Secrets to Good Copywriting

Secrets to Good Copywriting

Secrets to Good Copy writing

Regardless of how much traffic you are able to generate to your website, without effective copy that captures attention, engages your readers and lures them deeper into your page, all within a few seconds, guiding them from the opening headline to the buy now button. You will have achieved nothing!

Secrets to good copy writing, begin with knowing exactly what the popular marketing words that sell are, and once you know these – you are halfway there.

This is the Reason

Secrets to Good Copywriting

Secrets to Good Copy writing

This is why you NEED well-written sales copy if you want to be successful in any business in today’s fast-paced world.

It’s also why copywriters are among the highest paid service providers. It’s their magical ability to transform words into vivid images, to paint a clear picture of a scenery or situation, and to take that control and funnel it into invoking an emotional response from the reader. 

Quality, copy will also reduce your acquisition costs for getting customers because the engaging content has the potential to cut your marketing costs by a substantial amount due to improved results in your closing ratio. Meaning more people will take action after reading your material.

It’s a Proven Fact

There is no doubt that success in marketing is proportionate to the quality of the copy. If the copywriter is knowledgeable and skilled in the art, then the level of sales will increase.

The problem is, though that few people know how to write powerful and engaging copy. For many just writing anything, is a chore and a difficult task to undertake.

A Solution

How would you like to learn the deepest, darkest secrets to the Internet’s most sought-after copywriters who have generated thousands of dollars for every page they write?  

How would you like to learn the insider secrets to not just good copy writing, but great copy writing and effective sales letters that capture your reader’s attention!

Introducing ‘Sales Man Sales Letters
Secrets to Good Copywriting

Within this five-part video and course of Copywriters Secrets, you will be given an in-depth look at how copywriters use the power of words to invoke powerful emotion-driven responses that will drive your conversion rates through the roof!

After all the ultimate goal of copy is to get the reader to take a particular action. The goal for a copywriter is to create content that the reader finds engaging and makes them want to take the recommended action.

Once you begin to implement these strategies into your own marketing material, you will instantly begin to see the dramatic changes in how well your websites convert, and you will also see it with how much more money you begin to make.

Sky-Rocket Your Conversions

The specific tactics featured within this course are unconventional but very effective.

So whether you are interested in becoming a high paid copywriter yourself, or you simply want to learn the insider secrets to crafting a quality sales page or writing powerful copy, this course is the complete guide to mastering the most important element to marketing both an on and offline business.

Here’s a Closer Look at My Step-By-Step Course

Secrets to Good CopywritingModule #1 

Using Power Words

Discover how copywriters use a combination of “power words” pulled from their secret swipe file of proven resources, to guarantee the success of every sales page they create!

Secrets to Good Copywriting


Module #2 

Copywriting Structure

Drive your sales through the roof with a simple, yet powerful structure, that will reach out to desperate buyers and invoke response driven emotions that will set your visitors into a buying frenzy!

Secrets to Good Copywriting

Module #3

Maximizing Your Conversions

What you NEED to avoid if you want to blow the lid off conversions! These are critical elements you need to know if you want to eliminate any chance of your marketing campaign being a failure!

Secrets to Good Copywriting


Module #4

 Discover The Hot ‘Money Spots’

Learn about the “money spots” and how to ensure that you place your sales copy in such a way that your reader is STILL engaged and put into your “control cycle” even if they skim the page and fail to read the entire sales copy

Secrets to Good Copywriting


Module #5

Sell Your Services and Make Even More

Discover how you can make an outright fortune as an in-demand copywriter to the gurus, who will pay thousands of dollars for every single page you write, even if you are brand new to copy writing!

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How to Write Great Website Content

How to Write Great Website ContentHow to write great website content

You’ve just finished writing your blog post or the sales copy for your new product or promotion. You have the keywords sorted and you have written in a natural way.

You have used a Keyword tool so you know you will get traffic to your content.

But still, how to write great website content?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to test your copy BEFORE you actually send prospects to it?

Think about ThisHow to write great website content

What if 1,000 people read your sales page or blog and NOBODY takes action and buys, you’ve just wasted all that traffic.

