Learn and Make Money Online

Learn and Make Money Online

How?  Easily, by understanding the global economy and how it affects your ability to make decisions that will make you money online. 

China’s recent stock market decline and subsequent devaluation of the yuan. Sent shock waves throughout the financial world, as it showed that China would allow its currency to devalue, when usually it is pegged to Learn and Make Money Onlinethe US dollar at around 6 to 1. 

The fact that the Government’s using financial levers to stabilize its economy, is a sure sign that things are about to get a whole lot worse.

By devaluing its currency (around 3% against the U.S. dollar) the country’s exports becomes cheaper for the rest of the world and as products become cheaper more interest is shown by purchasers and as China has an export based economy that would be a good thing. But it may be a case of too little, too late.

Other CurrenciesLearn and Make Money Online

However most other currencies have fallen much further against the U.S dollar. Since 2014, the New Zealand dollar is down over 25% and the Australian dollar has dropped more than 30% since 2013.

The Mexican peso has fallen 28% and the Canadian dollar is down 31%, since 2001.


Learn and Make Money Online

In Canada’s case this was mostly due to the fact that the Canadian economy has gone into recession because of the low price of Oil.

As a major oil exporter and the world’s fifth-biggest producer, oil made up 27% of exports last year. Last month, the Canadian dollar hit an 11-year low against the dollar.

Other Countries

More recently the Brazilian real has lost 23% and the Russian ruble is down 16%. As a group, Asian currencies are at their worst exchange levels since the ‘financial crisis’ of 1998, the Malaysian ringgit is down 14% and the Indonesian rupiah 9%. In fact most emerging market currencies are at their lowest levels since 2002.

Government Created

This has come about as a result of virtually every government irresponsibly printing money and calling it fancy names like Quantitative Easing (Q.E). What this means is that they are creating billions of new notes, euros, pesos, dollars and yen every day and injecting them into their economies.

This makes their currencies worth less as more go into circulation and it actually steals wealth from the very people they pretend to serve.

A Strong Dollar

Comparatively the U.S. dollar has gained about 20% vs. other major currencies during the last year. Even though the  U.S. used ‘Q.E‘ to print Trillions of dollars from 2008-2014.

Now for the time being it has stopped and the current, U.S. monetary policy is “less printing” than other major players, like Europe and Japan, the dollar appears to be stronger.Learn and Make Money Online

So when we say the U.S. dollar is “strong“, we’re really saying “strong relative to other currencies,” like the euro and yen because the strength of a dollar is measured against a different currency, such as the euro or the Japanese yen. 

Learn and Make Money Online

For most U.S. citizens and others earning US currency, the stronger dollar is a good thing if you are buying things or if you are travelling outside the U.S.

However if you are selling American goods they have become much more expensive, so it is hurting American companies that are exporting, but helping American companies that are importing.

But it’s Not Just the Money

Not only are currencies falling in value around the world but also the base commodities. Oil now cost 50% a barrel less than a year ago. Lumber, Wheat, Oats, Coffee and other well traded commodities are all cheaper than they were this time last year. Even Gold and silver are down. So how is all this going to impact on your economic future?

China isn’t the only Reason Commodities are Lower

Learn and Make Money OnlineChina is the second largest economy in the world and during its recent construction boom, they poured more concrete between 2011 and 2013 than the United States did during the entire 20th century.

Not only did China consume 60% of the world’s concrete. It was also the largest commodity consumer, using up half of the world’s aluminum, nickel, copper, steel, and coal.

It’s Going to Hurt

Now, China is slowing down for the first time after 25 years of rapid growth. That means it’s going to be building fewer buildings, roads, and bridges.

So China won’t be using as much steel, aluminum, concrete or other ‘construction type’ raw commodities and that’s going to hurt exporting countries that rely on commodity exports to keep their economies going, like Australia, Canada and even little New Zealand.

These are part of the reasons why the Australian dollar, the New Zealand dollar, and the Canadian dollar have all lost value against the U.S. dollar since last September. But to blame it entirely on China is not completely accurate, because it’s not like those Governments didn’t know that China’s economy was going to be slowing down. 

