Niche Marketing for Success

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To better help you understand just how potentially profitable niche marketing can be I have a Niche Marketing Video Course of ten models that will show you how you can start to profit from niche marketing.  The entire course is video based making it easy to follow and understand.Niche Marketing for Success

Many people getting started online are under the misimpression that the niche they should start working in is the Internet Marketing niche (make money online type) or in the weight loss niche.

Due to the huge volume of monthly searches for those two keywords. Google shows there is 273,000,000 and 221,000,000 respective search results for just these words alone and around 438,220 and 663,618 actual monthly traffic searches.

Choosing a Niche

So of course, people get excited by the possibilities of getting a portion of that traffic and if you know how to tap into these niches then no doubt you could be sitting on a virtual goldmine. However, there is also massive competition for these niches as everyone want a share of that volume. So for most people this is an unrealistic expectation to be able to compete in such a highly saturated market.

What is important to realize is that there are many other profitable niches that you can choose from, and most of these niches will have less competition, and they are still large enough to make a great income from.

Jumping In

If you choose to you could jump into multiple niche markets, start providing added value to the readers’ within those niches and begin profiting in several niche markets at the same time as this would provide you with multiple streams of income.

However, you need to understand what you are doing and how to do it effectively before jumping in. This is where many make the biggest mistakes with niche marketing. Selecting the wrong niche, choosing the wrong keywords and targeting the wrong audience.

Niche Marketing for Success

What is a Niche Marketer?

As a Niche Marketer, essentially you sell products for a commission. This means you’ll be finding products and promoting them online via your own affiliate link. If someone clicks on your link and then buys the product, you’ll get a percentage of the sale.

Often, niche marketing involves selling digital products and you can expect your percentage to be as much as 50% all the way up to 75% of the sale price.

There’s usually little risk because you have nothing to ship or to stock. So all you have to do is to promote and sell the product and in some cases you’ll earn more than the actual product creator.

The hard part though is in doing the selling. This is where the ‘marketing’ part comes in, and your job from here is to find yourself an audience through a blog, a website, an email campaign, advertising, or through social media; whichever method(s) you find the most effective.

Building an Audience

That means creating a website, or a blog, and promoting it and building a list of subscribers. 

Getting to the point of making good money is slow going. You can expect it to take at least several months if not a year to go from 0 to 500 visitors a day before you’ll start to accumulate exponential growth. 

During this stage, niche marketing is anything but passive. You’ll be investing large amounts of time into writing compelling content that people will want to read, building a list of followers, emailing subscribers and managing your promotions. 

So initially there is plenty to learn and do. For more about building a list see my post, list building success

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Work Online at Home

Work online at Home

Work Online at Home using Click Funnels

As someone who likes to work online at home, I understand the importance of making everything as simple and as efficient as possible, because it is so easy to spend hours, days and weeks (perhaps years) trying to figure it out and then getting things up and running.

There are many things that you need to know such as, how to get visitors, how to create a sales page, how to write good content, how to set up autoresponders, how to deliver the product, etc.

TimeWork online at Home

If you have ever tried to sell online before, you will know it takes time and a lot of integration to get all the parts working together.

From creating a sales pages, marketing the product, setting up email follow-ups, thank you pages, getting paid and delivering the product.

Most people struggle with putting together all the things that are required to create just onesales & delivery funnel’ and many give up in frustration before they put all the pieces together.

Because setting up a sales funnel is not a simple thing as you can see from the diagram below that  creating an effective sales funnel is a complex undertaking and there are many steps that need to be integrated

Work Online at Home

It’s Not Easy

It’s not any easy task setting up an effective sales funnel. It is a complex undertaking with many steps that need to work together and it’s easy to get lost along the way.

Work online at Home

“It’s actually amazing that ANYONE is successful online when you look at everything it takes just to get ONE sale’s funnel making money”.

See video below

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List Building Success

List Building Success

Tips for Email List Building

As someone who has been working online for a few years, I understand the importance of building an email list. In fact, if asked what would I do differently if I had to start over, I would admit that failing to build a list from day one, was my biggest mistake.

So let’s not beat around the bush, building a list is extremely important. It means you have a list of people that you can email whenever you want, promote products, share links, and create a continuous stream of income from.

Email List building is one of the most important and effective means for increasing online profitability. For example, while 62% of Internet users might participate in social media over 85% of those online use email on a regular basis to connect with their audience. 

These types of statistics and facts highlight the primary importance of email marketing for the success of any online business.  And the results from email marketing are only as good as the subscriber list itself.  A high-quality email list will generate a higher response rate and more sales.

