Why Start an Internet Business

Why Have an Online Business? 

Why Start an Internet Business

Why have an Online Business?

…Because it’s the best way for you to create a better future for you and your family.

Why start an internet business and why have an online business are indeed important questions many people ask. Its tough to make money online they say. While it is true, it’s only because most lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Having an online business is something almost anyone can do, provided you get the right education and training.  

Why Start an Internet Business? Well, for one thing, if you like the idea of earning money from home, not having to commute to work, not having to report to a boss and like being able to set your own work schedule, then this will interest you. 

An Internet Business

An Internet Business is something almost everyone should consider, even though lots of people try and many fail. Others may think all a big scam and it’s too late, or too difficult to do. However its still worth pursuing and it’s becoming even more important than ever, to create an additional sources of revenue and an internet business can certainly provide that, and more.

“I’m going to give you some powerful reasons why you should have an online business and they may not be for the reasons you think. Its time to put your future financial security back into your own hands and its easier than you think”



In a previous post I talked about superheroes and how governments don’t like them, or their innovations, because innovation upsets the status quo and the existing ‘business relationships that governments have with ‘established‘ industries. Industries which are forced to employ lobbyists to maintain ‘good relationships‘ with those in power, and all the things that implies.

They Don’t Serve You

The government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests. Whenever politicians talk about ‘national security‘.  It means the security of the nation (themselves, the government), not you.

Whenever they do something for ‘the people’s best interests or ‘the greater good of society‘. It means, in the best interests and greater good for them. Not,  you the citizen.  

Not Much Has Changed

You may not realize it, but not much has changed in how society is structured, only the names and roles have changed.

Why Start an Internet Business

A sad state of affairs I admit, but unfortunately this has existed for a very long time and is not going to change anytime soon. So don’t believe the government when they say they are here to help you.

Need Proof? 

So, how serious is your government about looking after your best interests. Let’s look at how serious they are at promoting innovation,  lowering costs and improving the lives of its citizens?

The following is a ranking of the top ten most Innovative countries in 2015 – according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index.

“Notice the correlation between ‘spending‘ and ‘ranking’ of the various Governments funding of innovation, as a percentage of GDP”. 

Rank                      CountrySpending as % of GDP
1          South Korea4.36%
2          Japan3.67%
3          Germany3.3%
4          Finland3.1%
5          Israel3.0%
6          United States2.7%
7          Sweden2.3%
8          Singapore2.2%
9          France1.9%
10          United Kingdom1.7%

If innovation brings such enormous benefits to society in both cost savings and improvements to standards of living. Then the question is …

“Why are governments reluctant to pursue innovation, more vigorously?

Whatever happened to them serving us?

If the answer is not yet obvious, then I will soon provide more information that should leave you in no doubt as to the answer. In the meantime and with your permission, I want to talk a little more about innovation and the benefits it brings to humanity.

Growing Innovation

Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) has been around for a little while, but a new startup called AeroFarms is taking it one step further with what they call “aeroponics.”

This innovation replaces sunlight with LED lighting and uses a minimal amount of water to spread a mist around the plants. Aerofarm recently acquired an old building in the middle of a city and filled it with 15-foot-high stacks of planters.

No sunlight, no pesticides, no soil and since it’s in the middle of a city, it’ll bring food directly to the consumer and as its locally produced, it means fresher food, and as we know, fresher food is always better.

Not only does growing food locally make it much more affordable, it’s far less environmentally damaging. It radically reduces transportation costs, cuts out the cost of quality soil and farmland and with this approach, the distribution of energy ensures that there’s virtually no waste and it uses 95% less water than regular farming.

The Benefits Are Enormous

Why Start an Internet Business

Enormous Benefits for the World

Imagine the impact this type of urban vertical farming technology could have on growing cities around the world.

For example in a place like California where they use 80% of their water for agriculture and have been suffering from water shortages for years.

But what about outside the U.S, in third-world emerging countries, or in rapidly developing countries like China and India where, soil, air, and water pollution are becoming a major problem and other countries where food costs are a large percentage, of peoples living costs.

This type of innovation could be of enormous benefit to society as a whole. 

Seriously – No Soil?

