Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone Overlooks

Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone OverlooksA Work at Home Internet Business

If you are someone that wants to establish a work at home internet marketing business, and assuming you have managed to dodge all the online scams, then you have most likely looked into the concept of affiliate marketing.

Yet, after delving in you may have discovered that you were not getting the success that you originally planned.

Now you are wondering what went wrong and how to actually make money online with affiliate marketing. Here we will take a closer look at the topic to see some of the most important affiliate marketing concepts everyone overlooks.

Build Your Online Reputation

If you want to make a work at home internet marketing business, your primary concern needs to be how other people are viewing you. If you are someone who patrols sites and forums, shamelessly plugging your blog, people are not going to respect you.

If you are wondering how to actually make money online with affiliate marketing, then you have to understand it all comes from the public perception of you and your site. People will come to your site and trust the links that you post because you have something to offer them.

Provide Quality Content

That something needs to be great information and valuable content. Your personal blogs on a given topic and the information you provide will make people more confident in your abilities to direct them, and the more valuable the content you provide the greater the attractiveness of your site, hence the more your affiliate marketing income, will grow.Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone Overlooks

In short, the answer to how to actually make money online is to give your site or blog time to grow and give your potential viewers a reason to visit and also to come back.

Short Cut to Writing Great Content

If you want a short cut to writing great content. Take a look at my offer of 100 done-for-you sales letters covering the most popular niches.

To explore how to write great content further, take a look at my post here; How to Write Great Website Content

Stick To What You Know and Love

Another commonly overlooked affiliate marketing aspect that people consistently overlook is sticking to a topic on a blog. Sure, there are many tangents that you can explore on any given topic, but make sure that they are not merely ham-fisted attempts to sell your customers on multiple products.

Too many people trying to establish a work at home internet marketing business by building a site and filling it with as many affiliate links as they can fit. The key is to populate your site with subtle, well-placed affiliate links that are relevant to your site’s viewers.

Essentially, sell your affiliate links to your customers by making them feel as though you are providing them with a bit of convenience rather than an advertisement. Also, it’s important to write in a friendly and information providing way. The prime goal is to provide information to your visitor, not SELL to them.

Decide How You Want To Make Money

The final key to how to actually make money online through affiliate marketing is to decide on the affiliate model that works best for you. There are many ways that you can monetize your blog site.

Depending on what you are attempting to sell to your customers, you may want an affiliate program that pays on click, sales, or even leads. Of course, this typically depends on the price that the product costs as well as how well you have mastered the finer points of online sales.

These are just some of the best ways to approach affiliate marketing with success in mind. If you are interested in learning more about making passive income from the comfort of your home, want a work from home internet marketing business, then you all you need to do is begin with a great education on online marketing and wealth-building beginning here

Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone Overlooks

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Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone Overlooks

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Affiliate marketing concepts everyone overlooks

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  • Marc

    I like how organized your content is and the layout of your site. I like how there are many posts and they are all really relevant to your niche. I also like the bold headings too attract the eye its a great idea! Along with your websites name its too the point and attracts a certain market.

  • Adrian Collier

    I like the concept of your website and how organized your content is. All of the posts on here are extremely relevant to your niche. One thing that I would add to this website would be adding an actual logo that makes the page standout and differentiate from others. Another thing that I like is how you have the email captcha add on to the page (that is a great way to retain all of the visitors who come to your site).

    • Peter

      Hello, Adrian. Thank you for your comments and for your suggestion I will certainly give it some consideration so thank you for the good idea. Please enjoy the ebook I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Glitch

    hay ok so you site looks amazing so far, a little bit worries about the home page image I can see you have wrote on the laptop screen. A well written article alongside very organised and controlled content. Links all work and pages all place perfectly throughout the site. I will definitely come back again, the only other thing I would touch on is on the privacy policy page HERE:
    .:: Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at the following URL – *************google***ads.***
    (I find this often) is that it states “visiting the following URL” which would suggest its a link to the site not just plain text. otherwise great work and please fix the front image, or send me the image to fix at my email address

    • Peter

      Hello Glitch, thank you for your comments I will act upon your suggestions and hope you enjoy the book I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Heathguy33

    Very informative article i can tell you know what you’re talking about.

    You have shed some light on me and i plan on putting it to work soon.

    Thanks for the blueprint on how affiliate marketing should be done.

    Can i still join Wealthy Affiliate? I’m curious i want to be apart of a company with like minded guy such as yourself.

    • Peter

      Hello, Healthguy33. Yes, you can still join Wealthy Affiliate and you will find a whole community of people just like me and you can become one too. Thank you for your comments. I hope you enjoy the book I am sending your way as a thank you for leaving a comments. 🙂

  • Levi

    Hey Peter. Thank you for a very informative article. I’m looking into starting my own affiliate business as well and from reading different sources some people advocate focusing on one authority website while others recommend owning smaller websites in numbers. In your experience, which strategy works best between focusing on one idea or buying smaller already established websites to create a portfolio?

