Best Online Success Secret

The best online secret to success is found in The not-so-secret, SECRET to making money online.  No hype, No B.S or promises of making millions overnight. No!  Just real information, from real people, making real money.

It’s all about getting the right information and implementing successful strategies that lead to success. It’s not magic or wishful thinking or a pipe dream. Thousands are making a living online, millions of dollars are being transacted daily and real people are really living the internet lifestyle.

Get Your Copy

So how do you find out about how you can do this too? Secrets to making money online  It’s really not hard, just get a copy of this ebook and start reading the information.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that all you need to do is just get the book.

No! you need to then take action and implement the ideas and follow the steps that are required to become successful.


Inside you will find where to get the education and the tools that you need in order to begin your journey to making money online.

Understand that it is NOT a push button, mouse click, do nothing – an EASY process. You are going to work hard on learning (or perhaps even unlearning) internet marketing, website construction, content creation, traffic generation and how to really make money online, without scamming anyone, joining up friends & family, or selling products and services you don’t believe in.

To succeed you need an open mind for learning and by this we mean, being “teachable”  There are some people who want to reinvent the wheel – before they have actually built their own. People who want to find the short cuts because they think they know a better way – before they have seen any success in the way being taught.

In other words, if you want to find immediate overnight success or are not prepared to follow the proven steps – then this is not the book or indeed the place for you.

Need Proof?

How excited would you be if you could get just one page or post of your website on page one of Google? Would that make a different to your business?. After all SEO and Google rankings are important – Right?

Well, take a look at the screenshot below: 

Page One rankings with the help of Jaxxy

This is for pages and posts on the very website you are on now. This is the website I am currently working on using the information you will soon be learning. Prior to getting this information I had over a dozen websites that consistently failed rank in Google because  I didn’t know what I was doing!.

Now with this awesome Keyword research tool and the right education, I can get page one rankings fairly regularly. Not every time, because sometimes the competition is really tough, but certainly far more often than not

I get my pages and posts to rank very well and as you can see here, many of them on page one. (There are actually 19 page one rankings for this particular website and other pages on pages two, three five etc. But due to space I have only shown ten – However you get the point)

Now for something important. What about this particular post? Take a look at this screen shot below of this very page and see how it ranked using the information I will soon reveal to you.Best online Success Secret

As you can see this page is in position #3 on Page ONE of Google. This is what the right education and the right tools can do for you.

Show me the Money – Not

Best Online Success SecretNow, I am not going to show you money no 2pictures of me and expensive cars or lots of cash. Because this is not about drawing you in with promises of riches and over-night success. So don’t focus on the money, ignore the dollars flashing in front of your eyes. – This is not what I want you to think about.

Best Online Success Secret

Instead, this is about education and learning the how” to build an online business.This is about giving you access to an education that will teach you how to build a long term sustainable, successful online internet business and about you working hard, putting in the hours to go through the program and learning the process and then using the right tools so that you can do this too.The work comes first the money comes later.

How long it takes is entirely up to you.  You can learn as slowly or as quickly as you want. You are the boss and you can start today for free. Yes, you can trial this entire program without spending a single cent to see if it’s for you. No credit card required to get started.  Yes, you can try it first, build a website or two and make money before you pay anything! 

With this course almost anyone can build a beautiful looking, revenue ready website in less than 60 seconds that includes hosting, indexing, spam protection and all the latest plugin technology for the efficient implementation and management of your entire website and you get this for free.

 What to Do Now?

Take a look at my next post secrets for making money online and the other many other posts and pages here or get a copy of the ebook and decide if this program is right for you.

Getting the e-book is entirely optional you can go directly to Wealthy Affiliates and take a look at the program directly by clicking, on the banner below. It’s free to join.

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer at Wealthy Affiliate here

The community at Wealthy Affiliate understand this and in fact are second to none when it comes to getting help and sharing knowledge, answering questions and providing support. 

How to choose the best affiliate marketing course

This is a straight, honest and down-to-earth program. Created by online marketers for those wanting to become online marketers. Again this is an excellent place to get an education and you can do it at your own pace and from your own place.

Advanced Knowledge

You also receive advanced knowledge about website construction traffic generation, keyword research, content creation and much much more. Also you receive lots of support and help and answers to all your questions from within the membership community that is truly second to none.

Best Online Success SecretSo what’s the best online success secret,  Just remember that the only place where money, comes before work – is in the dictionary. Do the work first and the money will come. Get the education and learn the “how”  and success will follow.

If you would also like a copy of Google’s very own ‘SEO Starter Guide Book’ you can find it here.


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What's the Best Internet Marketing CourseAnd if you do I will reward you with a free copy of my 40+ page ebook; Affiliate Marketing Made Easy. 

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If you want to know how to get page one rankings you might like to see my post, here.


  • make extra money

    Hi, Every time I check out your webpage / posts here usually early in the day, I learn more and more. You write every interests posts and it usually makes my day reading. Keep up the good work.

  • Patricia Senwelo

    Hey, its one of those posts that makes you to keep on reading without being prompted to read on. Simply interesting and of course informative. Powerful!

    • Hello Patrica Thank your for your comments, pleased you like the post and enjoyed reading it. These are some of the skills you learn how to do when you join Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

  • Katie

    Enjoyed your article and could not agree more it is about hard work, good information and good insights into working online, WA offers a great education program with support from the whole community

  • Jennifer

    Hi Peter,

    You really didn’t leave anything out there, so much valuable information within your post! Getting the proper education is the best thing anyone can do when looking to start an online business, I have tried a few in the past but nothing compares to WA… I still consider myself a newbie hopefully, one day I will see my site on the first page of google as well. I look forward to reading your book on The not-so-secret, secret to making money online, as I am always looking for a good book. I can’t wait to read it..

    I’ll check back again soon until then TC. 🙂


    • Hello Jennifer Thank you so much for the comments. Appreciate you leaving a comment and I really hope you get something valuable from the book Enjoy 🙂

  • Stefan

    Hi Peter
    every once in a while it is important to focus on the strategy and adapt the tactics. You’re a valuable mentor for that. Thanks! It helps to get the perspective of an online marketing professional. Building a foundation is not only important, when you’re constructing a house. Up until now, I really can confirm your approach: passion, learning and hard work lead to lasting results!

    In one of my blogs, I’m writing more about the philosophical side of marketing. Combined with the technical know how, I’m convinced, it’ll boost the USP of every business.

    So, I’ll come back and learn from you more!

    • Hello Stefan Thank you for taking the time to leave a reply. Happy you like my article and yes please come back at anytime as there is always something new. 🙂

  • Stephon

    Great work Peter! Wonderful site and great content. You are a motivator for sure.

    Wishing you MASSIVE success!

  • jo

    You have really good content and your website is very proffesional

  • Maureen


    Great information! Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic place to get an education and develop an online business. One place with all the information you need and a fantastic online community!

    Take care,

    • Hello Maureen. Yes you are so right WA is an awesome place to get an education about online success. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate you leaving a comment 😉

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