I know that growing plants without soil sounds crazy, but hey, so did flying back in the late 1800s. Time and motivation, like food, water, or land shortage, will allow this technology to prove itself. We already have proof that hydroponics works and ‘aeroponics’ sounds like an even more environmentally friendly concept and its just as viable.

Why is it not being heavily sponsored and promoted by the government? What’s stopping this innovation from further development? The answer; Rules, regulations and laws, as it is with all new technology and innovation. 

Governments don’t want to upset the existing ‘business relationships‘ they have with the traditional industries, and you and I, are not a party to those relationships.

“I will say it again; Governments don’t want to upset the existing ‘business relationships’ they have with traditional industries”.

The Government Lies To You;

Despite what you are told by government funded institutions. Entrepreneurs are not the enemies of the people, they instead, actually enhance our lives, improve quality and drive costs and prices down. It’s the government and it’s rules and regulations and its protectionism of existing industries, that drives prices up.

Hard to believe? There are thousands of examples of this – if you researched this yourself, you would see this is all true, instead of believing the B.S that is fed to you from the Government that wants to keep these facts hidden from you.

Henry Ford 

Take for example Henry Ford. Before the Government got involved in regulating the automotive industry;

  • in 1910, he produced 19,000 cars at a price of $900 each.
  • By 1915, he made 308,000 cars a year and selling them for $390 each.
  • Ten years later, in 1925 he was making almost 2 million cars a year selling them at $260 each.

Price were going down, value was going up, production technology was advancing.  He also paid the highest wages in the industry – (before the Government and the unions got involved). You know this is also true, for the computer industry. The Memory power of computers has been going up, costs have been coming down and technology has been advancing at an incredible pace. All because there has been NO GOVERNMENT intervention in that industry.

Entrepreneurs are the true benefactors to society as is free market dynamics as they make things cheaper and better as time goes by. That’s what made America great. Individual entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams, free of government interference and their protectionist, rules and regulations.

Entrepreneurs are Benefactors

Entrepreneurs, without government interference, are incredibly valuable and beneficial for all in society. Why? – because they make money from creating values via innovation, solving problems, lowering costs, and improving the lives of their customers and employees.

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Gates, Jobs, Musk (and thousands of others, you have probably never heard of), are the real heroes and benefactors in society. They are the innovators who have made the world a better place.

But Governments don’t want you to know this!

They instead want to take the credit for the economic growth that comes from these innovations and the entrepreneurs that created them.  So, they blatantly lie about the entrepreneurs true value to the world and the governments non value to the world. They flip the truth and distort the reality, misdirect and misinform the general public in pursuit of votes and power.

Want to See More?

What’s the future for innovation – take a look at the video below:

This is the kind of bottom-up innovation that will soon be driving the new economy and will create even more cutting-edge technology and will be coming from the new breed of up-and-coming entrepreneurs that are not waiting for the government to ‘save‘ them.

These new entrepreneurs are using the internet to spread ideas and even to get funding.  The internet is the new frontier, as it’s one of the few places that still has any semblance of free market innovation left.

The Mafia

Look at the recent success of a group of entrepreneurs known as the PayPal Mafia, a group of former PayPal people who have since gone on to create many other astoundingly successful companies. 

By pursuing their passions, their interests many are finding business success online. These are the types of people who are the real benefactors to society.

Whereas politicians are just liars and looters, pedaling promises and outrageous lies and hiding the real value of entrepreneurs and innovators from you.

The Government No longer Works For You

Why Start an Internet BusinessInstead of fast-tracking technology and promoting innovation, the government prefers to promote more laws and regulations to control and restrict the very people who can benefit society the most.

There are already millions of existing laws and thousand more being added each year, not for the betterment of society, but instead to make it easier for governments to make ordinary people into criminals. 

(Don’t believe it – you might like to read this article)

Read this article and discover how easy it it to be labeled a criminal

What is a Crime and Who is a Criminal?

Most dictionaries will define crime as an “activity that is against the law.” The Law is defined as a “set of rules crafted by the government.” Thus, a criminal is someone who breaks these government created rules. 

Put simply, all laws are just rules, made up by politicians, (often without any input from its citizens) and any person who breaks these ‘rules‘ is, therefore a criminal, whether they realize it or not.