[You can access the video course mentioned inside the book]

Email Marketing is Much More Than Just Gathering a List of Worthless Leads

When building an email list many get lost in the numbers, thinkings it’s the quantity rather than the quality.  This often results in poor response ratios and many other problems, such as getting tagged by Internet service providers as someone who sends out spam. 

It doesn’t matter if the subscribers gave their approval in some way, because if they report your emails as spam, it will affect you whether you like it or not.  The key is to avoid the mistakes of manipulative email grabs and other tactics that focus on numbers rather than quality.

“Improper List Building Strategies often results in a Low Quality, unproductive Subscriber Lists!

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Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

Just as a mechanic knows how to tune up your car to get it running smoothly and sort out the problems that need fixing. Having an affiliate mechanic to help you tune up your affiliate marketing business and getting you up and running smoothly is also a great idea.Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

I know only too well from personal experience and believe me I started out completely clueless, with big dreams, full of hope, expecting to make money online today, only to become very frustrated and totally confused about how to build a business online.


Too many people assume that affiliate marketing is some sort of get-rich-quick scheme and they fall for the promises of easy money for little work that is promoted all over the internet by scammers.

Some think that by throwing up a couple of affiliate links or banners they can somehow become rich over night. Then wonder why they never make a single sale or make any money at all.

The trouble is that as beginners we don’t understand all the steps that are required and we lose our way. At best, we only have a vague understanding of what we need to do.

Many Things To Learn

There are many things to learn how to do such as, how to get visitors, how to create a sales page, how to write good content, etc.

Trying to make money online can be difficult.  Most people fail because they give up in frustration before they ever put all the pieces together. But, it’s only tough if you ignore the advice of the right people and follow the advice of the wrong people, or you persist in attempting to reinvent the wheel.

“Making it as an affiliate marketer will take time, effort, and a lot of work. The more you put into your business, the greater the success you’ll achieve. You should always be ready and willing to stick to learning before expecting to spend your earnings”.

Even though the system of affiliate marketing may seem overwhelming there’s a proven blueprint. An easy way to make money that cuts out all the pain and struggle and that’s exactly what I have for you here, in this book.

The BookAffiliate Market Made Easy

So I wrote this book Affiliate Marketing Made Easy because it was the book I would have wanted myself while I struggled trying to put all the pieces together.

Sometimes we think there is a ‘magic formula’ that is missing, but actually, it’s not that simple.

It is the knowledge and experience that comes from hard work and dedication over time that has been proven to make people successful online.

Just as my mentors showed me what mistakes to avoid and how to make real money with affiliate marketing.

That knowledge allowed me to create a highly tuned affiliate marketing business and now with this book, so can you.

In this book, I pass on what my mentors taught me, as well as everything else that I’ve learned along the way. So if you don’t want to struggle and go through the stress of wondering if you’re going to make it in the affiliate marketing business.

Then having a guide, taking you through the steps, teaching you what you need to learn – would be a smart move.Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

 What’s in it?

In this book and you will discover highly profitable ways to make money using affiliate marketing just as the market leaders do. There is also lots of great information, tips and useful advice and even specific information about how to fast track your affiliate business.

For example on;

  • (page 10) are tips for choosing an Affiliate product.
  • (page 13) I show you a way to dramatically grow any WordPress site using the latest technologies, tips, and tricks. You can also use this as an affiliate product and start selling it to others.
  • (page 21) I tell you the five reasons that stop buyers from buying and what you can do to turn prospects into buyers for whatever you are promoting.
  • (page 22) I show where to get a Private Label Rights (PLR) Package that gives you not one, but 26 Top Quality eBooks that are ‘good to go’, giving you 26 Instant niches that are already created for you.
  • (page 25) I introduce you to some software that can help you, market, sell, and even deliver your products online. Ideal for many different types of business models; membership websites, email marketing, etc.
  • (page 27) I share with you a number ways to get good ideas for niches. It has taken years to locate the resources that I have compiled for you here.
  • (page 29) I expose a Niche Marketing Video Course of ten models that will show you how you can start to profit from niche marketing.
  • (page 32) I show you how to find different ways to make money from Amazon so you can promote Amazon products with confidence and success – without any of the usual guess work.
  • (page 36) I introduce you to a Blueprint for Getting Traffic to your Website, delivered to you every month.
  • (page 39) I uncover a rock-solid, well-planned and systematic program to build your online business – that could make you $1,000 per month.
  • (page  42) I tell you the TEN best countries to target for affiliate marketing
  • (page 44 ) I give you 18 free recommended Marketing Tools

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How to Start at Affiliate Marketing

How to Start at Affiliate MarketingThe affiliate marketing business is much easier now that there is are some 3 billion people online searching for solutions to problems.

Affiliate marketing has made more “work-from-home” dreams a reality than any other money-making method online.