The Real Reason the Global Economy is in Decline

The greatest economic meltdown in history is about to begin and the governments are ignoring the truth about the real reason it’s about to happen. In truth it’s to do with demographics, as the largest group of consumers the world has ever seen, the ‘baby boomers begin to change their spending habits.  

It has already begun and it’s not like the governments of the world don’t know this. Instead they lie to us and encourage us to spend even more money when the economy is shrinking. In an effort to remain in power a little longer.

The Governments Can’t Save You

Learn and Make Money Online

It’s not the Governments that are going to save the economy, rather it will be the ‘people‘ of the world. Specifically it will be the innovators and the entrepreneurs and the individual superheroes, that will bring about the economic salvation the world desperately needs. It will be individuals, without political causes or hidden agendas who are going to save us.  

The Great Awakening

Soon the people will begin to awaken to the fact that Governments are no longer serving them. That their interests and those of the citizenry are not aligned and that we have been subjected to the biggest scam in the history of humanity. That Governments are necessary and beneficial in a just society.

They are NOT and soon we will all discover how irresponsible they have really been with our trust, our lives and our money.

If you want the truth – it’s in this video below

Real Democracy

Here’s what many fail to understand. The only kind of democracy that really works is the one described by Ludwig von Mises as a ‘market democracy‘.  

It is one in which everyday people vote with currency as a consumer, to buy or not to buy particular products and services. How they ‘vote’ will determine the rise or fall of the company and free and open competition in the marketplace will always bring the greatest value to consumers.

We don’t need any government intervention in that basic free market process, but Governments know that they are not needed, so they continually create problems that they then pretend to solve, so the people will believe that they have a legitimate role in society. This is the scam that has been going on for centuries.

You have a choice to make…

Do nothing and believe that everything will work out and your Government will save you from the next, economic meltdown.

Or…Learn and Make Money Online

You can take control of your finances by generating an additional source of income and get it in US dollars so when the the markets crash, and the economy falls apart, (yet again).

You’ll have an alternative income source that you can create through your own effort, knowledge and skill, that you can acquire right here, through a step by step process that will ensure your success.

Learn and Make Money Online

There is no need for protests, civil unrest or anti government action. Rather this is your chance to be prepared for what’s coming and to see your way through the new economic era that’s on the horizon, by creating an international, alternative income stream that pays you in US dollars, by knowing how to implement strategies to create an online income.

This is important because soon many people are going to be in desperate need of additional income and you could be there ready to help them. 

A Great Program 

Wealthy Affiliate is a straight, honest and down-to-earth program. Created by online marketers for those wanting to learn how to become a successful online marketer and earn U.S dollars.

Best of all you can begin for free and you may want to read a few more pages on this site.

Your solution is in Your Hands

Learn and make money online is how you can take control of your financial security by generating an income before the economy begins to meltdown.


Learn and Make money online


I understand that this whole idea of affiliate marketing and working online may seem a long way removed from the economic calamity that’s about to befall us all and the corruption of the government who are supposed to protect us from the risks of the world.

But you need to seriously do something to protect yourself economically.

So in order to make life easier you to put all the pieces together because for some of you this may all seem a little overwhelming. I have a book that will provide you with information and resources to fast track your progress.

I willing to offer it to you for free to get you started in affiliate marketing because selfishly I want you to do business with me in the future… So here’s how you can get my book for free.Affiliate Market Made Easy.

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So what are you waiting for?

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  • Cristina

    Hi, Peter!
    You have made a brilliant work with your website. It is different in a good way and it stands out of the crowd! I’m totally impressed you are running over 20 websites?! I must say great work! I have read your profile and I’ll ask which country will be next for you?

    • Peter

      Hi Cristina Thank you for the praise. I haven’t decided on the ‘next’ country yet but at least I have the choice to choose and being an online marketer makes that possible. Thank you again for your comments 🙂

  • Derek Marshall

    Hi Peter,

    Yet another top notch post. reading that post will be a real eye-opener for some as it really strips away the BS imposed on us by society, politics and the powers that be. We really should vote with our money and buy less of what we disagree with (as a society) such as non-natural foods produced by means of chemical farming.

