IMSC Rapid Mailer Review

A Low Cost AutoResponderRapid Mailer Review

There are some quite outstanding features with Rapid Mailer that most auto-responder systems don’t offer, one is the fact that it was a wordpress plugin, meaning that the installation is as simple as any other plugin making IMSC Rapid Mailer a desirable (if not essential) product for any internet marketer. Particularly if you want a low cost autoresponder.

So what is it?

IMSC Rapid Mailer is an autoresponder that’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your customer (or potential customer) list yourself. There is no need to pay for third party autoresponders or pay monthly fees. Created by Sean Donahoe and released in April 2014.

What does it do? Some of its outstanding features of IMSC Rapid Mailer is

  • The ability to change the auto-responder campaign on the fly. This means you are totally in charge
  • For example, if a lead subsequently buys a product after only one or two emails into the series of emails, you can turn off the follow-on emails for that particular product promotion and switch them into another series of related product emails without having them to opt in again.
  • You can import any existing list into IMSC Rapid Mailer without making your customers opt in again, you can set up multiple campaigns.
  • You can even set up a subscription newsletter and it comes with a subscription manager with PayPal links already built in ready to go.

However, an automated email system is no use without a ‘list’, so part of the training that comes with the system is sharing some strategies for building responsive lists, such as how to grab all of your Facebook friend’s or LinkedIn connections email addresses and import them straight into your IMSC auto-responder, thereby creating a list from day one.

What do you get?IMSC Rapid Mailer Review There are also quite a lot of other features with Rapid Mailer, some of these are;

  • The flexibility to publish your emails as a blog post
  • The use of the Simple WordPress editor as your email editor
  • The option to run a subscription service, where you can earn money for managing mailing lists of others
  • Having a selection of email templates to choose from
  • and many other features…

Some Cons

There were some aspects which could be improved. One is configuring the options, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused by all the available options and this could easily become a time-consuming activity selecting which is best option for your situation.

The second is: The stats option as you don’t yet know what are the most important to look at on your dashboard (and this is a matter of personal preference) this can become a little confusing and figuring how you want it to look could be challenging as some components cannot be re-organized such as if you prefer more figures in your stats dashboard rather than graphs.

So some patience and a learning curve is necessary despite being touted as being ultra-simple set up … and be up and running quickly!

How Much is it?

A Low cost Autoresponder

Commercial licence is $67* *However you can get a single one site license for $27

Are there Up-sells?

Yes but you do not need them to get the complete Auto-responder package. The up-sells are for additional features, that are all great but optional.You can upgrade to the Pro Version of Rapid mailer and get four extra high power lead generation plugins for use on an unlimited number of sites for an additional $47. I bought this and have been very happy.

The next up-sell is for an additional 6 course advanced list building training. Mastering list building and lead generation that includes how to get 100,000 subscribers in the next 60 day for an additional $97.

(If you say no to this you will get a down-sell offer for half the course for $47.) I did not purchase this up-sell so I cannot comment as to its value.

There is also a down-sell for the rapid mailer for the $27 if you only want a single site licence, but you need to exit before you go to the payment page to have this option presented.

What about Support?

When we tested their support, we received what can only be described as ‘reasonable’ service however they were ‘pleasant’ to deal with.

My Recommendation?

I really like this plugin and its simplicity. It is a very handy thing to have in your internet marketing arsenal, especially if you are looking for more control and flexibility in the management of your site. 

And at the one time purchase price it’s a great deal that’s unmatched anywhere. So I think it’s a great product at an awesome low price and the money saving potential (no ongoing monthly fees) is enormous for any serious online marketer.

Need More Proof?

Below is a table of the different autoresponder services and their monthly fees based on the number of subscribers in your account. That’s right the more contacts you have the more you pay. (You are paying for your own success!)

Price (Monthly) Comparison of the most popular Autoresponders

Active Campaign$9.00$17.00$29.00$45.00$70.00$135.00
Constant Contact$15.00$35.00$35.00$55.00$85.00Contact
Vertical Response$8.80$17.60$26.40$44.00$66.40$128.00
Benchmark Email$11.95$18.95$28.95$46.95$73.95$120.95

This makes IMSC Rapid Mailer the best low cost Autoresponder, without question

Rapid mailer 2

If you want a low cost Autoresponder (a one-time $67) that has all and more features of the major more expensive Autoresponders then this is the option for you (click the banner above)

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  • Josie Matthews

    Thanks Peter…This was very informative and just what I was looking for :). I’ve now bookmarked your site so I can come back and research a bit more.

