How to Build a List


How To Build A List

How to list build is an important skill and learning how to build your list the right way can make the difference between online success and failure. 

Knowing how to build a list could well be one of the most important things you could ever learn to do. After all you need 3 things in order to succeed online.

Three Things

  1. First of all, you need an offer. If you aren’t offering something for your readers to buy, (or at the very least if you’re not promoting someone else’s offer, via affiliate marketing) then you can’t expect to make a sale.
  2. Of course you then need conversions. Yes, no matter what else you do online you need to make your offer ‘compelling’ enough so that your readers want to buy, but without conversions, you have nothing.
  3. Most importantly you need TRAFFIC. If you don’t’ get traffic to your site, it doesn’t matter how compelling your offer is. Without visitors, you simply can’t make any conversions and no conversions means no sales.

In fact, when someone struggles to make sales online, 9 times out of 10 its down to not enough traffic and therefore, no conversions and thus no sales. So, getting traffic is vital and an email marketing list is one way to ensure you get visitors to your site.

Building Your List The Right Way

So, email list building or learning how to build your list the right way can make the difference between online success and failure.

Imagine being able to download a step-by-step video course that would save you time and money by showing you only what you absolutely needed to know to build a productive list. 

A video tutorial course where you were given a clear-cut, comprehensive system to understanding all the necessary steps, without having to spend years that most have to spend to become, a list-building “expert“. You will be impressed by the amount of information that I have packed into this course.

How to Build a List

The Easy 20 Step List Building Video Course

This is a video training course that has over 20 videos lessons that cover a wide range of ‘need to know‘ topics that you can see below:

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

How to Build a List

So How Much is this Course?

The material is comprehensive and set up so that you can easily digest each strategy as you go through the process. One hundred and Forty-seven dollars ($147) would not be unreasonable considering how much time you will save learning what to do and how much money you could make once you implement what you have learned.

Peter V Crisp

“Because I was once a newbie I understand the frustrations of
trying to get started and as I’m looking to get feedback and comments on how great thi
s product is, I know that at $147 or even $97 it would still be a great price for this course”

But, you won’t have to pay $97.00 And I also know at $37.00 it would be a complete bargain. However, as I’m wanting to really encourage you to get this video training course and to buy from me again – I have an absolute awesome deal for you. 

How to Build a List

Here’s The Deal 

I’m going to completely back this (as with all my products) with a 60day ‘love it or hate it‘ guarantee!

If you have any problems with this course whatsoever, simply contact me for a full and prompt refund – no questions asked. I trust you!

This gives you plenty of time to apply the strategies shown in this course so you can see for yourself how well it works and because I really want you to buy from me again to that end and looking to the future.

I have made this a brilliant, no-brainer, investment at the very low introductory price of not $37.00 but $10.00.  – Yes, that’s ten small dollars.

Get your 20 Step List Building Plan – LIST KNOW HOW!


Getting this low-cost video course is entirely optional, you could just go directly to Wealthy Affiliates and eventually learn everything need to know and you can connect to that program by clicking on the banner below.

It’s free to join and I recommend that you join whether you get my courses or not.

This is an excellent place to get an education and you can do it at your own pace and from your own place. You also receive lots of support and help and answers to all your questions from within the membership community that is truly second to none.

So, if you want to learn how to set up an online website completely from scratch, learn to use search engines to your advantage, and to build a sustainable, long-term business, then my number ONE recommendation is you join Wealthy Affiliate.

To Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free.

The Money is in the List

Remember that most struggles, when it comes to making sales online, is down to not enough traffic.  Therefore getting traffic is absolutely vital. 

There are more than 3 Billion internet users and if just 0.0001%, which is 3,000 people, were to visit your website, because you knew how to build a powerful list, then your potential to make a great living would be multiplied enormously.

 20 Step List Building Plan – LIST KNOW HOW only $10


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If you leave a comment, I will reward you with a free copy of my latest book; ‘List Building Success Secrets’ – Learn how to create a list and how to profit from it.