    • Peter

      Hi Derek Yes voting with our dollars is the only true democracy there is. Freedom of choice rather than freedom from choice is the only true way to live and achieve a better life for all concerned. Thank you for yoyr comments 🙂

  • Mark

    Hi Peter – Another top quality post. I really like the way you portray what is happening in world economies. How you show what is really happening and the way you paint the financial future as being grim.
    What is impressive though is the way you then offer a solution to the situation. One that I personally agree with – Wealthy Affiliate is the best mentoring program on the internet.
    Great post thanks for sharing

    • Peter

      Thank you Mark I appreciate your comments and yes I too agree, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the online education everyone needs to create a successful online business. :

  • Tom

    Facts facts facts! I can’t begin to say how much I love all of the sheer factual, statistical data in this article. Your writing style is very compelling, and I’ll agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn. Even if you’re not necessarily planning on using that knowledge, but just want to have it, it’s unbeatable. Very well written, Peter! And thank you!

    • Peter

      Hello Tom and thank you for your feedback and your comments. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn the ‘facts’ about creating a long term sustainable online business. Pleased you liked the article and there of course are many other also. 🙂

  • Adeel

    This article is really helpful especially for those who trying to start affiliate business but it doesn’t work for them because of useless information. You really provided best information. These days all we lack is useful and powerful information but unfortunately most of the information on internet is useless but I thank you for providing best information.

    • Peter

      Hello Adeel Yes you are right here is a lot of useless information out there and this is way places like Wealthy Affiliate are so valuable and helpful for anyone looking to develop a long term sustainable internet business. Thank you for your comments.:

  • Lee

    Hi Peter, I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the economy (far from it) but it really does worry me.

    Both my partner and myself both work for the same medium size company here in the Uk and we have a two year and a half year old who’s obviously completely dependent on us.

    If the economy goes into a downward spiral again, my worry is the company goes bust and we’re BOTH left without a source of income.

    It’s for that reason I HAVE to find a way to find a way to build a solid business online where I can be responsible for my own income to support our family.

    I’ll definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate, can I ask, are you a member there yourself and if so, for how long?

    • Peter

      Hello Lee Great Question and Yes I am a member and have been for nearly a year now and I gotta say that prior to joining WA I had over a dozen website and none of them were making any money nor ranking in Google. By undertaking the learning from WA I have not only got many pages (15) ranking on page one of Google but I am also very happy to report that I am making money. So If you want to get an online education that will put you the right direction then I certainly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone. Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

  • Neil

    Hello Peter!

    I have come across many online scams and also many great ways to make money online too!

    The way the economy stands at this present moment in time, I find it pretty scary because we simply do not know what’s waiting for us all around the corner.

    From your graph, the American dollar looks very strong, but do you know where the British £ pound stands?

    From discovering the real truth about what’s happening, I will certainly look at Wealthy Affiliate to secure my future 🙂


    • Peter

      Hello Neil Pleased you have enjoyed my site. The British Pound has probably done what the others are doing and that’s losing against the US dollar. The only reason the dollar is strengthening is because they have stopped printing money comparatively to other countries. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly and option to create additional sources of revenue. Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  • Alex

    Fantastic post Peter. The global economy downturn has triggered the ripples that have been sent to other countries and affected the currencies. There have been a lot more people looking for alternative to earn “strong” currencies online. I am one of them.

    Learning and make money online is not difficult under a proper guidance from a legitimate program. I have been looking for information on how to start a serious online business. Your thorough recommendation here definitely helps!

    Great thanks for sharing this post here Peter! By the way, do they have upsells? I was quite disappointed with some other programs that have lots of upsells.

    • Peter

      Hi Alex you are going to love Wealthy Affiliate because not only can you try it out for free but there are no upsells. Yes you will get an offer to join the premium program $47 per month but upsells NO not at all. Truly an awesome program and I recommend everyone take a look. Thanks for your comments and feedback 🙂

  • Jay

    What an awesome article! The Kevin Spacey speech from House of Cards was amazing. I feel like everyone needs to watch that clip. The sense of entitlement people have these days is totally destroying our economy. Nobody owes you anything. You’ve gotta work for what you want. Period.

    On a side note, do you think House of Cards is an accurate depiction of the way things are actually run? I’ve always been curious about that show and heard pretty good things about it. You seem to know what you’re talking about….

