What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online

Whats the best way to make money onlineWhat’s the Best Way to Make Money Online

If you want to sell your own Digital Products without the hassles of actually creating them, then this is for you”.

Here’s your chance to get your hands on two high quality resell rights products EVERY MONTH that you can sell as your own.

You could even start your own membership site, as these products will be yours to sell as your own so that you can keep 100% of the profits and resell them as many times as you want to your own internet marketing list.

If you seriously want to know, what’s the best way to make money online and you particularly want, passive, hands-free income, then this may well be the best product for you. 

Here’s How

I can connect you directly with your own private ‘manufacturer‘ and you will be the middle guy that customers go to, in order to get what they want. You will profit from every transaction that goes through you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You will be buying low and selling high in the digital world for low-risk and high-profit. You be able to maintain a stable cash flow because you will receive new, high quality products every month and supply the demand from your customers and subscriber list.

You can use these products yourself and to also sell to anyone who wants to learn how to start their own internet business. These are all hot topics and come with great graphics and professional sales letters.

It works Like This

what's the best way to make money online

Imagine if I could provide you with everything you need to get up and running including the sales page, the graphics set, the videos and even the Email copy so that you can sell and profit  from them every single month!

When I say everything is done for you, what I mean is, you just have to edit the page with your payment button and upload it to your website.’ You’re not limited to how many times you can sell these products either, because each product is yours to keep, yours to sell for life.

Here’s What You Get

tickProducts that are high quality and in hot selling niches

tickEach product is 99% complete and ready for uploading. Simply replace with your name, Email and payment button and you’re good to go

tickEach product comes with its own affiliate page and promotional material such as emails, banners, graphics so that you can attract affiliates to sell these products and bring in more sales for you.

tickYou will receive two new digital products every month. This gives you time to work on product promotion and build a steady income stream.what's the best way to make money online

This is the chance for you to build up your virtual real estate portfolio with a powerful network of money making websites.

Can you imagine looking back in say five years from now and saying, Ah yes, I set this up five years ago and it’s still selling!’

So, are you ready to see the goods? After all, the reseller is only as good as the manufacturer so that’s why I want you to check out the quality of my products.

Heard enough?…Want to see the video overview below?

For More on Platinum Reseller Rights click here

Personal Experience

“I know from personal experience that it’s easy to become confused when attempting to make money online. I started out completely clueless, with big dreams, full of hope, only to lose my way and become frustrated”

If you have attempted to create websites with complete sales funnels and follow-up emails etc. yourself, then you’ll know there are at least three or four days of work, just for one site and that’s if you have done it before and know what you are doing.

You might feel like this guy!

what's the best way to make money online

This happens to us because as beginners we often don’t understand all the required steps and only have a vague understanding of what we need to do, such as how to get visitors, how to create a good sales page, how to write good content, where to find quality products to promote and how to build a membership site etc. It’s all hard until you learn how.

Having a Mentor

By having someone taking you through the steps, teaching you what you need to know. You will be able to create a highly tuned online business that brings in a regular monthly income.

Trying to make money online on your own can be difficult.  Most people fail because they give up before they ever put all the pieces together. yet, it’s only tough if you don’t have someone helping you and giving you good advice.

People often, ask me where do I find so many great products and ideas to market online. Truth is, it’s not actually that difficult, that part is actually very easy, and you can discover my secret resource here. 

I know, I am not your mentor, but let me help you out with some free training.

What is a Resell Right Product?

A resell right product is another way of describing a Private Lable Right (PLR) Product. These are products that you get the rights to use and resell. Sometimes you can claim authorship, change the name and rebrand them and other times you can only sell them as they are. It always depends on the ‘rights‘ that are being sold with the product. What's the Best Way to Make Money Online

Now in case you still don’t get Private Lable Rights I have a free training course (no sign up necessary – you just download it) It comes as four downloadable eBooks that will take you through the entire world of PLR.

