How to Get More Traffic For Your Website

Want to Know How to Get More Website Traffic?

Of course, you do!. Who would not want to know some tips to get more website traffic, or even, how to get more traffic to your website or free?

Let me begin by telling you about how it used to be for me… I had been online for several years and had been struggling to get sales for my online business, and I was quickly realizing that getting Traffic to my website was a major problem for me.

I realized that I needed a solution to this problem. So I went to work and after a long and difficult search, I figured out ‘how to get more visitors to my website‘ and then everything changed!

Because getting traffic is very important if you want to be a success online.

Once I discovered how, I wrote a book called ‘Get Traffic that I still sell. Inside I tell you how you can get website traffic now! 

how to get more traffic to your websiteThe Book

Before writing it, I had been online for many years and not only did I struggle to get any sales, I also couldn’t get any of my sites to rank in Google. I realized (with some considerable pain) the importance of getting traffic to my sites and the value of having people visit. Then once I worked out how to get visitors / traffic I recognized instantly it was the answer to making money online.

Now I have over 20+ money making websites across 10 different niches and more than a dozen books (that I also sell) and all because I discovered how to get Traffic.

What’s in it?

In this book is my proven traffic getting strategies that have been market proven such as my 32 Traffic Getting Methods for driving traffic to your website. In this book, you will learn how to get traffic, real traffic to your website, your blog, and how to get free traffic.How to get more traffic for your website

You get a 40+ page PDF book that takes you through all the methods and steps to building long term traffic so that you will understand and learn how to get real traffic

Plus, I also show where to get some software you can use if you choose to use paid traffic (if you require), and I also tell you where to get 1000s’ of (robot) visitors* that many gig providers sell on Fiverr (found on page 7). 

How to get more traffic for your website

Peter V Crisp

“Not that these types of visitors* will buy your products or sign up to your services, they just make your traffic numbers look good in the eyes of Google”. 

Also, I tell you where and how to get a great online education about how to build a successful long-term business (found on page 19) for free.

Why is SEO Important?

Understanding the power of SEO and it’s importance means knowing things like…The first page of Google receives 91% of all search clicks, and SEO is a great way to generate FREE traffic.

What’s important is there are some 3 billion people who are looking (searching) for information and solutions to problems online and have good SEO is key to tapping into that hungry market.

Recent Changes at Google

Recent changes with Google such as, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird (as well as other the many other changes, that have occurred) have completely altered the old ways used to optimize SEO value of websites and what used to once work, are now no longer good strategies for getting Google Page Rankings.

These updates have changed the SEO power of writing and submitting articles and this now old strategy is not as effective as it once was.

What Does it Mean?

It means that there is essentially little value in article marketing anymore via article directories, and you certainly do not want duplicate content on your site or copied articles sourced from elsewhere, and you definitely don’t want to be stuffing keywords into your site, aimed just at the search engines. None of these strategies will work anymore.

Google Panda, was first introduced in February 2011, focusing on eliminating low-quality, duplicate content or thin sites for those with in-depth, regularly updated quality content.

Google Penguin, was released in April 2012 and was Google’s response to so-called “black hat” SEO tactics for link building. These included buying links, building thin sites simply for the purpose of linking back to the main site, trading links, comment spam links, and similar tactics to achieve high rankings. 

Ever since the Google update, backlinks, pinging or sending out RSS feeds are much less effective.

Google Hummingbird, was introduced in late 2013, reinforcing everything that had been done through Panda and Penguin and two other important concepts, increasing the importance of mobile responsive designs and quality of content.

How to Get More Traffic For Your WebsiteBefore Hummingbird, search engines typically interpreted queries using what it identified as the most important keywords. But now Google has begun to look at the relationship between terms to interpret the context of the search. Or in other words, what sort of content is the user searching for.

You Need to do Things Differently

You now need to do things differently, such as your first keyword should appear in the title of your post and not just in the URL and Keywords should appear in your first paragraph and the last sentence of the page.

You have to optimize your keywords with a density of no more than 35% throughout your article with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

You should use H1, H2, H3 tags for headings and subheadings if they contain your keywords, and there should also be at least one internal link to a page on your blog and at least one image with an alt tag that has your keyword.

What to Do Next?