Still, for every one affiliate marketer who succeeds and realizes their dream of being able to quit their day job and make more money working for home …many more fail miserably.

Making Big Money

Of course, every affiliate marketer is looking for the successful niche or products that give them the biggest paycheck. Sometimes they think there is a magic formula that is readily available for them – if they could only find it. But actually, it’s not as simple as that, in fact, it’s a little more complicated than just finding the missing magic formula.

It is more than just good marketing practices that have been proven over years to make people successful online. It is also the knowledge and experience that comes from hard work and dedication.

Getting the Knowledge You Need

But if you don’t possess those yourself what can you do? Don’t worry because there are several things that can be done to ensure you can still become successful.

One of which is to have a mentor in my case, my mentor, showed me what costly affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid and how to start making real money with affiliate marketing faster than I could have ever dreamed possible.

Now I can pass on what my mentor taught me, as well as everything else that I’ve learned since. So if you don’t want to struggle and go through the stress of wondering if you’re going to be able to make money with your new affiliate marketing business, then you might be interested in what I’m going to tell you.

“What if I could give you the fundamental secrets to getting a head start in affiliate marketing?

How to Start at Affiliate Marketing

I’m your Mechanic, and I’m here to Help

Your Very Own Helpful Mechanic

Just as every car needs a mechanic to keep it in tip-top running order, so too you need a mechanic to keep your affiliate marketing business in top running condition.

Or perhaps in your case, to get you started in the right direction and keep you from spinning your wheels as you work to figure out how to get your business moving.

Because getting your business off the ground and making money can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing. 

Making the first few dollars online is the hardest thing if you have no clue about what is needed and I’m sure you have known people who have spent months, if not years just trying to put all the pieces together and have failed miserably.

Just as a mechanic knows how to tune up your car to get in running smoothly and sort out the problems that need fixing, this mechanic will help you tune up your affiliate marketing business by getting you up and running smoothly and fix all your problems too.

Personal Experience

I know only too well from personal experience and believe me I completely understand because I was once just like that. I started out completely clueless, with big dreams, full of hope, only to become frustrated and confused.

The trouble was that as beginners we don’t understand all the required steps, and we easily lose our way. At best, we only have a vague understanding of what we need to do, how to get visitors, how to create a good sales page, how to write good content, etc.

Having a Mentor

By having a mentor guiding me, taking me through the steps, teaching me what I needed to learn. I was able to create a highly tuned affiliate marketing business and so can you.

Trying to make money online can be difficult.  Most people fail because they get frustrated and give up before they ever put all the pieces together. But, it’s only tough if you don’t have someone helping you and giving you good advice.

So, please… Stop hoping and praying you’ll crack the code on your own and dreaming that one you’ll wake up to lots of money in your account.

Stop thinking you have to go through years of struggle before you make decent money either. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel because there’s an easier way and I’m going to tell you about it here…

There’s a proven blueprint. An easy way to make money that cuts out all the pain and struggle and you don’t need a list, previous results or any techie skills to learn how to make money this way.


Affiliate Startup Mechanic

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Make Money Online Fast

Make Money Online Fast!

Yes, that’s what those online Gurus all promise.Make Money Online Fast

Getting your business off the ground and making money can be difficult if you don’t know how. 

Making your first few dollars online is the hardest thing most people try to do, and I’ve known people who have spent months, if not years just trying to make a few extra dollars online and have failed miserably.

Perhaps you know someone like that – personally. We all dream of making money online and that might be anything from a few thousand dollars a month to several hundred thousand dollars a year.

I know what that’s like believe me I completely understand because I was once there for longer than I wish to admit. I know only too well from personal experience that the hardest money online is the first $100-$1000.

How to work online at home

I started out clueless, full of hope with big dreams, only to become confused wth all I needed to do and frustrated at the lack of success.

The trouble is that as beginners we buy all the cheap courses and read the free eBooks and have a vague understanding of what we need to do, how we need to get visitors, how we need to create a good sales page etc.

But nothing ever seems to come together. Not enough visitors, no sales, no path to follow, no next step. We get frustrated!

It’s so hard to tell if it’s the sales page that not working. Or maybe the sales copy isn’t good enough? Or the product isn’t right? Or maybe you just simply need to get more visitors?

The problem is, when you lack experience, you can’t tell where it’s going wrong. It becomes very frustrating. Most will tell you if you want to build a successful business you need to master many elements. The Guru’s, of course, will say you need to buy their product.

The money is in the list they say!  

List building is probably the single most important aspect of generating income online as it gives you a specific target market to which to promote products and affiliate links.

But what do you do if you don’t have a list?

