What is VO Genesis

VO Genesis ReviewVO Genesis Review

In this article, I’ll review a program that reveals a simple strategy that anyone can use to kick-start a freelance business.

Freelancers are taking the internet by storm! If you want to make some extra cash online then I would recommend freelance work, and there are a lot of different services that you can provide. You can even get jobs using your voice.

In fact, if you are dedicated to providing the absolutely best service possible (and you treat your work like a business) it won’t be long before you can quit your regular job and freelance full-time.

The Usual Problem for Many is…

Now, the difficult part with freelancing is figuring out what types of service you can provide.

  • What do people need?
  • What can you do to make people’s lives easier?
  • What are your skills?
  • What is your passion?

One thing we all have is our own unique voice and there are people who love to talk. Imagine getting paid for using something you already have. If you are a native English Speaker and have a clear voice. Then you can probably do this.

Some people waste most of their lives doing jobs they don’t like before they ever figure out their true talents and abilities and never get to make money from doing something they love!

Don’t worry – It’s not too Late!

If you can speak english and form clear sentences, then you can either get a job teaching English in China or you can stay where you are and make money online from the comfort of your home. Sound a little too good to be true? Maybe!

But it’s the truth.

A Solution

One in demand service an English speaker can provide is voiceover work, and there are plenty of people who need voiceover artists, people who will be more than happy to pay top-dollars for quality audio files. It’s all a matter of figuring out where to find these people and where to advertise your services.

Voice Over Genesis

That’s where VO Genesis comes into the picture. Today I’ll take a look at VO Genesis and share my thoughts on this inexpensive program in this honest review. » Read more

How to Get More Traffic For Your Website

Want to Know How to Get More Website Traffic?

Of course, you do!. Who would not want to know some tips to get more website traffic, or even, how to get more traffic to your website or free?

Let me begin by telling you about how it used to be for me… I had been online for several years and had been struggling to get sales for my online business, and I was quickly realizing that getting Traffic to my website was a major problem for me.

I realized that I needed a solution to this problem. So I went to work and after a long and difficult search, I figured out ‘how to get more visitors to my website‘ and then everything changed!

Because getting traffic is very important if you want to be a success online.

Once I discovered how, I wrote a book called ‘Get Traffic that I still sell. Inside I tell you how you can get website traffic now! 

how to get more traffic to your websiteThe Book

Before writing it, I had been online for many years and not only did I struggle to get any sales, I also couldn’t get any of my sites to rank in Google. I realized (with some considerable pain) the importance of getting traffic to my sites and the value of having people visit. Then once I worked out how to get visitors / traffic I recognized instantly it was the answer to making money online.

Now I have over 20+ money making websites across 10 different niches and more than a dozen books (that I also sell) and all because I discovered how to get Traffic.

What’s in it?

In this book is my proven traffic getting strategies that have been market proven such as my 32 Traffic Getting Methods for driving traffic to your website. In this book, you will learn how to get traffic, real traffic to your website, your blog, and how to get free traffic.How to get more traffic for your website

You get a 40+ page PDF book that takes you through all the methods and steps to building long term traffic so that you will understand and learn how to get real traffic

Plus, I also show where to get some software you can use if you choose to use paid traffic (if you require), and I also tell you where to get 1000s’ of (robot) visitors* that many gig providers sell on Fiverr (found on page 7). 

How to get more traffic for your website

Peter V Crisp

“Not that these types of visitors* will buy your products or sign up to your services, they just make your traffic numbers look good in the eyes of Google”. 

Also, I tell you where and how to get a great online education about how to build a successful long-term business (found on page 19) for free.

Why is SEO Important?

Understanding the power of SEO and it’s importance means knowing things like…The first page of Google receives 91% of all search clicks, and SEO is a great way to generate FREE traffic.

What’s important is there are some 3 billion people who are looking (searching) for information and solutions to problems online and have good SEO is key to tapping into that hungry market.

Recent Changes at Google

Recent changes with Google such as, Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird (as well as other the many other changes, that have occurred) have completely altered the old ways used to optimize SEO value of websites and what used to once work, are now no longer good strategies for getting Google Page Rankings.