  • David

    This plugin sounds quite interesting! I am currently using the free version of BenchMark EMail for my own autoresponder. Most autoresponders today require list members to opt-in or even double opt-in. So, it was quite interesting to hear that IMSC Rapid Mailer allows you to import all of your Facebook friend’s or LinkedIn connections email addresses without them opting in. How exactly does that work?

    • Peter

      Hello David Yes that is right because it is a private Autoresponder they do not require, ‘double opt-in’ to qualify as ‘approved’ data collection. The other thing is that there are no on-going monthly fees so it saves you a lot of money. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • I love Rapid Mailer Peter, I use it on every site to collect all email and in a separate mail centre install, used to send to Multiple Lists. You can integrate with Sean’s other plugins or without, use it on any site and build massive lists. As for the upgrade, it is a complete step by step system. The thing to making it work is to set up and follow the steps. Most people get this top information and do not follow through. So the value of the program to subscribers will depend on if they are going to use the information.

    • Hello Sarah I am pleased you like this autoresponder as it certainly saves money by not having ongoing monthly fees and works very well. You are right about it requires a little work to set it up but once its done it very good. Thank you for comments. 🙂

  • Norman

    with the many scams that is out there its good to be made aware so you don’t fall in those traps, these days the internet is filled with all kinds off things on how to make money, the sad part is that many are getting con out off their hard earn dollar. Your website is so beautifully design and i like the information that you have here to warn people and to show them the right way to do online business. Good job.

  • Weston Brown

    Hello! So I’m really looking into purchasing an auto responder that’s a one time fee and this seems to be the only one out there without any monthly prescriptions added, which is great. However, I did have some questions if you wouldn’t mind answering for me before I go ahead and make a decision on how to purchase it.

    1.) I’m thinking about doing the one site license for just $27, but am I really missing out on that much if I don’t pay the $67 price? It’s a bit out of my price range, but if the $27 price gets me already as much as all of the other auto responders out there I’m good to go.

    2.) Do you recommend the $97 price for getting 100,000 subscribers in 60 day? Does this actually work? That sounds amazing but that’s out of my price range now too. Is there any way I could go back and purchase that package after I buy the single site license?

    It would be amazing if you could clear everything up for me before I go ahead and make a further decision about what would be best to do.

    • Hello Weston The $27 is for a one site licence and that’s good for most people first starting out, so yes do that if that fits your budget. Once you get the INSC autoresponder and see how powerful it is and you start making money you can always add the up sells later as you grow. Thanks for your comments and let me know if you have any further questions Cheers 🙂

  • Mel

    Hi Peter wow this is all so new to me. I become more and more fascinated each day with what plugins can do, but this is just mind blowing. I have Aweber right now and I think i’m going to try them for at least 3 months. However, I’d like to know if your lead magnet over to the right was created with IMSC? If so, I may be switch up sooner 🙂


    • Peter

      Hi Mel Yes IMSC is a great tool that has tons of flexibility to do all sorts of things. Pleased you read the review and liked what you saw. The best thing of course is the price $67, one time payment no matter how big your list gets, no more monthly payments. In reference to the lead magnet it’s called memochimp and you can see more about that at Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Peter

    Hi Peter,
    I had never heard of IMSC Rapid Mailer, but it seems to be a great autoresponder. The one time payment is something very attractive when compared to the other big names in the market. I haven’t started email marketing yet, I’m just starting to think about it, so this is very timely and is bookmarked. The fact that they have plenty of training is a definite positive. I just wondered if you opt for the one site license, can you upgrade to the 3 site option later.
    Thanks for the review, very useful!

    • Peter

      Hello Peter Yes IMSC Rapid Mailer is awesome and yes if you buy a one site licence you can upgrade later. However you will want to use across all your sites as soon as you get it up and running and see how powerful it is. Best feature though is the one off fee instead of the ongoing monthly payments. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • stinson

    wow i didn’t know such an application actually exists. will it help to collect emails as well? as I’ve been looking to build an email list i can use to blast emails out to promote whatever I’m working on. will the emails go to spam or inbox?
    thank you and have a nice day!

