Why Start an Internet Business

Why Have an Online Business? 

Why Start an Internet Business

Why have an Online Business?

…Because it’s the best way for you to create a better future for you and your family.

Why start an internet business and why have an online business are indeed important questions many people ask. Its tough to make money online they say. While it is true, it’s only because most lack the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

Having an online business is something almost anyone can do, provided you get the right education and training.  

Why Start an Internet Business? Well, for one thing, if you like the idea of earning money from home, not having to commute to work, not having to report to a boss and like being able to set your own work schedule, then this will interest you. 

An Internet Business

An Internet Business is something almost everyone should consider, even though lots of people try and many fail. Others may think all a big scam and it’s too late, or too difficult to do. However its still worth pursuing and it’s becoming even more important than ever, to create an additional sources of revenue and an internet business can certainly provide that, and more.

“I’m going to give you some powerful reasons why you should have an online business and they may not be for the reasons you think. Its time to put your future financial security back into your own hands and its easier than you think”



In a previous post I talked about superheroes and how governments don’t like them, or their innovations, because innovation upsets the status quo and the existing ‘business relationships that governments have with ‘established‘ industries. Industries which are forced to employ lobbyists to maintain ‘good relationships‘ with those in power, and all the things that implies.

They Don’t Serve You

The government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests. Whenever politicians talk about ‘national security‘.  It means the security of the nation (themselves, the government), not you.

Whenever they do something for ‘the people’s best interests or ‘the greater good of society‘. It means, in the best interests and greater good for them. Not,  you the citizen.  

Not Much Has Changed

You may not realize it, but not much has changed in how society is structured, only the names and roles have changed.

Why Start an Internet Business

A sad state of affairs I admit, but unfortunately this has existed for a very long time and is not going to change anytime soon. So don’t believe the government when they say they are here to help you.

Need Proof? 

So, how serious is your government about looking after your best interests. Let’s look at how serious they are at promoting innovation,  lowering costs and improving the lives of its citizens?

The following is a ranking of the top ten most Innovative countries in 2015 – according to the Bloomberg Innovation Index.

“Notice the correlation between ‘spending‘ and ‘ranking’ of the various Governments funding of innovation, as a percentage of GDP”. 

Rank                      CountrySpending as % of GDP
1          South Korea4.36%
2          Japan3.67%
3          Germany3.3%
4          Finland3.1%
5          Israel3.0%
6          United States2.7%
7          Sweden2.3%
8          Singapore2.2%
9          France1.9%
10          United Kingdom1.7%

If innovation brings such enormous benefits to society in both cost savings and improvements to standards of living. Then the question is …

“Why are governments reluctant to pursue innovation, more vigorously?

Whatever happened to them serving us?

If the answer is not yet obvious, then I will soon provide more information that should leave you in no doubt as to the answer. In the meantime and with your permission, I want to talk a little more about innovation and the benefits it brings to humanity.

Growing Innovation

Hydroponics (growing plants without soil) has been around for a little while, but a new startup called AeroFarms is taking it one step further with what they call “aeroponics.”

This innovation replaces sunlight with LED lighting and uses a minimal amount of water to spread a mist around the plants. Aerofarm recently acquired an old building in the middle of a city and filled it with 15-foot-high stacks of planters.

No sunlight, no pesticides, no soil and since it’s in the middle of a city, it’ll bring food directly to the consumer and as its locally produced, it means fresher food, and as we know, fresher food is always better.

Not only does growing food locally make it much more affordable, it’s far less environmentally damaging. It radically reduces transportation costs, cuts out the cost of quality soil and farmland and with this approach, the distribution of energy ensures that there’s virtually no waste and it uses 95% less water than regular farming.

The Benefits Are Enormous

Why Start an Internet Business

Enormous Benefits for the World

Imagine the impact this type of urban vertical farming technology could have on growing cities around the world.

For example in a place like California where they use 80% of their water for agriculture and have been suffering from water shortages for years.

But what about outside the U.S, in third-world emerging countries, or in rapidly developing countries like China and India where, soil, air, and water pollution are becoming a major problem and other countries where food costs are a large percentage, of peoples living costs.

This type of innovation could be of enormous benefit to society as a whole. 

Seriously – No Soil?

I know that growing plants without soil sounds crazy, but hey, so did flying back in the late 1800s. Time and motivation, like food, water, or land shortage, will allow this technology to prove itself. We already have proof that hydroponics works and ‘aeroponics’ sounds like an even more environmentally friendly concept and its just as viable.

