Best SEO Keyword Tool

Best SEO Keyword Tool


So what is the best SEO keyword tool? The answer depends upon whom you ask and also upon what do you mean by ‘the best‘ – The best for what?

(You may want to see my Keyword research tool review at the bottom of this page)

If you are building an online business from scratch and want to get good rankings for a niche market, then starting with ‘rank-able’ keywords that will generate traffic is a great beginning.

If however you are trying to get traffic to your existing site or just searching for Keywords for a local business website then that may require another approach and possibly another keyword tool.

Know your Audience

So knowing your target audience and what words they are likely to use to search online (called organic search traffic) is an extremely important aspect of any keyword research.

It is finding the most frequently used keywords in your industry or niche that is an important element to any ongoing online success. Having a SEO keyword search tool to do this analysis is important if you want to get a good ranking in Google if you are starting from scratch.

If you are wanting to improve your existing Search Engine Optimization by selecting high traffic keywords then most keyword research tools can do this reasonably well, such as Google’s own keyword planner for example.

However just having keywords that have a high number of searches is not enough if you are wanting to dominate a particular niche or get onto page One of Google.


Let me show you some evidence of beating the competition and getting a page one (position # 3) ranking the same day as posting. Look at the screen shot below;

best SEO keyword tool

You can view this particular post here if you want to actually read it yourself.

However my point is that If you had a keyword research tool that helped you to do that would you be excited? Remember I said that having keywords that have a high number of searches is not enough if you are wanting to get onto page One of Google. There is something else that’s even more important and way more effective.

What Most People Do

You see whenever anyone undertakes research and analysis of specific keywords they usually select the most frequently used keywords that have a high search volume.

Why? Because they don’t want to waste time trying to optimize a website for words or phrases that do not generate traffic. This is what many people aim to do and this is what most keyword research tools attempt to do, find high search volume keywords.

If you want to Rank Well

However if you want to rank well within Google you need to do something else and that is to also find low competition keywords. These are the keywords that are easy to rank for and will ultimately lead to more targeted traffic. Keyword competition is extremely important. It is essential that you search for and find keywords that have low competition as well as high traffic.

The reason for this is, if a particular keyword is too competitive. It means you are in for a long uphill battle to get ranked in Google because of the amount of competition for that particular key and a lot of frustration and disappointment along the way.

Not Every Keyword Tool can do This

Most keywords tools can’t do this of if they can it’s very difficult to figure out or understand. Yet this is a very powerful and important piece of information that can be used to great effect. If you can get your hands on this specific type of information and utilize it how much difference would it make to your rankings?

Take a look at the screenshot below;

best SEO keyword tool

By being able to analyze the competition for particular keywords I was able to get page one ranking for specific keywords for numerous pages and posts on my website.

See how powerful this is. Even though the screenshot shows only 8 (due to space), there are actually more than 23 pages ranking on page one, for this particular website, currently.

More Evidence

Just so you don’t think this is ‘smoke and mirrors. Take a look at the screen shot below to see where this particular post ranked on Google within a few hours of publishing this very page.

This is the power of this particular keyword research tool;The Best SEO Keyword tool

As you can see; Page Three on Google within a few hours of being published. Not page one yet it may need a little more time to get there – But impressive  – yes?

Ready to give it a try?  Do your own research, use the keyword research box below. You can search up to 30 keywords for free. Have a try and see if you like it.


Want to see a live demonstration?

To find out more about this specific research tool, how to use it to get rankings like this and to discover what else it can do for you, read more about it here at Keyword research tool review.

Check out the Keyword Research tool Review.

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  • Alexey

    Hi its Alexey:)
    You have a very nice and powerful post. I learned a lot of new information about keywords 🙂
    and congrats on appearing of the first page of Google !!
    I definitely can say that Jaaxy is my favourite keyword tool, because it really helps me to find very good keywords that RANK, instead of just keywords with high searched volume. Thanks for your post – It is very helpful!!

    • Peter

      Thanks Alexey Appreciate the feedback. I too really love Jaxxy as its simple and effective and doesn’t give you data you don’t need to know so it’s powerful because it simply works. Thanks again for your comments :

  • Victoria

    Hi Peter,
    What a brilliant job you have made with your website. The introductory video is very informative, to the point and makes you want to click and learn more. I will also be checking out how you made the video as this is something that I am very interested in – so Video Maker FX – here I come!!
    All the content you have written is really easy to follow and very interesting to read.
    I wish you the best success
    True Affiliate Wealth

    • Peter

      Hello Victoria Thank you for your comments and feedback and I am pleased you found the information of interest. The Videomaker FX software is a great tool for making professional quality videos in an easy and fun way and I’m sure you will enjoy using it very much. I know I looked at many before settling on this product for the reasons mentioned. Let me know if I can help yu in any way 🙂

  • Jay

    Wow! That’s pretty cool! You’re definitely onto something there with the low competition key words. That’s the way to go. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in the ocean.