Make Money Online Fast

Without it, internet marketing is a lot harder, which is why a lot of emphases is placed on, writing compelling content and persuading readers to become subscribers.

I don’t have to tell you about the importance of list building, creating squeeze pages, copywriting that convinces visitors to try your recommendations or buy your affiliate products. (Some people probably have a hard time knowing what to do with their affiliate link)

So Much to DoMake Money Online Fast

And if you wanted to scale up your business or to create your own products you need to know about the following things.

Product creation, split-testing, payment buttons, price setting, redirecting customers to your download page, optimizing your download page for cross-sells, creating a high converting squeeze page, creating an autoresponder campaign, writing emails for both follow up and staying in touch with your customers. 

Then somehow make it all work together.

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How to Create a Website in WordPress

How to Create a Website in WordPress

…It’s not hard to do, especially these days, almost anyone can set a website up very quickly compared to a few years ago.  WordPress has certainly made it easy for most people to do it. 

The only problem is the almost endless options and choices that are available and choosing which and what and then how are going to be your greatest challenges.

Today we hope to all but eliminate that problem and show you a simple and profitable way to solve that issue.How to Create a Website in WordPress

Trying to make money online can be difficult.  Most people fail because they get frustrated and give up before they ever put all the pieces together.

But, it’s only tough if you ignore the advice of the right people and follow the advice of the wrong people, or you persist in attempting to reinvent the wheel.

There’s a proven blueprint. An easy way to make money that cuts out all the pain and struggle and you don’t need any techie skills to make money this way and best of all it easier than ever to learn everything you need to know.

[watch this video below]

[Get Your Free Guide]

So, please… Stop hoping and praying you’ll make money, only to wake up to another day of zero sales.  Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and thinking you’ll crack the code by magic all on your own.

And for goodness sake, please, stop thinking you have to go through years of struggle before you can make any decent money.

Because there are easier ways to make money online and I’m going to tell you about one of them.

Learn How to Make Money Online

“You are here because you want to know how to create a website in WordPress and I’m guessing you want a website to earn an income”.

Today you will learn how to achieve both.

WORDPRESS is one of the Hottest product niches on the entire Internet and one from which you can earn a lot of money. 

Let’s take a look at some current facts about WordPressHow to Create a Website in WordPress

1) WordPress is used by over 25% (1 in 4) people

2) Over 75 million Websites depend on WordPress

3) WordPress is used by over 59.1% of all the websites

4) 50,000 WordPress sites are added every day

5) 22% of new U.S. Registered Domains Run on WordPress

“So lots and lots of people use and are familiar with WordPress. It’s a well-known and trusted product and service provider”. 

WordPress itself is free, yet BILLIONS of dollars are being spent by tens of millions of WordPress users on WordPress-related products.

So how can you make money – if it’s Free?

Yes, WordPress is free and it gives away thousands of FREE themes and plugins on their site.  

Plugins are apps for your WordPress website. WordPress will function on its own, but you can make it do exactly what you want it to do with plugins:

There are plugins to 10x your email subscriptions, double, triple, and quadruple check your grammar, and fight off spammers.There are plugins for almost every application you can imagine.

Yet the customers in this market are so hungry for WordPress products that they are constantly spending MILLIONS of dollars on WordPress themes and plugins“.

Those tens of millions of consumers are interested in learning how to build websites using WordPress, how to use WordPress, and how to customize it for their needs.

Therefore, they are spending MILLIONS of dollars on WordPress educational products annually. How to Create a Website in WordPress

A quick glance at some of the top WordPress courses on Udemy shows them raking in millions of dollars of sales:

The most important point is that you DON’T have to have a “best seller” to make a lot of money in this niche.


There are so many WordPress users out there, that all you have to do is capture a tiny little fraction of a percent to make a whole lot of money.

How would you feel if someone told you that WordPress Skills are the magic wand that could enable you to make money online and outcompete your competitors easily by learning some WordPress tips and advanced strategies?

You Don’t have WordPress Skills?

Well, that’s about to change and here’s why.

There is a series of high-quality content videos created by internet marketing experts that will take you by the hand show you how to drastically grow any WordPress site using the latest technologies, tips, and tricks.

“You can learn these quickly and more easily and faster than you think”

These video courses are created with the latest facts, methods & newest trends in WordPress which makes them VERY high-quality products! 

  • These are jam-packed with solid gold content, and will teach you every step of the process.
  • Comes in MP4 format so it works great on both PC & Mac computers.
  • You will know how to make money with your WordPress skills that you have learned and how to implement them systematically.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn the basics of website creation for any business.
  • You will learn about how to design a website for offline businesses.
  • You will learn how about niche or affiliate offer research
  • You will learn important tips on how to optimize your website to get best results for any business.
  • You will learn about how to do client maintenance
  • You will learn how to find out what offers to promote and how to find specific keywords to promote the offers.

