Cash Generator

Cash Generator

We all know that we living in tough times right now. Economic uncertainty, global insecurity, political unrest, rising costs & falling living standards.

Many are having a hard time just paying their basic bills and others are burdened with high debt & credit card repayments.

While many are struggling to just stay afloat, financially… Lots more are deep in debt and are drowning with little hope of surviving an economic storm.

Having Your Own Cash Generator Would be Great!

Cash GeneratorBeing able to generate some extra cash would be a cool thing – huh!

I mean having your own cash generator would be great. Just think of all the problems you could solve and how much easier life would be if you have more money coming in than was going out!

Especially if that cash (once you had everything setup) come in on autopilot. Flowing to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, month in and month out.

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there is a lack of money or opportunities in the world today, because that’s simply not true

After all, there is literally Billions of dollars, right at this very moment, moving around in cyberspace, electronically transferring from one place to another.Cash Generator

So instead of thinking, there are no opportunities left or that there is not enough money. You need to be thinking, how can you get into the ‘flow of money’ which is actually moving all around you through ‘cyberspace’, flowing over the internet. 

There are some 3 billion people, who are regularly searching for information and solutions to problems online and many of those are spending money for answers to their problems. 

Not Solving Problems

If your business is not prospering, it is because you are not solving enough problems for other people. This simple change in your thinking and your subconscious beliefs about money could create an influx of cash and success in your life, faster than a blink of an eye.

The problem is that making money online initially, for many people, seems very difficult and even expensive for those just starting out. But today I have some good news.

It’s Possible Cash Generator

You can make money online with minimal out of pocket expenses

 If you willing to put in some time & effort 

 If you are someone that has a strong will and a desire to succeed

 If you are someone that can follow a simple step-by-step plan 

Then you have what it takes to succeed with our totally new step-by-step video training program!

Ultra Low Cost

We realize that money is an issue holding many people back from actually getting started online.

So we have a system that can teach you an entire affiliate marketing system with very little out of pocket expenses. 

We take you, from market research to setting up a free website, to marketing the website, using powerful free online marketing techniques that are profitable and are relevant even with the latest Google updates. Finding a profitable niche and even giving you your own product to promote and sell.

Easy to Follow Video Training

After we mastered the system ourselves, we wanted to make sure we had a program that presented the materials in an easy to follow formula so you can actually follow along.

To that end, we compiled a total of 38 powerful content rich videos, that show you every step of, how to be successful online without having to invest much time learning via trial and error or spending a lot of money.

In fact, with very little out of pocket expenses at all. 

Introducing the Online Cash Generator…

Cash Generator

 The Cash Generator System

An Easy System

This is an easy step-by-step, user-friendly, long-needed, and simple to follow system showing you all the steps to making income online. 

This Cash Generator system was designed to give you a real, actionable strategy that you need to profit online. 

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this powerful video series:

How to make money online with little (if any) out-of-pocket expenses.

You will learn about profitable niches and how to find lucrative niches.

The kind of preparation that is needed to start making money being an Affiliate Marketing

How to create topic appropriate content, for the product you are promoting.

All you need is a little time and the knowledge that’s found in this easy to follow video course.

It does NOT matter if you…

You don’t have your own product

You don’t have your own website

You don’t have any name recognition

You don’t have any joint venture partners

You don’t have a niche

You don’t have extra money to spend on making this work…

It DOES matter if you…

You don’t have a P.C. – The software is not compatible with an Apple MAC

But even if you are an absolute beginner, and have a P.C. (not a MAC) you can still succeed with this incredibly simple and proven system, as long as you work and implement what you learn.

You Are Fully Protected

You are completely covered with this High Value, Inexpensive program.

Understand that this Video Course is completely backed by my 60-day ‘love it or hate it’ guarantee! If you have any problems with this course whatsoever simply contact me for a full and prompt refund – no questions asked.

This gives you plenty of time to apply the tips tricks and strategies shown in this program so that you can see for yourself how well this works and what a great investment it is for the low $27.00 investment. 

 The Cash Generator System

Still Not Sure?…

Watch this sample video below and learn something new for free.

Take Advantage of This…

Take advantage of this opportunity to make money on the internet!

If you’re serious about setting up your own business, then you simply cannot be without this course. Seriously, you will struggle to run a successful business without the knowledge found in this Cash Generator Course. – just ask the pros (if they’re not too busy making money, using the same system!)

I’m sure you have heard all this type of hype before and been promised all sorts of automated one-click solutions that usually came to nothing. Plus, I bet you are sick of promoting other people’s products, that initially sounded great, but in the end, you got no traffic, no leads, and no sales.

But seriously, this is not a rehash of a ‘how to make money’ online eBook that often has a lot of fluff and doesn’t give you the full picture. It’s also harder to understand something read than to actually seeing someone performing in front of you on video!

So How About This…

What if today, I could show you the best way to make money online, using this exact program. A way that gives you our own product(s), a video training course that utilizes the program to its fullest.

A way that gives you your own affiliate page and promotional material, so that you can also attract affiliates to sell the product for you. 