    • Peter

      Hi Stinson you will really like IMSC Rapid Mailer it is not well known but is more flexible and has has more features than the other well known autoresponders and best of all it does not require ongoing monthly fees. It a one off payment and that’s it! You will be really impressed and will help you build a mailing list for sure. As for going to their inbox or spam that depends entirely upon you email content and the contacts opinion of what you are sending them. Happy to answer any questions you have cheers 🙂

  • RoxySue

    I’m interested in being able to use this to manage email newsletter subscriptions. Two questions. If subscribers are buying packages such as 3, 6 and 12 months does this tool help me manage when each subscriber should be receiving the newsletter? And second is whether this tool allows me to set the delivery time in advance. Thanks!!

    • Peter

      Hi RoxySue The answer is Yes and Yes this autoresponder is very flexible and has tons of functionality and I am sure you will find it extremely useful. There is a demonstration video that will show you some of the more powerful features. Enjoy 🙂

  • Brian

    Your video alone is great information and not only have I looked into AutoResponders before, I’m getting close to that stage in my business. I’ve heard of Mail Chimp and Aweber but never the one you’ve posted about. I actually think this would be best for me. The one time fee is great, most are a monthly deal and it looks like it integrates right into wordpress, am I right? Thanks for the great info!

    • Peter

      Hello Brian Yes it’s a plugin so installing is pretty straightforward and if you do have problems they can be contacted for assistance. If you do try it I know you are going to love it. Thanks for your comments 😉

  • Cindy

    Hi Peter. A very thorough review of Rapid Mailer. I have not yet gotten into email campaigns so I have no immediate need for a product such as this. But when I do, I will certainly be looking for something inexpensive and simple. I do tend to be drawn to WordPress plugins so I will tuck that away for future reference. A good read and a great site, Peter. Thanks!

    • Peter

      Hello Cindy Thank you for your comments. Yes Rapid Mailer is a great Autoresponder for when you need one. Pleased you enjoyed the review and thank you for visiting my site. 🙂

  • Frank

    Great review Peter. Publishing emails as a blog post, that’s cool!

    Does the program come with any training? I’m looking for a good autoresponder (that actually works) with some back end training without having to rely on user youtube videos. Like you said, too many options are a bit overwhelming

    • Peter

      Hello Frank Yes there is plenty of video training on how to use it and like most money and time saving technology there is a learning curve. But well worth it I’m sure you will be happy with it 🙂

  • Rob

    This is a very thoughtful review on an autoresponder I hadn’t heard of before. It’s good to come across new stuff which is beneficial to marketers. Your price comparison table is laid out well, which helps people make an informed choice.

    Does the plugin have any speed loading issues? I am told we should only have a maximum of 5 plugins, and I am already four times over that! I am concerned about unknown plugins.

    • Peter

      Hi Rob I think most of us are over the maximum recommendation of five plugins, but it’s all about user experience and the loading time is minimal I have had no problems and haven’t heard of any but that doesn’t meant that there won’t be. They do have a service / support desk for any queries. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Bernard Eng

    Wow… It’s the only word came out of my mind during my first sight on your website, it gives people a really professional feeling. When not even reading on your post yet, I already thinking that, I can trust this site.
    Usually, I found it hard to trust a website on what they’re talking about, and that’s how I’d been researching for dozens of tabs before I really joined just the free member, because i had bad experiences on online scams.
    But right now in WA, just for the 1st month approaching to 2nd month, I’m doing so far so good! Even getting addicted to it! Not only just creating a website, giving comments regularly, interacting with people, I’m actually improving myself from day to day, I found out that I’m starting to type faster, lesser wrong spelling, a lot more others that I can’t imagine what I’d learn in just 1 month, the most i appreciate is the priceless inspiration.
    Thanks for the post and I’m really happy in joining the WA!

    • Peter

      Thanks Bernard I try hard to find and review good products and services and help people out because as you say there are so many scammers out there. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Saleh Mahameed

    It’s the first time I look at this things.
    I like the fact that it’s a one time pay, unlike other plugins that include a huge pays monthly.
    The plugin looks simple and very easy to use,, I’m looking forward to try it.
    One Question :
    Do you think this’s the best plugin of its kind ?
    I also like your website, good job Peter..

