Start with an Online Business

Start with an Online Business

If you’re looking to build a business that has a real consistent, dependable income but have been struggling to make money online so far, then YES you’re in the right place…

You may not like everything you read on this page, some of what you read may even sting a little, but I’ve never been one to sugar coat things… Facts are facts and you deserve to hear it like it is…

As much as I believe that internet marketing is by far the best way to earn a high income, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of risk. I also like it because it allows you to work when you want and from where you want – all on your own terms.  

There are Problems

But there are problems and most beginning online marketers end up experiencing frustration and confusion and they often spend way too much money and time on crap ‘systems’ that don’t work and if they make any money, it’s a tiny or a non existent profit. But mostly they end up completely overwhelmed.

They may even feel like this guy!

Start with an Online BusinessMany people become desperate to achieve success online, that they keep buying product after product, without ever sticking to one thing long enough to even see a glimmer of success from anything they have started. Or they have simply been sold untested ideas by, scammers and fake ass ‘gurus’ that are only interested in making a quick buck!

Like most people who start online with a dream to make money, you probably want to use the Internet to create an online lifestyle.

I’ve been online long enough to see many wanna-be’s, who talk big but make small money. I’ve seen many so-called ‘gurus‘ trying to sell their ‘system‘ or ‘automated money machines‘ but in truth they don’t actually work, never have and never will.

Sound Familiar

If any of this sounds familiar or has happened to you, understand it’s not your fault. It’s simply the nature of the industry.

And here’s another real problem in the Internet Marketing world.

“Over 90% make less than $500 (or less) each month online

The real secret is that there is no secret, there is no “magic bullet”. It’s simply just having the right education, building your knowledge, understanding the processes and implementing powerful money making strategies.  

 [To see how I made this video see my review here]

Most Marketers

Most marketers aren’t lazy, or stupid, heck to even want to set up your own business in the first place, takes desire and passion, that most average people lack… So if they just set out to achieve the internet marketing dream (a lifestyle of freedom through passive income) they are already ahead of most other people.

Best of all, with affiliate marketing you’re typically selling somebody else’s products and services so there are no product creation issues or need to deal with the two biggest headaches most business owners have to deal with, which is order fulfilment and customer service issues.

Start with an Online BusinessMaking Money Online

There are hundreds of different ways to make money online with or without a website.

However, I prefer using the website model because I like to create something and this business model allows me the freedom to choose which markets I promote, the methodology I use to reach my customers, and the what strategy I implement, to sell to them again and again.

But, no matter how you choose to set up your own affiliate marketing business, there are other problems such as, affiliate sale refunds, which are for the most part, out of your control and is an unavoidable element of this type of business model.

Cold Hard Truth

Here’s a cold, hard truth:

In addition to the refund issue, there are other elements that are also out of your control:

  • Affiliate offers can disappear suddenly without warning. (it’s happened to me)
  • Your market or niche could drop out of favour, from under you. 
  • If you rely on PPC your rates can go up dramatically in a short amount of time.

There are other problems too, with this type of business model. 

Another Hard Truth

After years of struggling and pioneering my own online business, I discovered a another harsh truth that initially I found difficult to believe, but now it’s comforting to know.


You just need to know what you are doing and what processes to follow and how to do a few things the ‘right way‘ and stick with it and create quality content and it eventually all comes together with time and effort.

To start making an impact on your business and monthly bottom-line, all you have to do is, do the few simple things well and that can change your tomorrow.

It’s that simple.

There is a Solution

There is a way to mitigate many of these issues, such as building your own private list of fans, customers, and followers, that will always be 100% under your own control

In fact, it is the one asset that nobody can take away from you. You own it and its unique to you… So, that you just need to focus on actually building a real, business that works!

And to do that (despite the constant hype) the best solution is to choose a business model that has worked in the past, that works now and  will still continue to work for a long time in the future.

And here’s how we can solve that! Start by re-learning the right way of doing things. Getting an education that leaves no stone unturned, no steps left out, no process incomplete. So, that you know everything you need to know in order to build a successful business online.

