How to Write Great Website Content

How to Write Great Website ContentHow to write great website content

You’ve just finished writing your blog post or the sales copy for your new product or promotion. You have the keywords sorted and you have written in a natural way.

You have used a Keyword tool so you know you will get traffic to your content.

But still, how to write great website content?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to test your copy BEFORE you actually send prospects to it?

Think about ThisHow to write great website content

What if 1,000 people read your sales page or blog and NOBODY takes action and buys, you’ve just wasted all that traffic.

Even if it was free traffic, you’ve still burned your chance to promote your product.

Odds are even if you do rewrite the copy, they’re not going to come back a second time and read it again.

If only there was a way to know ahead of time whether your copy is good or not.

What if there was a way to learn how to write great website content or how to write great blog posts without having to use trial and error…wait, there is!

Here’s How

Here’s how to write great content and articles that will get read. Here’s how to write marketing copy, that sells. This is what to do after you have written it and before you post it, turn off the phone, switch off the Internet and refuse to be distracted for the next hour or so.

How to write great website contentNow, imagine you are the prospect. You are thinking like the prospect, feeling like the prospect, experiencing the same issues, same problems, same questions as you prospect, etc.

Put yourself in their shoes and re-read your copy from start to finish.

Do not spend time making corrections (you can do that later), just simply read as though you are a prospect considering, buying this product, using the service or following the advice.


Now rate how well your copy accomplishes the following, assigning a number 1 – 5 to each element.How to write great website content

  1. 1 means “Practically non-existent”
  2. 2 is “Room for serious improvement”
  3. 3 means “Not horrible, but could be better”
  4. 4 is “Strong”
  5. 5 indicates “You positively NAILED it.”

 Ready? Here we go…

  1. Does the headline instantly grab your attention? _____
  2. Does the lead-in compel you to read further? _____
  3. Are the headline and lead-in completely believable? _____
  4. Is, the headline and lead-in combo likely to resonate powerfully with your prospects? _____
  5. Does, the headline and lead-in combo offer powerful benefits? _____
  6. Does the Author establish their qualifications / expertise beyond doubt? _____
  7. Do the emotions you experience while reading the first few paragraphs compel you to want to read further? _____
  8. Is the prospect given a reason why they must read this and must read this now? _____
  9. Does the copy read like a conversation between two friends? _____
  10. Is it clear that the spokesperson truly has the best interests of the prospect at heart? _____
  11. Are the product’s benefits clearly expressed? _____
  12. Are the emotional reasons for purchasing fully developed? _____
  13. Does the copy entertain and inform as well as sell? _____
  14. Is the price fully justified and trivialized? _____
  15. Is there a compelling reason why the prospect should immediately take action? _____
  16. Is there a sense of urgency? _____
  17. Do you feel yourself getting more and more excited as you move through the content? _____
  18. Is the call to action compelling enough that you would feel silly for not ordering immediately? _____
  19. Is the prospect told exactly what to do next, how to order and how they will receive their product? _____
  20. If you were a prospect, would you make the purchase? _____


Ok, let’s add up you score and see how well you did.

21- 50: STOP right there. Do NOT use your copy until you make significant changes.

51 – 65: Not so good, but at least, you made a start. Now go back and make the adjustments it needs.

66 – 80: Not bad and OK for a draft, but not good enough to use unless you just don’t have the time to fix it, OR your offer is so compelling that it doesn’t need a strong letter.

81 – 95: Looking good. A little tweaking here and there can still improve your conversions.

96 – 105: Congratulations! Maybe you should be writing copy for a living! This is how to write great content for your website.

What you can do now

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  • Darusila Henshaw

    Hi Peter, I know it is true about writing great contents that will capture visitors to your website. On the other end everyone is competing to have the best contents out there for their website, offering their service. We need to just work hard and learn every way as possible to be good content writers. When I joined WA I never thought that I would stay this long because of content writing was a stumbling block to me.. Even a couple of times I gave up for months but I told myself that the only way to learn is to learn myself and apply the knowledge that is given to me otherwise it would just be another failure. I am still learning and I don’t want to give up. Thank you for your inspiration.

