How to Get First Page on Google

How to Rank on Page One

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team from Google, the world’s number one search engine and rankings provider had this to say about how to rank on page one;

In case you didn’t watch the video (or you did – but didn’t get it) The point is that he doesn’t actually come right out and tell you. Instead the short 3 minute video gives you a humorous montage of misinformation.

Meaning that it’s an art, rather than an exact science to getting page one rankings. Although there are specific things we can do to give our page a boost in terms of rankings and some things that we need to avoid in order not to be penalized. Google won’t reveal their exact ‘secret’ to getting on page one Or ‘How to Get First Page on Google’.

How to get on first page of Google  

So it comes down to doing your own research, even using the process of trial and error in order to develop a strategy that works for you.

Fortunately I have been able to achieve just such a strategy and I will share it with you. After many years and a dozen sites not ranking at all… I now have a site that has more than twenty page one & two rankings on Google.

So I can show you, how you too can do this. But first take a look at the screen shots below and see how many page one, rankings for various pages and posts I have for this particular website;How to Get First Page on Google

The above screen shot shows five, position 1‘s on Page One of Google and two at position 2 on Page One.  (So that’s seven page one’s so far).

The next screen shot below shows another six more page one rankings and two, page two rankings, all for the same website but for different pages and posts. – (That’s thirteen page one rankings).How to Get First Page on Google

The next screen shot below shows eight more page two rankings for the same website but for other pages and posts.

How to Get First Page on Google

Demonstrating the value of having plenty of great content on your site. This is important because it allows you to get multiple rankings for the same website as you have seen in the above screen shots.

This also shows that getting every page and post on page one is not realistic and that page one ranking on Google is still an art rather than an exact science.

However all-in-all that’s a total of twenty three posts and pages on the first two pages of Google for this particular website.

Many people would be excited just to have one page, ranking on page one or two of Google.

So How Do I Achieve This?

Really there is no magic. I got an education from Wealthy Affiliate and I just utilize an awesome keyword research tool called Jaxxy and with this tool I can see the competition for the specific keywords and how well it will rank in Google. I then select that keyword phrase and write content around the keyword phrase knowing that it will rank well.

Now understand that if I can do this, then so can you, once you have access to this awesome keyword research tool. Finding Keywords that gets traffic is important.

However what’s even more important is finding keywords that has low competition that will also get you ranked in Google. Getting ranked in Google is what will bring you free targeted traffic. Having a page one ranking will on average bring you 42%of the traffic.

You can try it out here. Just put in a keyword phrase perhaps one you already have and see how well it ranks;

To see more about this amazing Keyword Research tool I have a few other posts that you can access from here; What’s the Best Keyword Tool? and the Best SEO Keyword Tool. Both will give you more information about Jaxxy, how to use it and what makes it so good.

Click here to discover, What’s the Best Keyword Tool

Using Keywords

Just because you have great keywords you still need to be clever about how you use them You can’t just load up your article with keywords and expect it to rank. Google are on to that these days.

Here is some great advice on what the ideal keyword density on a page should be, direct from  Matt Cutts of Google. See the 3 minute (more serious) video below to see what he has to say;

So that’s what Google says about keyword density. If you would like a copy of Googles’ very own SEO Starter Guide Book you can find it here.  

Googles’  SEO Starter Guide Book here.  

Now it’s time to find the traffic generating keywords. Take a look around at the suggested posts and if you want to learn more about this amazing Keyword Research tool and get a free trial you can do so here Jaxxy.

 Find Out About JAXXY From Here

No Hype

Now understand that I don’t always get page one or two, sometimes I only get on page three, four, five and so on because as I said it’s an art rather than an exact science.  However rankings on the first 10 pages are better than not ranking at all. Usually over time with a little tweaking you can make your pages move up in the rankings.

In fact time is a rankings factor so it’s not always possible (although it does happen) to get page one when you first publish your article or page. But with the right education and tools you can usually manage to rank pretty well.

Below is a screen shot of this exact page rankings a few hours after this post was first published. I hit page three straight away in front of 1.3 Billion results. I expect it to move up from there given a little time and engagement from people leaving comments.