And to make it easy, I have it set up a complete course to be delivered to you over a series of weeks, so that you will have time to absorb and implement the lessons and put them into practice.

I have called it the… 

Start with an Online Business

Peter V Crisp

“Because, its like starting anew and re-learning what you need to know and once armed with this powerful training you’ll have nothing left to figure out on your own. Everything is laid out for you in true step-by-step action list format and it’s all geared up to you finally getting the results you’ve always wanted – FAST!


Nothing Untested has Gone into This Course

I have compiled my years of experience as an Internet Marketer, (a one time struggling newbie – probably like you) into a powerful no B.S Course. 

I have distilled everything you need to know and ONLY what you NEED to know into a little under one month’s worth of rock-solid content, delivered to you in a timely manner. So that you will have time to absorb and implement the information.

I have made this inexpensive, but comprehensive so you can start learning how to become a successful internet marketing ‘rock star‘ in your own right… regardless of where you are now and what time you have available.

As an Example 

There are five things you need to build a successful online business;

  1. Traffic – a constant stream of targeted action takers.
  2. List Building – A Responsive database of engaged subscribers
  3. Conversion – Repeatedly turning prospects into customers
  4. Scaling – Duplication and automation systems for growing your business
  5. Your Own Digital Products – Selling these maximises your profits and attracts affiliates you your business who can sell for you.

Let’s talk about just ONE:

If you are in business or for profit, you will know that traffictraffictraffic is crucial to the website as location, location, location is to real estate.

Without traffic, a website – or any Online Business – will suffer, deteriorate, wither, and eventually die. This will put your entire efforts to waste because even the best sales copy, if no one reads it, will never convert visitors into customers. 

Start with an Online BusinessBut Not Just Any Traffic

You need targeted traffic.

The truth is that sending the right visitors to the right websites AND doing this in volumes – requires skill and education.

This isn’t something you can achieve with your eyes closed or wearing a blindfold, not unless you already know what you are doing.

Being able to master traffic generation at will cannot get any easier. Within a mouse click from this web page, you will discover my, little known traffic tactics that require nothing more than small applications and tweaks to your website and a little effort and these traffic results you achieve can be exponentially rewarding!

So, it’s important that you learn all the ways to build a successful online business. The trouble is that until now, no one has shown you how to do this – And that’s why I’m excited to introduce you to the Complete Newbie Training System…


Internet Marketing Success using this Complete Newbie Training System that covers everything you need to know

Start with an Online Business

To find out more about “Complete Newbie Training” click here!

Six More Good Reasons to Get this Course.

Why You Could and Should Sell Your Own Digital Products 

1. Information is the best-selling commodity on the Internet.

2. Creating your Information Product can be easily done with something as simple as a Word Program!

3. You can easily create repeat customers through the sales of your Information Products!

4. Your profit margin is close to 100% This is so possible because your product can be delivered in digital form to your customer via download. The only cost incurred is the credit card payment processor fees, but they are too small to be taken account.

5. You only need to create your product just once You can sell as many copies of your product as you want and since its digital nature allows it to be duplicable, there is no need to keep inventory of it.

6. Your business can be automated Your customer purchases from your website and after paying online, he downloads the product himself from your secure thank you page. Unlike selling physical goods, you don’t have to get involved in the process or outsource the delivery to anyone at all.

What’s the Cost? 

Now, if my course can show you how to generate thousands of visitors to your site, bring in  tons of leads (hundreds a day) and make you a ton of sales. How much would my course be really worth when its information is put into use?

I could start a coaching program or workshop based on this material and easily charge thousands of dollars per head. Really!. A lot of marketing gurus are doing that these days, some charging even in the $2,000 – $5,000 per head for their marketing secrets!

I could even package this into a home study course, ship it to your house and can learn everything you essentially need to know about making money online for $997.

And it’s well worth every dollar. But I have a special deal for you that so good that you’ll need to see it for yourself. And you get to pay, as you go along, so you have no major up front investment. 

I’m Serious

Start with an Online BusinessBecause, once you put these strategies into action, money will roll in, your competitors will be jealous, and your friends might even start calling you the marketing guru! 