Why is it not being heavily sponsored and promoted by the government? What’s stopping this innovation from further development? The answer; Rules, regulations and laws, as it is with all new technology and innovation. 

Governments don’t want to upset the existing ‘business relationships‘ they have with the traditional industries, and you and I, are not a party to those relationships.

“I will say it again; Governments don’t want to upset the existing ‘business relationships’ they have with traditional industries”.

The Government Lies To You;

Despite what you are told by government funded institutions. Entrepreneurs are not the enemies of the people, they instead, actually enhance our lives, improve quality and drive costs and prices down. It’s the government and it’s rules and regulations and its protectionism of existing industries, that drives prices up.

Hard to believe? There are thousands of examples of this – if you researched this yourself, you would see this is all true, instead of believing the B.S that is fed to you from the Government that wants to keep these facts hidden from you.

Henry Ford 

Take for example Henry Ford. Before the Government got involved in regulating the automotive industry;

  • in 1910, he produced 19,000 cars at a price of $900 each.
  • By 1915, he made 308,000 cars a year and selling them for $390 each.
  • Ten years later, in 1925 he was making almost 2 million cars a year selling them at $260 each.

Price were going down, value was going up, production technology was advancing.  He also paid the highest wages in the industry – (before the Government and the unions got involved). You know this is also true, for the computer industry. The Memory power of computers has been going up, costs have been coming down and technology has been advancing at an incredible pace. All because there has been NO GOVERNMENT intervention in that industry.

Entrepreneurs are the true benefactors to society as is free market dynamics as they make things cheaper and better as time goes by. That’s what made America great. Individual entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams, free of government interference and their protectionist, rules and regulations.

Entrepreneurs are Benefactors

Entrepreneurs, without government interference, are incredibly valuable and beneficial for all in society. Why? – because they make money from creating values via innovation, solving problems, lowering costs, and improving the lives of their customers and employees.

Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Gates, Jobs, Musk (and thousands of others, you have probably never heard of), are the real heroes and benefactors in society. They are the innovators who have made the world a better place.

But Governments don’t want you to know this!

They instead want to take the credit for the economic growth that comes from these innovations and the entrepreneurs that created them.  So, they blatantly lie about the entrepreneurs true value to the world and the governments non value to the world. They flip the truth and distort the reality, misdirect and misinform the general public in pursuit of votes and power.

Want to See More?

What’s the future for innovation – take a look at the video below:

This is the kind of bottom-up innovation that will soon be driving the new economy and will create even more cutting-edge technology and will be coming from the new breed of up-and-coming entrepreneurs that are not waiting for the government to ‘save‘ them.

These new entrepreneurs are using the internet to spread ideas and even to get funding.  The internet is the new frontier, as it’s one of the few places that still has any semblance of free market innovation left.

The Mafia

Look at the recent success of a group of entrepreneurs known as the PayPal Mafia, a group of former PayPal people who have since gone on to create many other astoundingly successful companies. 

By pursuing their passions, their interests many are finding business success online. These are the types of people who are the real benefactors to society.

Whereas politicians are just liars and looters, pedaling promises and outrageous lies and hiding the real value of entrepreneurs and innovators from you.

The Government No longer Works For You

Why Start an Internet BusinessInstead of fast-tracking technology and promoting innovation, the government prefers to promote more laws and regulations to control and restrict the very people who can benefit society the most.

There are already millions of existing laws and thousand more being added each year, not for the betterment of society, but instead to make it easier for governments to make ordinary people into criminals. 

(Don’t believe it – you might like to read this article)

Read this article and discover how easy it it to be labeled a criminal

What is a Crime and Who is a Criminal?

Most dictionaries will define crime as an “activity that is against the law.” The Law is defined as a “set of rules crafted by the government.” Thus, a criminal is someone who breaks these government created rules. 

Put simply, all laws are just rules, made up by politicians, (often without any input from its citizens) and any person who breaks these ‘rules‘ is, therefore a criminal, whether they realize it or not.

As just one example (and there are thousands in every country) of heroic people, being turned into criminals, by their own government. I going to tell you about Alan Turing.

Alan Turing

Briefly, Alan Turing today, is acknowledged as the ‘father‘ of computer science, an early inventor of the precursor to the internet and a mastermind in cryptography. A Genius, that broke the Nazi’s “unbreakable” encryption code, the Enigma. Thus, providing the British government, with its single most powerful weapon, that shortened the Second World War and possibly saved the lives of millions of people.

A Hero?