    • Peter

      Hello, Levi Sticking to what you are passionate about will help you because what you can write about passionately will make it easier to build your reputation and get followers. By focusing on one idea (at a time) will let you learn what works and what doesn’t then once you get it right. Building many more will be easy. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Andrew

    Hello Peter! This is a very well written and useful article. There are lots of things that people overlook when starting an online business. Its easily done but sometimes you only learn by your mistakes. I like your point about sticking to what you know. I have seen a few people creating sites that they think will make them a lot of money and they are building them for that reason alone, without having any real knowledge or passion for the subject. I made this mistake a few times and eventually learned from my mistakes! Sticking to what you are passionate about will help you no end and because you can talk passionately about the subject it will come across a lot better and in turn will build your reputation with your followers.

    Thanks again!


    • Peter

      Hello, Andrew Yes It’s not the first post that you need to write but the enthusiasm to write the7th, 8th and 9th etc and that will require passion – or it becomes WORK. Don’t make the mistake trying to establish a blog by filling it with as many affiliate links as you can fit. Its important to write in a friendly and information providing way. The prime goal is to provide information to your visitor, not SELL to them. Thank you so much for your comments. 🙂

  • jay

    hey peter i just took at look at your page and right away i can tell you’ve been doing this for awhile and your website looks very informative and professional. i myself am brand new to affiliate marketing and your page can help me a lot on my way into affiliate marketing.

    • Peter

      Hello Jay Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you found my pages so helpful. Just know you are in the right place and Wealthy Affiliate will get you to where you want to go if you do the lessons and implement what you learn. Best wishes to your future success here 🙂

  • Boniface

    Hi Peter,
    It is indeed true that most people will want to sell to you more than they’ll want to give you information and make sure you are well informed so as to make your own independent decision. And that right there is the reason why most online businesses fail. Thanks a lot for the insight! Beautiful website by the way!

    • Peter

      Hello Boniface Yes too many website are trying too hard to sell you something when really, all they want is just information. Giving useful information is the first step to building a successful relationship, that leads to the building of trust which is the prerequisite to making a sale. Pleased you found my site useful Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • sarah

    Hi Peter!

    With so many scams online it’s sometimes hard to know who you can trust and what you can invest your time and money in.
    Affiliate marketing is definitely the most common and simple way to earn money online. However simple doesn’t mean easy. People too often tend to think earning money online can be quick and easy and free. But at some point you will have to take risks and invest money. It doesn’t have to be tons but you can’t earn money if you don’t spend a little. Don’t you think?

    I have been working from home since 2009 and the moment my business really started to stabilize was when I stopped investing in scams and spent money on really useful material.

    Also, like you said it’s important to do something you love and know. People can tell when you’re trying to sell something and they can tell when you’re really talking about something you love and know about. Loving what you do will eventually create trust.

    I am wondering how long it took you to build your business and what was your biggest challenge?

    Thanks! cheers

    • Peter

      Sarah thank you for your comments My biggest challenge was learn to avoid the BSO’s (Bright Shiny Objects that kept appearing in my inbox and distracting me from my path. Once I moved everything into the junk folder and only kept the important things necessary to building my business, like you things began to change. Appreciate your feedback. cheers 🙂

  • Jovo

    Hi, with your title you definitely attracted my attention. And yes to your first paragraph, I do not get what I planned.

    You suggest an E-book, but this needs time to write and I do not have it, I am supposed to work on the content of my sites. I have seen that by E-book people call texts of only 10 pages or so. I do not think this would generate any serious traffic to my site. I agree with you that we are prone to adding too many links. I see it on my own sites. Many thanks.

    • Peter

      Hello Jovo Thanks for your comments. As far as an ebook goes you can always use a PLR product and change the title and cover and rewrite it a little and put your name on it and use it as a free give away for anyone signing up, as long as it’s good information. Yes it will take a little time but you get to have it forever. 😉

  • Angel

    Dear Peter,

    This is another great Blog Post Article you have written. 🙂 3 Simple Steps, Build Your Online Reputation, Stick to What you know and Love, and the last but not least crucial step is Deciding How You Want To Make Money. There are many benefits to Affiliate Marketing. You work from home online, you promote something, but doesn’t necessarily imply that you need to do shipping/handling with it per se. Very neatly organized and professionally well thought out blog post Peter and I agree with you 100% on how you explained it all! 🙂

    Wishing you all the best with your online accomplishments above and beyond the horizon,


    • Peter

      Hello Angel Thank you so much for your comments and I appreciate you taking your time to read my post. The training you get from Wealthy Affiliate makes it very easy to learn how to make an honest living online. 🙂

  • Melanie Townsend

    Great information! I have recently started my own website and have some content on there. I have been going back and rewriting my content trying to make it more informative and trustworthy. The Ebook you mention sounds enticing and it looks like you have a lot of informative posts on this website. Definitely worth checking out!