You see, I am serious about touching peoples lives and helping them change their financial fortunes and I’m willing to go all the way and making this program completely affordable.

This is what I guarantee… Your complete satisfaction or it’s your money back! You are fully protected by my 60-day ‘iron clad’ 100% Satisfaction or your money back  guarantee.

Time to Decide

It’s time for you to make the decision. To either change your tomorrow or not change your tomorrow? 

The mechanics of starting and launching your own successful Internet Business is packaged into this one ultimate course. What takes the average person to become a successful marketing expert in years… you can now shortcut your way to success with this intensive 20 week step by step Multi-Media Training Course. 

To Take a look at the Complete Newbie Training Course – click here


Getting this low-cost Complete Newbie Training System course is entirely optional, you could just go directly to Wealthy Affiliates follow their awesome program and eventually learn everything need to know by clicking on the banner below.

It’s free to join, and I recommend that you join whether you get my course or not.

Start with an Online Business

It is a straightforward down-to-earth program and is an excellent place to get an education and you can do it at your own pace and from your own place.

You also receive lots of support and help and answers to all your questions within the membership community that is truly second to none.

So if you want to learn how to set up an online website completely from scratch, learn to use search engines to your advantage, and to build a sustainable, long-term business, then my number ONE recommendation is you join Wealthy Affiliate.


I understand that this whole idea of affiliate marketing, working online and selling digital products may seem overwhelming and even confusing, hence the reason I have offered the above Newbie Training Course as a complete solution for anyone getting started online.

However, if that’s is ALL TOO MUCH,  I do have a book that will provide you with information and the resources to build your online Affiliate Marketing piece by piece.

I willing to offer it to you for free to get you started in affiliate marketing, Here’s how you can get my book for free.

If you enjoyed this article Start with an Online Business please feel free to socially share and leave a comment below.

Do that and I will reward you with a free PDF copy of my book; Affiliate Marketing Made Easy. 

Peter V Crisp

“So what are you waiting for? Accept my bribe and socially share and leave a comment below.

The book is awesome as are you for leaving a comment – Thanks!

There are lots of other pages and posts at this site packed with tips, advice and recommendations for useful tools and resources to shortcut your learning curve.

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Start with an Online Business

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  • SmileAfresh

    Hi Peter,
    Quite an awesome post right there. I like the way you build precept upon precept. I agree it can be quite overwhelming when one is starting out and thus it is quite important to get the right footing straight from the start. In your book, Affiliate Marketing Made Easy, do you also talk about the role of social media in getting targeted traffic. What role also do podcasts that i hear about play in popularising a starter’s blog?

    • Peter

      Hello, Boniface A coy of that book is on its way to you so you will discover what’s in it , yourself shortly. I don’t specifically cover social media as its an entire topic on its own. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Craig M

    I’m impressed by the information and how well laid out it is. I too along with a couple of my brothers are trying to make money online and very new to it. We are taking it one step at a time. I understand very well when you talk about the difficulties of a product based company. I ran a successful Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and deal with all of the customers. I designed my product and can’t help but take it personal when there are unhappy customers. I’m hoping that the online money making has a lower stress level.

    • Peter

      Hello, Craig. I’m sure you will find affiliate marketing a lot less stressful, particularly if you are following the training from WA. Everything is hard at first but once you get the knowledge you need then everything just comes together. Thank you for your comments. I hope you also enjoy the free eBook that’s coming your way 🙂

  • Craig M

    I’m impressed by the information and how well laid out it is. I too along with a couple of my brothers are trying to make money online and very new to it. We are taking it one step at a time. I understand very well when you talk about the difficulties of a product based company. I ran a successful Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and deal with all of the customers. I designed my product and can’t help but take it personal when there are unhappy customers. I’m hoping that the online money making has a lower stress level.

  • cvguider

    Thanks for the detailed post Peter. I see you’re living in Shanghai, was there a few years ago too, great city!

    As you can imagine I’m also looking to earn money online so this was good to hear some of the cold hard facts about internet based income generation again.