These updates have changed the SEO power of writing and submitting articles and this now old strategy is not as effective as it once was.

What Does it Mean?

It means that there is essentially little value in article marketing anymore via article directories, and you certainly do not want duplicate content on your site or copied articles sourced from elsewhere, and you definitely don’t want to be stuffing keywords into your site, aimed just at the search engines. None of these strategies will work anymore.

Google Panda, was first introduced in February 2011, focusing on eliminating low-quality, duplicate content or thin sites for those with in-depth, regularly updated quality content.

Google Penguin, was released in April 2012 and was Google’s response to so-called “black hat” SEO tactics for link building. These included buying links, building thin sites simply for the purpose of linking back to the main site, trading links, comment spam links, and similar tactics to achieve high rankings. 

Ever since the Google update, backlinks, pinging or sending out RSS feeds are much less effective.

Google Hummingbird, was introduced in late 2013, reinforcing everything that had been done through Panda and Penguin and two other important concepts, increasing the importance of mobile responsive designs and quality of content.

How to Get More Traffic For Your WebsiteBefore Hummingbird, search engines typically interpreted queries using what it identified as the most important keywords. But now Google has begun to look at the relationship between terms to interpret the context of the search. Or in other words, what sort of content is the user searching for.

You Need to do Things Differently

You now need to do things differently, such as your first keyword should appear in the title of your post and not just in the URL and Keywords should appear in your first paragraph and the last sentence of the page.

You have to optimize your keywords with a density of no more than 35% throughout your article with relevant LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing).

You should use H1, H2, H3 tags for headings and subheadings if they contain your keywords, and there should also be at least one internal link to a page on your blog and at least one image with an alt tag that has your keyword.

What to Do Next?

» Read more

Royalty Free Stock Images

Looking for Royalty Free Stock Images?

Todays’ world of marketing is increasingly visual. It’s no coincidence that the newest and fastest-growing social networks on the web, like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, are focused primarily on visual content.

Great visuals are important because the human brain is wired to read and understand images better and faster than words. But often finding the right images is time consuming and often expensive if you have buy them. Usually you can find free ones, but more often than not the really good ones, the ones that you actually want,  you usually need to pay for them.

Good News

This may well be the answer to your search for quality, royalty free image stock. For a small one time payment you can download royalty free images and have access to hundreds of high quality images, audios and more.

 royalty free images

Stock Media Rush Product Review

It can be frustrating to hunt for royalty free stock images, especially if you have a small budget.

Finding high definition stock images can be difficult and expensive, and recently I purchased a product called Stock Media Rush, a collection of stock images and videos that you can use to add some spice to your websites, articles, and sales pages.

In this Stock Media Rush review, I’ll take a look at the product, weigh the pros and cons, and then summarize my thoughts with a final conclusion, as to whether I think this product will benefit your business or not.  

So if you’re a website owner and you’re looking for some stock images but you’re not sure if this is the product for you, continue reading this article! » Read more

Residual Income Affiliate Program

Residual Income Affiliate ProgramResidual Affiliate Income Program

If you are looking to make money online as an affiliate marketer it makes sense to consider the type of affiliate commissions you will receive.

There are actually 4 types of affiliate commission programs, other than just a one off payment that most people are aware of.

We will discuss one of these type of residual income program here, and where and how you can to join in order to receive residual income on a regular bases.

Membership Programs

Turn on the money tap

Firstly, Residual affiliate income is where you promote a membership program from which you will get paid monthly commissions (as long as the customer retains the membership) and you don’t need to do anything to continue to get ongoing commissions as they will be paid to you automatically.

So the advantage of this type of commission program is that if you make a sale you continue to get paid until the customer cancels, which means you can usually get paid for many months, perhaps even for years into the future and that could add up to a lot of money.

Secondly, Promote programs that are first class, so the people will want to join them and more importantly, will want to stick with them, after they join.

We will now discuss two such programs.

Two Options you can Promote (and earn 50% Commissions) » Read more

How to Build a Website and Earn Money

How to Build a Website and Earn Money

Turn on the Money Tap

How to Build a Website and Make Money – is Everyone’s Dream…

Learning how to build a website and earn money has become an immensely popular idea.