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email marketing for a small business

Email Marketing for a Small Business

email marketing for a small businessIf you are looking to create a big boost in your business, then one of the best things that you can do for your business is to build a list.

What is a list?  It's when you collect contact information from people who visit your website.

Why is it important? It means you'll be able to send them links to articles, products, and offers and if you take the time to create a meaningful relationship with the people on your list, and they trust you, then they'll be more disposed to buy whatever you send in their direction.

You can even use an email management system (an autoresponder) to automatically deliver emails in a sequence as soon as a new person joins your mailing list. That means you can send them additional information or affiliate links that get automatically sent to anyone who signs up to your list.

It's like auto-pilot cash!

In other words, having a list is important, and it can be a gold-mine. The problem is that a lot of people don't know how to go about creating a list or if they manage to create a list they don't know how to make it convert into additional sales.

If you're interested in learning what to do with your list then you might be interested in a product called Mailing for Money, it's a rather new product from a new-to-the-scene marketer, Ben Martin. It's inexpensive so I thought I would grab a copy and review it here.


  • Name: Mailing For Money
  • Type: Email Marketing Training Course
  • Price: $9.95 (for a limited time)
  • Creator: Ben Martin

Mailing for money

In this Mailing for Money review, you'll discover what's behind the doors so you can see if it's what you want to invest in.

Ben Martin, who been marketing online since 2010, is from the UK and resides in the Bahamas. Says that with this program he can show you "How to make $100 per day or more from an email list in 10 minutes or less per day."

Remember, it's Easier Said Than Done!

A lot of these marketers want you to believe that their product is the solution to all of your problems because they want you to buy their product. 

But there are a few things that you should know before you get involved with this kind of products because you can waste your money if you buy into the shiny-object-syndrome.

For starters, the income results advertised on the sales pages can be easily faked. It's also important to keep in mind that these income claims can be generated not from the strategy being advertised but rather from other strategies or a combination of strategies.

Any affiliate marketer can take a screenshot of his total earnings and say that's what you can make if you buy their product but that income could have been from his own products or other campaigns, there's no way to know for sure.

"In other words, it's always good advice to not believe everything that you are told by them".

So what's this program about;  Well let's review it here.

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Commission Black Ops Review

Black Ops logo

What is Commission Black Ops?

Commission Black Ops is an email marketing training course that uses military style themes and language and promises to unleash the floodgates of wealth for anyone who has the guts to grab a copy of the product.

It’s all about affiliate email marketing and how you can promote affiliate products to your email list and earn commissions from those sales. what is commission black ops

If you are subscribed to a few internet marketer’s lists, then you probably have seen an email in your inbox with the title, You Won’t’ Believe What This British Guy Does to Make $39,041.36 Commissions Per Month!

A number of email marketers have promoted this product because not only does it provide some solid advice for anyone who’s looking to make money online, but it also has a decent affiliate program in itself.

But does it work?

Can you implement the information and make money?

You’re probably searched Google for a Commission Black Ops review because you haven’t quite decided if you should fork over the cash. You want to gather all the facts before you make a decision or risk losing money on another scam.

Good decision!what is commission black ops

Commission Black Ops Review:


In the sales video, Micheal Cheney walks us through his home and talks about the benefits of email marketing and how you can tap into this unlimited source of income.

“The sales video is also quite similar to a lot of sales videos that advertise similar programs and even some of get-rich-quick scams”.

The problem is that a lot of these products teach you to treat your mailing list as if they were cash cows or bank accounts, and not as real people with real problems.

With that in mind, let’s see what Commission Black Ops is really all about.

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Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos

Create Awesome Videos in Minutes!It’s no secret that video marketing is a powerful way to promote your business. Most marketers fail to tap into video and miss out on a lot of potential traffic and sales.

Why? Because creating well-produced videos is difficult. Not everyone has the time, money, and skills to create marketing videos.

So, they avoid videos altogether or use a video they found on youtube – which doesn’t exactly promote their specific individual marketing campaign.

Marketing with Videos

Studies have shown that video sites can convert as high as 30% and what makes that phenomenal is that standard websites typically convert visitors at only 2 – 3%.Rocket taking off 4

Here are some other surprising statistics;

  • 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video
  • 70% of marketers report that video converts better than any other medium
  • The brain processes visual data 600,000 times faster than text.
  • 92% of mobile video viewers share video with others

YES, Video marketing is incredibly powerful. So if you aren’t using videos for your online marketing efforts, you really are missing out on a lot of traffic and conversions.

What is Video Marketing?