    • Peter

      Hello, cvguider Thanks for your comments. Shanghai is indeed a great city, very international. Feel free to explore other posts on my site and you will uncover gems everywhere, I’m sure. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Jack Taylor

    Hi Peter,

    You hit the nail right on the head with my experience online. You do get desperate and try any new shiny thing that comes along. Those shiny new things cost a lot of money. I’ve been with WA for a while now. They offer some of the best training online. Been making money online ever since. Great advice for someone just starting out.


    • Peter

      Hello, Jack I appreciate your comments so thank you and watch out for the ebook that is coming your way as a thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • mike

    I like your approach and your right you do not sugar coat things. You certainly get right to the point. Your cartoon in the middle of the page is captivating. Great media video at mid page seems quite strategic. I like what you are saying here and I think you have a great message. You are a great writer.

    • Peter

      Hello, Mike. I appreciate the comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed reading the post. I was once a newbie so I understand the frustrations many people have when starting online. So today I try to assist them the best I can. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment. 🙂

  • Daniel

    Internet marketing can be a scary place if you don’t know what your doing and even experienced marketers will admit to still learning as technology evolves. I think it’s important to let any newbie know right from the start that there will be bumps in the road, but with a little persistence and a can do attitude, they will achieve success. By letting people know from the start that there will be challenges, you are managing their expectations of what they can expect, and hopefully this will avoid them feeling deflated early on if things aren’t going to plan.

    • Peter

      Hello, Daniel. Thank for your comments and yes you are right it is easy to become overwhelmed and hence the reason for this post as I was once one of those people. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way 🙂

  • Scotthorner58

    Peter that was a really good read. From start to finish i was hooked. Do you have any personal tips for me as i am only a beginner? I am using wealthy affiliate and they have been great so far and i would recommend their training to everyone who is wanting to learn

    • Peter

      Hello, Scotthorner58. Sure, an idea for you would be to write a post and promote WA. Tell people your experience prior to finding WA and how they have / are helping you with your online education. WA has an awesome affiliate program so you get paid if anyone joins up as a result of your post. Best of luck and success to you and thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Scott

    Peter, wow man what an awesome review! The professionalism and thought you have put into this kept me involved. I watched the entire video at the beginning and you had me hooked! Great advice here on Wealthy Affiliate. You are spot on, they are by far the best resource for any newbie like me, or a clearly seasoned pro like yourself. What I loved and what hooked me on WA was how much they give you for FREE when you sign up for the trial. Blew my mind!

    • Peter

      Hello, Scott Pleased you enjoyed my post and I thank you for your feedback and leaving a comment. Im sure you will also like the eBook that is coming your way. I wish you much success. 🙂

  • John

    Great write up on making money online. One of the challenge of our days is that many people want to make money online but they are not ready to work as hard. Making money online is not a joke it is a serious business. I knew People that are making $20k Monthly

    My question, how do we simplify process as procedure of making money online as an affiliate marketers? Because a lot of people ‘s hope up there but they get disappointed easily when they realize that it is not as easy as they hope.


    • Peter

      Hello, John I agree with you, it is all rather overwhelming and hence the reason I am trying to make it easy for people and recommend to them great resources and low cost solutions. You are also right about the fact there are people making awesome livings online, so its all possible if you take it seriously as you said. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • FranMcK

    Thank you for a really interesting article, you make some good points about common problems that people just starting their online business can face. I appreciate the in depth look at the course and the honest review of the program. I will be sure to check it out.

  • Derek Marshall

    Hi there Peter,

    Excellent article and thanks for sharing it with us. I love your “shoot from the hip” straight talking manner. I actually seen myself in that picture trying to figure all the individual elements from capture pages, CTA’s, PPC, list building, writing email series, lead magnet and so on!

    Checked out the complete newbie training gotta say it is pretty comprehensive! and a great addition to WA (of which I love).

    How long are each videos and how much time does it take to go through each weekly lesson (an hour, 2 hrs daily)?

