Work Online at Home

Work online at Home

Work Online at Home using Click Funnels

As someone who likes to work online at home, I understand the importance of making everything as simple and as efficient as possible, because it is so easy to spend hours, days and weeks (perhaps years) trying to figure it out and then getting things up and running.

There are many things that you need to know such as, how to get visitors, how to create a sales page, how to write good content, how to set up autoresponders, how to deliver the product, etc.

TimeWork online at Home

If you have ever tried to sell online before, you will know it takes time and a lot of integration to get all the parts working together.

From creating a sales pages, marketing the product, setting up email follow-ups, thank you pages, getting paid and delivering the product.

Most people struggle with putting together all the things that are required to create just onesales & delivery funnel’ and many give up in frustration before they put all the pieces together.

Because setting up a sales funnel is not a simple thing as you can see from the diagram below that  creating an effective sales funnel is a complex undertaking and there are many steps that need to be integrated

Work Online at Home

It’s Not Easy

It’s not any easy task setting up an effective sales funnel. It is a complex undertaking with many steps that need to work together and it’s easy to get lost along the way.

Work online at Home

“It’s actually amazing that ANYONE is successful online when you look at everything it takes just to get ONE sale’s funnel making money”.

See video below

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