    I also think I’m going to have to give jaaxy a try. That’s pretty cool how in depth you can go with your keyword research. Awesome review.

    • Peter

      Thank you Jay let me know if I can help you in any way. Jaxxy is indeed a powerful tool and will really help you with your keyword research. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Eric

    Hi Peter!

    Great article. You cleared up a lot of confusion I had related to key words and ranking well on Google. I have been struggling with this for a while but with your article’s help I know I will be ranking much better. I can’t wait to check out your review on the keyword search tool Jaaxy. It sounds really helpful. Thanks again!

    • Peter

      Hello Eric Yes I love Jaxxy because its so powerful and it really helps me get great ranking in Google. Before Jaxxy and understanding SEO I was always struggling to get any page to rank in Google. BUT now its almost too easy ha ha… Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Neil

    AWESOME, Peter!

    I can’t believe how many Google page 1 and position 1 rankings you have 🙂

    I have tried a number of useless keyword tools in the past that “under-delivered” and failed to produce the results I was after.

    Your search engine ranking results are very impressive in only a few short hours, and I definitely want to gain access to the keyword tool that you use.

    The ranking feature on that tool you’re using is something I’ve never seen before and is certainly a feature that can save hours of searching Google manually.

    Thanks for the recommendation here.


    • Peter

      Hello Neil yes Jaxxy is truly impressive as is the Wealthy Affiliate education program that show us how to use this tool. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Hamilton

    Hey Peter, I must commend you on a your beautifully designed website, I’m truly jealous since mine is no comparison.You content is well prepared short and straight to the point which is what most readers need to keep their attention on your post. I’m actually going to read up on the e book you provided

    • Peter

      Hello Hamilton I am pleased you like my site thank you for your comments. Yes you will find the ebook interesting I’m sure. Thanks again. 🙂

  • Jovo

    I like the fact that you start by writing about SEO. A good keyword alone is not enough. But when one do a proper SEO, and with the help of such a great tool like Jaaxy, the success is almost guaranteed.

    You give some great examples from your own experience, this is the best proof of the importance of both aspects mentioned above.

    Those are impressive results which speak for themselves. I have tried Jaaxy, but I cannot afford it permanently. How would you compare it with Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Peter

      Hello Jovo Yes Jaxxy is awesome and the free version gives you 30 searches a month but as you said you use them up pretty fast because it so much fun researching the keywords… Yes the free keyword tool that part of the Wealthy Affiliate program is similar in terms of results it just takes a little more time to achieve but just as effective. I started there and once I realized how powerful it was I upgraded to the pro version and now get very good results from using it. 🙂

  • Edy

    Hi Peter,
    I personally think that Jaaxy is indeed the best SEO keyword tool. It gives us a quick overview toward a keyword monthly searches and competition. A normal keyword tool can’t compete with Jaaxy loading speed.
    I also like the site feature where it shows me my current ranking on Google.

    A very powerful tool that every marketer needs in order to start their business campaign!

    • Peter

      Hi Edy Totally agree It certainly gets me top rankings on Google so I’m a big fan thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Chris

    I’m really glad I found your article today – cleared a lot of things up for me. I’ve been basing my SEO on the wrong sort of competition parameters really.
    Basically – I’ve been using a free Google tool that gives out ppc competition instead of exact competition!
    This jaaxy sounds a lot more effective – tell me, am I able to use it for free or will I be charged on a monthly basis?

    • Peter

      Hello Chris You are in luck there is a free verison where you to use it for thirty searches a month to see if you like it. Be warned though YOU will love so use with caution ha ha. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Maryjo

    Great post and I really appreciate the recommendation. I will try it out and let you know how it goes.

    • Hello Maryjo Yes please let me know if you need any help with getting your pages on page one with this tool To your success 🙂

  • NemiraB

    Hi, Peter, I read your article with interest. It is always good to refresh knowledge. I use Jaaxy two months already. It is so easy to use and adapt keywords in website. Thanks for spreading information, all the best, Nemira.

    • Hello Nemira, Pleased to meet another Jaxxy user Yes it’s an awesome tool. Everything else pales in comparison. Thanks for your comments 😉

  • Steve

    “What is the best SEO keyword tool?” is a question I’ve seen many times. There is no “one size fits all” but some are definitely better than others. I’ve seen people inquire about tools like Market Samurai for example because they have been heavily promoted for years. I won’t say that it’s not a good tool, but I didn’t find it particularly useful.

    Jaaxy on the other hand works wonders for me. It is the only keyword tool that helps me get consistent results.


    • Hello Steve Thanks for the feed back Yes Jaxxy is awesome not too many features and extras that you won’t use. Just useful and powerful and helps you get page one rankings 🙂

  • Brian Smith

    This article is absolutely right. Jaaxy makes the work so much easier and effective. Thanks for sharing!

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