    • Peter

      Hello Derek. Thank you for your comments. The idea of the weekly lesson is to give you time to absorb and implement each element that you learn, so two hours a week might be sufficient, depending upon your ability to learn, absorb and implement knowledge and put it into practice. I have made the course as intensive as I can without information overload. It is also very inexpensive too so it should be attractive to many people. Thanks again for your comments. 🙂

  • Ashley

    You certainly tell it like it is! I appreciate how clearly you articulate the problems I’ve experienced myself! It makes me realize I’m definitely not alone in this. I’ve recently started my own online business and have seen about $31 come in as a result of my affiliate marketing. I mean, it’s definitely a good start after only a couple months of work, but I need some help in boosting my traffic and income. I currently use Wealthy Affiliate and agree with you that it is a necessary tool to provide foundational knowledge about creating a website, but I think I may be ready to take the next step with your program 🙂 Thank you for putting this out there!

    • Peter

      Hello, Ashley appreciate the feedback and great news that you have made money already with affiliate marketing. Some people wait years before they make their first dollar. Of course others make money within a few months as well, so it is possible to create a living online. I agree with you that WA is a great place to get the foundation knowledge to get started building a business online. Hope yo also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Anand

    hi peter
    Very well explained facts and it is always better to hurt someone with the truth rather than comfort them with a lie. The truth is that many people try different products to help them on their journey to be a successful affiliate, Therefore, wealthy affiliate is the answer

    • Peter

      Hello, Anand Thank you for your comments and yes while I agree with you not many do. They prefer the comfort of their illusions than the stark reality of truth. Wealth Affiliate is certainly a great place to get an education about building a profitable business online. 🙂

  • Kathy

    Hello Peter,
    I am brand new to the internet marketing industry, so finding your website has been a blessing. There are many articles I will come back to read. There is a lot of information out there, and my brain has been on overload, but this article explained some things and now I am a little less overwhelmed. In this article, you mentioned that sometimes an affiliate program can drop out form under you. This has just recently happened to me. Now I am scrambling to to find another program to fill its slot.
    Thank you for your easy to understand, straight forward explanations.

    • Peter

      Hello, Kathy Happy to help out. I was a ‘newbie’ once too, so I understand the frustration you and many other feel. I have aimed this course at those people who want to fast track the learning curve. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Josh

    Hello Peter,

    Affiliate Marketing is something I have been considering for a while now, but I just never knew where to begin. I know it will take a lot of work and determination on my part, but you have made taking the next step pretty easy. I have book market your site for future reference. I am looking forward to delving into Affiliate Marketing Made Easy. I look forward to receiving it in my email box. From what I have been seeing, affiliate marketing requires that I need a website. Can you recommend a good website builder for beginners?

    • Hello Josh Thank you for your comments. The best place to build a website is by beginning the free training from Wealthy Affiliate which is my number one recommendation for any on wanting to start online.

      Affiliate marketing Made Easy.pdf

      Please find a copy of ‘Affiliate Marketing Made Easy’ below which is available to download.
      Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

      If you have trouble with the download of the book let me know Cheers Peter 🙂

  • Anthony Little

    Being a online marketer myself, I have to admit, it do get frustrated looking for a system that can make me money online. It not easy finding the right ones. I agree with your article it’s not easy and you have to learn how to build a business the right way. I believe people are looking for quick way to make money online by action on these fake gurus offers.

    Your article really sound very interesting for newbies looking for the real true training on how to build a business and make money. One thing I must say a Wealthy affiliate is one of the best training platform for anyone seeking to build a profitable business online. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. Great Article Thanks

    • Peter

      Hello, Anthony I agree Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the education you need to make money online. I was once a newbie so I know whats its like to struggle and gt frustrated hence the reason I have put together this course. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Helen and Cleopatra

    Hi Peter,
    I love your site. So clear and easy to get around. This is a subject I have a great interest in. I am sure I am not the only one that gets confused when searching this topic online and then put on the back burner as I am overwhelmed.
    You are very transparent with the information you are providing, and the resources are fantastic.
    I look forward to more educational and cost-saving information from you.

    • Peter

      Hello, Helen Happy to know you have enjoyed my blog and thank you for your comments. You will find a lot of educational and cost sanving tips and information on my other post, but keep checking back as I update them often. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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