    • Peter

      Hello Jay thank you for your comment and to answer your question. Yes I do think its an accurate assessment, which why Wealthy Affiliate is such an important resource for almost anyone wanting to take back control of their future. We cannot and should be relying upon any Government anywhere to save us. You may enjoy my posting on the house of cards. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

  • Damien

    You make some very good points here. The current market is certainly unstable and will once again crash. The question is when.. It won’t be like the last time however. Personally I think the next market crash will result in big changes world wide. Changes that will alter what we see the market as today.

    The Internet of Things and machine to machine communications have connected beyond what we imagined. As you mentioned about starting an online business. It’s the sure way to assist us through a depression. I can imagine for some places you might not even witness or realize there is a depression..

    Grand article, and will support that learning and making money online is a very important step everyone should take. Not all companies will have a job waiting for you during a market crash.

    • Hello Damien Thanks for your comments and appreciate your feedback. Pleased you agree about an online business being a good thing because I certainly believe that to be so and I advocate Wealthy Affiliate as a great resource to get the online education that the people need to create a sustainable, long term online business. 🙂

  • Angela

    You are right in your comment regarding the thinking of the majority of individuals. Do nothing and believe that everything will work out and your Government will save you from the next, economic meltdown. This is not going to help! Our government is not able to save us anymore, the world has turned into a battle ground where everyone has to defend what they have and build their own future. That means figuring it out for yourself and you are right that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start and to achieve goals.

    • Peter

      Thank you Angela Pleased you agree and YES Wealthy Affiliate is the place to get the online education we need to be able to make a personal difference in our lives. Thank for your feedback 🙂

  • Hi Peter,

    You have an overwhelming knowledge of world economy, I learned a lot through this post. I’ve been warned a while ago I should transfer a large amount of my savings in to a US dollar account. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with Australian dollars at the moment living overseas. It hurts me every time I exchange money! I never thought of the baby boomers changing their spending habits, but of course that’s not more than logical! Am I right to say there’s a connection between the current way of consumer behaviour and the change of consumers? What I’m trying to say: In the baby boomers generation a TV would last a lifetime, these days they are build to break down after a few years, with little chance of repairing. Could this be because they know there’s going to be less buying power so they’ll have to sell the same thing multiple times to less people?
    Also, could you give me a good resource to learn about that “market democracy” you talk about?

    Great post again, I always walk away with some great new knowledge after visiting your website 🙂


    • Hello Maarteen Thanks for your comments. In regard to more on market democracy and Ludwig von Mises you can view more by using Wikipedia and searching the Ludwig von Mises institute and that should get you some background information. You are right about the baby boomers impacting the economy and how some businesses are dealing with the coming downturn due to their slowdown in spending while the governments ignore this fact totally as they continue to lie to the people about what the real reasons are. Wealthy Affiliate does truly give people an opportunity to claim a stake in the ever expanding world of Internet marketing and generate income in U.S dollars no matter where you live in the world. Cheers 🙂

  • Hi Peter,

    Thank you for this article. I find economics quite confusing and with all of the pundits in the media using the economy to make their mark, it is difficult to know what to believe. Regarding baby boomers, I have read they are spending more by taking care of their adult children, paying rising college tuition fees and paying more for healthcare and housing which means they have less disposable income.

    The economy has been hard on my family and I could not go back into the corporate world, so I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate this past spring. I am already seeing good results and have learned much that will help me grow my online business. My goal is financial independence. I do not want to rely on my husband’s income and I want to be able to help my aging mother. I do believe it is possible to achieve with study and perseverance. I discovered a new world through WA. Not only has it been a good financial decision to join the program, but it has been personally good for me as well. I hope your readers will follow your good advice.


    • Hello Gina Thank you for your comments. I agrre Wealthy Affiliate is a great resouces for anyone wanting to create an alturnative income online as they give you great information and tools o accomplish those goals. What many are most surprised about is they can try it out for free and even stay as a member for free. In terms of Baby boomers, what the important thing about them is, that they are the largest single consumers group in the world and they are spending less money now and that is what is impacting the global economy. The governments have known about this for years but didn’t want to be blamed for not implementing economy measures to cope with this very predictable world wide event. Instead they took the credit for the booming economy while that group was spending up large. That’s why I say governments cannot be trusted and we don’t need them they are not serving us and haven’t done so for quite some time. Much success in your online journey and creating an additional source of revenue.