    • Peter

      Hi Saleh Yes I do I think it a very good option because of two things. One you only pay one time and no further monthly payments. Two: You don’t have to pay for your own success as your mailing list increases there is no ongoing increase in fees. So yes take a closer look you will be impressed i’m sure Thanks for you comments 🙂

  • Bishop

    Wow! Peter, this is an unbelievable bargain on Rapid Mailer. The ability not to be paying a monthly fee is every Internet Marketer’s dream.

    I like the idea the easy imports of my social media contacts. And the ability to switch subscribers to different campaigns without having them to opt in again. That’s a winner right there. I will be taking a closer look at this, because it definitely fit my budget. Thank you for sharing.


    • Peter

      Hi Bishop Yeah it’s my mission to bring great products and services to the people. I think paying monthly fees in good to get but not so if you are the one paying… ha ha Yes definitely worth a closer look for sure. 🙂

  • Devin

    Thank your for this,

    I have had a lot of questions in the past as to what an auto responder is, and now I know, and I don’t know how I ever got along in blogging without one. This is some cutting edge stuff that every online business needs! This is the best recommendation I’ve ever seen.

    • Peter

      Hello Devin yes its pretty cool and I want people to know about it because paying those monthly fees for those big autoresponders is a rip-off especially when you have to pay for your own success by the fee increasing because your mailing list increases. Pleased you found it helpful. 🙂

  • Chris

    Thanks for writing this – I’m still a little cloudy on the whole subject of auto-responders!!!!
    This looks ideal as it seems to be all ‘in the box’ so to speak! It seems like it’s nothing more than a simple plugin – is this correct?
    Also, how easy is it to get to grips with/control? Is there a steep tutorial base or is it easy to control?

    • Peter

      Hi Chris There were some aspects which is a little overwhelmed and that is the available options and this could easily become a time-consuming activity selecting which is best option for your situation.

      So some patience and a learning curve is necessary despite being touted as being ultra-simple set up and be up and running quickly.

      Which is to be expected with anything that is going to save you hours and most importantly MONEY

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Lynne

    Hi Peter. Thanks for answering my previous questions. So there is a free trial available, can I just click on a link in your profile to have a look at it?
    So I could actually do away with mailchimp and this would offer me so much more and it is not a monthly rate, just a once off. You say it is for 3 websites, would a website with a main domain and a subdomain count as one websites or 2 do you think?

    • Peter

      Hi Lynne yes you can see how it works from the link and I think a subdomain would be one but I don’t know as I haven’t used it on a subdomain but definitely only a tome payment so yes very inexpensive as an autoresponder 🙂

  • Marc Parsons

    Hey Peter

    Very informative review. Thank you.

    I was “guided” to Aweber in one of the previous ‘make money online’ systems that I had been dragged into. Aweber was definitely not something that would have helped me at that stage as the monthly fee’s where beyond what my non existant traffic was generating at the time. Just goes to show how much these guru’s wanted to help their ‘down line’ while making a quick buck.

    I am glad that you mention there is a once off fee and that this is much more flexible than the other more commercial auto-responders. I almost lost my mind trying to get past the restrictions that they forced on my campaigns.

    IMSC Rapid Mailer looks like it could be the difference I need at the moment. Thanks for the info.

    • Peter

      Hello Marco I guess that’s the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and others. We are wanting to genuinely help whereas others just want your money… Quite a difference! Each of us are going to come across different tools or systems that can really be beneficial so we can create a post about it and by doing a review the readers get to see exactly why it is beneficial or not. Rather than just saying hey “buy this” like the ‘gurus’ do. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Cyril Almond

    Well Peter i was asked to comment on a page. I then find myself listening and reading about somebody that knows what he is talking about. Your page leads on to a website that is full of gems about internet marketing. So when you say leave the shiny bright things and the scams. I know you have been there. Here is the voice of experience speaking. The way you promote Wealthy Affiliates is first class. I will visit your site again. Because i can see you have so much to give. God Bless Cyril.

    • Peter

      Thank you Cyril appreciate the feedback and yes you need to watch out for those Bright Shiny Objects (BSO’s) they will keep you poor. Thanks you for your comments. 🙂

  • Sam

    People are not really aware of this auto-responder. The most common ones are aweber, getresponse and others. These ones are busy collecting monthly fees from people. But here is one that only collects one-off payment. However, its level of success of achieving desired result is another thing that we may not be 100% sure of.
    From the review, it seems that it is something worth giving a trial.