As just one example (and there are thousands in every country) of heroic people, being turned into criminals, by their own government. I going to tell you about Alan Turing.

Alan Turing

Briefly, Alan Turing today, is acknowledged as the ‘father‘ of computer science, an early inventor of the precursor to the internet and a mastermind in cryptography. A Genius, that broke the Nazi’s “unbreakable” encryption code, the Enigma. Thus, providing the British government, with its single most powerful weapon, that shortened the Second World War and possibly saved the lives of millions of people.

A Hero?

A hero who saved thousands of lives? Perhaps he was, however he was later made into a criminal and prosecuted in 1952, for being a homosexualIn 1954 at age 41 he was found dead. An inquest determined that his death was ‘a suicide‘. Then fifty-five years later the British Government, made an official public apology for “the appalling way he was treated (2009) and four years later they granted him a posthumous pardon, in 2013. 

What??!! They make him into a criminal after he saved his country from the Nazis, possibly prevented the deaths of thousands of people and then prosecuted him for his sexual orientation. Then it takes nearly 60 years to admit they got it wrong! – How did that, ‘prosecution’, benefit society? 

This is but one example, of hundreds, if not thousands, of real ‘crimes‘ committed by governments against its own (heroic) citizens, that go under-reported and whose stories are largely untold, or ignored by the masses.

“This is why it’s important to have an online business. 

Because ‘the Government’ is not going to save you.  And they certainly are NOT your friend, – no matter how heroic you are”.  

Now What?

Once you understand that there is something terribly wrong with the current system and comprehend that the government regulations are not there to serve you. And that things are not going to change anytime soon.

(For more on this, see my post; Donald Trump for President)

Once you come to terms with the fact that there is little you can do to ‘change‘ the way the government works. You will realise that the only thing you can do is to stay out of their way and take your future into your own hands.

Start Your Own Business

This should be a powerful reason to become your own entrepreneur and start an internet business because you need to take responsibility for your own economic security, not just for you, but your family.

So, instead of relying on one income, (or indeed a government sponsored income – at retirement) you can learn to build multiple income streams. Instead of working your whole life at a meaningless job, just to buy stuff you don’t really need, to impress people you don’t really like. (I too, have done that).

You can live a simpler life and focus on what really makes you happy, spend more time with the people you love and spend time doing the things you enjoy doing and be fully in control of your own economic destiny. 

How To Start

The Internet is the most powerful tool we have, to inform, entertain, and to protect ourselves, and by helping others, we can make a difference in the world.

It’s a place where, free market, bottom-up business dynamics, can make you a great living from what you are knowledgeable or passionate about. We all have passions and are far more creative than we realise, and the Internet can help you discover your true potential.

There are more than 3 Billion internet users and if just a tiny fraction, were to visit your website, like what you have to offer and follow your recommendations. Then the  potential to make a great living would be massive. But you need to get the education and the tools to learn how to build an online business. 


Number One:

For this option, see my post; A Done-for-you Internet Business

Number Two:

If you want to know where you can get an intensive 20 sessions Video Training Course that covers everything you need and is very compressive and powerful. Then you can take a look at my Complete Newbie Online Training Program. 

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Why have an Online Business

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Option Three:

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Hopefully, I have answered the questions, Why start an internet business and why have an online business.  Because while its tough to make money online, most people that fail, do so because they mostly lacked the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

If you have enjoyed this post; “Why Start an Internet Business” please feel free to socially share or leave a comment and ask questions below;  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Why Start an Internet Business


  • Bruce3

    Yipes! What a fabulous site! You didn’t build that overnight! Tons of awesome information laid out in an easily, intuitive format! I forgot I was supposed to be commenting on it! It leaves me wanting to keep looking and learning from you. I am, of course, already with WA but would also like to link with you. Thanks for the rich source of information!

    • Peter

      Hello, Bruce. Once you understand what has gone wrong with the free market system and comprehend that the government regulations are not there to serve you and that things are not going to change anytime soon then you are ready to begin. It’s really all about YOU and developing your skills and getting an education and acquiring more knowledge than 95% of most internet marketers out there and WA is the best place to acquire that information.

      Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Michael

    I totally agree with what you are saying. Now, it is not easy to come across an article that just tells the truth shows the other side of the story of our government today.
    I know how good an internet business is but I did not see this part of the story. What an eye-opener!

    • Peter

      Hello, Michael. Yes it’s true.

      In a previous post I talked about superheroes and how the government doesn’t like them nor do they like innovation because innovation upsets the status quo and the existing ‘business relationships‘ that the government has with ‘established’ industries.

      Industries which are forced to employ lobbyists to maintain good relationships with those in power and all that implies.

      The government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests. Whenever politicians talk about ‘national security‘ they mean security of the nation (themselves, the government), not you.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • nysegee20gh

    Peter, your website is very insightful, informative and educative.I believe people are always in a rush to make money quickly online and when they don’t get what they have been expecting they get disappointed. I believe Every business needs time and patience for it grow. It is up to you to believe in your business because if you don’t no one will. It require self driven motivation and focus. Take time to conduct researches relating to your business, listen to people who went through the storm make their business a success, read books that inspire your spirit and most importantly believe in yourself. When you do all this I believe you will surely grow your business and be profitable long-term

    • Peter

      Hello, Nysegee20gh. Thank you for your comments. It takes patience to build a successful business. Most traditional businesses that become super successful (apparently overnight) took at least twenty years to do so. As an example both, Apple (1977) and Starbucks (1971) started in the 1970’s and didn’t really become a ‘success’ till the 1990’s. Even Walmart who became an incorporated company in 1969, didn’t become the biggest most successful retail in the U.S. till 1989. So expecting to become rich overnight is an unrealistic expectation. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • theceoinslippers

    I agree that the government no longer serves the people. It is so sad how that the current state of our country allows something like this to happen. It feels like it will continue to go this way. As for starting your own business. That is the only way to earn real money in this life and ditch the 9 to 5 grind. Wealthy affiliate has good reviews and they have good support. I recommend them as well.

    • Peter

      Hi, theceoinslippers. Thanks for your comments and yes, WA is certainly the way to get the much needed online education to succeed online. And also to avoid dependence upon the government, which is unfortunately too late for many people. But for those of us who want to break free then it is the way out. 🙂

  • Enrique Cano

    Very insightful read, you usually read about how to build an online business, but not WHY.

    I agree people are building an unhealthy reliance on the government, which is ironic considering that they’re best interests are NOT for the people. You’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot.

    If only cars still cost a few hundred dollars’¦oh how life would be. With an online business, you can take control of your income and build economic security. It takes work, but the pay off is worth it!

    • Peter

      Hello, Enrique Yes, I agree it takes work but it’s worth it.Thanks for your comments and i hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way. 🙂

  • Ian

    How is it going Peter?

    This is a very great and informative post. You made some very valid points about how the government operates and tries to criminalize those with the guts to attempt to live a free life. It’s like if you set out to become the person you were put here to be they will go out of there way to break you down and/or imprison you if you get to big.

    But as you mention the best way to break the chains is to work for yourself and I believe starting an online business is the best way to voice your opinion while doing what you love to make an honest income.

    So great post and keep up the good work.

    • Peter

      Hello, Ian. Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed the post and fortunately WA provides a great place to get the online education we need to make a success of working online. With that education you can make a full time income following your passionate and create values for real people in the real world. Cheers 🙂

  • Paula Allevato

    Hello Peter, how are you?

    I´ve really liked your website! I´ve been searching for the magical question “how to make money on-line” because I think it´s the future of our world (and why not the present too?!)

    I´m thinking about trying the e-books business, what do you think about it? Do you think it´s better to create my own e-book or starting selling e-books that already exisit?

    • Peter

      Hello, Paula Creating your own from scratch can take some time whereas if you start with an PLR product you can alter and change it how you like and get it to the market much faster. You could start by giving them away as a lead magnet on your site to build you subscriber base and then go from there. For more on this you can see my post How to create an eBook online. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Robert

    Hi, Peter
    Wow! What a great site. The content and visuals are of the highest quality. The “Intro for Online Affiliate Wealth” that I watched reminded me that I need to be patient and work the WA program. I hope that someday I’ll have a website half as beautiful as yours. Well Done

    • Peter

      Hello, Robert and thank you for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed my site. Yes stick with WA and follow their program and you will find success. :).