    • Peter

      Thank you Melanie appreciate your comments and yes quality content is an important aspect to building trustworthiness for your website. I’m sure you will enjoy the ebook. Thanks again for your comments 🙂

  • Damian

    Hello Peter,

    You are absolutely correct. The best way to create a profitable online business from scratch is to build an audience first, offer valuable information to fill a gap in the market, create a relationship with your audience and build trust, then monetize your content. Very informative read on making money online. Thanks for the read!


    • Peter

      Hi Damian Thanks for the comments. Yes those are the main points and pleased you agree and that you enjoyed reading my post. 🙂

  • Marcus

    You re so right that website owners need to provide valuable information and great content. This is exactly what Google are looking for, because it is exactly what your website visitors are looking for. In the past, many internet marketers have made the mistake of throwing up any old rubbish content, usually badly spun from someone else’s article, and then target keywords that don’t even make sense to a human.

    Have you come across any bad webpages like this?

    • Peter

      Hi Marcus yeah there are still a few around like that. But really now its all about content and the better the better. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Destin

    Hey Peter, I think one of the most important things that leads to a successful website is personality. No one is going to want to visit a site, or come back to a site if they don’t feel like they can trust the content and who it’s coming from. Online reputation and how you look to your visitors is absolutely paramount to being successful.

    • Peter

      Hello Destin. I agree you need to give the readers a reason to stay on your site and want to come back again or socially share your post so personality can do that. Reputation is another. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • SC

    Good advice. Building up your own unique brand and point of view is so important as an affiliate marketer. Sometimes people forget if you’re not providing your audience with value, they won’t trust you and won’t buy from you. Writing about topics that is pure you, is so important too.

    • Peter

      Thank you for your comments and you are absolutely right about providing content for your audience because they have so many options and you need to standout as a provider of quality information. 🙂

  • Allan

    Hey Peter. Great information here for people wanting to learn more about affiliate marketing. I absolutely agree with you that the most important thing about blogging is to pick something that you enjoy. It makes it much easier to complete all of the research and communication you will need to become an expert in your niche.

    • Peter

      Hello Alan Thanks for your comments. Yes it an important basic that gets over looked I know I do it occassionaly so I wrote the post to remind myself really ..ha ha 😉

  • admin

    i can totally relate to what you are saying here, it takes time and hard work to succeed on online business.
    Thank you for pointing out that what you love to do is what will make money for you.
    Your images are great,they convey a lifestyle brought about by online businesses

    • Peter

      Thanks Admin, appreciate your comments and yes doing what you love means you will never have to ‘work’ again. 🙂

  • admin

    Peter, I thought your post on ”Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone Overlooks” was thorough and well-done. I liked how you emphasized that any real, long lasting business is going to take time and energy to develop. Too often I see blogger/entrepreneurs promising ”get rich quick with no effort” deals – which are, invariably, pipe dreams wrapped up in an alluring scam.
    Also, your admonition to ”Stick To What You Know and Love” is spot on. After all, we must have passion for, and be knowledgeable about, our chosen field of business.

    • Peter

      Thank you so much for your feedback. Yes I try to keep it real because as you say there is way too many scams and B.S on the internet these days. You can make money but it won’t happen overnight, it will take hours of work and commitment but when it starts to happen it flow like a river. Wealthy Affiliate gives almost everyone the tools and the education to build a long term sustainable online business. Thanks again for your comments 🙂

  • Theuns

    Wow Peter, your site blew me away man. !!

    I myself am trying to break into the affiliate marketing world, and I wish I was as far advanced as you are. Your website is visually appealing, easy to navigate and above all, very informative.

    As a matter of interest, have you found the selling of e-books as an affiliate to be worth while, or is that a trade secret ? 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your experience with me, and the best of luck to you for the future.


    • Peter

      Hello Theuns Thank you for your comments. Yes selling ebooks works well although I begin with giving one a way to get people to see the quality first. Gone are the day when people go online to buy. They usually want information, entertainment and solutions to problems. Thats why quality content is important. Appreciate you leaving a comments 🙂

  • Tasos Perte Tzortzis

    I agree Peter , you stay on the ground and that is how I like to do business.Reputation takes time and on that the vast majority of newcomers fail.They publish like crazy , republish the same material on the media and wait for results.

    As with every off / on line business you have to proceed with cause and make connections , participate and discuss.People want to see a personality , not an advertiser.Enough with advertising , TV and radio to blame for the past decades.Now it is time for quality.

    I love Affiliate Marketing which gives you the opportunity to choose what you want to promote.Major factor for success.