  • Hello Peter. Your post “learn and make money online” is brutally honest but most people are burying their heads in the sand and need to read this. The economic situation is worse than conventional media or governments are willing to divulge to the people. Seeing the breakdown by currencies is breathtaking and not in a good way.

    Thank you for not just spreading the bad news without also providing solutions. We all need to feel secure in knowing that all is not lost if we all take control our lives and our own finances. Wealthy Affiliate certainly sounds like a reliable platform with many benefits that need serious consideration.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Angela Pleased you found it informative and brutally honest because yes it is. I agree that we need to take control of our own financial future and not leave it up to the government. They have long past their ‘use by date’and we need distance ourselves from them as quickly as we can and creating an alternative income source in way way to do that. Thank you so much for your comments 🙂

  • Hey Peter,

    I always feel like I’m having a conversation with my father (who is a financial adviser and CPA) when I’m reading your posts.

    Excellent post and perspective on the global economy. I too wanted to learn and make money online several years ago. I first did importation buying and drop-shipping products from China to the States, but that was too much risk.

    Then I found the Wealthy Affiliate Training Program and I took the time to learn how to build websites, write content, rank content, and bring traffic to my affiliate products that I believe in, support, and advocate.

    My underlying goal is to help people do the same on one of my sites and the other is health based. Long story short, to learn and make money online is an invaluable skill that has allowed me to bring extra wealth to my life and improve my quality of life.

    And your recommended training program, Wealthy Affiliate, is the real deal. No BS promises of quick cash, but hones training to become successful online.

    Great post Peter, thank for sharing it.

  • Nam

    Hi, Peter

    Such a wonderful and inspirational site you got here. I’ve join WA for a couple of weeks now and I’ve learn so much already.

    My website is published and still under developing. I’m very proud and happy.

    I know that training within WA will provide me success in the end. If I work hard and applying what I have learned.

    Thanks for sharing this information.


    • Peter

      Hello Nam Thank you for your comments Pleased your are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you much success on your journey into the world of internet marketing. 🙂

  • Hello Peter

    I have heard quite a lot through the media on the way the economy is at the minute, and it is really quite scary when we think about the true facts. The thing is, many people just don’t care about what’s happening to the world, and so bury their heads in the sand until the whole thing blows over.

    However, ignorance is going to be a very bad mistake for a lot of people because they carry on with their daily lives, not actually realizing the impact of the economic meltdown that’s on it’s way. People need to start preparing now by taking action on their futures before it’s too late!

    People really must make the right choice and the “smart move” here by following your advice and working towards an additional source of income. If there is no action taken, when the time comes, there will be NO “plan B” to fall back on.

    Thank You for this…


    • Hello Neil Yes a ‘Plan B’ would be good idea and the internet, would be a great place to create one. Wealthy Affiliate can help in that regard regardless of you level of internet knowledge, beginner, or intermediate and even professional will all learn something. So it not too late. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Shrey

    It was a really informative post and I like the way you pointed out the way you could even make money online because I always thought it was fake with people holding a cheque against the camera and having a text saying I get Paid XYZ dollars per day 🙂
    Keep posting! thanks 🙂

    • Peter

      Hello Shrey Usually that is true with the high number of scammers out there but there are a few genuine people and places that are actually doing something worthwhile. Wealthy Affiliate is on such place for any wanting to learn how to make money online, honestly without scamming anyone. Best of all you can try the absolutely for free. So I encourage you check them out if you are not afraid to work hard and don’t expect to make fortune over night but to slow build a long term sustainable income. Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • Tera

    Thank you so much for writing all of this. I had no idea where the value of the U.S. dollar ranked among others countries currencies. It is very interesting to learn that the other countries money doesn’t quite measure up to the almighty dollar. I understand how this can be good and bad at the same time. Great article and again thanks for sharing!

  • Peter,

    Thank you for this thought provoking post on the state of the Global Economy, and what could be a very shaky future.