  • James

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the article. I am, and always have been in total agreement with the consensus that world governments are power hungry corrupted vessels used by self-serving individuals that will drain the life out of humanity, one election at a time. Things will get worse in the years to come. With governments not accepting any responsibility or consequences for there own reckless actions. The blue collar folks of the world will suffer. Why? Because we are easy targets. Everyone likes easy targets. It makes winning so much simpler.
    I also agree with you in the point about starting a business. If you want to become successful and take pride in your work, then you need to have something that is yours.
    Yes, the government will still take its share in taxes. But it’s still your business… Unless you become too powerful and seen as a threat. Then they’ll just have you imprisoned or killed. After all, Big Brother is a jealous demi-god.

    • Peter

      Hi James… Continuing with your discussion about what the government will do if you get too powerful, they will anti-trust you. What they do is say you have a monopoly and force you to turn over part of your business to your competitors, as has actually happened on many occasions. Standard Oil, Microsoft etc Yet it’s ok for them (the Government) to have a monopoly. Look at the U.S. Postal service (as one example) not only is it a government monopoly but it manages to lose money (around $6 Billion annually) that the taxpayer has to pay for. Monopolies can only exist with Government support or if the value of its service (the price in the market) is so efficient that no one else can compete and in which case it a good thing as you now it ‘priced right’.

      But the Government lies to you about the reason it desires to CONTROL the businessman and it’s not to protect the public but themselves from potential competition because nobody would willing pay for a service provided by the government if there was open competition from the market.

      They tell you B.S. that monopolies are bad for the public when what they mean is government monopolies are bad for the public because it’s true prices will go up and services will go down as the US postal service examples shows. Yet market driven monopolies actual drives prices down and service upward as I discuss in the post.

      Anyway thank you for your comments and enjoy the ebook I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Mijareze

    Earning a living online isn’t for everyone! It’s not for the faint of heart. It’s not for people who are scared. It is for people who have guts and are not afraid to reach out and live…
    An Internet business has a lot of advantages. First off, you work your own hours–long hours for sure. The potential to grow as a person is there. The potential to learn so much is also there.
    I enjoy working online. I have learned things I never knew and I know there are so many things to learn still! I want to learn YouTube for starters. I want to learn how to make and load videos to my posts.
    Thank you,
    Edward Mijarez

    • Peter

      Hello, Mijareze You will enjoy the ebook I am sending you as it discusses a few options that will help you with video and more besides. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Kelara

    Wonderful article. Such a powerful account of the state of the world today. I agree that when politicians talk about national security, they are talking about their own security and not that of the people. Innovation is the key to success moving forward, simply because we must be responsible for targeting, and creating our own wealth if we are going to survive in the world today. You do a wonderful job of making a case for online business and affiliate marketing.

    • Peter

      Hello, Kelara Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you liked my point of view, some people think it’s just loony and not possibly true…and my comments and site should be banned! I hope you also enjoy the ebook I am sending your way 🙂

  • Alec Terry

    Hi Peter,

    After reading your article I feel that you are very correct with the assertion that governments in fact are not fans of innovation and disruption because it upsets the status quo that has been proven to work in their favor.

    Established companies employ thousands of lobbyists to go and brown nose polititicians into giving them leins on taxes and other things to benefit them. They will do anything they can to stay relevant, even if their model is outdated.

    Thanks for the article and I hope to hear from you soon!

    • Peter

      Hi, Alex. Yes and secretly Governments love the attention, the cash and favours lobbyist provide them. Remember politics is about feeling of importance and power and the passing of laws and doing political favours is an easy way to get that. Which is why Governments want the masses to believe in the concept of Government and they will resort to whatever means necessary to have that belief accepted as a social necessity. Not that we can do much about it, other than take control of our own destiny and stop playing their game and building an online business outside of government dependence is a smart move. Hence why I am trying to point as many as possible in the right direction with WA and other products and services.

      Thank you for your comments and watch out for the book I am sending your way. 🙂

  • Steve

    Hi there Peter…

    Well what can I say? This post deserves a round of applause and a standing ovation! You certainly have provided a point of view I 100% agree with. I’m no expert but I’m not a stupid person either, as is the case with most people in the world.

