List Building for Newbies


List Building for Newbies 

If you’re struggling to to build a list, but don’t know where to start. Or if you have  built a list of subscribers, but on-one is buying from you? Then this list building for newbies, maybe just the strategy you need to make money online

Peter V Crisp

“This post, List Building for Newbies contains important information and tips about how to get free subscribers and uncover the list building success secrets that you won’t find anywhere else. Without a strong list, you won’t have a stable source of online income”. 


Most newbies, and even some old timers think that if they focus on building a list, its going to make them money.  But the truth is that building a list is only the first step. I know of people who have big lists (more than 10,000 subscribers) but they still don’t make any money online.

That’s because, the size of the list is not important. What’s important is the relationship you have with your list. This is incredibly important, if you want to sell somebody, something, you first need to establish some sort of relationship, especially if you want to get free subscribers, you need to offer value first, in order to get them to be interested in getting more information from you.

They Say the Money is in The List

 20 Step List Building Plan – LIST KNOW HOW 

You need to deliever great content in order to build a following. Then once you have established trust and built rapport with your readers, the next step is to get those readers to respond to the recommendations that you make, that will directly benefit them in some way.

Because, if your readers don’t trust you, or don’t believe you are giving then good advice, then they are unlikely to buy from you. Making money online is way more than just building a list and sending out offers. You need to establish a solid relationship in order to build a great list and a great list is a responsive list. 

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