Internet Marketing for the Beginner

Internet Marketing for the Beginner

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Internet Marketing for the Beginner

If you want your own online internet marketing business, your own downloadable PDF and video products, your own auto-responder, and even your own special offers, a way to generate income online, and are having difficulty getting started or knowing where to go and who to turn to, then look no further because I have some great resources for you.

Not only can I recommend a great place to begin your education (for free) But I have three great, optional, low-cost resources for you to get you started while you are learning everything you need to know. (In case you missed the video above see the video below)

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Here’s a brief overview of what you should do to create a successful website.

STEP #1 – Create main offerInternet Marketing for the Beginner

STEP #2 – Create an up-sell page

STEP #3 – Create a download page for main offer

STEP #4 – Create a download page for main offer with up-sell products

STEP #5 – Create payment button for STEP #1. This should redirect to STEP #2 after a customer has paid.

STEP #6 – Create payment button for STEP #2This should redirect to STEP #4 after a customer has paid.

STEP #7 – Create a ‘no thanks’ link at the bottom of payment button for STEP #2. This should link to a download page in STEP #3.

STEP #8Set up an autoresponder series of emails and messages to communicate with your customer.

The Basic Setup

This is a basic structure of a simple marketing web page with an up-sell offer without a down-sell or a second up-sell. 

As you can imagine it can get quite complicated however unless you learn these skills that I’m about to show you, you’ll NEVER get your business off the ground – unless you’re made of money and have deep pockets to have someone help you out.

Unfortunately, not everyone has deep pockets and that’s probably the main reasons why you came online to start a business in the first place. 

Besides… You can’t depend on hiring someone to do all the work for you all the time because you’re always putting your business in someone else’s hands. If they don’t feel like doing something, your business is at a halt.

If they do a poor job then you’re at fault. If they didn’t set something up right because they’re lazy (knowing that it’s not their business) then you get the blame from your customers (and refund requests if it gets bad)

“At some point or another, you’re going to have to learn some basic ‘Technical Skills’  – Fortunately though it’s not that hard if you have the right resources and education”


You should be prepared to put in time during the first few months of getting your education, learning the ‘smart’ ways to build websites, learning how to promote them, how to create engaging content and how to use search engine optimization tools to build a long term sustainable online income.

Fortunately, you can learn all this and more, in one place and you can start for free with needing a credit card to get started.

My recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and you can see my review and learn more about them or go directly to their site using the link within the image below.

Internet marketing for the beginner

TimeInternet Marketing for the Beginner

How long it takes is entirely up to you.  You can learn as slowly or as quickly as you want. You can trial this entire program without spending a single cent to see if it’s for you. You can try it first, build a website or two and make money before you pay anything!

However, if you don’t want to wait and learn everything yourself first or you just want to get started right away with generating an income, then I have the first of several low-cost options for you that you can implement while you are getting your education.

I’ve put together a short but concise 17 part video course that will show you everything you need to know to get over that technical hurdle that’s currently stopping you from getting further ahead.

I’ve been online long enough to show you how to do the simplest tasks. I’ve had my fair share uploading, file management, designing, list-creation, list-building, cPanel usage and much more… and I’m glad to say that you won’t have to go through the same hassles I’ve gone through, so I’ve made this training as painless as possible.


Tech Challenge SOS where you can learn everything you need to get your online business started.

Internet Marketing for the Beginner

Take advantage of this opportunity to make money on the internet! If you’re serious about setting up your own business and expect to sell frequently, then you simply CANNOT run a successful business without the knowledge found in this course.

There’s just so much to learn and we can help you with this Tech Challenge SOS video course. You’ll use these skills every day for the rest of your life and after you do them a few times they’ll become second nature to you.

Here’s The Deal

I’m going to completely back all my products with a 60-day ‘love it or hate it‘ guarantee! If you have any problems with this course whatsoever simply contact me for a full and prompt refund – no questions asked.

This gives you plenty of time to apply the tips tricks and strategies shown in Tech Challenge SOS so you can see for yourself how well this works and best of all because I really want to help you get started I have made this a brilliant investment at the very low price of only $27 $10.00

  Get your 17 part video course Tech Challenge SOS from here


If you like reading and prefer to learn about affiliate marketing that way or would like additional information in the form of reading material then I have another resource for you, my second low-cost option for you that you can implement while you are getting your education.

“Learn “Easy Affiliate Marketing” techniques and strategies to generate profitability through a steady income source by marketing the best products and services on your website”.Internet Marketing for the Beginner

Learn about the best affiliate programs, how to effectively market products and services, and substantially increase your affiliate commissions so you have a real income.