    You have put forth a case which can leave no shadow of a doubt that an internet marketing business, if set up correctly, is going to be the safety net for many people as they hurtle towards retirement & come to the realisation that our respective governments are barely providing subsistence levels NOW for the elderly let alone for those of us who are quickly approaching the time when full time work will not be a viable option and not enough money to comfortably live on!

    Your blog is one of the best I have read and I am impressed that someone has finally taken the bull by the horns and called a spade a spade!

    South Australia

    • Peter

      Hello, Steve. A sad state of affairs I admit but unfortunately this has existed for a very long time and is not going to change anytime soon. So you are right if you think I am saying don’t believe the government when they say they are here to help you. There is so much information and evidence to support my arguments if you only look and think a little differently. Not that we can do very much about it other than don’t get caught up in the B.S and instead create your own financial independence outside of any Government dependence. Once enough people realise they are indeed the fraud they try so hard to avoid being exposed as being, the better off the world will be.

      Thank you for your comments and I hope you enjoy the book I am sending your way.:

  • Jaco

    Hi Peter

    Hope all is well

    Stunning Post..Yes in these days it is better to have your own website and run a online business..

    Governments are like parasites.. they will suck you dry even if you have no more to give they will take that from you as well..

    i have joined WA and i learned a lot…

    How do you find there support structure ?


    Have a nice day

    from Jaco

    • Peter

      Hello, Jaco The support at WA is awesome and the community is great everyone is very helpful so if you have joined you are in the right place. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Riaz Shah

    Hey Peter,
    Loving this post, I decided to drop by again and read it all over. It always gives me the will and motivation to work harder as it reminds me of why I started blogging in the first place.

    The gov has indeed made a lot of crimes that they hide from the public everywhere in the world (I’ve seen them kill a man in cold blood right behind my house where I come from) and its one of the reasons why we cannot rely too much from them. After all, have a safety net of extra side income does more good than harm if any am I right.

    • Peter

      Hi Riaz Yes I agree plus you also get to meet people that you may not otherwise meet and becoming self sufficient is always a good thing. Thanks for dropping back. 🙂

  • Matt's Mom

    Couldn’t agree with you more on all points you bring up. It is a sad state of affairs, and those of us who choose to have an internet business, are actually helping themselves have a little security. We certainly are not being taken care of with the current presidency….that is for sure. It is time to look out for ourselves, because at the moment no one is. Hopefully, this next election will shake things up a bit!

    • Peter

      Hello, Matt’s Mom Yes, that’s true, The government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests.Despite what you are typically told by government funded institutions. Entrepreneurs actually improve quality and drive prices down and there are numerous examples of this if you researched this yourself.

      This is the reason to start an internet business because you need to take responsibility for your own economic security. Not just for you but your entire family. So instead of relying solely on one income, (or indeed a government sponsored income – at retirement) you can learn to build multiple income streams.

      Thank you for your comments and please watch out for the free book I am sending your way, Enjoy 🙂

  • angelce903


    Your post is beautifully written and full of common sense! When I started my own website here on WA, it was because I realized that the government didn’t work for my own good but that I was the only one who could choose my destiny. That’s why even if I don’t have tons of money with my blog yet, I am happy because I work on topics that I really enjoy doing! Thanks for your insight.

    • Peter

      Hello, Angelc903. Thanks for your comments. Pleased you enjoyed the post. Once people begin to realise that some is gone wrong with the current system and comprehend that the government regulations are not there to serve you and that things are not going to change anytime soon.

      This may give them enough incentive to start an internet business because they will need to take responsibility for their own economic security. So instead of relying solely on one income, (or indeed a government sponsored income – at retirement) They instead could learn to build multiple income streams. (see my post; A done-for-you internet business)

      Thank you for your comments and I hope you enjoy the free book that is coming our way 🙂

  • Michael

    Everything about this is so true! I remember being a kid and promised hovering cars by the year 2012 and that was in the mid 90s! Let’s not forget about the electric car that the government destroyed back in the 70s. You definitely have valid point about starting your own business! Very good read here Peter, thanks!

