How to Get First Page on Google

How to Rank on Page One

Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team from Google, the world’s number one search engine and rankings provider had this to say about how to rank on page one;

In case you didn’t watch the video (or you did – but didn’t get it) The point is that he doesn’t actually come right out and tell you. Instead the short 3 minute video gives you a humorous montage of misinformation.

Meaning that it’s an art, rather than an exact science to getting page one rankings. Although there are specific things we can do to give our page a boost in terms of rankings and some things that we need to avoid in order not to be penalized. Google won’t reveal their exact ‘secret’ to getting on page one Or ‘How to Get First Page on Google’.

How to get on first page of Google  

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