Peter V Crisp

If you are just getting started, then you will want to build a list. Yet you may not know how to actually do this and this is where most people get stuck, right at the beginning… Without a strong list, you won’t have a stable source of online income”.

You can get this book in exchange for leaving a comment – Thanks! 

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  • Prabakaran

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your great post! I am using Mail Chimp in Wealthy Affiliate platform.
    My website is only 2 months old and it does not have much traffic. Therefore I did not create any list so far. One simple Question. How to create email list when there are no subscribers?
    Aweber Seems to be powerful as per your recommendation.Can Aweber replace MailChimp? Your offer of $10 is great. I may consider buying your video tutorial

    • Peter

      Hello, Prabakaran Your subscribers are your email list! So you need to give your readers a reason to subscribe to your email list by offer something in exchange. You can do it by offering an interesting eBook for free in exchange for them giving you the email address of where to send it. You need to first develop creditibility and then trust with your readers in order for them to want to get information from you. Quality content and real information is what they are looking for. Your readers are NOT looking to buy something they are looking for information that will be useful to them. I discuss this and much more  my latest book; ‘List Building Success Secrets  which I am sending you a copy for free for leaving a comment. Enjoy. 🙂

  • Izuddin

    This is a great deal and I’ve learnt a lot from you on how you’ve marketed your products. Superb marketing skills.

    List building is something I haven’t touched on yet (i’m still a newbie) and I’m confident that this will bring back high good numbers on conversion rates in the future.

    I read somewhere that, if we have many followers, whether it’s youtube channel, email lists, facebook followers or anything similar to this, then we will never go broke for the rest of our lives.

    • Peter

      Hello, Izuddin. Yes, that is probably true provided it was a quality list of interested and highly targeted subscribers. Too often people focus on quanity rather than quality when list building. Dont make that mistake. My list building program helps you to avoid that trap and points out many others and points you in the right direction. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • David

    Great article, we have all heard the phrase the money is in the list! But as a newbie, getting started the right way is not always easy. I ordered your videos because I have both Wealthy Affiliate and Aweber (and I agree that everyone should sign up for wealthy affiliate).
    Thanks for the help and hopefully I won’t make as many mistakes as I would have without your information!

    • Peter

      Hello, David Thank you for your comments and for ording my product. Let me know if you have any troubles whatsoever as we alway respect out 60 day guarantee on everything we sell or promote. I’m sure you will be most impressed with the amunt of information you get for $10.00 Thanks again for you comments. 🙂

  • Chris

    before reading this post i barely knew anything about how to build a list. i didn’t even realise the importance of building a list in the first place.

    after reading this article i now know everything i think i would ever need to know about building lists including how to build them efficiently, how to get the most out of them and why they are so useful.

    i also appreciate that you included videos and linked out to other posts as that made understanding everything much easier and also allowed me to learn more about the topic if i felt that was necessary.

    thanks for the post

    • Peter

      Hello, Chris. Thank you for your comments I am pleased you have enjoyed reading my post.Im sure you will also finfd the eBook that is coming your way interesting as well. thanks again for your comments. 🙂

  • Megan

    Hey Peter,

    This is a topic I’m actually working on right now for my website. I have been avoiding pop ups however as I was told Google is now penalizing for them if the disrupt people from reading your content. Did you hear this too?

    However, I think if pop ups are done properly it can really help with building an email list.

    I’ve learnt a couple other things though and recently implemented one of them just last night so I’m hoping to see more subscribers!

    Thanks for the generous offer of $10 for your courses. It’s good to have this available to consider. Take care!

    • Peter

      Hello, Megan Thank you for your comments. I haven’t heard about popups being penalized by Google, so that’s news to me. I hope you enjoy the eBook about lisyt building that is coming your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • pmbaluka2016

    Hello Peter,

    So nice to read another informative article from you. Now I know when I need to learn about something the Lord drives me towards it in a unique way. I’ve been wanting to start using autoresponder services for some time now and actually the delay has been caused by lack of information on exactly how this system works out.

    Your outline of lessons is an excellent guide to someone like me who doesn’t have enough information on landing pages and leads. I feel that this is my urgent need and wish to get started with your video lessons soon. How long does the training take? Is your offer of 10 dollars inclusive of all those 20 lessons?