    “To do great work you have to love what you do”

    • Peter

      Yes I agree It is certainly is about quality content these days especially after all the latest updates from Google. Giving the reader/visitor a quality experience is paramount and no one wants to be sold to, instead they want to be informed and entertained and given solutions to problems. Thank you so much for your feedback. 🙂

  • Mike

    Great post and good points and here’s another thought: While you are still building up your affiliate business, try to diversify a bit. Selling unwanted items or items related to your niche on eBay can bring in a stream of income. Freelance content writing about your niche is another way to bring in income. It forces you to research things about your niche, get paid to do it, and then generate ideas for you affiliate website.

    • Peter

      Hello Mike Thank you for your comments and your thoughts on what else to do while waiting for your businss to grow. Researching your niche by freelancing is a great idea as that will help you develop great content for your own site. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  • Monkey Man


    You nailed it when you were talking about people with shameless plugs on their website. Your right, it’s all about content. I promote a few programs on my website, but I don’t base my content soley on the my promotion. I want to write something that will intrigue somebody and bring them back to my site for a good read.If you build it, they will come!

    • Peter

      Yes I agree totally it’s all about having quality content these days and all the new Google updates are making that the case more than ever. Writing for your readers is what will lead to higher SEO rankings and bring you longer term success. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Thoriso

    Hi Peter,

    Jaaxy is really a very good keyword tool analyser and I also feel bad that it is so underrated.

    Its functionality is so good that I have to remind myself that I cannot spend the entire day researching keywords and I really have to use the keywords that I collected and actually do something with them.

    Anyway, great read and good points.

    • Peter

      Hello Thoriso Yes totally agree that it is underrated, but maybe that’s a good thing for those of us who ‘know’ ha ha. Thank you for your comments appreciate you taking your time to leave some feedback 🙂

  • Richard U.

    Hi Peter,

    You are right about the whole make money thing when it comes to it, people always have different views and perspectives around the concept of what is the right thing to do.

    But you have really nailed the point home with your detailed explanation with this post and I sure everyone can agree.

    These points should go someway to changing perspectives on how people can make money working online from home.


  • Hi Peter,
    I love this content, the language is simple, yet very informative and engaging. Your site is very professional looking, well laid out, and is very focused on your theme here. I downloaded your ebook and started to read it. Excellent book Peter, you have found a professional way to utilize your experience without appearing to be a pushy salesman, everything has a professional flow it here and in the ebook. You have just acquired a fan and a student Peter because I believe that there is much I can learn from you. Thanks.

    • Hi Clyde Thank you for your comments. Happy to have you as a ‘student’ ha ha… Email anytime you have a question I will be happy to help out. Unfortunately there is so many scam sites out there ripping people off that too many people get turn off the idea of making a living online. Fortunately there is a legit place called Wealthy Affiliate that will give you the tools and education you need to build a sustainable online business. Appreciate your feedback and thanks for visiting… 🙂

  • Diondre

    Hey Peter, I really like this list. I definitely believe that these are the most overlooked affiliate marketing concepts.
    The most overlooked is the last one which is decide on how you want to make money. I see so many websites filled with affiliate links and ads which clearly shows that they are unsure of how they want to earn. This kind of ties in with the second concept as well.

    • Peter

      Yes I agree to many sites are to keen to sell they forget that the visit is really there to get information and if the content is not engaging then they will leave. They don’t come to be sold. That should be a byproduct not a major expectation. Thanks for comments 🙂

  • Andy

    Hello Peter. This is some awesome information. So much so that I started snooping around and decided to book mark the site for future reference. This is definitely something I can come back to and utilize. The part on stick to what you know and love is overlooked by a lot of people I think. They are more interested in trying something similar to what they have seen work even though they won’t have a clue on what they are talking about and readers can pick up on that. Stick to what you know because that will always come out in your posts, blogs,etc.



    • Peter

      Hello Andy I find myself coming back to this post as it a good reminder of the basics that we easily lose sight of and I find myself nodding and saying yes, yes, yes… Man this is good …ha ha You are right it’s about the visitor to your site and the reader of your post and giving them information they want that will make, their visit to your site worthwhile to them. They don’t want us to sell them they want to be informed and entertained and feel good about reading your content. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Dominic

    Hi Peter, I couldn’t agree more with you with regards to building our own reputation first by giving our blog time to grow, and more important still, sticking to what we know or even better, what we love to do. Such a powerful concept that many overlook. I also guilty of such thing sometimes too. Great article as always, thanks for sharing.

    • Peter

      Yes and you are not alone, we all lose sight of the obvious sometimes and these things in this posts helps me to stay focused too. The real reason I wrote it actually. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Ed

    Hi Peter,
    Very informative and educational post. Makes me want to rethink my strategy. Good luck. Cheers!

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