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VO Genesis ReviewVO Genesis Review

In this article, I’ll review a program that reveals a simple strategy that anyone can use to kick-start a freelance business.

Freelancers are taking the internet by storm! If you want to make some extra cash online then I would recommend freelance work, and there are a lot of different services that you can provide. You can even get jobs using your voice.

In fact, if you are dedicated to providing the absolutely best service possible (and you treat your work like a business) it won’t be long before you can quit your regular job and freelance full-time.

The Usual Problem for Many is…

Now, the difficult part with freelancing is figuring out what types of service you can provide.

  • What do people need?
  • What can you do to make people’s lives easier?
  • What are your skills?
  • What is your passion?

One thing we all have is our own unique voice and there are people who love to talk. Imagine getting paid for using something you already have. If you are a native English Speaker and have a clear voice. Then you can probably do this.

Some people waste most of their lives doing jobs they don’t like before they ever figure out their true talents and abilities and never get to make money from doing something they love!

Don’t worry – It’s not too Late!

If you can speak english and form clear sentences, then you can either get a job teaching English in China or you can stay where you are and make money online from the comfort of your home. Sound a little too good to be true? Maybe!

But it’s the truth.

A Solution

One in demand service an English speaker can provide is voiceover work, and there are plenty of people who need voiceover artists, people who will be more than happy to pay top-dollars for quality audio files. It’s all a matter of figuring out where to find these people and where to advertise your services.

Voice Over Genesis

That’s where VO Genesis comes into the picture. Today I’ll take a look at VO Genesis and share my thoughts on this inexpensive program in this honest review.

how to teach english in china

Product Details: 

  • Name: VO Genesis
  • Creator: Jenny Lewis
  • Type: Voice Over Course
  • Price: $37 for the main course.
  • Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

What is Voice Over Genesis? 

Voice Over Genesis is a full length training program that shows people how to start their careers as voice over artists. It walks people through a simple blueprint that almost guarantees success.

You’ll learn how to create the best quality audio samples and how to build a digital portfolio with various voices and styles. You’ll also learn how to find your voice and speak clearly!

Finding Clients

But most importantly it reveals how to find high paying clients.

As we all know, the biggest problem most freelancers face in every industry is the struggle to find paying clients and this program makes the client finding process – a walk in the park.

Here’s a Video Overview of the Program

To find out more about the voice over industry.

Voice Over Genesis Pros: 

There are quite a few things that I liked about this product.VO genesis review

First, the material is not complicated and it’s explained in simple terms so anyone can understand it.

Second, not only does the program demonstrate how to master your voice, but it also shows you how to create your own portfolio.

When it comes to any type of freelancing, a portfolio is highly recommended but often difficult to create (especially without experience). The program provides you with a few simple steps to create a powerful portfolio from scratch that almost anyone can do.

Third, where to find the highest paying clients and how to scale your business. Most freelancers, regardless of the service they provide, struggle to find high-paying clients. It’s difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Most end up on websites like Upwork but discover that they’re competing with thousands of other freelancers.

The truth is that there are a lot of companies and people who are more then willing to pay handsome rates for quality work.

But if you want to find these clients you’ll have to think outside the box and avoid saturated freelance marketplaces where freelancers are fighting over clients that pay slave wages. VO Genesis reveals some awesome tricks and tips that will make it easier for you to secure higher paying clients.

Fourth, it’s an awesome service to use to earn some money when you’re in a financial stump or just wishing to earn some extra money. Combine this service with others to create a package deals and you’ll have clients lining up for your work!

Voice Over Genesis Cons (What I Didn’t Like):

There are a few things about this product’s promotion that I thought could use some improvement.

VO genesis review

First, I think the sales videos have a little too much hype and too few details.

I have reviewed a lot of products and more often than not these products turn out to be scams. I was under the impression that VO Genesis was a scam initially because of the hype in the sales video, it’s similar to the hype that scammers are known to use.

So, if it was up to me I would change the sales video and cut back on the hype and include more details about the product itself.

I also noticed that was is no skip button and you have to wait for the whole sales video to finish before you are presented with the details of the offer.

Secondly, I didn’t like that there are 4 up-sells. I’m sure these up-sells are helpful but I don’t like being hit with so many advertisements when all I want is access to the main product.

Third, it claims that you’ll earn $1,000 an hour which I think are a little exaggerated, I don’t doubt that some voice over artists earn this much, but you shouldn’t expect to earn those rates right off the bat. It takes time to reach that level of income.