There is no doubt that video is the fastest growing sectors in online marketing. This has been greatly aided by the increased access to the internet and faster internet speeds and smartphones.

It was only a few years ago; people used their phone mostly to make phone calls. Today, improved internet speeds have people accessing the internet and social networking sites while they are on the move.

So it’s little wonder that smart marketers are focusing their efforts on creating a video. The right video, a shareable YouTube video that goes viral, could bring in massive traffic.

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Free Credit Score Online


There are several ways to obtain a Free Credit Report Online, and I’m going to give them to you right here. You can contact the following sources directly by visiting; 

Free Credit Score Online

There is also another website for getting a free credit report online with the additional advantage that they will monitor your credit and future credit inquiries. They will email you about any new developments to your credit score

You can check it at Credit Karma.  Free Credit Score Online

One of the biggest credit misconceptions is that checking your credit score will hurt your credit score.

This is not the case. You can check your credit scores at Credit Karma as often as you like without affecting your credit score.

What to do Next

You will need to view all these sources to make sure they are scoring you all the same, and once you have your credit report(s), then we can get to work on improving your credit score. You should also research as much information as you can about debt management.

Having the best credit score, you possibly can is important because your Credit score will affect your mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment rental requests, and even job applications.

Also reviewing your credit reports regularly helps you to catch potential problems, before they get out of hand, such as detecting identity theft, which can devastate your credit rating.

Knowing what to look for will also help prevent future, long-term credit related problems and understanding how your credit score is calculated another important step towards improving your credit rating.

How is Your Credit Score Calculated? Free Credit Score Online

As you can see; it’s your payment history and the amount you owe that makes up 65% of your score. This, together with how long you have had any credit, makes up 80% of your FICO score.

These are the major components that go towards calculating your overall credit score and these have all taken ‘time‘ to acquire and compile.

Most People Have a Poor Score

Credit Score bar2What may surprise you is that most Americans have ‘Poor to Fair’ scores, and many are also up to their ears in debt.

The chances are that you also have a poor credit score, and you’re looking for ways to improve your score.

The good news is that’s simpler than you might think, and no, it doesn’t involve using agencies or expensive services.Free Credit Score Online

In fact, it’s quite easy to improve your credit score on your own, and you can do it for free, it only takes some dedication, a little knowledge, and some will-power.

I have had my share of experiences with having bad credit, from not paying my bills on time. Having bad credit means having to endure higher interest rates and lots of harder work to reduce your debts due to harsher terms and longer payment plans that you get stuck with. 

Wait – Didn’t I just say that improving a bad credit score was easy? Why did I just say it was hard for me?

Well… because for me, it was hard because, I owed millions of dollars and had filed for bankruptcy. I initially thought it would be really tough to improve my credit rating, increase my credit score, so I could reduce my interest payments to a more acceptable level.

I was searching for someone to help me with my problems, I went through a lot of agencies and service providers, I tried many different techniques, to improve my credit score.  I read a lot of books and tested many strategies and during my search for a solution, I discovered something interesting

It turns out, it all came down to me. I was the solution. 

So, after trying many advertised courses and agencies to improve my credit score, and failing. I decided to take matters into my hands.Free Credit Score Online

I figured out that there are a few simple but concrete steps that almost anyone can make, to improve their credit score – by at least 100 points, in a few short months, possibly even in a few weeks.

These are simple steps, and I wished someone told me about them earlier before I spent all my time and a lot of money on other courses and products which only lead to frustration and further debt.


Since you’re reading this post, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for ways to improve your credit score as well.

There’s no need for third-party services or accountants; it’s all in your hands… and it’s quite simple.

I outline the steps and provide the information you need to improve your credit rating in my book. In this book is what I wished I found when I was suffering from poor credit. I say suffering because of having a poor credit score is like suffering needlessly with poor health when the cure is only a course of antibiotics and a little time. – If only you knew! 

It’s the exact information that I needed to know, to not only improve my credit score but this information has allowed me to maintain a high score, ever since. 

I will always have a great credit score now that I found out how to efficiently manage my score – and I’ll show you how you can do the same.

See the Video below for more information:

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Online Grammar Check

Online Grammar Check

Online Grammar CheckWhether you’re writing content for your blog or website, an essay, a cover letter, or even just emails to your friends, you’re judged on the quality of your words.

Poor grammar and punctuation will undermine your credibility

With the world’s best writing tool you can eliminate grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors while also improving word choice and meaning.

You can feel confident that your writing is flawless every time!

Grammarly is the world’s best automated, proofreader and writing enhancement tool, and you can try it today for free and see for yourself!