How to Get First Page on Google

To discover how you can also do this read some of the other posts on this site. If you are new to internet marketing and would like more information pick up a copy of my free ebook see the bottom of this page. 

“Also if you are little unsure how to go about making money online, you can see a great post by a friend of mine, A Guide To Making Money Online In 10 Easy Steps, Yunier has some very good pointers in this post, so take a look.


How to Get First Page on Google

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  • Kavinah

    Thanks for a thorough post on a very important topic. I see you use the best keyword tool . I hope to get better and better at using this tool in order to get the same results you mentioned here.
    I will be back at your site as I see you have so many useful resources.

    • Peter

      Hello, Kavinah. Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you found the post to be informative. Yes, Jaxxy is indeed a great keyword research tool. Hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • John

    Hi Peter, me again. I just keep coming back to your website looking for answers. I shared your page but can’t seem too see how I can get your ebook for free. Can you help me out here please. I am looking forward to grabbing it and have a good read.
    Cheers John

    • Peter

      Hello, John You should find two eBooks  Affiliate Marketing Made Easy in your inbox as a personal thank you for commenting on my posts.  I sure you will find it interesting and also very informative. You can keep one and give the other away if you wish. Thanks again for your comments 🙂 

  • jeremy

    This is good information to add to the arsenal for sure. The only thing I’m going to add here is, it goes back to that old saying,” you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. You can have the best information in the world, but if the person doesn’t have the gumption to absorb it, it won’t help. The point is, if you’re trying to make money online, hopefully people can take this useful info and try to actually understand what it’s saying. Good read.

    • Peter

      Hello, Jeremy. You are right most people will not look too closely at what I am telling them and not see how simple it is to rank. But that OK because it means its still easy to do as most won’t recognise the simplicity of having the right tools and education can do when it come to ranking… shhhhhh. haha 🙂

  • Jerry Burns

    Great article. I would love my web page to be on page one. I do appreciate your thorough research and practical information.

    Your blog is great and your information is practical. I do appreciate you writing this. I will keep this in mind and pass it along to a friend as well.

    • Peter

      Hello, Jerry. I am pleased that you have enjoyed the post and found it informative. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Chris

    Very good, well laid out blog post and video. SEO gets over complicated by half the internet aand really you just need to know a couple of basics, avoid blackhat habits and you can really be an effective competitor in your niche. Thanks for this great outline and its good to see more people putting instruction into video format too.!

    • Peter

      Hello, Chris. Thank you for your comments and I am happy you have enjoyed the post. I’m sure you will also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Alison

    Most impressed with this post! You’ve made the topic of keywords very understandable and easy to follow! I love the video from Google explaining why keyword stuffing is not a great idea and I love the fact that the tool you recommend is Jaaxy. I’ve been using it for a while myself now, and it’s invaluable to me and my business too! Thanks for the input – it’s clear, concise and has given me an awful lot to think about!

    • Peter

      Hello, Alison. I am pleased you have enjoyed my post and that you found it informative. I trust you will also like the eBook that is coming your way. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Maite

    Hi Peter, I found your site very informative and practical. Being part of WA myself, I am now learning knowing that there is a lot of support for everyone to be successful. I am at the early stage of building my content and I do agree with you, if you make your own video you have a great chance to attract more viewers. I liked your presentational video, it sends simple and clear messages to the people who is watching it. I would love to learn more about this video makerFX program. Cheers :))

    • Peter

      Hello, Maite. I am pleased you have enjoyed the post and found it informative. Happy to know you are already part of WA as it is a great place to get the knowledge and education to build a successful online business.

      Thank you for your comments. 🙂 

  • Elbert

    Hey peter

    thats a solid post on getting your page to be ranked in google, i now know that keyword is important and a tweak will help on the rank.

    I noticed that in wealthy affiliate there’s a keyword search tools as well right ? and is it enough compared to jaaxy ? or we have to use both ?

    • Peter

      Hello, Elbert. The keyword tool at WA is fine and it’s free and it will help you in the same way it just takes more effort and a little longer to get the results you want. Jaxxy is powerful and fast and makes everything so much easier.  The important thing though is to use a keyword research tool as I will help you to rank better. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

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