Even if it was free traffic, you’ve still burned your chance to promote your product.

Odds are even if you do rewrite the copy, they’re not going to come back a second time and read it again.

If only there was a way to know ahead of time whether your copy is good or not.

What if there was a way to learn how to write great website content or how to write great blog posts without having to use trial and error…wait, there is!

Here’s How

Here’s how to write great content and articles that will get read. Here’s how to write marketing copy, that sells. This is what to do after you have written it and before you post it, turn off the phone, switch off the Internet and refuse to be distracted for the next hour or so.

How to write great website contentNow, imagine you are the prospect. You are thinking like the prospect, feeling like the prospect, experiencing the same issues, same problems, same questions as you prospect, etc.

Put yourself in their shoes and re-read your copy from start to finish.

Do not spend time making corrections (you can do that later), just simply read as though you are a prospect considering, buying this product, using the service or following the advice.


Now rate how well your copy accomplishes the following, assigning a number 1 – 5 to each element.How to write great website content

  1. 1 means “Practically non-existent”
  2. 2 is “Room for serious improvement”
  3. 3 means “Not horrible, but could be better”
  4. 4 is “Strong”
  5. 5 indicates “You positively NAILED it.”

 Ready? Here we go…

  1. Does the headline instantly grab your attention? _____
  2. Does the lead-in compel you to read further? _____
  3. Are the headline and lead-in completely believable? _____
  4. Is, the headline and lead-in combo likely to resonate powerfully with your prospects? _____
  5. Does, the headline and lead-in combo offer powerful benefits? _____
  6. Does the Author establish their qualifications / expertise beyond doubt? _____
  7. Do the emotions you experience while reading the first few paragraphs compel you to want to read further? _____
  8. Is the prospect given a reason why they must read this and must read this now? _____
  9. Does the copy read like a conversation between two friends? _____
  10. Is it clear that the spokesperson truly has the best interests of the prospect at heart? _____
  11. Are the product’s benefits clearly expressed? _____
  12. Are the emotional reasons for purchasing fully developed? _____
  13. Does the copy entertain and inform as well as sell? _____
  14. Is the price fully justified and trivialized? _____
  15. Is there a compelling reason why the prospect should immediately take action? _____
  16. Is there a sense of urgency? _____
  17. Do you feel yourself getting more and more excited as you move through the content? _____
  18. Is the call to action compelling enough that you would feel silly for not ordering immediately? _____
  19. Is the prospect told exactly what to do next, how to order and how they will receive their product? _____
  20. If you were a prospect, would you make the purchase? _____


Ok, let’s add up you score and see how well you did.

21- 50: STOP right there. Do NOT use your copy until you make significant changes.

51 – 65: Not so good, but at least, you made a start. Now go back and make the adjustments it needs.

66 – 80: Not bad and OK for a draft, but not good enough to use unless you just don’t have the time to fix it, OR your offer is so compelling that it doesn’t need a strong letter.

81 – 95: Looking good. A little tweaking here and there can still improve your conversions.

96 – 105: Congratulations! Maybe you should be writing copy for a living! This is how to write great content for your website.

What you can do now

You have two options:

1.The Short Cut,… If you want a short cut to writing great content. Take a look at my offer of 100 done-for-you sales letters covering the most popular niches.

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You can find more information about getting started and learn how to work online and earn money and become a part of the community at  Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

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How to write great website content

“What sets this program apart is it is a complete training program build and run by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers who wanted to shortcut the learning process and provide solid, honest advice”. 


The information is always up to date. For example, article marketing through article directories is no longer an effective SEO strategy, neither is duplicate content on your website site or stuffing keywords into your content, aimed at the search engines.

In fact, if you ever want to check content for duplication you can use a free online tool Copyscape to see how much duplicate content your article contains and you can make the adjustments as necessary. 

This is just some of the awesome information you will learn with Wealthy Affiliate. Best of all – it’s FREE to join. 

Get Started

So if you want to learn how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and one that will make it possible for you to earn money in your PJ’s then take the wheel and get started NOW!

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