Discovering how to turn on the money tap and make enough money to quit your day job – is a dream for many.

A Traditional Job

In today’s world not everyone is looking forward to following the usual routine of having a traditional job, working for someone else, day after day.

Staying at home, working online and earning money is not just for the more adventurous or those willing to innovate and find ways to earn money online. In this article, how to build a website and earn money takes look at how to do all that and more. 

There are many ways to achieve this type of lifestyle, especially these days when there is over 3 billion people who are searching for information and looking for solutions to problems online…

What’s the Best Type of Business to Start

Over the years, the idea of working online has become increasing popular and more realistic. Many people dream about working at home and turning on the money tap so they can one day quit their traditional day job. Others may just want to supplement their retirement. Either way both are very achievable goals in today’s world.

There are various ways to do this and younger people seem to take to this type of lifestyle more readily. Still there are a lot of oldies too who love to write, read, review and do other things that can easily make earn money online.

This post elaborates on how to build a website and to build a business so you to can work online and earn money and hopefully answer the question; What is the best small business to start.

» Read more

The Missing Magic Internet Marketing Ingredient

The Missing Magic Internet Marketing Ingredient

I’m going to talk about exactly what it takes to be successful online and what is the best online business and where to get the best internet marketing course that is free on the web today. 

But first, let me tell you a story…

The Missing Magic Internet Marketing IngredientGrowing up in the country, on a farm, our neighbor had a bull that was just about the most stubborn thing you’ve ever encountered.

If you wanted it to go out to the pasture, it would steadfastly refuse to go and instead would spend all day in the barn.

Then if you wanted it to come into the barn because of the rain, it would stand out there in the pasture until it was soaked and still, it would not come indoors to dry off.

And so on it went. No matter what you wanted this bull to do, it always seemed resolutely fixed on taking the opposite course of action to what you wanted.

Internet Marketing

With Internet marketing, we often wonder why success comes so hard.

  • Perhaps if we learn just one more technique maybe it will all come together for us.
  • Perhaps if we buy one more course, one more ebook or attend one more webinar, it will all make sense and the money will rain down from the sky.

But a month later, or a year later, where do most marketers find themselves? In the exact same place they were before, still struggling to make much money online.

What Do You Have in Common With a Bull?

Now you might wonder what a stubborn bull and a struggling Internet marketer have in common, and it’s this:

“Both of them already have success within themselves, the key to success is hidden within your motivation, your determination and your ‘teach-ability’. In other words are you teach-a-bull.”

The bull doesn’t need another  eBook on ‘how to come in out of the rain‘ any more than a struggling marketer needs a another ordinary eBook on how to make money online.

What the bull and the Internet Marketer both need to be successful, is a ‘success mindset’, or more specifically, adopting what we might simply call, a change in our mind.


A belief in their own success. So rather than cursing the journey out to the green pasture when we’re standing in the barn, or damning the rain when we don’t have sense enough to come inside.

We need merely only change our thinking, and by changing our thinking we can change our actions, and thereby change our results. It’s all about belief and having a dream.

Dreams & Goals Do Happen:

Instead Of…

Instead of envying the ‘big guns’ that have large lists of people ready to promote their products to thousands of hungry buyers, ask how can you get yourself into a position where you too, have a long list of people who would love to promote your products. 

Instead of getting frustrated that you can’t seem to monetize your site, find out what others are doing that’s working.  You can emulate and improve upon their methods, or better still, you get an education on internet marketing.

(I’ll show you how to do exactly that in a moment.) But first, you need to believe that you can, make it a goal and dream about it.

» Read more

Marijuana Smuggler Seeks Job

Marijuana Smuggler Seeks Job

Here’s an interesting example of how to write marketing copy that can turn a negative into a positive and in this example, how you can market yourself when looking for a job – even if you are a convicted Marijuana smuggler.

Here’s How the Advertisement Went

Employment Wanted:

Marijuana Smuggler Seeks JobBusiness Experience – Owned and operated a successful fishing business – multi-vessel, one airplane, one island and processing facility. Simultaneously owned and operated a fleet of tractor-trailer trucks conducting business in the western United States.