(if you want to know how I made this video you can see my review of VideoMakerFX here)

Want to Know How I Get Page ONE Rankings

Take a look at the screenshot below and see some of my page one rankings on Google. These are for specific posts and pages from this particular website. In fact, there are 24 page one rankings.

How to Get More Website Traffic

To find out more about this, you can view the link to my post at the bottom of this page to discover my secret weapon for getting these sorts of results. 

No Promises

However, be aware that just because you get this book and learn about my secret weapon doesn’t mean you will automatically get the same results.  Because even I sometimes don’t always get on page one or two.

Occasionally, I only get on page three, four and five etc,  because ‘ranking is an art’ rather than an exact science. However having your pages & posts ranking on the first ten pages is much better than not ranking at all. 

In Summary

If you get the book understand that you need to do more than just read it. You need to implement what you learn and take action. Because without the right education, tools, and action, you will not be able to rank well in Google at all.

There is no magic bullet, but this book is a step in the right direction towards getting more traffic to your website and uncovering more effective ways to get website traffic for the long term. 

You can also discover my secret weapon for getting on page one of Google. 

If you Don’t Like to Read…

If you don’t like books, then perhaps, my Get Traffic Video Training course is a better fit for you.

This Video Training is a monthly video series that will be delivered to you via email each month, taking you through all the traffic generation steps you will ever need to increase your website visitors and build you a list of subscribers.


This is about as close to a personal training course as I can give you. Follow these steps and learn how to bring in qualified visitors to your offers and grow a loyal following and never worry about getting traffic again.

For more information on this traffic generating blueprint to get Massive Traffic. See more details about this course here.

Massive Traffic  – Video Training pogram


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“I actually have a few traffic generation courses that are also very good for getting free traffic. You can see one here, 32 Traffic Getting Methods to get website traffic now”.

32 Traffic Getting Methods”



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    • Hello, Wayne, you are most welcome and thank you for commenting and I am pleased you are finding the information helpful. Take your time to understand the concepts and implement what you learn. Cheers 🙂

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      Hello, Julian Thanks for checking out my site about how to get traffic. However be aware that just because you get this book and learn about my secret weapon doesn’t mean you will automatically get the same results as even I sometimes don’t always get on page one or two.

      Occasionally I only get on page three, four and five, etc. because ‘ranking is an art’ rather than an exact science. However having your pages & posts ranking on the first ten pages is much better than not ranking at all.

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    • Peter

      Hello, David. No problem the book is on its way to you. Be aware that just because you get this book and learn about my secret weapon doesn’t mean you will automatically get the same results as even I sometimes don’t get on page one or two. Occasionally I only get on page three, four and five, etc. because ‘ranking is an art’ rather than an exact science. Thank you for your comments. Enjoy the book 🙂

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    Hi there! I was reading through your article about how to get more traffic to your website! I really am interested in this because I too have my own site and really struggle sometimes in getting an efficient amount of traffic to it, so I will definitely be interested in the information you are providing. I do like that you don’t make any promises, it definitely sounds way more realistic than other sites you hear people offering guaranteed traffic and sales, etc. I don’t like getting my hopes up, and I don’t mind working for things I want, so I definitely will be looking into your ebook and the videos you have on your site!

    • Peter

      Hello, Megan. Thank you for your comments. The book GET TRAFFIC is on its way to you and I’m sure you will find it useful. Recent changes with Google such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird (as well as other changes that occur all the time) have completely altered the old ways used to optimize SEO value of websites and what used to once work are no longer good strategies for getting Google Page Rankings. I cover these in this book so look out for that. Enjoy 🙂

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    Hello,any website no matter how well done,never mind how high quality the content is if there is no traffic then it is useless.
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    Thanks for a very informative article,im one of the people who suffer from high-quality traffic,after reading your post,im convinced i can use your tips and see if my website has any improvements.

    • Peter

      you will get Hello, Roamy, Pleased you liked the article and you got something from it. I am sending you a copy of ‘Get Traffic’ so watch out for it (check your spam box) and I’m sure you will find that helpful also. Thanks for your comments 🙂

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      Hello, Sahan Thank you for comments and if you get a copy of the book and follow the information then you to will get page one rankings. Pleased you liked the post. 🙂

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    I take a look your site and it is amazing! There are thousand of information we have to learn. I think you are the man I looking for . There are million dollar lessons in your site. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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