    Looking forward to hearing from you once more.



    • Peter

      Hello, Paul Yes, I have made this really affordable and yes it’s only $10.00 for all twenty lessons. How long will it take? well that depends upon how quickly you want to go through the course but its important that you implement what you learn so its ereally a question of how quickly can you learn and implement that will determine the lenght of time it takes before you see results. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • George

    Hi Peter,

    Your article brings valuable information. I did spend couple months to build my website but I didn’t spend the effort to build a mail list yet. The result is no sale at all though it is mainly an affiliate. If I begin to build a strong list I think I can sell good in the future.

    In your optional, does Wealthy Affiliate provide full training on all we need including building a mail list ?

    • Peter

      Hello, George WA provides excellent traing on many aspects for building a long term business. This program is something that is additional to WA. It will help you start building earlier rather than later.   I hope yu also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Alejandra

    Hi Peter,
    I’m glad I found your website, thanks for taking the time to write this great article about building an email list.
    I just started to work on building up my website and the information you share here will help me to understand better what I need to work at!
    Now I can understand and why is so important to have an email list

    • Peter

      Hello, Alejandra.  Oh yes, list building is important but its not just about the numbers but the quality of your list thats important. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Earn X

    The 3 steps you explained on How to Build a List is very informative and useful. Your products are great and very educative, you know what your visitors need to succeed. l am signing up immediately on your site to get updates on your articles. l have really had a great challenge in getting traffic but l believe if l stay tuned to sites like yours, l will overcome it.
    thanks for this insight it really helped me a lot.

    • Peter

      Hello, EarnX  Happy to be able to assit you and thank you for your comments. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Jason Loh

    Hi peter, going through your website i can understand well on the content. It makes me feel that the product is something have to buy and kick start. But my opinion probably is whether can have some content that make a person feel more motivated to get the product rather than selling the specific products. And also you have the right mindset of putting a training video. Probably would like to add another thing is to outing some interesting picture to attract attention as when once glance seeing your website, my mind straight telling me this website somehow like apply membership for yacht member 🙂

    Hope you have a great day ahead !

    Jason Loh
    O-W-M founder co,

    • Peter

      Hello, Jason Thank you for your comments I am pleased you have enjoyed my post. Please watch your inbox for an eBook that is on its way to you. 🙂 

  • Eric Chen

    Hello Peter,

    I am also in the process of learning to how create an online business. Very informative post and it looks like you have a great product! For someone new to online marketing I have a couple questions for you.

    What do you recommend to getting more traffic? How often do I need to blog?

    Thanks for your time!

    • Peter

      Hello, Eric. Thank you for your comments and the answers to your question are found in the free eBook I am sending your way so I trust you will enjoy that. Watch out for it in your inbox. 🙂

  • Joseph.

    Hi Peter, at one glance to your website, i know it’s not done by a novice. Seeing your biodata, i feel very fortunate to find you. The content are overwhelming, informative and useful to all who aim to succeed to have honest earning online, but falls to some scammers instead. Online holic should get information from people like you to guide them away from the scammers or to get results on their efforts. I salute you for your generosity and wish you success!

    Best Regards,

    • Peter

      Hello, Joseph. Thank you for your comments and I appreciate the feedback. I hope you also enjoy the eBook I am sending your way as a ‘thank you’ for taking the time to leave a comment. 🙂

  • Lyon Alley

    Hi Paul just wanted to say that your site is very well set up and informative beyond belief. Your site is very inspiring and I hope I can get my site as great as yours.
    Keep on inspiring us all.
    There is nothing I can say to give you advice on bettering your site all I can say is keep going strong with what you are advertising and I’m sure we will see great things and success coming from you.

    • Peter

      Hello, Lyon Thanks for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed my article. I trust you will also enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Charlie

    Getting traffic is indeed my greatest obstacle to overcome. I’m still in the beginning stages of making my site and it seems like it may take a while before I’ve have a consistent audience that I can market too. Are there any reviews online of this program or success stories you would be willing to share of people who have had success with this product? Would love to hear about them!