    • Hello Darusila Pleased you liked the post and got inspired by it. Just doing a little each day is another way to move forward. A little and often is the key to training yourself for success. Another post you may like wil also be a great help to keeping yu motivated. Thank you so much for your comments 🙂

  • Daria

    Hi Peter
    Thank you for this useful post, I will use this rating method for all my future posts, but I will use it as an inspiration for new content to start the writing; instead of evaluate what is already written content.

    I will use these twenty questions as an interview template, between me and my targeted prospect, and then write my post from the twenty answers.

    What do you think Peter?

    Thank you again for this valuable technique

    • Peter

      Hi Daria Pleased you liked the post and you can use it anyway you wish if it makes your writing better and helps to engage your audience then whatever works is great. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • rufat

    Great article. I have to agree that creating content is easy, but creating great content requires time and effort and tips you have shared with us are really great. I think the tip regarding thinking like a prospect plays a huge role in creating content. I always follow this tip when writing content. Other tips are great too and I follow most of them. BTW, I find that most readers scan my content and it’s really hard to keep readers on the site. Do you feel you can reduce your bounce after applying these tips?

    • Peter

      Hello Rufat. Yes keeping your readers engaged is always the hardest thing to do ONCE you have them on your page, so quality content with a mix of images and even a short video is important. Readers only want what they can get from the information you have provided, they don’t care how long you took to put it together, they are busy and if you cannot provide them with what they want they will leave pretty quickly. Appreciate your comments thank you 🙂

  • SC

    I like the scoring system you propose, and will start using is when I write future posts. You raise a valid point in that just because you write with a smart use of keywords, doesn’t necessarily it’s good quality or interesting content to read. As you say, if the content isn’t interesting, you’ve lost that reader and won’t have another chance to win them over.

    • Peter

      Hello SC yes the scoring system is a winner for me it helps me write compelling content and I find it very usefull thanks so much for your feedback 😉

  • IanW

    A most interesting and vey well presented tool to evaluate the worth of a post or page.

    I am intrigued to know whether the questions and ranking levels you present are your own work or come from another source. Like a survey or questionaire developed as part of a study somewhere.

    Irrespective of the source you have provided a specific means of determing the value of our content before we let it loose on the internet.

    Thanks for the guidance and tool to do it


    • Peter

      Hello Ian I am pleased you liked the post. I answer your question I found some of it while researching the topic and some I got from my own experience with writing great content. Thank you so much for your comments. Cheers Peter 🙂

  • Chris

    Great article – lots of tips you’ve touched upon that I was unaware of with my writing.I often find that the key to me writing good stuff is my overall feeling at the time – am I relaxed with the subject or not?
    What do you think? Do you think the overall quality will be effected by how much you enjoy a topic?

    • Peter

      Yes Chris sometimes I write a lot and so I pre write future articles or posts and other days I don’t ‘feel’ like writing at all so yes. If you are relaxed writing is easy and better whereas if you have to get it done it tends to be not as good. That’s why i wrote these steps to help me become a better writer. Thanks for your commens. 🙂

  • Monkey Man


    This is very creative page. I really like the scoring system you got going. It truly coincides with if you will be successful or not. I was at a 75 which was better than my average in school haha! When you add great content with a great product the sky is the limit for results

    • Peter

      Hello Monkey Man Thank you for the feedback and the compliment 🙂 Appreciate the comments Thanks again 🙂

  • Maarten

    Hey There Peter,

    Great article, I’ve bookmarked this page for the scoring module you’ve got here and I’m surely going to use it for the next article I write.

    Like you said if a 1000 people read your article and it’s not good, they are not going to come back and read it again after you altered it. It’s indeed a waste of traffic if your article doesn’t reach the intended goal.

    I wonder, do you go through this process with every article you write? And if you do so, am I right to assume that it takes time, but after a while will turn in to an automatic process you don’t even notice anymore?

    Thanks for this great piece of information!


    • Peter

      HI Maarten I notice that the articles I do this on get higher rankings and more comments than those that I don’t so I have started going back and redoing the all my posts and pages and now have 19 on page one of google. So it works very well. Now I do it everytime. I think of it like this “it get one shot” to impress and people will not come back a second time so I take the time (not much more really) and do it and it pays off because the post is going to be around for a long time. Thanks for your comments 😉

  • Jason

    Hey Peter, I really enjoyed the website. It is filled with valuable, helpful information and I thank you for that. I bookmarked the website and will visit often especially ‘How to write great website content’. It is so tempting to publish an article once you are “finished” and just get it out the way. Patience is a virtue and can pay off. Thanks again, and I hope your able to acquire your dream job.