Learn how to generate real cash with “Easy Affiliate Marketing

We are offering you a special eBook with valuable information that will help you become an Affiliate Marketing expert:

Learn the valuable time-saving secrets with this eBook.

Gain an edge on your competition, that may be selling the same products or services by substantially outselling them.

Get your copy of my “Easy Affiliate Marketing” eBook right now and as a PDF download, you can start reading it on your computer screen today. Available here for $19.95 $7.00 Act now and get our special limited time money back guarantee.

Get your copy of my “Easy Affiliate Marketing” eBook right here

One More Thing

I have one more low-cost option for you that you can implement while you are getting your education, that I know you are going to really like.

Peter V Crisp

“Prior to getting an education from Wealthy Affiliate, I had been struggling and going from one ‘Bright Shiny Object’ (BSO) to the next, being scammed, getting ripped-off and getting very frustrated.

I had over a dozen websites, yet none of them made any money, no matter which “Guru’s” program I followed. – Why? Because I didn’t know what I was doing, but that all changes for you because after five years I know exactly what you need to get you, on the fast track.”

How would you like access to over 300+ ‘how-to‘ videos that walk you through the entire process of internet marketing that I wish I had when I first started and that you can study and learn at your own pace from home?

Internet marketing for the beginner

Good News

The good news is that you can get this entire course that I normally sell for much more but you can get this for a big discount because I want to help you get started and I want you to come back and buy more of my products in the future, So I am offering you a great deal at $67.00 $27.00  $19.95

Get this entire 300+ Video Training Course from here


Getting these low-cost video courses and the e-book is entirely optional, you could just go directly to Wealthy Affiliates and eventually learn everything need to know and you can connect to that program by clicking on the banner below. Remember it’s free to join and I recommend that you join whether you get my courses or not.

Wealthy Affiliate

How to Earn Money Working at Home

It is a straight, honest and down-to-earth program. Created by online marketers for those wanting to become online marketers. Again this is an excellent place to get an education and you can do it at your own pace and from your own place.

You also receive lots of support and help and answers to all your questions from within the membership community that is truly second to none.

So, if you want to learn how to set up an online website completely from scratch, learn to use search engines to your advantage, and to build a sustainable, long-term business, then my number ONE recommendation is you join Wealthy Affiliate.Internet Marketing for the Beginner


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If you leave a comment, I will reward you with a free PDF copy of my book; ‘List Building Success Secrets’ – Learn how to create a list and how to profit from it.

Peter V Crisp

If you are just getting started, then you will want to build a list. Yet you may not know how to actually do this and this is where most people get stuck, right at the beginning… Without a strong list, you won’t have a stable source of online income”. 

You can get this book in exchange for leaving a comment – Thanks!

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  • Scott

    Very informative post! I liked the video. What you say is true. There are very few programs out there for the beginner in online marketing. Most of the programs take your money and leave you thinking “Now what do I do?”

    Yours looks like just what a novice needs to get started. It explains things in a very basic, simple, step by step way that is easy to follow and understand. It makes the seemingly daunting task of putting together a website and making money online not only possible but attainable.

    I’m a firm believer that given the basics and tools to get something done, anyone can achieve success if they are willing to work hard. What you’ve shown here is the game plan for that success.

    Thanks for your article. I’m going to follow you because I can tell I can learn a lot from you.

    Best regards,

    • Peter

      Hello, Scott thank you for the follow. I am pleased you liked the post and you will find the information I present here and in my other posts to be accurate as I was a newbie once and these are exactly what I would have wanted to know back then. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Adrian

    Hi Peter, thanks for the inspiration. Your website instills hope and options for the future. Your website was done very professionally. It’s exciting and motivates one to get started as quickly as possible.I’m an affiliate myself and I’m in it for the long haul.
    Thanks for your great insights and I hope you all of the best.

    • Peter

      Hello, Adrian I am pleased you liked the post and you should be prepared to put in time during the first few months while getting your education, learning the ‘smart’ ways to build websites, learning how to promote them, how to create engaging content and how to use search engine optimization tools to build a long term sustainable online income.This is really the main message I am wanting to get across to people looking to earn a living online. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • David Jönsson

    Hello Petervcrisp,
    I wish I saw your site before, because I would have saved lots of time…. and time is money you know.
    After reading your post I joined wealthy Affiliate for free on a trial, and I suddenly became hooked. The help and value you get is absolutely amazing.

    Thank you for sharing genuine recommendations, it bring more value to people then you know.

    All the best,

    • Peter

      Hello, David I am thrilled you have joined WA because it is truly the best place to get an online education. Let me know if I can further assist you. 🙂

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