During this time I also co-owned and participated in the executive level management of 120 people worldwide in a successful export and import venture with revenues in excess of US$100 million annually.

Attributes – I am an expert in all levels of security; I have extensive computer skills, am personable, outgoing, well-educated, reliable, clean and sober. When confronted with facts I accept them willing and take responsibility for my actions. (the US Federal Court will confirm this)

I have spoken in schools to thousands of kids and parent groups over the past ten years on “the consequences of choice“, and received public recognition from the Police force for community service. I am well-traveled and speak English, French, and Spanish. 

References available: from friends, family, Police, Prison Wardens and the U.S. District Attorney, etc.

Turns Out

Turns out that this guy was actually an ex-Marijuana Smuggler, seeking a job after serving a 10-year prison sentence in the United States. While most people with this type of background would have downplayed their Marijuana Smuggling past, in the hopes that someone would hire them.

However, Brian O’Dea instead did the opposite of what many would have done and instead revealed all in a public advertisement in a major newspaper outlining more background information.

Marijuana Smuggler Seeks Job

The ‘Actual’ Advertisement

Employment Wanted – Former Marijuana Smuggler having successfully completed a ten-year sentence, incident free for importing 75 tons of marijuana into the United States. To which I admitted my involvement and took full responsibility for my actions and I am now seeking a legal and legitimate means to support myself and my family.

The Result?

The result, an amazing 600 responses, job offers and plenty of free media coverage that got him a book deal and a ton of speaking engagements.

So What!

So what if it means being true to yourself, there’s an excellent chance you will fare far better for having taken the leap of faith, than if you’d taken the common road pretending to be something you are not.

Every great innovation began with people saying it either couldn’t be done, or it would never work. Forget the naysayers and dare to be different.

It’s All True

This is not new, news, in fact, it was almost a decade ago that the “Marijuana Smuggler Seeks Job” ad first appeared and  today Brian makes money telling his story and with his book called, “HIGH – Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler.” You can see it on his website www.brianodea.com

The Lesson? 

The lesson is, go ahead and turn your negatives into positives and do what YOU think is right, not what everyone else says, or what “conventional wisdom” advises. Sometimes taking what we believe is the correct course of action may go against the grain and seems to be the opposite of what the world expects. Success can come to anyone who wants it bad enough!

What’s The Takeaway?

The takeaway is, that no matter what life deals out there is always a way to redeem yourself and make a new life. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s just a matter of letting the world know about what your message is. More importantly how to get your message to the world and what better way than the internet?

The Internet Creates Opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate is the vehicle that can help you to achieve that by providing you the right education in respect of affiliate marketing online and telling your own unique story. And / or by promoting other peoples products and services.

The Internet is a very powerful tool, to inform, entertain, and to help others, and make a difference in the world. It’s a place where, free market, bottom-up business dynamics, can make you a great living from whatever you are knowledgeable or passionate about.

All of us have passions and we are all far more creative than we realise, and the Internet can help you discover your true potential. There are more than 3 Billion internet users and if just a tiny fraction, were to visit your website, like what you have to offer and follow your recommendations. Then the potential to make a great living is awesome. 

You don’t need to be an ex marijuana smuggler or have some crazy story. But you need to get the education and the tools to learn how to build an online business. 

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer at Wealthy Affiliate here

So, if you want to learn how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and one that will make it possible for you to earn money in your PJ’s then take the wheel and get started NOW!Marijuana Smuggler

Take the wheel and take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive, it costs you nothing to see if it’s for you or not.

Your Future

So don’t worry about your past, you are destined for greatness, you might just need a little motivation and a few pointers to get you headed in the right direction (Or is that ‘write‘ direction haha)

So, what’s stopping you setting up a blog and writing something interesting?  

Take a look at my post how to write great website content on how to attract visitors and ensure readership engagement.

How to write great website content

“If you already know how to build a website or are currently online and are struggling to make a full-time income then you may like to view my post make money online fast.”

Need Some Motivation?

You might enjoy this short video clip


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Peter V Crisp

Video Marketing Made Easy

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P.S. There are also pages and posts you can visit packed with tips, advice and recommendations to useful tools and resources to shortcut your learning curve.