See this Youtube video Promo:

Get a FREE TRIAL version from here

Grammarly: The World’s Best Grammar Checker

I know that typos can be quite annoying, so I strive to proofread my articles as best as possible before I hit the publish button. When it comes to creating a successful website you need to focus on creating detailed and well-written articles or your audience will head somewhere else.

Still, nobody is perfect, and some typos still slip through. That’s where this grammar checker tool comes into the picture, making it easy for to catch mistakes that get overlooked.

Online Grammar CheckerThere’s one tool in particular that I have been using which has improved the quality of my articles.

In this Grammarly review, I’ll share my honest thoughts about the service.

Details:Online Grammar Check

  • Company Name: Grammarly
  • Price: Free for a limited account.
  • and $29.5/month for a premium account. 
  • Website:

So, if you hate typos and other mistakes as much as I do, then continue reading, and you can try it for free here. —–>

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online text editing platform that automatically edits typos and provides helpful writing suggestions. It’s similar to Google Docs or other text editing platforms except it offers more grammar features.

You can upload Word files and let the program scan them for spelling mistakes; its grammar checker is much better than the standard program found in Microsoft Word.

But it’s much better than just using it as a filter for typos.

It can pick out commonly confused words, like ‘its’ and ‘it’s’, yourand you’reor ‘affect’ and ‘effect’. It also explains either in long or short form (your choice) what the grammar rule is that you have potentially broken.

Grammarly is very straightforward and intuitive to use. It runs in your internet browser, so there is nothing to download, and the features are kept to a minimum, so as to stay focused on its core function.

You can create a free account and test out the basic features, some of the features are only available for premium users. » Read more

Member Factory Review

Member Factory Review

Membership Site Creation 

There comes a time in every internet marketer’s life when they decide to ‘up their game’ and generate recurring monthly income on autopilot.  – The ultimate goal of all internet marketers.

Once you have created (or know how to create) significant quality content that you know would interest your visitors.  You may want to send out regular information, by having people subscribe to your newsletter series or video course, delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This process is achievable with the use of autoresponders.

However if you wanted to set up a membership site that your subscribers can access in exchange for a monthly payment. Then things get a little more complex.

In the past, this was a challenging and often very time-consuming process to initially get up and running. As it required a lot of integration and many moving parts involving such things as payment processing and autoresponder integration.

However once they are set up. Membership sites are great income earners because they are extremely profitable as they produce an ongoing stream of recurring revenue with little or no work from you. 

Now there is a new way you can create unlimited membership websites quickly without the expenses of time and hassle like in the past.

Member Factory Review

Recently a new product was launched (Member Factory) that is essentially a cloud-based platform that you can use to create unlimited membership websites.

Membership websites are a great income earner because they can be extremely profitable as they produce an ongoing, recurring stream of revenue, and don’t require a lot of maintenance, once they are set up.

With Member Factory, this is no longer the case. Now almost anyone can create a membership site with a few clicks of a mouse.

So what is Member Factory and is it worth your time?

In this Member Factory Review, I’ll answer the following questions.

  • Can you use it to create membership websites?
  • Is it that easy to build profitable membership sites?
  • Can you generate a recurring income stream?

Details: Member Factory Review

  • Name: Member Factory
  • Price: $37/month / Or $197 for a Lifetime Membership (limited time offer)
  • Creators: Sam Bakker & Stephan Van Der Vlag
  • Type: Internet Marketing Website Creation and Training
  • Up-sells: Four

What is Member Factory?

Member Factory is a website creation platform that you can use much like Word Press. It’s an exciting new service; it makes it possible to create all sorts of membership sites, in any niche that you want.

{So YES you can use it to create membership websites}.

The website builder is built on a drag and drop interface so very little coding knowledge is required to use the product, everything is click-based. So you can completely customize your membership site with your brand, including your logo, color scheme, and layout to make it unique and original.

{So YES it is that easy to create multiple  membership sites}

What type of Features can you Expect from Member Factory? Member Factory Review

You can control the following: 

  • downloads,
  • sales,
  • subscribers,
  • customer service,
  • auto-response,
  • email management,
  • And much more.

It’s quite an interesting platform that I believe can be of help to people who want to make money as affiliate marketers and for anyone wanting to know how to build membership sites.

There are also a lot of payment and affiliate gateways that you can connect with Member Factory for ideal marketing opportunities. For instance, if you want to promote JVZOO products as an affiliate, there’s the option to integrate JVZOO into your membership website for more affiliate sales.

Although PayPal is the primary payment gateway that you’ll use to track and manage payments. There are a lot of different payment options that you can configure such as payment frequency, trial periods, free trials, paid trials, and much more (there’s no limit to the amount of payment plans that you can create). 

There’s also the option to set a monthly fee to access your website, and the value can be determined by you.