    I really appreciate the fact that you are directing folks to take control of their own finances by basically creating revenue streams that they can own and not have challenged by the crazy currency markets.

    The governments of the world all lie to their people and always have in order to keep control, but in the states we try and elect someone that will “Change” all that once and for all every 4 years, yet it never happens because of the size of our government, morality and a number of other issues that make our government seem so important.

    Great job on a unique look at the future of our earning potential as things stand, without positive change followed by a great solution, thanks for the wonderful read, my best,


    • Hello Gary Thank you for your feedback and I agree that the Governments of the world all LIE to their people because they want to stay in ‘control’ Yes Wealthy Affiliate is one place were ordinary people can take back control of their finance and create a sustainable online business and generate income into the future without having to rely upon government handouts or fear fear government meddling in the economy. Thanks again for your comments 🙂

  • Boniface

    Hi Peter
    Great insight there on world currrencies and economies of trade. indeed, the USD has really strengthened compared to other currencies and there is a general decline in most other currencies.
    The idea of online business is noble and will cushion many from inflation, etc. My dream is to make it in online business and teach others too

    • Peter

      Hello Boniface Then you will now know exactly what to do and how you can get started if you haven’t already and the reasons why this is an important thing to do. Thank you for yout comments and feedback. 🙂

  • NemiraB

    Hello Peter, thanks for information, provided here. I think that with your described company, people could achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.
    Why? Because, as always, without having rich parents, trust fund or winning a lottery, not just $5, but big amount of money, we are not sure, how economy will behave.
    Of course, if you or me, we are with diploma from Stanford University, where tuition is over $300.000, we can be content, because it is going to pay off through four years, according Forbes Magazine.
    Unfortunately, for middle class, who expects to be supported with their companies, can be gruesome awakening some day. It is not easy to survive working for company, when economy changes. You need to best in your area. It means that we need to improve ourselves, as professionals.
    When company is on edge of crash, she keeps people, who can give real support, who are not easy to change with others.
    Anyway, working for somebody, is not best solution. Being own boss, I think is a great way to reach prosperity in personal and financial life.
    Wealthy Affiliate is a real, legit and transparent company. Thanks to her, we can constantly learn how to navigate in Internet world, how to create successful business online.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Peter

      Hello Nemira Absolutely Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a great way to get the education needed to achieve a sustainable, long term income online and for far less money than any University degree. I know because I have several and I can tell you first hand that the education from Wealthy Affiliates is of far greater value to me than what I learned at any Government sponsored school system. Thank you for your comments and all the best on your journey of success with Wealthy Affiliate. 🙂

      • Hello Peter, yes, Wealthy Affiliate is real and legit company, which gives best education to succeed online. I am not against colleges and educational institutions.
        Anyway, looking from time frame perspective and from money view, it is really efficient way to prosper online.
        All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

        • Hello Nemira Neither am I but if someone was starting out a four year degree is an expensive waste of time these days you would be far better to spend your time learning somewhere like Wealthy Affiliate and you would be ahead of 95% of most online marketers making a living online. Thanks again for your feedback 🙂

  • Melody

    Very interesting! As a Canadian citizen I have watched our dollar plummet in the last couple of years. It has been very frustrating. I know very little about how the economy works but I can totally see why I was advised to sell on eBay in US dollars.

    I like your view on this. We need to take action and stop relying on the government to fix things for us.

    • Peter

      Hello Melody I agree we are way past due relying on the Government with their empty promise and self serving rules and regulations. What matters is how to become more self reliant and secure from our own efforts and Wealthy Affiliate is one way to achieve that. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Jurgen

    Hey Peter, I’m with you on this adventure at Wealthy Affiliate! I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m working on it, although slowly. I believe that being independent is the best way to take care of your family. Not being dependent of the local economy or the fear of getting layed off. That’s the best thing of WA. You can sell to anyone from anywhere in the world.