It’s available by clicking the image to the right. Or using this link here: https://onlineaffiliatewealth.com/PLRCourseforfree 

Video Course

Also, if you prefer video I have an overview (a mini video course) for you to review on this page,  (just click on the videos below) so you get to understand the idea of PLR or Resell Right Products and how they work and what you can do with them. Some of the things we cover are;

 tickSetting Up your Domain Name & Web hosting
tickFree Tools you can use to edit your Products
tick Renaming your product to get the competitive edge

Module 1

Module 2
PLR Defined

Module 3
Search & Acquire

An introduction to the idea of PLR or Resell Rights from top to bottom. How you can make money from them as the goal is to maximize your ROI. Time to learn and earn!Understand what exactly a PLR product is. You will learn a bit of history behind private label rights products as well as the different types of PLR products. Running Time 5:35minShowing you some different places to start your search for quality PLR products of varied types and niches.  Sorting the good from the bad. Running Time 5:11min

Module 4
Domain & Hosting

Module 5
Makeover Tools

Module 6
Renaming PLR

Getting a domain name and web hosting. This information may be one of the most overlooked and yet, potentially most profitable parts of your PLR makeover process. Running Time 9:50minI introduce you to several tools (many of them are FREE) that you should have in your PLR Makeover toolbox. I repurpose a PLR report (short eBook) right before your eyes. Running Time 5:35minThe importance of a good product title and some tips on coming up with a new title for your one of a kind soon to be, newly created product. Running Time 5:53min

Now that you know, what Resell Rights are and how you can take advantage of them. Let me continue. 

“Yes, I realise I could just sell that mini training course on its own, but I want you to understand the awesome value of what I am  offering you”.

The Guy in the Middle

what's the best way to make money online

I’m THAT Guy

I have put together a program, connecting you directly with your own private digital product ‘manufacturer‘ and I’m setting you up as the guy in the middle that customers need to go through, to get some hot niche products.

There is no need to start from scratch, no need to hire someone to create the sales page or write the content for you, no need to hire a graphic designer, no need to write your follow-up emails. Simply put in your name, your price and your payment button and you’re good to go.

How it Works

The Resell Rights business model works simply because YOU are able to start selling quality products immediately to your potential customers without having to go through the hassles of product creation yourself. Think of it as a drop shipping service, but without the stock inventory or physical delivery.

You don’t even have writing a single sentence when you’re promoting to your list because you that’s required is that you simply copy and paste the pre-written email into your auto-responder or broadcast it to your list.

If you’re the master reseller (and this is what you’ll be) you’re in the best possible position because not only can you sell to the end user, but you can also sell to other marketers via the inbuilt affiliate program and they can then sell it to their customers. 

Yes, there are many other marketers out there, but there are far more buyers than sellers and many sub-niches within the market so there is always room for quality products.

Heard enough?…Want to see the sales page?

Platinum Reseller Rights Sales Page is here

If you want passive, hands-free income, once its set up…then this program is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the most often asked questions about PLR products is selling it ‘as is‘. If you’re just promoting the same thing as very one else, then your sales will be few and far between. 

So what’s the solution?

The answer is, to re-brand the product to the point where it looks nothing like the original. You modify it, insert your own affiliate links, add some different images, create a new cover and generally add more value. Once you have your own unique product you then attract your own, affiliates by offering generous commissions. Get this right and you have a top selling product that’s a money maker for a long time to come. It’s well worth the effort to make the product unique.

How Do You Do That Exactly?

That’s a good question and many people get confused about that so if you didn’t watch the above videos, then let me give you a link to another post that will answer that for you and can view it at this page, ‘How to Create an eBook Online

See my post How to Create an eBook Online 

tick What Would This System be Worth to You?

what's the best way to make money onlineWhat if you created a membership site and you could get 12 members paying you as little as $19.95 per month with just one of these products, that’s $239.40 a month every month (an extra $2,872.80 per year). 

Now that may not sound a lot but it’s just the beginning. You will have 24 products that will be yours to sell as your own and if only one new member joined each product, each month that quickly builds to $5,745.60 per month.

Imagine if you had 300 members, 500, or even 800 members which you could have. Your potential income explodes. What if you charged more per month? Just keep doing the math, and you can see how powerful this is.

tick How Much?

How much would you expect to pay for information and access to quality products that you can sell as your own, without having to actually create them? Having a system in place that quite literally could change your life by allowing you to get your online business up and running, increasing your online income in a very short period of time?

Hundreds of dollars would not be unreasonable considering what you can make as an affiliate marketer these days. Especially if you are one of those people who have websites working for them 24 hours a day in front of some 3 billion (and increasing) people searching online for information and solutions to problems. 

Plus there is a huge benefit in being connected directly with your own private digital product manufacturer and setting you up as the guy in the middle. But, the good news is that you don’t need to pay $497, $197 or $97 for this course (though it’s certainly worth it)

tick Here’s the Deal

Because I completely understand that when you are first starting out and trying to earn money online, that money can be an issue. And I know you need this program in order to put all the pieces together and make some money.