    • Peter

      Hello, Charlie. Thanks for your comments, Knowing how to build a list could well be one of the most important things you could ever learn to do and often when people are struggling to make sales online, Usually its because of not enough traffic and thence, low conversions and low sales. So getting traffic is vital and an email marketing list is one way to ensure you get visitors to your site.

      This a new program that I am backing (as with all my products) with a 60day ‘love it or hate it‘ guarantee! If you or anyone has any problems with this course you will receive a full and prompt $10.00 refund – no questions asked. This gives anyone plenty of time to apply the strategies to see for yourself how well it works.

      Thanks again of your comments. 🙂

  • stefanie

    Peter, I’ve just got to say, what a really fantastic, interesting and informative page this is and I am sure your work is invaluable to many people. I have just started out (well about 3 months ago) with the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I can’t recommend it enough.
    I also, now realise, thanks to you, just how important it is to have an email list. I am more than happy to purchase this from you as it is a great offer but do I need to buy it if I am already a WA member? Or will that be taught to me in the training that I haven’t yet completed. Thanks and I would love a copy of your free ebook if it’s not too much trouble.

    • Peter

      Hello, Stefanie.  Thank you for your comment and the eBook is on its way to you so watch out for it in your inbox. This training is outside WA not to say that you can’t eventually figure it out via WA but I created it as a result learning on my own as well as the excellent overall trading I received at WA.  Thanks again for your comments. 🙂

  • Rico

    Wow ! What an exceptionally well laid out website, Peter ! EVERYTHING one could hope for is clearly laid out and explained. The top 3 most vital aspects are immediately addressed. 1. OFFER; 2. CONVERSION; 3. TRAFFIC ! Anyone who ever considered Affiliate Marketing as a way to earn additional income MUST either buy your incredibly affordable $10 package or simply enroll to WA through your site. SIMPLE ! Why wouldn’t one ?

    • Peter

      Hello, Rico.  Thanks for your comments and I am pleased you found my site informative. I hope you also enjoy the eBook I am sending your way as a Thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Tooting Tummy

    Pretty informative and elaborate website that’s offering some great details and information related to running an online business as well as affiliate marketing! Besides the vast support and forums that WA affiliate offers, this site too has some great content and helpful videos to offer! Great work! 🙂 Glad to see the commitment & data being offered by such individuals that are creating such useful websites.

    • Peter

      Hello, Tooting Tummy Thanks for your comments. Pleased you have enjoyed the site and found it useful. Hope you also enjoyed the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Eric Walters

    Man, Todd Gross has his face on everything theses days 😉

    There is definitely money in the list because you’ll always be able to sell stuff to the people on that list, especially if you’ve built up a trustful relationship with them.

    Those are great products in that article that will be very beneficial to the newbie and intermediate marketers alike.

    So how long does it take to get up and running and earning with a course like the one in your article?

    • Peter

      Hello, Eric Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed the post and found it interesting. How long it is entirely dependent upon how much work you do and whether you implement what you learn from the course. But it won’t be overnight and it will take some time but t will be well worth the effort. Thanks again for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • John

    Earning a second income through online sales becomes easier when you have a productive mailing list. This article educates the average Joe on developing a mailing list that improves his traffic and generate sales. I recommend this to everyone interested in putting their business online and joining the digital revolution.

    • Peter

      Hello, John. Thanks for your comments and I appreciate your sentiment and am happy you want to past along this post to anyone wanting to join the digital revolution. Hope you find the eBook that is coming your way interesting. 🙂

  • Jerry Burns

    Great article about building an email list. Sounds like the product is good. I know that build a list is so important.
    Great article.

    It’s amazing how deep you went with your research, and I know that a lot of people are going to appreciate it.

    I really enjoy your website and the articles. After reading this article I looked around. This site is a great read and I am going to bookmark it for sure. Thanks again for all your work putting this site and article together.

    • Peter

      Hello, Jerry. Pleased you have enjoyed my post and happy you have found other interesting posts and you are book marking the site. I hope you also enjoy the eBook that I coming your way. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

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