    • Peter

      Hello Jurgen thank you for your comments and yes Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be. Stay the course my friend because it will happen, not overnight but it will happen so rest assured you are on the right path. 🙂

  • Peter

    Hi Peter,
    With all the uncertainties in the world economies, it certainly does make sense to look out for ourselves. We can’t rely on the governments to provide for us, the governments can only make us economically safe if the market allows. If there is an economic meltdown, as is very likely, then we will be better off if we create another income stream as soon as possible.
    Getting an education with Wealthy Affiliate and building your own business is a good way to prepare. You will protect yourself from the future hardships that may be just around the corner. At this time I think to learn and make money online is the smart thing to do.
    Thanks for your great post.

    • Hello Peter Thank you for your comments and yes absolutely Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get the online education needed to create an alternative income and thrive if we follow the steps and implement what we learn. Appreciate your feedback 🙂

  • Great post on how to learn and make money online Peter!
    I enjoy reading your posts and this is no exception, explaining how the different countries currencies work together.
    Until recently, our Australian Dollar was very high, but it was mainly due to the American dollars weakness rather that our dollars strength.
    Lately our dollar has dropped significantly, which does help our exports, so it is not that bad.
    In the end though, this is totally out of our control, and relying on the Government to save us, whether be it America or Australia is in my opinion a pretty foolish thing to do.
    I believe that we have to take our own financial futures into our own hands… It is the ONLY way!
    Great post!

    • Hello John Thank you for your comments and for being a regular reader of my posts. Yes relying upon the government is no longer a smart thing to do. It time to take back control of our own lives and work towards creating our own financial freedom and that can best be achieved online because we can do it without government interference / support. We can pursue our passion and interests and create a successful, long term, sustainable income online and Wealthy Affiliate is a a great resource to do just that. To your future success 🙂

  • Steven

    I have never known the potential to make money online before long ago. Since then I have been scouring the web looking for people like you to try to teach me about the money making strategies. Thank you for all the tips, but if you want to get more personal with money making strategies and see if we can help each other! Just let me know! Thanks again for all the research, love the information

    • Peter

      Hello Steven Thank you for your comments and very happy to talk some more about money making strategies although Wealthy Affiliate is such a great place to learn so much about becoming a success online 🙂

  • fredric

    beautiful layout on world currency outlook and yes I agree with the Chinese yen being inflated due to there lack of control it has hurt all counties currency.
    Wealthy Affiliates is the one place some can actually get a good start on and online business and you hit the nail on the head with you site and how it approaches the reality of the situation on the current market

    • Peter

      Hello Fredric Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you liked my site. I totally agree with you about WA being the right place to get an online educatiin about how to become a success online. To your continue success. 🙂

  • Kae

    I believe your assessment is correct – things will get substantially worse before they get better, and if we don’t start looking out for ourselves and our future, nobody else will. Certainly not our governments.

    As a Canadian who feels the pinch of our devalued dollar everytime I make a purchase or subscription payment online, I know things have already gotten worse when I find myself wondering which of those monthly subscriptions I could do without. It wasn’t so long ago that $47 USD didn’t cost anywhere near $70 CDN, and the difference (which doesn’t just apply to a single monthly subscription) definitely means resetting priorities.

    However, I refuse to give up on any of them. I, like you, believe one of the best and surest ways to protect myself from what’s undoubtedly coming is through finding ways to generate additional income streams online. If that means making a few sacrifices in my ‘other life’ (offline) while I get the education and tools I need to generate an online income, so be it. When things get really bad, I’ll be ready!

    • Peter

      Hello Kae Thanks for your comments and unfortunately things are going to get a lot worse especially for those who are not prepared. Now is the best time to be focusing on creating that online business because cash is going to become harder to find, as the economy contracts. Usually when the money supply increases the prices of things go up BUT they are going down so it means we are looking at a period of massive “DEFLATION” and an alternative source of income will be a smart thing to have. Good luck and success to you with your learning at Wealthy Affiliate. 😉

  • Gina

    My dream was always to be able to earn a full income online. For as long as I can remember, week by week I’ve searched for “work at home jobs” and everything similar to it. I’ve also always wanted to have my own business. Now I get the best of both worlds, working online and creating a business at Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Peter

      Hi Gina You are definitely in the right place with Wealthy Affiliate. Just keep on ‘keeping on’ and everything will fall into place. It won’t happen overnight BUT it will happen. Best of luck and success on your journey 🙂

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