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Lifetime Residual Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Commission ProgramsAffiliate Commission Programs

Did you know there are actually 4 types of affiliate commission programs, other than just a one-time payout?

Did you know there are lifetime residual income affiliate programs that will pay for you forever? Here are the options…

  1. Residual commission income – You promote a membership program and you will get paid monthly (as long as that customer continues the membership) and as you don’t need to do anything you continue to get recurring commissions automatically.
  2. Residual commission affiliate programs  – when you sell a product, a cookie is placed on that customer’s computer. Then anything else that customer purchases from the seller is linked to you, and you get a commission. But if the cookie is deleted, or if the customer changes computers, then you will no longer receive commissions on their purchases. This is sometimes known as ‘Cookie’ commissions
  3. Lifetime residual affiliate programs – this works like a cookie commission, only instead of a cookie, the product seller uses the customer’s email address to track sales. Thus, as long as the email address remains the same, you can receive commissions on all sales from this customer for years. This could also be called a lifetime commission program
  4.  Affiliate commission marketing also known as second tier commissions – this is when you refer other affiliates to the merchant. Sort of like a multi-level program, you get a small commission for the sales your referral affiliate makes.

Lifetime residual affiliate programsSo Which Are The Best Affiliate Commissions?

If you make a traditional affiliate sale, you may receive high affiliate commissions (50% -75%) but you get paid only once and that’s it.

If you make a monthly membership type of sale, (#1 Residual commission income) you get paid until the customer cancels, which means you can usually get paid for several months, perhaps even years. – Which is not bad.

If you promote products with either cookie or lifetime commissions, (#2 Residual commission affiliate programs or #3 Lifetime residual affiliate programs) you could get paid for years on everything else they buy from that vendor, in addition to the original sale. 

Earn Unexpected Commissions

What’s also great about (#2 Residual commission affiliate programs or #3 Lifetime residual affiliate programs) is if the seller has many products. You might promote just one of their products, and if over time customers buy that product and the seller then promotes other products to those same customers that result in sales you make the full commission on each and every sale. So you could get unexpected commissions every month for years. – Nice.

And it’s all because you promoted products with lifetime referrals or cookies. You get paid again and again so it’s not always about the amount of commission you receive but how often you receive it.

lifetime commission affiliate programs

So Where Can You find These Products?

Knowing that there are different types of affiliate commission programs means you can begin researching the different affiliate offers.

Not all selling platforms allow for lifetime referrals, so by looking at those that do, you can find the product sellers who will pay you for every product they sell to your customers, not just the ones you promote.  Start with Amember, Zaxaa, Infusionsoft and Nanacast – they all allow for lifetime commissions.

Next, you can use a search directory, such as https://www.affiliatescout.com/. When doing your search, choose “lifetime commissions” under “features” without any other search parameters and you’ll find nearly twelve hundred results.

Go back and narrow your parameters to find the exact programs your audience might be interested in.

Just Ask

Lifetime Residual Affiliate ProgramsAlso, if someone asks you to be their affiliate, ask if they pay lifetime commissions. Sometimes they’ll have two programs, one in which they only pay commissions on the first product sold, which is normally what happens and a second program they reserve for their ‘special’ affiliates in which they do pay lifetime commissions. It never hurts to ask.

Why Not

Bottom line: If you can make recurring or even lifetime commissions from your promotional efforts, why not go for it? You do the work once, and you get paid over and over again. You can’t beat that.

That’s why it is so important to get an education and take affiliate marketing classes and learn tips tricks and strategies for building a successful online business.

You can learn for free on the best place on the internet right here while avoiding scams and start earning money from the many affiliate commission programs available to affiliate marketers and perhaps even from lifetime residual affiliate income programs that will pay you forever.

One Of The Best Education Programs

It also has a lifetime commission affiliate program built in and you will be rewarded for promoting the program to others. This is truly the best affiliate marketing education program anywhere and if you decide to become a premium member you know upfront exactly how much you are paying and it won’t have you continuously buying ‘upgrades’ and ‘extras’ like many other programs.