{So YES You can generate multiple recurring income streams}

Additional Benefits

Each Member Factory site including all your content is hosted on Amazon Cloud data centers which are monitored 24×7. Your sites are always up, and most importantly, you’re 100% secured and protected.

Your membership includes hosting and protection with robust firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and anti-virus software. What this means is that all hosting and security has been already paid for and is part of the service.

Also, this means that if you cancel your membership, with Member Factory you can take it all your content with you and it can be used elsewhere.

Besides being a complete website creation platform, this product contains a lot of extremely useful training videos; that will show you exactly how to setup a basic membership website.

In fact creating a membership website with this software is extremely easy, but there are a few drawbacks. » Read more

Work Online Earn Money

Work Online Earn Moneywork online earn money

Setting up an online affiliate marketing business from home is relatively easy, and many factors make it very attractive.

Least of which is that it is an easy business to learn. However easy, does not make it simple, because too often we start with the entirely wrong idea about how this type of business works, and we also begin by learning the incorrect ways to do things.

It’s Hard Work 

Yes, it sounds attractive because there are no bosses, alarm clocks, or piles of work that must be completed by the end of the day. But again this does not mean it is an easy business because it still takes dedication, determination and hard work to succeed. Work Online Earn Money

Yes, it’s true you won’t have someone ‘standing over you‘ telling you what to do, but that also means no-one is making sure that you do, what is required. Instead, you will need to be ‘your boss’ and that’s not always easy or as glamorous as it may sound.

You’re now the captain of your ship (so to speak) and you, and you alone are steering it towards your destiny. There is not a boss directing your activities or insisting that you do certain things, so your mental attitude towards the business is going to make or break your success.

It takes Effort

You will need to invest time and effort in getting your business to grow, even if you don’t see immediate results, you must be patient. In facts weeks may pass without seeing any progress at all.Work Online Earn Money

However, it’s imperative to understand that every skyscraper needs a solid foundation before it can begin to rise from the ground and there are going to be days where you will feel like you are getting nowhere and feel like you are just digging a bigger hole.

It is the same when constructing a skyscraper; you need to dig way down first, laying the foundations before you see anything begin rising above the ground.

There is not such thing as overnight success. It takes, hard work and effort to succeed at anything and building an online business is the same.

How to Build a Business Website

Getting started with an online business, requires a website because today everything is centered around the internet. It is essential to becoming a part of this new online world and choosing the right site to get the job done can be a tricky business.

Work Online Earn Money

But how can you get started if you have never created a website before?

Before you are tempted to employ someone else to do it for you or to outsource the website creation project entirely.

It is important to bear in mind that to start making money online; one needs to understand how the entire process works. Building a website is a relatively stress-free process these days and very easy to do. 

Learning how to make money online is also not difficult once you understand the basics and when you understand the fundamentals, everything falls into place, so it’s important to get the right education and learning.

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Learn how to Make Money Online

Learn How to Make Money OnlineLearn how to make money online

Learning how to earn money online is not difficult once you understand some basic principles and you get rid of the idea that you can become rich overnight, with some magic trick, or secret software that some internet guru has discovered.

“If they had, they are not going to be selling it to YOU!  

We will begin by looking at some common mistakes that are avoidable and how to remedy them.

Then we will discuss ways of increasing your online income.

Are You Making Any of these 3 Mistakes?

Like all businesses, there are lots of pitfalls in the affiliate marketing business. Some of these more common mistakes can prevent you from making profits, and you may not even realize it’s happening. That is why it is better to avoid these errors from the beginning.

Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong affiliate programs

We talked a lot about choosing the right affiliate programs in an earlier post. So now let’s find out why it’s so important to your business that you don’t choose the wrong programs to promote.

You see, many people want to earn money from affiliate marketing as soon as possible, and I can’t blame them.

Who doesn’t like quick cash?

But, in their rush, they tend to choose what I like to call a ‘bandwagon’ product. They want this particular product because they think about the immediate demand without actually considering if the product appeals to them or their prospects or has any long term appeal.

So instead of jumping on the bandwagon, I suggest you try to choose a product your readers are truly interested in.

Take the extra time to do some research about the product to see if it is in demand and determine if there is genuine long term interest in information about that product.Learn how to make money online

A quick way to find out if a product is in demand is to do a Google search for the product and see if anyone else is promoting it.

If you see, several Google ads on the side of the search results page you can be reasonably sure that there is a real market for the product.

On the other hand, if there very few or no ads for the product then this may be a sign of weak competition, and you may want to drop that product and move on.

On a side note, if there are too many ads for the product then your competition will be pretty stiff, and you may want to reconsider promoting it.

But market research is an entirely different subject than what we are discussing in this post so that we will move on.
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