    • Peter

      Hello Jason Thank you for your comments. Yes thats what it’s about slow down and do it right because you only get ne chance to get the reader attention. They don’t come back a second time (if they do it’s to skim read) Pleased you found it helpful 🙂

  • Jolie

    Love this ‘self-check’ concept! I think it would be super useful if you added in waiting overnight or taking a break between writing the content and doing the scoring on it, so you could truly see it with fresh eyes.

    Would you suggest editing some of the questions for things like blog posts that aren’t specifically selling a product, or just skipping the questions that relate to pricing/sales?

    • Peter

      Hello Jolie I would suggest skipping the questions that are not relevant if you are not selling product or talking about a price. Thank you for leaving a comment and liking the post thank you 🙂

  • Misti Cheeks

    You did it again! You are the man! really.
    I’ve even been taking notes! In fact, I have my own notebook just for the wealth of info i’m learning from you. thanks again

  • Gilbert

    Hey Peter,

    This article has really helped me a lot for how to write good quality content, it also made me think about the viewer instead of only my point of view. The questions that you have to ask yourself are also very powerfull and helps to increase the thought process of writing an article.
    Thank you very much,


    • Hello Gilbert Thanks for your comments and I am pleased you found some value from the post. Yes writing content is always a difficult thing for many people and as I now write a lot and get a number of them ranking well in google I was able to break the process down and let people such as yourself know the process. Enjoy. 🙂

  • Janette

    Hello Peter,

    I have enjoyed your blogs. I read “How to Write Great Website Content”, and I especially like your list of 21 under “Here We Go”. I will be using that checklist to write and check my blogs before publishing. What a great opportunity with have to learn here in Wealthy Affiliate.


    Eiress Janette

    • Peter Crisp

      Thanks Janette, I appreciate your feedback and am happy you found something to help yo on your journey to internet success. 🙂

  • Deborah

    Very helpful and beneficial information. I love your rating system.

    Good information here

  • mayuri

    Great article Peter. I always have problems when writing content. Now I can use this information and rank my work before publishing. Thanks for the information.

  • Neil

    That’s an interesting idea having a score’s based system.
    However isn’t writing copy and content two different things?
    Content for a website can have humor, personality but Copy is generally from a third person view point.

    • Hello Neil. Yes you are right this is only to help you with copy that will sell. But more importantly it helps you keep centered upon the most important thing which is the reader. Thank you so much for your comments I appreciate you visiting the post. 🙂

  • Jane

    Hey Peter

    Thank you for the great tip. I never thought of using a checklist to ensure my content is publishable. I will be trying it out when I write my next post. Content has not been my strong suite and I hope it would help!


    • Hi Jane Thank you for your comments and yes I’m certain you will find it helpful even if it only makes you re-look at you content from your reader perspective and make a small improvement. 🙂

  • James

    Hi Peter,

    Great article. As a new blogger I am constantly looking for ways to improve my writing and find my voice. I like the idea of your scoring system.

    While I enjoy writing headlines my biggest struggle is keeping them to acceptable lengths for the search engines. Thanks for sharing this info.


  • Damon


    You did a fabulous job and I just book marked this page. There are so many useful tip’s here for writing content I am sure to return multiple times before I feel I have mastered them all. I tend to always struggle at some point or another within content creation and this guide will help give me a guide and some reference in order to get a good flow going if I ever become stuck again. A+ job man!

    • Thanks Damon I know it makes me think about content creation from the readers perspective. I appreciate your comments and am pleased you enjoyed the post:)

  • Jerry

    Thank you for building this page. Writing content is a real challenge to me. This is explained in a way that makes sense. I bookmarked this page. Good Fortune.

    • Hello Jerry you are welcome. Content is the most important part to any website it’s the reason why visitors come to the site. I appreciate your comments Thank you. 🙂

  • Chris

    Interesting article Peter, I love the scoring system involved. For me it’s the title that seems to determine the success of a post and how it displays itself in search engine results, followed by whether the article entertains and informs! Great article and a helpful site, will return again soon 🙂

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