Fourth, You can’t download the files and you can only access them online. If you are like me and want to read or listen to training material away from the internet, this might be a deal breaker for you.VO genesis review

Fifth, it doesn’t mention, (and I think they should) that you’ll need a high quality microphone to create the best results. Your laptop’s microphone is not recommended.


VoiceOver Genesis does have an excellent training course for anyone who wants to learn how to earn money with their voice. If you’re looking for voice over jobs that you can do from home, this product will set you on the right path and make it easier for you to achieve your goals.

Just keep in mind that the results claimed in the sales video are not guaranteed and you shouldn’t expect to earn thousands of dollars per hour as a beginner. 

On the other hand, if this is something you would like to do, then that does not mean you won’t be able to earn a comfortable income from this program!


It all comes down to you.VO genesis review

You can purchase the information found in this program and then do nothing or you can use it, expand on it, and create a successful, long term voice over business based around the information you receive.

Just remember that this product is only $37 and is not promising to hand clients to you – it only reveals how to break into the business and how to find clients.

“You still have to do the work to make it into a business”.

So if you are still interested in this inexpensive program and have an interest in working in the voiceover industry you can use the link provided to get to the required page. 

To find out more about the Voice over Industry.

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  • Riaz Shah

    Hey Peter,
    I’ve always wanted to learn how to utilize my voice to get freelance jobs, VO Genesis sounds pretty interesting. Does it teach you how you can utilise your voice to gain visibility for yourself?

    I don’t want to be looking for clients forever though. but with brand visibility, clients will be looking for me. Shame they have to put upsells though, drops their value in my opinion

    • Peter

      Hi Riaz Yes upsell seems to be the way of things these days (annoying I know) but I usally find the basic product does what they say it will do. Perhaps it’s how they keep the initial price so low. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Dave

    Ok, the design was good on your website. It’s pretty basic. I would experiment with different colors for the text though, something about the bold blue text didnt strike a chord with me but thats ok. I liked the voice over review. It was written well and gave me enough info to make an informed decision as to whether or not the 37.00 was worth it. I also liked your Wealthy Affiliate review. You write engaging and believable content which is a trait not everyone has. Overall I would give this site a 9/10 rating. Your heading logo is great and Im sure the blue coinciding with the ocean theme is what you were looking to achieve. I think it’s the bold blue headline that I found to be overwhelming but maybe it’s just me. Probably is. Overall the content writing…grammar, sentence structure and flow is what works well on the site which will be the ticket to your success and you have that down pat. This is 10 star site in the making!

    • Peter

      How David thank you for the review of my site and I am pleased you have given me a high rating so thank you for taking your time to comment 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Hi Peter:

    I have heard that people are able to make money from doing Voice Overs. VoiceOver Genesis does sound legitimate from your review, but I agree that there should probably be less hype and more concrete details about the program. It is a shame that you cannot skip over the ads and hype. Many scam programs have that same sort up, so perhaps if Voice Over Genesis eased back on that hype, it might get more customers signing up.

    Thanks for the detailed review.

    • Peter

      Hi Stephanie Thanks for your comments and yes I agree they could do their promotion so much better but unfortunately that’s how it is even though it s a good product. Obviously people like to be over promised and believe the hype.. although that not really the best way long term to build a business. I certainly hope I never come across like that. Thank you for your feed back 🙂

  • Masele

    Hi Peter,
    I have liked a lot your review regarding online freelance work. I don’t want to do it myself but I want to introduce to my son to do it as he is very much good in vocal, burning CD, creating short movies, etc. I think if he get through the learning from your site he will be able to do better and earn some cash. Where can he start with?

    • Peter

      Hi Masele This could be a great start for him into the voice over business for $37 he would get the inside scoope and the beginnings of an online business. Just go the link in my post to find out how. Thanks for your comments and feedback 🙂

  • dan700

    Sounds interesting, especially the part about them helping you to find high paying clients. Being a starting freelancer myself, I know the struggle of having to compete for clients offering jobs I don’t even like. So now I’m wondering, how will VO Genesis help you get more and better clients? Do they only give advice on how to be more successful at competing with other freelancers on freelance platforms? If so, will they be really be able to teach me things that I cannot figure out myself?

    • Peter

      Hello Dan They will do two things firstly, how to break into the business and how to find clients. You still have to do the work to make it into a business. But it’s a step inthe right direction and it will put you ahead of the competition in this still relatively unknown field. The price is low enough that the risk is not huge. You do need to have an interest in this type of work. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

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