    • Peter

      Hi Sam Yeah this autoresponder was developed out of the frustrations found in these autoresponders you described so that why it’s so good and you are right it’s definately worth a try. 🙂

  • Fidel

    this is a great review of an autoresponder.

    I like how you have taken your time to describe what it does and what anyone can expect once they purchase it.

    You also did well in talking about the cons associated with the product. Looks like this will be a very cool product to try out

    • Peter

      Hello Fidel Yes its certainly worth a look you will be very impressed and the price is brilliant and best of all no ongoing monthly payments. thanks for your comments 🙂

  • rufat

    Good review Peter. To be honest, I’ve never heard of this program before and as I can see it has a few obvious advantageous over other autoresponders. As I can see from your replies to other comments it allows you to design your opt in form and the price for all these great functions is pretty affordable. I haven’t started using email marketing yet but I’m going to bookmark your page . Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    • Peter

      You are welcome Rutat and it’s a really good autoresponder and definitely worth a look when you are ready for one. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Benjamin

    Hello there Peter,

    Nice review on the IMSC Rapid Mailer. Its nice to know that you don’t need to pay for the up-sells to have complete access of the package.

    Clearly to pros out-weigh the cons so I am definitely keen to access this product in the future if my online business needs this software.


    Benjamin Paul Ward

    • Peter

      Hi Benjamin Oh you will my friend, your business will grow and you will be looking for an autoresponder and you will be back to get this ha ha. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Hi there Peter
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention, it certainly seems like a viable option to the recurring $19 monthly with aweber.
    I haven’t started to build a list yet so this may be irrelevant just now but if your list number grows is there extra to pay for multiple thousands of email addresses?
    Also, do you get to sort of “design” your webform, is it a simple copy and paste HTML snippet to get it onto your site and is there an affiliate programme built into it?

    • Hi Mark Thanks for your comments The first answer is there is nothing else to pay once you make your one time payment of $67. No matter how many people are on your list. There are templates and yes you can even design your own if you wish to suit whatever application you wish the autoresponder is totally flexible and responsive. It totally blows away the other major well known autoresponders in every regard all for a one time payment and yes there is an affiliate program. 🙂

  • Lynne

    Hi Peter. Thanks for all this info. I use mailchimp for my one company. Is this the same as a newsletter system? Sorry I might sound dumb but I have not rally gotten into email marketing. What is the difference between a newsletter and autoresponder?
    If I buy the $67 one is it a one off payment and how many websites can I put the plugin into. Sorry to ask so many questions!

    • Peter

      Hey Lynne Your questions are fine… ha ha an Auto responder means you can do many things automatically like set up a sequence of emails to respond automatically and deliver newsletters, or ebooks, or offer, or content, or information over any period of time you wish to determine. The $67 is for 3 sites however there is an upsell for multiple sites if you wish. Check it out it free to look at the offer. enjoy 🙂

  • Randy

    Hey Peter
    Great article, I drove myself crazy trying to find a free autoresponder, the ones I found didn’t work or they didn’t offer what I wanted. If you want a descent autoresponder you have to pay. Your product sounds great and has a lot of features. I finally decided I wasn’t ready for email marketing, but it is a great marketing tool. I still have an AWeber form on my site but my traffic is not enough to have it there. How does it compare to AWeber?

    • Peter

      Hi Randy Three words Better, Better and Better because you are in charge, no ongoing fees, non double opt ins and no playing by their rules. This came about because of the frustrations from using the BIG three attuo responders. So if you try it you will love and its inexpensive less than what you have probably spent on AWeber so far. Thanks for your comments….. 🙂

  • Seija

    I did not know that you could even get a system like that without the monthly fees. I am going to buy that system and get rid of the rubbish system that I currently have. This system also looks easy to use.

    • Hi Seiji Pleased I was able to put you in the right direction. Yes paying monthly fees for a auto responder is an unnecessary expense and one we can all do without. Hope you have great satisfaction with the Rapid Mailer 😉

  • Ava

    What a great idea I did not know you could have an option of another type of auto-responder

    I will take a look thank you for the information I also like your site good job thanks, Ava

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