And once people see the value of this training they join up and usually stay forever. Wealthy Affiliates is a straightforward, honest, down-to-earth membership program, created by online marketers for online markets. Take a closer look here.

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer at Wealthy Affiliate here

Lifetime residual affiliate programs

So if you want to learn how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world and one that will make it possible for you to earn money in your PJ’s then take the wheel and get started NOW!Lifetime Residual Affiliate Programs

Take the wheel and take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive, it costs you nothing to see if it’s for you or not.


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Million Dollar Bills


For more information about this see my post here 

Publicity and advertising is a great way to reach a lot of people. The key is to have a message that is newsworthy, a slogan that is catchy or an advertisement that is memorable and of course the money to spend on marketing.

People on a limited budget often use ‘Novelty Items’ that they put their message on, such as t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, pens and pencils, mouse pads, you name it.

However just having a logo or business name can be boring and is often something that many people do. So the trick is to have a compelling image or slogan OR something interesting.

One Million Dollar Bill

One of my favorite (novelty items) are these novelty million dollar bills ($1,000,000) that I give to my special customers or use as an attention grabber in sales letters.

They are very realistic and people love them. I carry them with me everywhere as conversation starters and I exchange them for business cards or peoples’ contact information. You can use them in many ways.

There is a minimum order of 100 @ $0.25. So you can get $100 Million dollars –  for as little as $25  (This is not a scam you really can  get “$100 million” for  $25 )


Back of Million Dollar Bill

             To get a few million of your own – go here: Million Dollar Bill

Fastest Way to Get Your hands on Millions of Dollars

If you want to know the best small business to start you might like to see my post following the link below; 

The Best Small Business to Start Online


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If you want to know how to get page one rankings you might like to see my posting about how, using the link below; 

How to get Page One rankings on Google

Video Marketing Made Easy

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How to Legally Make Money Online

How to legally make money online scam free, see this short 2 min. video below. This is how to legitimately make money online without ripping people off.

Many people go online searching for ways to make money. They get taken in by a title that reads “How to Make Money Online – Free”  Too often they join programs that promise a fortune overnight – but often these turn out to be just scams.

Most likely, you were beginning to believe that only scammers make money online.

But that is simply not true. Yes, there really are people making a lot of money online and by this I mean a full-time income for part-time work.

 How to Actually Make Money Online Scam Free 

(To see how I made this video see tools )

How to work online

If you are interested in learning more about making passive income from the comfort of your home, want a work from home internet marketing business, then you all you need to do is begin with a great education on online marketing and wealth-building beginning for free at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate

Take a closer at Wealthy Affiliate here

Affiliate Marketing Concepts Everyone Overlooks

How to Make Money Online – Free

So if you want to know how to build an online business, a business that will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, while you are in your pajamas (plus many other benefits) then check out my number one recommended online training course that you can begin for FREE.

How to Legally Make Money Online

So get behind the wheel and take Wealthy Affiliate for a test drive, it costs you nothing to see if it’s for you or not.

See My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here

Personal Experience

Peter V Crisp

Peter V Crisp

From personal experience, this information is hard to find all in one place and I know that it’s very easy to become confused when trying to make money online.

I started out completely clueless, full of hope and with big dreams. But then very quickly I lost my way and became frustrated and was on the verge of giving up.

This happens to us as beginners, because we only have a vague understanding of everything we need to do, and as we don’t understand the steps required, we get lost and become frustrated.

So Much To Learn

There is so much to know and learn, such as how to get visitors, how to create a good sales page, how to write good content, how to build a website etc. It’s all hard until you learn how.

Fortunately Wealthy Affiliate helped me understand what needed to be done and showed me the way forward and thankfully they did and you only need to see a few of my pages and post here to understand what I am talking about. So yes, it is possible to learn “How to Make Money Online – Free

Feel Free

Feel free to explore the posts and pages on this site. To see what you could create with the training you receive from Wealthy Affiliate. Honestly, you need to look no further your search for the right program is over, if you want to know how to legitimately make money online.

If you are in a hurry and don’t want to wait to learn the ‘how and the why‘ and want a-done-for-you solution to making money legitimately then, review my post using the link below;

A Done For You Internet Business

FinallyHow to Legally Make Money Online

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