A hero who saved thousands of lives? Perhaps he was, however he was later made into a criminal and prosecuted in 1952, for being a homosexualIn 1954 at age 41 he was found dead. An inquest determined that his death was ‘a suicide‘. Then fifty-five years later the British Government, made an official public apology for “the appalling way he was treated (2009) and four years later they granted him a posthumous pardon, in 2013. 

What??!! They make him into a criminal after he saved his country from the Nazis, possibly prevented the deaths of thousands of people and then prosecuted him for his sexual orientation. Then it takes nearly 60 years to admit they got it wrong! – How did that, ‘prosecution’, benefit society? 

This is but one example, of hundreds, if not thousands, of real ‘crimes‘ committed by governments against its own (heroic) citizens, that go under-reported and whose stories are largely untold, or ignored by the masses.

“This is why it’s important to have an online business. 

Because ‘the Government’ is not going to save you.  And they certainly are NOT your friend, – no matter how heroic you are”.  

Now What?

Once you understand that there is something terribly wrong with the current system and comprehend that the government regulations are not there to serve you. And that things are not going to change anytime soon.

(For more on this, see my post; Donald Trump for President)

Once you come to terms with the fact that there is little you can do to ‘change‘ the way the government works. You will realise that the only thing you can do is to stay out of their way and take your future into your own hands.

Start Your Own Business

This should be a powerful reason to become your own entrepreneur and start an internet business because you need to take responsibility for your own economic security, not just for you, but your family.

So, instead of relying on one income, (or indeed a government sponsored income – at retirement) you can learn to build multiple income streams. Instead of working your whole life at a meaningless job, just to buy stuff you don’t really need, to impress people you don’t really like. (I too, have done that).

You can live a simpler life and focus on what really makes you happy, spend more time with the people you love and spend time doing the things you enjoy doing and be fully in control of your own economic destiny. 

How To Start

The Internet is the most powerful tool we have, to inform, entertain, and to protect ourselves, and by helping others, we can make a difference in the world.

It’s a place where, free market, bottom-up business dynamics, can make you a great living from what you are knowledgeable or passionate about. We all have passions and are far more creative than we realise, and the Internet can help you discover your true potential.

There are more than 3 Billion internet users and if just a tiny fraction, were to visit your website, like what you have to offer and follow your recommendations. Then the  potential to make a great living would be massive. But you need to get the education and the tools to learn how to build an online business. 


Number One:

For this option, see my post; A Done-for-you Internet Business

Number Two:

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Why have an Online Business

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Option Three:

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Hopefully, I have answered the questions, Why start an internet business and why have an online business.  Because while its tough to make money online, most people that fail, do so because they mostly lacked the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

If you have enjoyed this post; “Why Start an Internet Business” please feel free to socially share or leave a comment and ask questions below;  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Why Start an Internet Business


  • Rolands

    Hi Peter!
    This was a very interesting article for me. You wrote things that many people ignore but they are there. Government doesn’t care about people and so does bankers, they are selfish and want to earn more for themselves. So its true that online marketing and business is a great way to be successful and I love to do it myself.

    • Peter

      Hi, Rolands. Yes sad but true and in a previous post, I talked about superheroes and how the government doesn’t like them nor do they like innovation because innovation upsets the status quo and the existing ‘business relationships‘ that the government has with ‘established’ industries. You are right WA provides a great platform from which to develop a successful online business. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Alexander

    What can I say … Your article seemed me super interesting!! It is true everything you wrote everything is the same as before, the image you showed in which compares to the old leaders with the presents its a excellent complement and interested me a lot, I had already thought about this before but his article made me come back to think about. what he said about creating a business is also true and doing it on the internet also has many advantages, I think we have a very similar way of thinking that it hurts that I win the idea of ​​writing an article like this hehe but well, Great post.

    • Peter

      Hello, Alexander Yes, The Government Lies To You,  Entrepreneurs are not the enemies of the people, they instead are actually benefactors and they enhance our lives, improve quality and actually drive prices down. 

      Hard to believe perhaps but it’s all trueThere are thousands of examples of this – if you researched this yourself you would see this is so, instead of believing the B.S that is fed to you from the Government and the numerous government funded institutions.

      Entrepreneurs, without government interference, are incredibly valuable and beneficial for all in society. Why? – because they make money from creating values via innovation, solving problems, lowering costs, and improving the lives of their customers and employees.

      Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, Gates, Jobs, Musk (and thousands of others, you have probably never heard of), are the real heroes and benefactors in society. They are the innovators who have made the world a better place. 

