What is Easy VSL?

Text to Video Software

Firstly what is VSL? – it means Video Sales Letter, so imagine being able to paste text into a video script transcriber that will transform your words into an audio video presentation – in an instant.

Yes, you can turn text into video, you can take any article and create an audio/ video presentation or  ‘sales letter’ and post on your blog, website or youtube and publish all over the internet.

If you can type, then you can create a high quality, information video, a training demonstration or video sales presentation, in less than 10 minutes. See video example below:

There Are Many Pathways

Most people don’t realize that there are many different paths to creating a successful online business, every website is different.

One of the most common online income strategies is to create a website and publish keyword targeted articles and wait for the visitors to come by“.

If you set up enough of these pages and websites you can make a lot of money and if you are someone who creates info-products and then you need to create a sales page for each of those products and try to bring in traffic. Of course, there’s also the possibility to expand your income through affiliates.

This strategy – however – is not as easy as it sounds.

Unless of course you are an expert in sales and writing quality content and other conversion tricks. The number of articles needed may be fewer. But typically the more articles and written content you have ‘the wider the net so to speak, the greater the chance of success. 

But if you don’t like the idea of writing hundreds of articles, then this new software may be a godsend for you.

Online Marketing with Videos

If you aren’t yet using videos for your online marketing efforts, you are really missing out on a lot of traffic & conversions. What is Easy VSL

Studies have shown that video marketing converts as high as 30% more, than the standard all text website, which typically convert at only 1 – 3%.

There is no doubt that video is quickly becoming the fastest growing method used today for getting marketing messages and content online to attract visitors and this type of marketing is also proving to be the easiest ways to get a lot more free traffic.

So if you really want to boost the conversions of your sales pages then you should consider creating a video sales letter (because they convert at a higher rate than text).

But, There’s A Problem 

Creating Sales Videos is a hassle, it can be expensive and complicated and often is a big hurdle to overcome in order to create a quality video sales page.

Well, that’s where Easy VSL 2.0. comes into the picture

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