    • Peter

      Hello, Michael Pleased you enjoyed the post and I do hope it has inspired you to start / continue with building your online business. Watch out for the eBook I am sending your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Kenneth

    I like your ideas and thoughts on affiliate marketing. There seem to be a wide range of affiliate programs to choose from these days. I believe in what you say that the government no longer serves the people and I wonder sometimes if it ever has.. Will the government get better? Who knows, but with people who are wiling to put out information like what you have on your site will go a long way in helping to improve it.

    • Peter

      Hello, Ken I appreciate your feedback and I am sending you an eBook for leaving a comment so watch out for it. I am pleased you liked my thoughts on Affiliate Marketing. 🙂

  • Adrian

    Awesome post, Peter! We are all tempted to live ordinary lives. That’s what we learn in school after all. If you want to be your own boss and let aside the boring/static 8 to 5 work schedule you will have to face all kind of critics from friends or even your own family.

    It’s not easy to overcome that psychological barrier, but once you do… you start feeling free, you start seeing how the society is build. And once you see, you can’t unsee.

    Thanks for the insights Peter!

    • Peter

      Hello, Adrian Yes I agree that once you see you can’t unsee. Affiliate Marketing is one way to make the world a better place you for and your family. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Alec Terry

    Hi Peter,

    I could not agree more with what you had to say here. In fact I want to read this article again because it reminds of how much I want to be an entrepreneur that helps society making creating wildly innovative companies that help people.

    Thank you again for this post! I really appreciate you taking the time to write something so profound and reaffirm my conviction to help the world by becoming an entrepreneur.

    Great post!

    • Peter

      Hello, Alec Thank you for your comments. I am pleased you found it inspirational and want to read it again.I also hope you enjoy the book I am sending your way for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Dee Walls


    What a strong argument you made on this website. Your views are very strong and powerful. I really enjoyed how you took us from the corruption of the government, to they way you can change your life and be in charge of your on financial security. The angle you took to sell your point, although bold, was very informative. The online opportunities are pretty amazing. The thought of being your own boss and running your own business will always intrigue the optimistic mind. Good site.


    • Peter

      Hello, Dee Thank you for your comments. Yes when it comes to looking out for your future security you indeed need to be bold and take action. Online marketing is one way you can begin to secure you own future. Watch out for the ebbok I am esending your way for leaving a comment. Enjoy 🙂

  • Thabo

    Hi Peter,

    I think one of the best reasons for starting an internet business, beside being your own boss, is having a real opportunity to use all your talents and passion for something that really reflects who you are, and what makes you tick.

    To be honest, this is a scary thing. There’s a lot to be said of having a steady paycheck–after all, bills don’t go away. It’s a lot easier to disregard your vision/passion and “go with the program.” You don’t have to hear, “have you made any progress yet in that business of yours?”.

    Here’s the thing. As I get older, it’s becoming more and more important for me to realize my true self-worth. To me, that means doing everything I can to succeed at what I think reflects my being, my intelligence, my creativity–in short, reflects me.

    By being true to myself I think I open my mind to bringing real value to those I am trying to help.

    • Peter

      Hello, Thabo Absolutely agree with you and creating an online business is one way to do just that. Thank you for your comments and please enjoy the book I am sending you for leaving a comment. :

  • Patrick

    Hello Peter,
    You have some strong views on government and what their role has become?
    Rules ah! yes the rules…? but we all need some basic rules to help us all live well.
    You come across in your post very clear that you are a strong supporter of promoting innovation and ideas for the future, with this you have my full support and in that I see eye to eye with you on many things.
    I like the use of your images in this post and how well they fit into the subject matters. This just goes to show you have learned your craft very well of building good websites that help to make you an income.
    I have never been to China, sounds like you like it there and the business.

    • Peter

      Hello, Patrick Thank you for your comments you might enjoy this post if you ‘liked’ my views on the government. Still we can live a simpler life and focus on what really makes you happy, spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you love doing and fully in control of your own economic destiny with having an online business and Wealthy Affiliate helps us to do just that. Appreciate your feedback Thank you 🙂

  • Farhan

    Hello Peter!

    Indeed the governments of today do not genuinely care for its citizens. They take a lot from us and make empty promises. Almost every politician does this to get votes. While the masses, thinking they are “empowered” by being able to vote, keep supporting these people in power.