      But Governments don’t want you to know this!

      They instead want to take the credit for the economic growth that comes from these innovations and the entrepreneurs that created them.  So they blatantly lie about the entrepreneurs true value to the world and their own non value to the world. 

      Thank you for your comments. 🙂

  • Farid

    Hello Peter,

    The government is a negative thing in your country
    glad nothing changed, when the farmers would take over the country will even be a bigger mess, look at taking over of farmers in some African countries or better stay in the US, was it the government which destroyed the car industry or the unions, who had too many demands?

    I see Germany is higher ranked concerning the % of GDP besides that the country produces great products, which are exported to the US, by the way, most A1 products in your country come from Europe, don’t you agree? Cars from Germany, flowers from the Netherlands, chocolates from Belgium but what do you export to our area, which is great? Tesla? Too expensive for normal people, Apple, the same story. Cars? Most cars with Chevrolet on it come from South Korea with a Chevrolet Tag on them.

    Now take Europe, more the country, where I live. If somebody starts his own little company from home he won’t pay taxes under 25.000 Euros and if one makes the next year a bit more than 25.000 he just buys another computer to stay under this amount. I think your country can learn from that. In our area we still produce great products and people shouting, they want the country for the “natives” with an Asian Television in the living room and a Japanese car on the driveway should be ashamed, isn’t that the fact in your country as well?

    I really enjoyed this post and hope you’ll have a mighty great success with promoting your online venture, but I guess one must be an independent entrepreneur anyhow to have a great life, where ever one lives, don’t you agree?


    • Peter

      Hello, Farid Governments are a negative no matter which country you live in. Make no mistake they are not your friend. Government and Politicians consist of the power to prohibit, obstruct, and expropriate. Thy produce and create nothing!  You might like to read my other post for more on this.

      Thank you for your great discussion and comments. 🙂

  • Michael

    One thing is for sure, waiting for governments to solve our problems is often futile. The more we can take responsibility for our own situation, financially and otherwise, the better. No matter what the political situation is, in whatever country we live, if we assume responsibility for ourselves and work on becoming a producer, we will fare better.

    • Peter

      Hello, Michael Thank you for your comments. Yes, you are right about not waiting for the government to solve problems (they actually create them) so taking responsibility for your own economic security is the best plan. Building an online business is one way to do just that.  Pleased you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  • George

    It is pity but I need to admit what you mentioned about government – is correct. Democracy is a kind of product that’s for sale and citizens only have their right on Polling day.

    I could not believe that the Federal Bank in the US or the Central Bank of Japan, for example, are not owned by the government but a private organization. If we know the truth, you will need to find your own way.

    Internet marketing is one of solution for people to find a legit way to make money to escape from 9-5 work style. I am interested in trying your recommend WA platform. Maybe it is the answer for what I am looking for. Thank you, Peter.

    • Peter

      Hello, George. Yes, you are right about the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve, being privately owned.  There are many things that the public would be unhappy about if they knew the truth. The government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests. Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  • Ryan Kornegay

    Hey I really like your website. I like how you went in depth in showing how the government has been working for themselves and not the people. Your visual of the pyramid caught my attention immediately and made me want to continue reading. I love how you created a problem/fear and then offered a solution at the end.

    • Peter

      Hello, Ryan. Thank you for your comments and I am pleased you have enjoyed my post. I hope you enjoy the eBook that is coming your way as my thank you for leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Everton

    Another blockbuster post peter. Where do you get all this data for your posts. I like the way all our assertions in your posts are all backed by real numbers and historical facts. Politicians always over promise and under deliver, but nevertheless they are a necessary evil. We just have to strive to make sure that the checks and balances work to keep them in check and keep democracy alive. The alternative to democracy as we have seen over time is far worse.

    • Peter

      Hello, Everton. I am pleased you have enjoyed my post although I don’t agree that “Politicians are nevertheless they are a necessary evil”. They are evil pure and simple and we simply don’t need them any more than a Dog needs the flea.

      The government no longer serves the people, it instead serves its own interests. A sad state of affairs I admit but unfortunately this has existed for a very long time and is not going to change anytime soon. So don’t believe the government when they say they are here to help you.

      Despite what you are told by government funded institutions. Entrepreneurs are not the enemies of the people, they actually enhance our lives, improve quality and generally drive prices down. Instead it is government interference and protectionist rules and many regulations that add to the costs and price increases we experience as a society. There is nothing they do that can not be done better by private (non government connected) industry.

      Thanks for your comments 🙂

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