Lifetime Residual Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Commission ProgramsAffiliate Commission Programs

Did you know there are actually 4 types of affiliate commission programs, other than just a one-time payout?

Did you know there are lifetime residual income affiliate programs that will pay for you forever? Here are the options…

  1. Residual commission income – You promote a membership program and you will get paid monthly (as long as that customer continues the membership) and as you don’t need to do anything you continue to get recurring commissions automatically.
  2. Residual commission affiliate programs  – when you sell a product, a cookie is placed on that customer’s computer. Then anything else that customer purchases from the seller is linked to you, and you get a commission. But if the cookie is deleted, or if the customer changes computers, then you will no longer receive commissions on their purchases. This is sometimes known as ‘Cookie’ commissions
  3. Lifetime residual affiliate programs – this works like a cookie commission, only instead of a cookie, the product seller uses the customer’s email address to track sales. Thus, as long as the email address remains the same, you can receive commissions on all sales from this customer for years. This could also be called a lifetime commission program
  4.  Affiliate commission marketing also known as second tier commissions – this is when you refer other affiliates to the merchant. Sort of like a multi-level program, you get a small commission for the sales your referral affiliate makes.

Lifetime residual affiliate programsSo Which Are The Best Affiliate Commissions?

If you make a traditional affiliate sale, you may receive high affiliate commissions (50% -75%) but you get paid only once and that’s it.

If you make a monthly membership type of sale, (#1 Residual commission income) you get paid until the customer cancels, which means you can usually get paid for several months, perhaps even years. – Which is not bad.

If you promote products with either cookie or lifetime commissions, (#2 Residual commission affiliate programs or #3 Lifetime residual affiliate programs) you could get paid for years on everything else they buy from that vendor, in addition to the original sale. 

Earn Unexpected Commissions

What’s also great about (#2 Residual commission affiliate programs or #3 Lifetime residual affiliate programs) is if the seller has many products. You might promote just one of their products, and if over time customers buy that product and the seller then promotes other products to those same customers that result in sales you make the full commission on each and every sale. So you could get unexpected commissions every month for years. – Nice.

And it’s all because you promoted products with lifetime referrals or cookies. You get paid again and again so it’s not always about the amount of commission you receive but how often you receive it.

lifetime commission affiliate programs

So Where Can You find These Products?

Knowing that there are different types of affiliate commission programs means you can begin researching the different affiliate offers.

Not all selling platforms allow for lifetime referrals, so by looking at those that do, you can find the product sellers who will pay you for every product they sell to your customers, not just the ones you promote.  Start with Amember, Zaxaa, Infusionsoft and Nanacast – they all allow for lifetime commissions.

Next, you can use a search directory, such as When doing your search, choose “lifetime commissions” under “features” without any other search parameters and you’ll find nearly twelve hundred results.

Go back and narrow your parameters to find the exact programs your audience might be interested in.

Just Ask

Lifetime Residual Affiliate ProgramsAlso, if someone asks you to be their affiliate, ask if they pay lifetime commissions. Sometimes they’ll have two programs, one in which they only pay commissions on the first product sold, which is normally what happens and a second program they reserve for their ‘special’ affiliates in which they do pay lifetime commissions. It never hurts to ask.

Why Not

Bottom line: If you can make recurring or even lifetime commissions from your promotional efforts, why not go for it? You do the work once, and you get paid over and over again. You can’t beat that.

That’s why it is so important to get an education and take affiliate marketing classes and learn tips tricks and strategies for building a successful online business.

You can learn for free on the best place on the internet right here while avoiding scams and start earning money from the many affiliate commission programs available to affiliate marketers and perhaps even from lifetime residual affiliate income programs that will pay you forever.

One Of The Best Education Programs

It also has a lifetime commission affiliate program built in and you will be rewarded for promoting the program to others. This is truly the best affiliate marketing education program anywhere and if you decide to become a premium member you know upfront exactly how much you are paying and it won’t have you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ like many other programs.

And once people see the value of this training they join up and usually stay forever. Wealthy Affiliates is a straightforward, honest, down-to-earth membership program, created by online marketers for online markets. Take a closer look here.

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer at Wealthy Affiliate here

Lifetime residual affiliate programs

So if you want to learn how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and one that will make it possible for you to earn money in your PJ’s then take the wheel and get started NOW!Lifetime Residual Affiliate Programs

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