 1 on page 1 is where we all want to be and now we can actually find some help to get there. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tom

    Hi Peter- First of all I wanted to congratulate you on your site, which is informative and full of relate-able information. This particular post ” How to Get First Page on Google” will be of great assistance to me and I’m sure many others now struggling to get better rankings on Google. One of the issues you talk about in this article is how you got page rankings a few hours after your post was first published.”I hit page three straight away in front of 1.3 Billion results”. This is amazing and now a goal for me as well. Well done! I will be studying more of your posts in the future…


    • Hello Tom Thank you for your comments You are very welcome to study more of my posts and I am very pleased you found it interesting and informative. Yes it is very possible to get page one ranking on Google with the right education and tools. Appreciate you leaving a comment Thank you 🙂

  • Thoriso

    Good article Peter. I was bowled over laughing with Matt’s video. He really enjoys sending out mixed signals. I sometimes feel that to truly rank on Google is to just ignore the information out there and just get people visiting and looking for your site.

    Basically hold Google to being inept… How come everybody knows about your site, loves it BUT can’t for the life of them find it on Google. I think Google will have no choice but to rank you FIRST page.

    Imagine googling “Yahoo” and not finding it on Google first page. Google has to be relevant, they have no choice. I think as webmasters we have to take back the power and force people to fall inlove with our sites.

    Plain and simple.

    • Hi Thoriso Pleased you liked the video and yes Google doesn’t give much away about how to rank on page one. But there are things we can do to make getting there a little easier. Thanks for leaving a comment;)

  • Jennifer

    Thanks Peter,
    I really enjoyed your article on how to get first page on google & Matt Cutts video was just an added bonus, really enjoyed it. I love using Jaaxy for my keyword tool as you have shown it works, of course sometimes it’s a hit and miss like you said but what I like the most about Jaaxy is that it takes away all the hard work in researching for keywords or even an alphabet soup technic comes in handy with Jaaxy, everything you need for keyword research is all in one place love it…

    I look forward to your next post! Cheer’s

    • Hello Jennifer Yes I agree Jaxxy is a great tool and probably the most under rated on the market. I know that it helps me get page one more often than not. Thanks for your feed back 😉

  • Sara Portugal

    LOL…I just loved the first video. And the last too, of course. I learned about Jaaxy, and it’s a really good instrument. Thank you so much for your fantastic post!

  • Thanks for this information. It really shows that there isn’t some secret that only certain privileged people know about. I love the first video. Very funny. I have used jaaxy a few times and must say it’s definitely one of the best keyword tools out there!

    • Hi Tanya Thank you so much for the comments. Happy that you found it amusing (that was the idea) and yes there really is no secret. It’s just knowing what to do and doing it and of course having great tools to make it easier. Thanks again 🙂

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