    It’s great that you use this social predicament that we are in, in order to inspire and encourage people to pursue financial freedom through online marketing. You mentioned innovation has always been suppressed. I agree with you completely.

    Living in Singapore, I for one know that the government does not have a vested interest in cultivating a creative culture. Everything is about having a “secure” job, and paying higher premiums to our social security (which we won’t even get back).

    Thanks for this inspiring post!

    • Peter

      Hello, Farhan, Yes the Internet is the most powerful tool we have to inform, entertain, protect, and help ourselves and others, by making a difference in the world.

      Yes, the government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests and whenever they do something for ‘the people’s best interests’ or ‘the greater good of society‘, they mean the best interests and greater good for them.

      Thank you for your feedback 🙂

  • jCamden

    These are all excellent reasons to start an Internet business. It’s scary to be solely dependent on one source of income and to be at the mercy of your employer. Jobs are so difficult to come by these days and people often accept low paying jobs under ruthless employers because it’s better than no job at all! An internet business gives you the freedom to take control of your life and really put yourself in the drivers seat!

    • Peter

      Hello, JCamdem, Yes,I agree new entrepreneurs are using the internet to spread ideas and even to make a living. The internet is the new frontier, and one of the few places that still has any semblance of free market innovation left. So yes with the internet you can live a simpler life and focus on what really makes you happy, spend more time with the people you love and doing the things you love doing and be fully in control of your own economic destiny. Thanks for your comments 🙂

  • Nancy

    I agree, innovations are being severely held back by governments world wide. There is no reason for people to be starving or lacking clean water anywhere in the world. No should we have to rely on fossil fuels. I saw something about solar highways once that seemed so awesome. The amount of jobs innovation could create is crazy. Governments need to let innovation thrive.

    • Peter

      Hello, Nancy, Yes, Instead of fast-tracking technology and promoting innovation, the government prefers to promote more laws and regulations to control and restrict the very people who can benefit society the most.

      There are already millions of existing laws and thousand more being added each year, not for the betterment of society, but instead to make it easier for the government to make ordinary people into criminals.

      I agree with you “Governments need to let innovation thrive” and this can best be done by leaving the people alone and getting out of the way and stop interfering in their lives.

      Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Paul C

    Owning an online business is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Not only do you “make money online” but you also get to help people who truly are looking for it. Some people see this as advertisements and blogs about the same old info.
    The truth is though that if this blog helps 3 people then I feel I have accomplished something. It’s about longevity and doing it for the right reasons. Affiliate marketing is a real thing and many people benefit from it.
    The posts about the car industry and innovation were interesting and should stir the pot! Great post and I wish you luck sir!

    • Peter

      Hello Paul Pleased you found my post interesting and thought provoking and I hope it has given you a reason to create a long-term online business. Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Chuka

    Great article Peter and several soul searching points there!

    I like that you reminded people that making money online is not magic and nor does it happen overnight. Just focusing on a tiny percentage of the 3 billion internet users to one’s website will suffice to succeed.

    One thing that irks me is that just like in everything that is good, the integrity and authenticity of many are spoilt by a few who want quick and easy (magic) money. They create distrust through various scams. Avoiding this minefield is a challenge for anyone starting in the internet business.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight.

    • Peter

      Hello Chuka Yes I agree there is a minefield of scams out there and avoiding them is definitely an issue for many. Fortunately Wealthy Affiliate gives you a path to follow and a way to navigate the course needed to create a successful online business. Thank you for your comments 🙂

  • Riaz Shah

    Hey Peter,
    There are many reasons why starting an internet business is important today but the most apparent reason of all is that we can no longer rely on government.

    Staff can get kicked out anytime when inflation starts and we work so hard to get very little pay with very tight competition when it comes to career growth.

    I used to love working for people (I still do love working in the hospitality industry) but sometimes we have to make sacrifices and start our own businesses to sustain and pay our bills as well as supporting our future. Great article as always, thanks for sharing this.

    • Peter

      Hello Riaz Yes totally agree things are getting tougher every day and because building a suceesful online busines takes time, the sooner you get started the better and you certainly do not want to wait till it’s too late.

      Fortunately Wealth Affiliate can help almost everyone little prior experence get started with very little money, in fact free… Thank you for your comments 🙂

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