Think About something For A Second…

What if, you could also grab a copy of Cash Generator with Master Resell Rights.

Yes, I’m talking about the Master Reseller Rights to this very same product. I’m talking about an additional purchase that I going to offer you (as an upsell) after you purchase this product.

 Cash Generator

Master Reseller Licence

An up-sell, that gives you your own affiliate page and promotional material like banners, graphics, and emails so that you can attract affiliates to sell this product for you as if it was your very own.

Not only can you use this yourself to improve your existing business, you can also create a business from this program.

A product that provides a real solution to a problem that most people have, when trying to make money online?

So Why Not?

Why not start selling the same product that’s going to help you? You’re not the only person online who needs help starting their own business?…

There are others who are willing to pay for someone to show them how to do things properly. This is YOUR chance to cash in by reselling this Free Cash Generator!

Not Sure if Selling your Own Product is your Thing?

No problem, just don’t take up the upsell offer.

Even though everyone sooner or later will want to start selling their own product, because that’s where the real profit is.

Sure, being an affiliate earns you anywhere from 10-75% But having your own product or being the product owner earns you 100%. Except with this option, you don’t need to spend the time and effort to actually create the product yourself.

But if you didJust think how long it’ll take you to create your own product from scratch.

  • How long would it take you to put a training course like this together?
  • How long would it take you to write a sales letter and actually sound like you know what you’re on about?
  • How long would it take to put some fancy graphics together?

It all takes Time Effort and Money!

Even if you don’t want to take advantage of this right now, you can still keep it safe on your desktop for the future when you’re ready. You’ll be thanking me, later.

So what are you waiting for?…

Claim your copy of the Online Cash Generator today

And if you secure the upgraded license (which is normally another $27.00).         Today the additional up-sell price will be only an additional $27.00 $10.00

What’s the Best Way to Make Money Online?

Selling products and services that solves problems that people have. Not only can you use these products yourself to improve your existing business, you can also create a business from this very program. A product that provides a real solution to a problem that many people have while attempting to make money online.


I understand that this whole idea of affiliate marketing and working online may seem overwhelming and confusing to many. Hence the reason I have offered the above, as a solution, for anyone wanting to create products to promote online.

However, if you are not yet ready to market your own products, I do have a book that will provide you with information and the resources to build an Affiliate Marketing business using other people’s products.

Get it for Free

I am willing to offer it to you for free to get you started in affiliate marketing. Here’s how you can get my book for free.

If you enjoyed this article “Cash Generator” please feel free to socially share and leave a comment below.

Do that and I will reward you with a free copy of my 40+ page ebook; Affiliate Marketing Made Easy.

So what are you waiting for? Accept my bribe and socially share and leave a comment below.

The book is awesome as are you for leaving a comment – Thanks!

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About Peter

An International Speaker, Writer and Internet Marketer, living in Shanghai, China, teaching Business / English at a Chinese University and making a difference to the world, bringing you great information and recommending awesome products that will make earning online while living internationally - a breeze.


  • Marcus

    Your program definitely peaked my interest and I will check out your free book to start with.

    I noticed you that you used the metaphor: “flow of money on cyberspace”. I really liked that, and it was actually this idea that initially opened my mind to all the money making possibilities on the internet.

    I first read it described as a “green river” that is a river of money flowing continuously without ever stopping.

    • Peter

      Hello, Marcus Thanks for your comments and I like that idea “green river of money”. Feel free to borrow the metaphor if you like and I’m sure you are going to enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Great theme

    Well done adding that subscription pop up to your page. Your content captured and held my interest all the way to the end, excellent work. I did notice, when you would have lists, that an icon before each sentence was looking like a broken link? I wasn’t sure if that was the bullet icon you chose or if its actually a broke or damaged link. You should check that out. Over all, I give you an 8 out of 10.

    • Peter

      Hello and thanks for your feedback. I will heck out the icons your have mentioned. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • isaac

    Hi Peter. This cash generator program seems like a good one. And your master reseller rights are also very useful if we want to sell it for ourselves. But I’m just wondering do the program also cover any part about payments (credit card, PayPal, etc)? Because to be frank, I’m not really well verse on how to set those up (always have been on the buyer end all my life lol!) And I’m quite worried on how to do this. Thanks!

    • Peter

      Hello, Isaac. Good question but you don’t have to worry because it will be explained to you as part of the training however as the product will be sold through Clickbank you don’t have to worry about the transaction from the buyers. You just need a Paypal account to receive payments from Clickbank. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂

  • Everton

    You hit the nail on the head peter. It is pretty darn hard to stay abreast of recurring expenses now in today’s world as long as you don’t decide to go off and live in a log cabin off the grid in the woods’s somewhere. Even if you do that you still have to buy or build the cabin. I like the fact that you emphasize that it takes time and effort. It takes a strong desire to succeed and the ability to pay attention to instructions consistently in order to build a successful online business. I wish you all the success.

    • Peter

      Hello, Everton. Thanks for your comments. Selling products and services that solves problems that people have. is the best way to improve your existing business, and generate an income. Any product that provides a real solution to a real problem that people have is how business become great. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

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