The Missing Magic Internet Marketing Ingredient

The Missing Magic Internet Marketing Ingredient

I’m going to talk about exactly what it takes to be successful online and what is the best online business and where to get the best internet marketing course that is free on the web today. 

But first, let me tell you a story…

The Missing Magic Internet Marketing IngredientGrowing up in the country, on a farm, our neighbor had a bull that was just about the most stubborn thing you’ve ever encountered.

If you wanted it to go out to the pasture, it would steadfastly refuse to go and instead would spend all day in the barn.

Then if you wanted it to come into the barn because of the rain, it would stand out there in the pasture until it was soaked and still, it would not come indoors to dry off.

And so on it went. No matter what you wanted this bull to do, it always seemed resolutely fixed on taking the opposite course of action to what you wanted.

Internet Marketing

With Internet marketing, we often wonder why success comes so hard.

  • Perhaps if we learn just one more technique maybe it will all come together for us.
  • Perhaps if we buy one more course, one more ebook or attend one more webinar, it will all make sense and the money will rain down from the sky.

But a month later, or a year later, where do most marketers find themselves? In the exact same place they were before, still struggling to make much money online.

What Do You Have in Common With a Bull?

Now you might wonder what a stubborn bull and a struggling Internet marketer have in common, and it’s this:

“Both of them already have success within themselves, the key to success is hidden within your motivation, your determination and your ‘teach-ability’. In other words are you teach-a-bull.”

The bull doesn’t need another  eBook on ‘how to come in out of the rain‘ any more than a struggling marketer needs a another ordinary eBook on how to make money online.

What the bull and the Internet Marketer both need to be successful, is a ‘success mindset’, or more specifically, adopting what we might simply call, a change in our mind.


A belief in their own success. So rather than cursing the journey out to the green pasture when we’re standing in the barn, or damning the rain when we don’t have sense enough to come inside.

We need merely only change our thinking, and by changing our thinking we can change our actions, and thereby change our results. It’s all about belief and having a dream.

Dreams & Goals Do Happen:

Instead Of…

Instead of envying the ‘big guns’ that have large lists of people ready to promote their products to thousands of hungry buyers, ask how can you get yourself into a position where you too, have a long list of people who would love to promote your products. 

Instead of getting frustrated that you can’t seem to monetize your site, find out what others are doing that’s working.  You can emulate and improve upon their methods, or better still, you get an education on internet marketing.

(I’ll show you how to do exactly that in a moment.) But first, you need to believe that you can, make it a goal and dream about it.

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