I was once struggling to put all the pieces together, probably like you are and I remember how hard it was for me in those early days.

So I willing to offer you an awesome deal because I want to help you to get started with building your online business and because I want to do more business with you in the future.

tick If You Are Serious

But I’m only willing to help you if you are committed to helping yourself and by that, I mean taking this program seriously and put time into getting it up and running. If you are going to buy it and then do nothing with it, then please don’t purchase it!

However, if you are serious about getting your online business on the fast track then you can get the Platinum Resell Rights system for a hugely discounted launch price of $97.00  $1but that only for a seven-day trial.

If you are serious about creating a profitable online business that should be enough time to trial it. So you can get started today for $1

Wait, there’s More

Then if you like it and I mean you must absolutely love it, (I’m sure you will – but it’s your call) you can become a member of my program at the lower rate of $47 $27.00 a month (yes, that’s not a typo – it’s less than “Thirty dollars”and for that small investment, you will receive two new hot digital products every month, that you can sell for at least $27.00 each as you build your business.

The maths is simple, each Platinum Resell Rights product will have a suggested selling price of at least $27. (and you get two every month). If you sell only one a month, you’ve made back your investment. But even if you sold 3 copies for the ridiculously low price of $10, you’re in profit.

tick 60 Day Guarantee

And of course, it’s completely backed by my 60-daylove it or hate it‘ Guarantee. If you have any problems with this course whatsoever simply contact me for a full no questions asked prompt refund. This gives you plenty of time to try out the program, so you can see how well it works.

I can’t be any fairer than that, so click the ‘Image below’ to go through to the order page and get started right now for the tiny investment of just $1 for a seven-day trial.

Secure your copy by clicking the image below

what's the best way to make money online

Platinum Resell Rights Available from here


I understand that this whole idea of affiliate marketing and working online may seem overwhelming and (for some) very confusing, hence the reason I have offered the above as a complete solution for anyone getting started online.

However, if that’s is ALL TOO MUCH, and you are not yet ready then I do have a book that will provide you with information and the resources to build your online Affiliate Marketing piece by piece.

I willing to offer it to you for free to get you started in affiliate marketing.Here’s how you can get my book for free.

If you enjoyed this article What’s the best way to make money online please feel free to socially share and leave a comment below.

Peter V Crisp

“Do that and I will reward you with a free PDF copy of my book; Affiliate Marketing Made Easy. 

So, what are you waiting for? Accept my bribe and socially share and leave a comment below.

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  • Caleb

    I’ve always been interested in making money through online avenues. I’ve done too much research on different areas of the internet to make money. There are so many places that seem to give false pretenses and what you’ll actually learn. But this method of reselling digital products seems like a legit way to make money. Thanks for the awesome article.

  • Randy407

    As a individual new to the internet business I am curious what topic the products relate to as I need to have a passion for what I am doing. Also if there are other people doing the same thing with the same material is there a suggested resale price? My concern I mark the product up 40% and someone else is consistently at 20% I would lose potential sales.

    • Peter

      Hello, Randy. Great questions.

      One of the biggest problems people face with PLR products is selling it ‘as is‘. If you’re just the same as 1000’s of other people out there doing the same thing, then your sales will be few and far between. Most drop the price of their product, start a price war and before long, what may have been a quality product is now sold for mere pocket change. Which is your point.

      However there is a solution

      The answer is to re-brand the product to the point where it looks nothing like the original, put in more value and then attract your own affiliates by offering a generous commission. Get this right and you have a top selling product that’s a money maker for a long time to come.

      Generally PLR content is great for affiliate online marketers since it’s cheap, you could modify it, insert your very own affiliate links and it’s well worth the effort to make it unique.

      How Do You Exactly Do That ?

      See my post How to Create an EBook online

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Monica Bouteiller

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks Peter,

    I’ve never heard of Private Label Right Product.

    I can’t imagine having pretty much everything done for me…

    I do like the passive hands free income. The $1.00 for 7 days to get started sounds appealing as well.

    I’ll have to look into this and get back to you!


    • Peter

      Hello, Monica I’m sure you will be impressed. I was so I bought it and then wrote the post because I was very happy with the products. PLR is geat if you spend time some time making them your own and not just turning them over as they are. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

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